When LEAVE IT TO BEAVER and FATHER KNOWS BEST were on, women wore pajamas and robes in all the night scenes.  Always.  Men, too.   Now we have young girls prancing around in bras and underwear in TV ads and very heavy women doing aerobics in stretchy tight athletic wear to supposedly sell the athletic wear.   As if.


I like to watch ID, or Investigative Discovery, (24/7 of true murder mysteries…it beats watching the news)…….nearly EVERY young person is on drugs.   Yesterday, I saw a really decent, very well dressed older man who happened to be a minister whose son was killed.  The son’s pictures showed a young man with piercings, ripped jeans, torn Tshirt and he had been a drug dealer.   This family wasn’t in an urban city like Chicago, it lives in the tiniest of backwater towns in Mississippi.  Drugs, drugs, drugs, and that’s the new American young person. (Yes, I know plenty who aren’t on drugs but drugs are EVERYWHERE and if there was a little pot during LEAVE IT TO BEAVER or FATHER KNOWS BEST days, that was considered really racy and a really bad thing to do. ) Many of you think marijuana should be legal;  Almost the only people I’ve known who smoked a lot of it got very stupid, and I’m talking bright kids who suddenly were “hey, dude’ing’ me all the time.   You know what I mean.

WHAT’s NEXT?   Walking down the street getting high and our kids so loaded they really will believe math is racist?

Some of the TV shows use shocking language.  The other night, Hannity said someone was an “Ass Hole” which blew my mind; I mean it REALLY stunned me!  It’s one thing for me to be mad enough to tell a friend in my kitchen that someone is…one, but….on TV?   I don’t think TV is the place for it.   You can hear “the F word” sometimes……”it’s on cable” is the excuse  (as if anybody, including kids, watch networks much anymore?) …

WHAT’s NEXT?    Frasier telling Niles “you F-ing A H….what the F did you THINK that patient was going to F’ing tell you?”

You can all write the next paragraphs for this post……different subjects about which you’d ask WHAT’s NEXT? …..How do countries recover from things like this…?   How many are in this shape?  (almost none)



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Music to my old ears

Yes, the reaction I might get to this is “That’s just one Black mother” but it isn’t.  There is no situation where one mother or one plumber or one violinist alone feels any one way.

THIS IS SO WORTH WATCHING I wanted to reach through my TV set when I first saw her yesterday and KISS HER!




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Teachers’ Union Leader


She is SO much PRO TEACHER over PRO STUDENT…..How can one question that when you know the following?:

“Weingarten has been frequently criticized over the years for resisting attempts to address the problem of teacher incompetence.[121] When New York schools Chancellor Joel Klein announced a new peer-review process in 2007 to identify bad teachers, Weingarten called the plan “a stake in the heart of every teacher.””

The link has more information and I’m too disgusted with everything about her to even review some here.   If you’re interested, take a look.

I get that it’s her job to represent TEACHERS, not the STUDENTS, but I’d have thought a goal of all types of educators would be to put the kids first.

Betsy Devos was on Martha MacCallum’s show yesterday and I felt like weeping over the fact that we lost her in government.  Thankfully, she still promotes children.

Weingarten can take lessons.





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QUOTES you will want to read and ponder….


I  (Z: MY FRIEND, not me) just finished an intriguing book titled Live Not For Lies (Subtitle is A Manual For Christian Dissidents) by Rod Dreher.  The title comes from Aleksandr  Solzhenitsyn’s final comments to his followers when he was imprisoned by the Russians.  The basic theme of the book is that America is following a path very much like that of Europe after WW2  that allowed Communism to take over many of its countries.  To give you a broad view of this warning, I’m pasting in several passages from the book that should make us all wake up to what Biden and his Communist friends are doing.  I’ll give you the page numbers for each if you want to get the book and check out these selections.  This book should be available in your local library if you’re a penny-pincer like me. They ARE our books, but we just let the library store them for us, hey?

Page 8Truth is whatever the ruler decides it is.  Control actions, thoughts and emotions.  Compliance is forced less by the state than by elites who form public opinion and private corporations via technology control of our lives.

Page 10:  Pink Police State:  People will surrender political rights in exchange for guarantee of  personal pleasure.

Page 29:  The parallels between a declining US and pre-revolutionary Russia are not exact, but are unnervingly close.

