Maddow’s ratings now better than FOX’s….

HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?     Here’s part of the story in that link:

“Maddow’s surge is being fueled partly by her day-in, day-out criticism of the Trump administration. There is an increased appetite for the liberal arguments she has been making for years.

“There’s a reason Rachel is beating Fox and CNN,” MSNBC president Phil Griffin told CNNMoney in an email. “She’s a talented storyteller who’s helping her audience cut through all the confusion coming out of Washington. She’s connecting dots in ways no one else is.”

Maddow is known for flouting the conventions of cable news. She delivers long, informative monologues that sometimes last for 20 minutes.

Her fans say she’s providing necessary scrutiny of the Trump administration. Her critics, on the other hand, say she’s become a left-wing Sean Hannity, single-mindedly obsessed with anti-Trump stories.

While those debates rage on Internet forums, the ratings speak for themselves.”

The story also says some of the more recent better ratings are O’Reilly not being around. This might be more a loss than we’d thought.

She’s rating best with THE YOUNG VIEWERS…..THIS is the brainwashing (called “cutting through all the confusion coming out of Washing DC” by her fans) that the young LOVE…it’s like going to university classes and then getting the same stuff by Maddow.

Do you think TUCKER CARLSON can attract younger viewers?  Could Jesse Watters have done a better job than that?   Do you think Jesse Watters can bring younger people to FOX?

The Left is REALLY working to KILL THE CONSERVATIVES and it seems to be on track.  Meanwhile, Trump’s hammering for JOBS…Does that speak to young Americans?

What do you think about this whole Maddow situation?  Let’s not just slam her (oh, so easy and fun!), let’s talk about how FOX can cope…thanks!


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“What happened to you white people?”

A friend sent me this article and I found it fascinating…it’s written by black writer, Mason Weaver, and was published on WND.  I make it a rule not to use WND for information but this article’s Weaver’s, not WND’s, so I thought I’d copy/paste it here…. See what you think:

What happened to you white people? Really, please tell me what happened to the people that have achieved so much but have now become wimpy, pansies cowering in fear of someone not liking them. White people today are seeking safe places when there was no safe place from them 100 years ago.

I wrote “It’s OK to Leave the Plantation” to help black people leave the inner city oppression. Now I need to write a book to help white people leave the outer city oppression.

Granted, I am glad most of you saw through that slavery thing and that 360,000 white men died fighting their brothers to free strangers. The world was grateful when you white folks rose up to destroy Japan and Germany due to their “Superiority Complex.” Those were just causes.

Well, we have some just causes here today, and you righteous white folks who fought with our grandfathers for righteousness are cowering behind “tolerance” while others are destroying our culture.

All they have to do is call you a name and you apologize for being white. Can you imagine the names I am called for being a black conservative? Get over your guilt; it is killing us.

They forced affirmative action down your throats, and you sat silently. They forced your children out of jobs and gave them to others, and you thought it was noble to pay for your fathers’ sins.

Maybe there is something else going on with you. Maybe some of you really consider yourselves having “white privilege.” Wake up! White privilege does not exist. Stop apologizing for having a culture. Start proclaiming that what works for you will work for anyone.

Speaking English is not a white thing; it is an American thing. English is the language of business, politics, success and employment. If you spoke “Ghettoize,” your white behind would be just as unemployable as any one in the inner city.

Why don’t you stand and proclaim that the real problem is not racist white men but racist inner-city school systems turning out gang members instead of citizens? Perhaps you white people really dream about going to isolated African village to dazzle the natives with your cigar lighters and cameras. That didn’t even play well in the old Tarzan movies.

What happened to you white people? You are not superior, and I am not inferior. You do not have to give up on anything for me to achieve everything. You don’t owe me for slavery – I do not accept reparations – and you don’t own the 40 acres nor the mule.

Join us black conservatives, and let’s build The Wall, increase business opportunities and defend our nation. I will win some and you will win some, but America will win all. We cannot compete on the world stage if you white folks are trying to be gentle and kind to me. I am competing with you. I want your income and your lifestyle. If you are not competing, we both lose.

We don’t need more safe places, we need more work places. So, common white folks, stand up and reject what you know is nonexistent. You are no more dominant than I am, your I.Q. is no higher, and your ability to take care of your family is equal to mine.

We are all Americans, and the enemies of America only fear one thing: They fear you and I working together for greatness. That we would develop an American Culture with no hyphenations keeps them up at night.

So, white folks! What happen to you Vikings? Where are the Roman Legions? And please go find the heart of the British Empire. Yes, I am a black man living in America, and I know the history of white folks. But the changes in America and the world never would have happened without the help of those same white people. White people manned the Underground Railroad, opened to doors at the safe houses and help escaped slaves when they reached the North.

