JAIL or……………WHAT??

THIS FASCINATED ME!!!   A Judge is offering shortened terms if the inmate has a vasectomy!   Or birth control implants…

What do you think of this?!  Legal?  Ethical?  Good idea to prevent kids coming into the world with a con dad?   WHAT?



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Trump, Sessions….contemptible?

Sessions has been on Trump’s side since early days of the campaign.  Total loyalty.  In June of this year, Sessions offered to resign because he knew Trump didn’t like him recusing himself.    Instead, Trump waited a month and insulted him in public, not behind the scenes, where most presidents do their dirty work.

Trump despises the NY Times and never misses a chance to call it “failing”, “awful,” “lying,” “fake news,”  etc…for a year, that’s pretty much all we’ve heard.   So he invites them for an interview, this failing newspaper he despises, and slams Sessions.

What do we expect the Left to do with this?  Is this their fault?  Should we start blaming the Republicans who have so steadfastly, for months, stood up for Trump but are so clearly becoming disheartened, even Tucker CARLSON?

I’m eager to hear.


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Showering Together





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Jersey McJones

Some of you have blogged at Silverfiddle’s blog, and FreeThinke’s…..I believe Jersey McJones commented at those blogs…and that some of you will remember him and may have learned that he’s been fighting cancer.

Yesterday, at only 48 years old, Jersey lost his fight.

As FT emailed me just now, “Jersey was that rarity of rarities –– a lovable Liberal.”

Yes, he was.  May he rest in peace and may God give his family comfort and some kind of peace after the initial terrible grief.

The blogosphere is less without Jersey.


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Third in the Series on Trump Achievements!

*. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a strong conservative, completely reformed the Justice Department, reorienting it in a strongly conservative direction and with conservative policies, in stark contrast with the Obama Administration

*. Fired acting Attorney General Sally Yates (a left-wing Obama holdover) when she refused to defend his refugee and immigration ban executive order

*. President Trump signed a bill into law to reduce the backlog of families of fallen police officers waiting to receive benefits due to their status.

*. Reduced illegal immigration; child illegal immigrants entering the nation monthly had fallen below 1,000, the first time in several years, and that total illegal immigration levels had fallen by 76%. Number of refugees admitted in the first three months of Trump’s presidency half of last three months of Obama’s

*. Executive Order for the “immediate construction of a physical wall on the southern border,” the hiring of 5,000 additional border control agents, and ending “catch-and-release” policies for illegal immigrants.

*. Executive Order hiring an additional 10,000 federal immigration officers, re-establishing the Secure Communities Program and other local partnerships, making the deportation of criminal illegal immigrants a priority, directing the State Department to use leverage to ensure countries-of-origin take back illegal immigrants, and stripping federal grant money from sanctuary cities and states.

*. Fighting back against sanctuary cities

*Created task force to reduce crime

*. Undone Obama-era executive branch gun regulations

*. Signed Executive Order to protect police officers

*. Facilitated the return of Otto Warmbier from North Korea

*. Drafted plan to beat ISIS

*. Described the Afghanistan Taliban as a terrorist organization without hesitation, he was the first president to say “radical Islamic terrorism” in his inaugural address

*. Public trust in the Trump Administration protecting the nation from terrorism increased to 70%, up from 55% of Obama’s in 2015

*. President Trump made clear his stance against terrorism in a statement wishing Muslims a joyful Ramadan. President Trump did not hold a Ramadan dinner, breaking the annual tradition held since Bill Clinton’s presidency, and instead issued a statement greeting Muslims for Eid al-Fitr on June 24, 2017

*. De-funded several Islamic organizations supported by the Obama Administration and that were set to be funded

*. Increased security in international airports an to protect flights to the U.S. from terrorist attacks


(Kid…TPP comes in two days…hold your horses :-))


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MORE of Trump Achievements…..let’s talk!

*. Housing sales red-hot. 2011, 84 days.Now 45 days.to close

*. Executive Order restricting H-1B visa to give the hiring preference to American workers

*. Introduced Tax reform plan

*. Authorized Construction of the Keystone Pipeline

*. Mandating all new or improved pipelines be made with American steel

*. US Manufacturing Index soared to a 33 year high

*. Gutted Obama EPA regulations

*. Executive Order Mandating every new regulation eliminate two

*  Ended War on Coal

*. Reducing regulations on manufacturers.

