From the Ridiculous to the Sublime……


NOW for “From the Ridiculous to the Sublime!:

Other than that, I have nothing to say but I’d sure like to hear what you’d like to say.   

And then, there are stories like THIS, which cheered me up in its simple and sweet sentiment…something I felt with my Mr. Z., too.

Compare and contrast the ethos……..the fun never ends, does it.


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Medical Insurance and US

I just hung up the phone with a friend whose sister is ill….with no diagnosis and, apparently, little hope of a diagnosis or significant pain control or other help…negligent help all because she had to resort to Medical and the doctors just throw her around from one specialist to another like a badly played volleyball game….out of bounds, into a player’s face, over the line.  She tells me her sister waits a month for an MRI, then waits 2 weeks to get it read, then another 4 weeks to get  into the doctor, then that doctor she waited 4 weeks for tells her she has to see another specialist whose office tells her he’s booked for the next 3 weeks…etc., etc.,

This friend’s sister, I’ll call her Molly, is basically undiagnosed now for six months.  She is in incredible pain and she has unexplained symptoms which are worrying her and her family..  Molly hasn’t worked for a while and had to resort, finally, to Medical for health insurance.

A friend of some means finally offered to pay for her to get some help , out of his pocket, when she had to go to the ER today.  Instead of the government being grateful they wouldn’t have to pay for Molly, the hospital warned her “If you are paying out of pocket on this, you’ll lose your Medical.”   Molly’s on her way to a hospital in downtown L.A. which does take Medical, meaning she’ll be with Bowery bums, other homeless, illegals, etc., etc, etc.  So, wait…if you CAN pay for some hospital work, you’re knocked off the poverty lists, is that right?   AND, if she can pony up private health insurance, so she can get some meaningful HELP, out of the disability money she’s just started getting, they’re thinking she’d then lose her disability!

I’m speechless.  Do you have stories like this?   Are we NUTS?


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Two Things this Afternoon….

(For my TRUMP SPEECH, please see the post below this one…thanks)

I have two things on my mind this afternoon I wanted to share, particularly because Gene Wilder has passed away.

  1.  I was at Cedars Sinai on a job when I was walking through the ER waiting area some years ago.   I saw a woman who was obviously very, very ill;  sunken cheeks, gray skin, bandana over a hairless head.  My heart went out to her and I happened to look at the man sitting next to her, looking so miserable, and my eyes opened widely (I can still feel it) because I realized the woman was Gilda Radner, Mrs. Gene Wilder.  I was miserable because I he stared into my eyes as if to say “Yes, it’s her and she’s so sick..” and I felt so badly that the depth of her illness had registered on my face for him to see it.   That man loved his wife.  I pray for his family in their loss
  2.  The next thing I’d like to address is the football player who won’t stand for the national    anthem, Kaepernick.  The NFL says it’s his right…they don’t endorse his actions, but it’s his right.  If I were the NFL, I’d say “It’s your right, but it’s OUR UNIFORM and you don’t do it in OUR UNIFORM.”    He’s still speaking out about police brutality today, having bought into “hands up, don’t shoot” lies and Black Lives Matter violent call for killing cops.   Nice guy (not).   And, of course, others are beginning to follow.  And this man who isn’t smart enough to , he stands to make $44 million in a 3 year contract.



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Trump’s Next Speech written by Z

trump smiling

So, we’re two months from election and I have had ENOUGH.   I am tired of the name calling, which I admittedly have partaken in, I’m tired of one-upmanship, and I’m tired of both sides paying more attention to personality and so little on how we can make America great again.

I want to apologize for my part in the ugliness because this country doesn’t deserve that.  Not having been a politician, I allowed myself to fight back at the career politician who is my candidate, as I have had to in some of my business dealings;  being too tough, formidable, sometimes downright mean.  It’s part of all of our personalities, but there’s a more important part of me which I want to share from now on;

I care about this country. I also understand that this country was built on self-reliance, doing what we could do for HER, not what SHE could do for US, as JFK so wisely said, the same JFK who would have probably been a Republican in comparison with the far Left Democrats have now become, by the way.

Unlike I have been portrayed, I want to welcome immigrants who entered America like your grandparents and mine did years ago, with eagerness to be part of the American dream, taking one of the plentiful jobs, being trained in excellent public schools, enjoying all the goodness that hard work can produce and hoping their children would follow that same path.   Is it too much to ask that of immigrants coming in now?  Is it too much to remind folks that a sanctuary city is breaking the law and putting our country last while it even welcomes some who mean harm to the American way, indeed, even the American economy and safety?

I could go down the list of subjects the presidential candidate must address, I don’t mean to concentrate here only on immigration, and I will be better describing other points of my platform soon but first,  let it suffice for me to say today that I would like my fellow Americans to listen closely to me from now on, closer than ever.  Listen to how I lay out my plans for them and our country, forget what even I might call my blustering and unkindnesses of past campaigning….this is the Donald J. Trump I want Americans to know…this isn’t a new Trump, but it’s the better Trump, the more real Trump, and it’s the large part of Trump which I’d like you to know, the Trump who will be an excellent president to all of you.

Thank you for your support….I can’t tell you how humbling it is to stand before America and hear the cheers and accolades of those who appreciate and like my message.  By the way, you will like it more starting NOW.