Now you allow the enemy to look you in the eye and announce that illegals will not only have sanctuary cities but will also have welfare, housing and less-expensive college tuition than your out-of-state child. And your response is SILENCE? You accept the term “metrosexual” and actually watch as society tries to get you to question what a male is. Every commercial, talk show, movie or comedy act portrays white men as stupid, weak, racist and needing women to tell them how to be men. Aren’t you tired of that?

Now we must stand together as we face new and more powerful opponents. Black conservatives cannot withstand this new onslaught while you guys are apologizing for white privilege. It is difficult for us to have a united front if you cannot get over that slavery thing.

I know that we have the same principles and believe in the same vision. Someone has to lead and dominate. It’s going to be you or me – but we still need you to engage.

We blacks are trying to escape 60 years of white rule in the ghetto; we are overcoming the struggles of Ebonics (I call it the Ebonic Plague); and we have had years of self-hating black political leaders to overcome. Can you white people please get over yourself with the white guilt?

Only America could have had 240 years of slavery and still survived. Only America could have decades more of separate but equal, a poll tax, segregation and sharecropping and still become the strongest nation in the world. If we did that while being separated, imagine what we could do together.

America will be great again, America will be working again, and America will win again. But only if we do it together as Americans.

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Ann Coulter at Berkeley? Or not.

THIS ARTICLE is about Ann Coulter’s cancelled visit to Berkeley and the Republican students who may be suing UC Berkeley for the school’s not allowing her to speak.  (She is saying now that she WILL go).

Is the University using safety as an excuse?   Coulter said in another interview that she has heard from Berkeley cops saying they’re more than ready and able to protect her and are sickened that they were told to stand down at the last speaker’s appearance not long ago.

Do you think ANY but Berkeley students other than Republicans even understand the astonishingly unAmerican stance the Berkeley libs are taking?   How can THEY NOT?  They call Coulter Fascist when the way they’ve been treating Conservative speakers is about as Fascistic as it gets.

How can parents hear this stuff and keep their kids in American schools?   “I’m sending Johnny to UCB, where only those who express and teach leftwing ideology will be who he’ll hear….”   Really?     Obviously, it’s not only Berkeley which has done this;  universities all over this country are pulling this.    It seems these days that INSTITUTES OF HIGHER LEARNING are more about the high from pot smoking than any high aspirations to excellence, as in days gone by.

I’m stunned at the very idea that college kids don’t care, don’t think they have a right to look at all sides, a right to be safe, a right to grow in strength by making their own minds up on their politics, etc.

I can’t tell you how many young people I have heard of (even into their late fifties by now) whose parents were conservatives and who became ultra liberal after college.    Have you?

How can kids miss this amazing lack of curiosity and openness fed to them?



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Sunday Faith Blog

I’m pretty sure I’ve never asked specifically for prayers for Donald Trump and his family.   I know most of you’ve been doing it, but I thought I’d write a reminder today.

“Please, God, protect the Trump family.  Stop the hatred the left holds against them and have the left start putting America first (we know you can do miracles), as Trump seems to be doing.   The hate has to stop, it’s unhealthy and destructive to us and sends a terrible message to the world in which Trump is trying to calm things down.  

Help Melania cope with the constant insults to her and with the huge responsibility she now faces.  Help Trump’s children also put America first, learning how not to do business which gives the media chances to mischaracterize and insult.  Help their youngest son, Baron, cope with what must be horrible New York liberal remarks in his school there and help them find just the right school for the fall, one in which he feels appreciated and encouraged.

We pray that Mike Pence’s strong faith will show Trump the power of prayer so that he, too, starts to put faith in Your power and goodness.  Help him to study about You and to come to understand that Your goodness doesn’t mean ‘everything’s fine now,’ and help him to understand Your mysteries, put up with disappointments he thought You would fix, and still rely on YOU.

We need big time help in America.  We pray that the media wakes up to their unAmerican treatment of Trump and this country, and the jeopardy their horrible insults are putting us all in.  Stop their constant hate.

We pray for revival;  the only thing that will bring America back.   Amen”

Please add anything you’d like to that prayer….in Comments.   

11 If anyone speaks, they should do so as one who speaks the very words of God. If anyone serves, they should do so with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. To him be the glory and the power for ever and ever. Amen.  1 Peter 12:  11-12

Pray hard…Trump needs it, America needs it…WE all need it.

And please continue to PRAY FOR IMP…he’s taking really strong pain killers and he’s out of the excruciating pain…but that’s not a solution, so keep praying for his comfort, for his wife, and for wisdom for the doctors.  Thanks.


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I just treated myself to watching The FBI Story in the midst of a very busy Saturday…my cat fell asleep on my lap and there I was….and I am SO glad I did.