*. Placing a hiring freeze on federal employees

*. Ordered a regulatory freeze on all federal governmental agencies

*. Signed an order directing Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, upon his confirmation, to plan changes to the Dodd-Frank bank regulatory law in order to cut much of it.

*  Executive Order ordering the Interior Department to review designations of national monuments from as far back as 20 years prior, with the intention of reversing federal overreach in land acquisition and returning power to the states

*. Environmental Protection Agency ended a $1 million program where it gave gym memberships to its employees, ending the program due to an abuse of taxpayer money

*.  Signed executive orders to loosen federal regulations on job-training programs and to encourage apprenticeships and vocational learning

*. Signed a bill into law not only funding NASA, but setting a goal of having humans visit Mars “in the 2030s”, the first time such a bill was signed into law in seven years.

*. Signed an executive order re-establishing the National Space Council.

*. Republican Party did not lose any of the special congressional elections held in early 2017 that were vacated by Republicans – the elections were framed as being referendums on Trump’s presidency – despite attempts by Democrats to flip the seats.

*. Strongly and successfully challenged political correctness



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First of a list of Trump’s Accomplishments…so far..

I rec’d this email and thought I should post it in pieces since the list is so long.  Tomorrow I’ll have more:

You can thank this person, apparently, because this was at the top of the email:  H/T:  Kim Soderquist.    (whoever she is)


PRESIDENT TRUMP’S 1st SIX MONTH ACCOMPLISHMENTS LIST Due to all of the negative media reports, especially the fake news, we should take time to realize just how many things President Trump has accomplished in less than six months!  Here we go! . . .

*  On the same day as his inauguration, Trump filed for re-election in 2020, breaking the political norm, giving him a head start on campaigning, and giving him additional legal freedoms and flexibility.

* Signed the first major national pro-life bill in more than a decade.

*  Vice President Mike Pence became the first vice president in United States history to speak at the annual March for Life march in Washington D.C. Additionally, Trump senior advisor Kellyanne Conway also spoke at the event, and Trump himself strongly expressed his support for the march.

*. Neil Gorsuch confirmed as Justice on the Supreme Court *Brilliant Cabinet picks

*. SCOTUS upheld most of the travel ban Executive Order:
SCOTUS sent orders to the Supreme courts of California and Colorado to reconsider their opinions denying public funds to Christian schools after ruling in favor of Trinity Lutheran Church school to be allowed public funds for their playground.

*. Sending Education back to the States no more “Common Core”

*. Created Election Fraud Commission

*  Used a Bluff to get Comey to speak the truth

*. The president and nine Trump Administration cabinet members, including Vice President Mike Pence, are participating in a weekly Bible study, and members of the House and Senate were also conducting their own Bible studies, returning to a nation “Under God”

*. Ended War on Christians; Executive Order suspending Johnson amendment

*. Proclamation to instituted a national day of patriotism for the country, Inauguration Day now the National Day of Patriotic Devotion

*. Proclamation May 1 as Loyalty Day, to “recognize and reaffirm our allegiance” to American values, such as “individual liberties, to limited government, and to the inherent dignity of every human being.”

*. July 1, 2017—President Trump held a “Celebrate Freedom Rally” in Washington D.C. to honor veterans and celebrate Independence Day. In it, he spoke again strongly in favor or religious liberty and stated that “since the signing of the Declaration of Independence 241 years ago, America always affirmed that liberty comes from our creator. Our rights are given to us by God, and no earthly force can ever take those rights away.”

*. First president since Ronald Reagan in 1983 to speak at the National Rifle Association’s annual convention.

*. Executive Order to perform an audit on every executive branch agency in order to reduce spending and waste and improve services

*. 5 year lobbying ban

*. Decreased US Debt by $100B Since Inauguration, debt grew by $560 billion by the same point in Obama presidency

*.  Stock Market at an all time high


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Sunday Faith Blog

Five Ethics for Life:

LISTEN…before you speak

EARN……before you spend

THINK…. before you write

TRY………..before you quit

LIVE……….before you die.

I loved these and wanted to share them with you….I think they’re excellent.

“I can do all things through him who strengthens me.”  Philippians 4:13

Have a great Sunday…feel strengthened, think about the above….they steer us in a good direction.


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Do you have a FAVORITE FOOD, or FOODS?  Or category of food, or favorite recipe you make?  Let’s talk FOOD!….

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TONGA…taken yesterday from my stepdaughter’s drone camera….(now go comment on the post below!)

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