Page 88:  Youth in China are more Huxley than Orwell.  Orwell feared  a world where people were forbidden to read books.  Huxley feared a world where you don’t have to have books–no one wants to read them.

Page 92We are being  conditioned to accept a Westernized version of China’s social credit system.

Page 93:  In the West today we are living under decadent, pre-Totalitarian conditions.  We are being conditioned  to surrender privacy & political liberties for sake of comfort, convenience and artificially imposed social harmony.

Page 113 Cicero- “Not to know what happened before you were born is to remain a child forever.”

Page 115: ” …. ideologues in power, both in classrooms and newsrooms, manipulate collective memory to capture the future. The liberal democratic, capitalist way of life unintentionally does the same thing.”

Page 117A person cut off from history is a person who is almost powerless against power.

Page 121:  “Totalitarian power has extended the sphere of politics to include everything.”

Page 127:   As Orwell knew, simply by staying sane when everyone else is mad, we may hope to convey the human heritage.

Page 129USA Christians, alas, are not especially different from unbelievers.  (Z: thank GOD I know far too many Christians who don’t fit this but I’m afraid many do)

Page 136:  Dictatorship versus Totalitarianism.  The former can make life hard, but not want to devour you soul.  The latter wants your soul.

Page 151 You can’t simply be against everything bad.  You have to be for something good.   (Z: what Republicans must learn)

Page 180Urge young people to get off internet and get together face to face to build resistance.

Page 182:  Soft totalitarianism seduces those – even Christians – who have lost capacity to love enduringly.  They think they love, but they merely desire.  They think they follow Jesus, but in fact, merely admire Him.

Page 182:  In liberty and prosperity, children of the last communist generation have fallen to a more sophisticated tyranny – one that tells them anything they find difficult is a form of oppression.  For millennials, unhappiness is slavery and freedom is liberation from burden of unchosen obligations.

Page 185Old totalitarianism conquered by fear of pain.  The new one conquers primarily through manipulating people’s love of pleasure and fear of discomfort.

Page 200: …. in Soviet prison, guards laid man down on floor and had other inmates urinate and defecate on him.

Page 200:  …guards forced Catholic priest to use plate of excrement and one of urine and obliged him to say the holy mass upon them.

Page 213 C. S. Lewis: “the world is ‘enemy-occupied territory’ for the Christian.  The culture war is largely over—and we lost.”

Page 213: Totalitarianism is built on the oldest lie of all: “Ye shall be as Gods.”  (Z: in Mao jackets)

Z:   Some of those quotes, all?, are amazing and perfect for today.  Imagine the great C.S. Lewis knowing ahead of time what was coming, mostly because he worked in academia all his life.  He scares people because he was incredibly bright and came to Christ later in life….that only makes him more believable to me.

Hoping some of these quotes resonate with you, too.   Now we figure how to get past them?


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Caitlyn Jenner

What do you people think?    The interview with Hannity really got people talking, kind of surprising themselves that they COULD stand her, after all!

My problem is when someone calls people from below the border “SPANISH,” which she did!    I also laughed at “I love this country!  I’m a PATRIARCH!”    Oy.

Well, I guess we have to get used to IMPERFECTION.  That if we want to save this country, State by State, we need to look at WHAT they say and not HOW they say it!

Anybody have any feelings about a person ‘like’ Jenner running for a pretty big office?  

You’ll pardon me for not posting a picture with this post.  I just can’t.


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Sunday Faith Post….and Happy Mother’s Day

By Allen West from Thursday, the National Day of Prayer:

“While we may not be facing enemies at the gate, we are clearly in a battle for the heart and soul of our nation. We must follow the extraordinary examples of these two historic figures (z; he had referenced the prayers of George Washington and George Patton) who were so pivotal in winning and preserving the freedoms we enjoy today.

We can join them on our knees, pleading for our Lord and Savior’s intervention once again in our beloved country’s plight, asking Him to turn hearts toward him and ignite in each of us a renewed love for our fellow man.

The enemies we face today are not so visible – cynicism, hopelessness and distrust – but could just as easily lead to the loss of our liberties if we fail to pray for one another, our nation and its leaders as we ought. “

Psalms 33:12 “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance.”

Have a great day, friends,  Z

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Will ANY politician find the guts…..

….to tell the Lefties “It’s not so much TRUMP we supposedly ‘love’, we are not all Trump sycophantsTHE TRUTH IS THAT  WE ARE PEOPLE WHO LIKE:

-borders under control  (Why won’t Biden let cameras in, Trump did!)