Jimmy Stewart plays the FBI agent who tells his story in the Bureau…..some of the lines were SO good in this movie I had to share them with you.  For example, one of his very dearest friends dies in the line of duty….in front of him.   As the man’s dying, he says how hard this will be on his son, who’d already lost his mother at a young age, and how ‘rude’ he’d think they were for both leaving him as a boy….”I didn’t mean to be so rude.”  I thought that was gorgeous.

Did you know the Bureau agents didn’t carry GUNS till Pretty Boy Floyd days?  I sure didn’t.  Finally, the Congress passed a bill protecting OUR GUYS…what a novel idea!  It was astonishing to see the agents set up mafia gang members and shoot them, no questions asked, based only on what they had on them.   There’s another novel idea we could make good use of these days.  I mean, think twice about killing Baby Face Nelson?

Did you know that within 24 hours after Pearl Harbor’s attack, the Bureau had rounded up about 3,500 enemy aliens they had in their sights?   Rounded up and deported.  ANOTHER novel idea I like.

Then, near the end, his son dies at Iwo Jima…a terrible scene…..the parents are stunned and grief stricken and the agent’s wife says “Do they die quickly?”   Jimmy Stewart says he thinks they usually do…  She says “no time for a prayer?” and he says that his father used to say it was good enough even if you just started a prayer…and finished it in person. Amen.

I highly recommend this film…the dialogue’s fabulous. Not a GREAT film but a memorable and important one with terrific lines (when, early in their marriage, the wife loses a baby and can’t have more, he says to her “well, if you want a president for a child, it’ll have to be from this bunch of 3 we already have!”).  A great thing to watch when you have “NOTHING TO DO.” 🙂

(Please weigh in on the post below, and read the good comments, too)


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The media and Trump…….

TRUMP IS RIGHT….the media will kill any of his accomplishments.   Of course, the writer of the article proves him right 🙂

Lots going on about “first 100 days”…I didn’t know that’s been a kind of ‘test’ for presidents since FDR, did you?   I find it stupid and hollow…as if anybody cares what a president can do in only 100 days?  Took Obama 8 years NOT to close Gitmo as he promised…anybody notice?

What do you think Trump would have to DO to get the media to stop ‘killing’ all of his accomplishments?  Other than Executive Orders, what legislation HAS gone well?

ANY?   let’s talk!


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What do YOU do when you’re just really enjoying doing nothing?   Tell us!


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FOX NEWS…… decide

Give me your morning to night schedule of who and what you’d like FOX to have on any week day.  You can include The Five, Carlson, Outnumbered, Bret Baier..Cavuto…..ANY of those shows, in any time schedule you’d like  OR with different people you’d like to see on the Outnumbered or The Five panel, for example.

OR, if not the old faithfuls….what would you like to see FOX do instead?

My idea a few years ago was a totally call-in show to politicians and a FOX panel who would all take part in responding to the callers……like a TELEPHONE TOWN HALL….I think people would watch it.

Have any ideas?


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Trump….MADE IN THE USA? USS Vinson….Oops?

First, please continue to PRAY FOR IMP.  He’s in some real pain and could use BIG time relief…Please pray each time you think of it throughout your day!  I know he appreciates it so much.  

Now to the blog:  TV was on yesterday as I did things around the house and it was interesting to hear most channels other than FOX remind America that what Trump sells in America is NOT “Made in America”….in spite of the great message he gave in Kenosha.  His products are made in China, Taiwan, Vietnam, etc.   So are Ivanka’s.  Ivanka apparently got an amazing trademark deal with China on the day she dined sitting next to China’s president.

Do the Trumps think we don’t notice these things?  Or are the deals so innocent they wouldn’t have thought anybody’d mind?  Are there still even any factories here that make the things the Ivanka’s produce?   What do you do when a leftwinger brings this stuff up to YOU?

Another big deal in the news was how there is “miscommunication” between the US “Armada” and the government.   The entire world had been told the USS Carl Vinson was going to the Korean peninsula to be there ‘just in cast,’ but it was on its way to Australia. Today, the story is it’ll be near Korea by April 25th.

What does the Trump White House need?   Do you think the whole staff was so new to all of this they simply don’t get how important perception is, or???

Got any advice for Donald J Trump and family?


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WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING TO HAPPEN?  Care to weigh in about what the chubby little jerk with the odd haircut might do?

Is TRUMP the guy we want in charge NOW?  “North Korea’s GOT TO BEHAVE?”…..and has Trump turned into the new Obama who bashed Bush all the time?   Trump can’t mention much without reminding us what a failure Obama was on that subject, which deflates from the importance of what Trump’s doing because it’s such cheap shots after you’ve heard them 10 times.  Ugh!

Do you trust Mattis to take care of this without us getting hurt?



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