I will spend the next 70 days or so getting my message to more people, not just the base I am so grateful for, but to all Americans.   Together we will echo our country’s earliest days, the dreams and ethics of our founding fathers, the Constitution and how important it is we continue to teach it…yes, we will remind America of how we can hold onto those great words of our founding fathers even now and continue to build on what they started, all of us proud to be part of this great country.

I know it’s risky for a candidate to ever apologize or even suggest he or she wasn’t prepared or didn’t know something, or acted poorly, or (God forbid!) flip-flopped, as the media loves to say,  but that’s only media hype and biased hubris…Ask yourselves why apologies aren’t as honored in this position as they are in your home or workplace situations!  We all learn, we all grow…I am pleased to announce that I will now take you on a path that will show what I’d like to do, and ask that you pay close attention to me, and less on the media, less on Mrs. Clinton, less on the naysayers….America needs our help and it’s going to take everything we’ve got.   I’m ready to face that and hope you continue to respect and choose to honor the platform I and my excellent advisers have planned.

By the way….one thing I’ve thought of recently, and I plan to implement after elected, is citizen groups coming to the White House so I can hear, first hand, what’s going on in your communities.  Not the mayors and congresspeople, but citizens in your towns coming to talk.  I need to hear you if I’m going to help you.  I’m going to want to hear from America’s people, not its politicians.

(Trump now smiles at group in the way he only does to people he spots in the crowd who he knows…and he has a wonderful smile…why not use it?)

God bless you all.  (and I will not use the word ‘disaster’ anymore)  (I promise).

Z: SO…what do you all think?  How do you think this would go over?

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Sunday Faith Blog

This is one of my very favorite Praise Songs…Do you have a favorite Hymn or Praise Song?

Tell us, and link if possible!  And WHY you like that particular song, please.  We’ve done this before but I think it’s uplifting and always nice to talk MUSIC….

“Saying, “I will tell of your name to my brothers; in the midst of the congregation I will sing your praise.””  Hebrews 2:12

BY THE WAY, and completely off topic:  If you are JEWISH,  please watch THIS video which a friend just sent me….fascinating stuff.  Donald Trump, an antisemite, as some love to portray?  Not by a long shot…

Have a wonderful Sunday!


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THRILLING! Wait till you see this!

Isn’t this fabulous?   WHAT AN IDEA!

“A micro aggression is exactly that…micro!”  HALLELUJAH!  You will love the article and video linked above…in it is this paragraph:

“We do not support so-called ‘trigger warnings,’” Ellison wrote. “We do not cancel invited speakers because their topics might prove controversial, and we do not condone the creation of intellectual ‘safe spaces’ where individuals can retreat from ideas and perspectives at odds with their own.”

FINALLY…  let’s hope more schools join THIS movement!


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This story is NUTS….Had any of you even heard the term “Alt-Right” until recently?

In the linked article, they list a bunch of guys who apparently represent the Alt-Right and who I have never heard of….and, trust me, I’m at least as well informed as most bloggers about political pundits as this is what I DO (too much of the day, I might add).   Who’s “just on the Right” and who’s a White Supremacist Anti Semitic, Anti Immigrant scumbag?   Or is the implication that all on the Right are all these awful things? As the video in my link says “this group is even FARTHER RIGHT than the right”….as if the Right is so terrible that FARTHER RIGHT is  insanity.

Are WE pinned as this Alt-Right bunch?  Have you EVER EVER heard of White Supremacism or AntiSemiticism welcomed or touted anywhere on FOX?  Or any other Conservative venue?   Of course not.  Or DO you consider yourself Alt-Right and would care to admit it here at GeeeZ and explain why you consider yourself part of this group?

Hillary’s plan, apparently, is to reach out to “Moderate Republicans” who can’t stand Trump.  I believe she’s playing on this Alt-Right thing and drawing connections between it and regular Republicans so moderate Conservatives are shamed into going the opposite direction as fast as they can…and vote for her.  FOLKS,  ANY REPUBLICAN WHO CAN’T STAND TRUMP (and I’m one of them) AND VOTES FOR HILLARY IS NO REPUBLICAN, FOLKS.  HOW CAN ANYBODY REVERE THE THINGS WE DO AS CONSERVATIVES AND VOTE FOR HILLARY?

What a MESS……

ALT-RIGHT….had you heard of that before recently and who invented that term?


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Pray for Nancy

My friend who would be 98 in October, has been with Hospice for 2 weeks…..the first illness of her life is taking her as she lies in a morphine sleep the last five days or so….her body has shut down and still she lives tonight, tho hospice nurses have  said “she’s going now” several times.  She’s dying of weakness and fragility….but her heart is strong!  This is a woman who locked herself out last year and climbed through a bedroom window!

The family contacted me and asked if I could pray that she goes very soon.  If she dies today, which she probably will, she will have died on the 5th anniversary of her dear husband’s death at the age of about 94.

Nancy is comfortable, she knows God and that she’s going Home…please pray it happens very soon; her family is there and it’s a very sad, prolonged time…..I told Nancy last week that I would love her forever...and I will.

Thanks, my friends.  Z

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I LOVED THIS and hoped you’d get a smile, too!   ….


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Everyone should know……Pass this to your Hillary voters

I know a lot of us knew about this case but I believe it’s important to continue to talk about these things now that this “woman” is actually closing in on the presidency….don’t you?  

(this video can be ‘read’, no sound necessary, if you’re at work!)

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