-a booming economy (yes, we know Biden thinks today’s good economy is because of him, 3 months after his inauguration; why did he say Obama was the one responsible for Trump’s good economy because nobody suddenly turns an economy around in a few months!!??)

-a tough America versus China and other enemies

-Capitalism, including companies hiring more Americans because they’ve moved back to America due to lower corporate taxes

-becoming oil independent


VERY CONVENIENT and VERY EFFECTIVE for the Left to talk about TRUMP FANS so nastily.…….Anybody going to have the guts to stand up and say “Look, IT’S WHAT TRUMP DID……..OK? STOP USING TRUMP AS A BATTERING STICK…..it’s WHAT HE DID THAT WE WANT……..GET IT?”

It’s so easy to insult people because they approved of Trump;  people are getting fired for that, hated for that, laughed at for that….when it isn’t HIM, was rarely about HIM.


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YES, we who watch FOX for some of our news are FOXMANIACS.  OR we are said to have FOXITIS.

Apparently, the lawyer for a guy accused of the Capitol Hill attacks says his client watched about six months of FOX before January 6.   The lawyer says he has FOXITIS, he’s got FOXMANIA!   (I swear)   It’s FOX’S FAULT!  🙂

The Leftwing news says the MISINFORMATION and LIES of voter fraud on FOX  (as if) is ” really damaging to the fabric of our democracy………”

I’m not sure if they believe not giving all the news if it makes the Left look bad is damaging to the fabric of our democracy or not, but I DO.   And how helpful to our democracy is a channel like CNN which almost NEVER gives an opinion other than the Left’s, when FOX is happy to have Leftists on and argue truth with them?

See, the Leftwing channels say that FOXITIS is caused by that channel because it LIED THAT THERE WAS ELECTION FRAUD.    By the way, NOT ONE NEWS REPORT ON FOX said there was election fraud;  it reported what the Right said, it reported what the Left was saying.   Editorial hosts talked about fraud, their news people NEVER ONCE DID.  EVER.

SO, I guess I’m a FOXMANIAC because I love Bret Baier, Harris Faulkner, and many others who are terrific, REALLY bright Conservatives………….I’m proud of it!    An interesting thing to do is watch Shannon Bream, Martha MacCallum, Sandra Smith or Bill Hemmer do their shows where they’re pretty much giving NEWS, not their opinions, and then watch THE FIVE when one of them is on and THEN you see their Conservativism because THAT is OPINION.  THAT is a joy and I’m sorry for those of you who miss that.  Good stuff.

Signed, your FOXMANIAC friend, Z

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On FOX Tuesday, Neil Cavuto interviewed Bill Gates on his divorce.   I happened to be watching.

Cavuto asked him how his children would fare financially in the future, “You certainly aren’t going to give them nothing!” after he was told most money goes to the Foundation.

Gates said “Well, Neil…..My kids will certainly have their college paid for….they’ll need that….but they will have to work and provide…”

Cavuto came back with “Wait… your children will get college paid for AND surely be SET FOR LIFE, right?”

Gates responded “well….well…. yes, they ARE.”  Big smile.

He really tried to cover that.  To LIE.  Information I researched on them says they all get $10 million.  I’d say that’s set for life, I’d say that’s more than COLLEGE, no matter what self-reliance Gates supposedly wants us to believe he’s encouraging.

I have absolutely no problem with his children getting the whole shebang; it’s his huge fortune to do with as he wishes…. What I watched was subtle but SO clearly an attempt to LIE.

I don’t believe Gates’ LYING stops at his family.  I think he lies well, and a lot.


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The LEFT, of course, is completely ignoring the obvious in their absolute glee at the Republican party’s “Undemocratic practices” of expecting all their party to walk in lock step.  (As if any of us saw one bit of dissent within their party before the AOC crowd started shaking them up just 4 years ago!!!?)

The truth, I believe, as Rep Andy Biggs reminds, is you can’t have the LEADER of the conference so vocally out of sync with that conference’s feelings.   She can believe ANYTHING SHE LIKES…>Trump’s a swine, the election was not stolen, etc…LET HER.  She represents her constituency, not all Republicans…And even her constituency isn’t too much on her side, from what we hear….But as long as she represents us ALL, let her represent our opinions, 95% of which involve supporting President Trump’s policies.



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