If ONLY TRUMP could get past his nasties…

And the crowd silenced as Trump horribly insulted DeSantis. 

Below, I’ve extracted some quotes from my linked article … all in italics:

“Florida was doing fine before DeSantis!”    Z: He’s said a thousand times.

“Based on the polls, DeSantis isn’t doing well at all.  We have other governors way better than him”

“‘Sir, if you endorse me, I’ll win. Please, please, sir, endorse me,'” Trump continued as he acted out a crying, begging voice.” 

Z:  Doesn’t sound at all like DeSantis….

“He gets the nomination because of you. He wins the election because of you. Two years later, the fake … is up there saying, ‘Will you run against the president? Will you run?’ And he says, ‘I have no comment,’” Trump said after arguing that DeSantis was virtually dead in the race before his endorsement.

You’ve all noticed Trump always includes “Sir” when people are speaking to him.  “He said, SIR, could I please…?”   Z: Says a LOT.

How many have told Trump to STOP THE NASTINESS and STILL he does….?

Does he even know he’s acting as his own competitor?

I rest my case.  And how I WISH I was wrong.



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Sunday Faith Blog

Most of you know about Benjamin Hall, the FOX reporter whose car was hit by bombs in Ukraine, killing the two Ukrainians driving and guiding them, their lovely 24 yr old  translator,  Sasha Kuvshynova and Pierre Zakrzewski who, by all accounts, was one of the greatest guys anybody could ever want to know.  Makes me smile that his nationality is IRISH with a name like that!!

After the first bomb hit their car, Ben said everything went black, then he very clearly saw and heard his little girl who was in London say “Daddy, get OUT of the car!”….he did, and he survived.  All others were killed.

He says now that family and friends are everything to him…the attack has awakened him to ‘what’s important.’   “The most important things are sometimes what you already have,” says he.    “Focus on goodness.”

SAVE OUR ALLIES saved his life, along with FOX’s staff… He says “Help where you can.  There is light…believe the good is there.”

Please pray for Benjamin, and for Pierre’s wife, family and friends, and Kuvshynova’s family and friends, too.

ALSO:  Some of you will remember LASUNSETT blogger..(Scott)…He has been very ill…is recovering at home.  Now his wife has been diagnosed with a lung cancer with only a 5% chance of recovery….the only hope being chemo, radiation, etc.etc.  Marlene does not want to live that way…Please pray for them having just received this hideous news quite out of nowhere.

THANKS, everybody.  Have a wonderful, blessed Sunday.



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or someone else?

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Hard Decisions….solvency costs

COULD IT BE THAT AMERICA WOULD RAISE THE RETIREMENT AGE TO 67 in an attempt to keep social security solvent?

How would that go over here?  Do YOU have any ideas of how we could stop concerns over the future of social security?

To the French, millions of whom are protesting violently in the streets;  OK…we can raise your taxes to pay for Social Security at 62 or we can do away with the social security net.

You choose.




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“We break it, we FIX it, then we’re heroes!” :-)

So, as you all know, Biden is SO PROUD that “I’m bringing JOBS BACK!  People are GOING TO WORK!”  when most experts reveal that those jobs were there, but his paying people to stay home at the time left those companies without employees.   NOW they’re going BACK TO WORK, this isn’t about NEW JOBS, Joe!

AND Mayorkas just said “DHS has seized more fentanyl over the past two years than it had during the previous five years combined, (only he and other experts pronounce it FentanALL, perhaps he’s never read the word)…”  That’s only true because nobody was seizing a drug that was hardly known until the last two years…and had he kept the borders closed, he wouldn’t be such a friggin’ hero NOW announcing HE’S SEIZED MORE FENTANYL!! 🙂

THAT’s one way to govern!  MESS IT ALL UP, then FIX IT and TAKE THE CREDIT!

Got any other examples of this?

BY THE WAY;  MY GERMAN STEPSON LOOKED INTO MY STATEMENT I WROTE HERE A FEW DAYS AGO THAT I’D HEARD JEWS DON’T PAY TAXES IN GERMANY….which I had been told some years back.  He believes that’s not the case, sales tax OR income tax, but they do still get monthly or annual payment checks as reparation to the holocaust.    Even Jews here receive checks if they had families in the holocaust.   So, that’s my check-up on that information.


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Conservatives…..Going, going, gone..??

It’s not just MAGA REPUBLICANS constantly being sued or insulted but, more than usual, the Left is also suddenly HEAVILY ON FOX……..

Check THIS OUTThe Guardian REALLY wants FOX gone and lies…..I could dig up 20 more stories but I don’t think I have to in order to make  my point:


Some of you don’t appreciate FOX, FINE!   I’m a huge fan of most of their hosts, appreciate how much their Conservatism shows particularly when they’re on panels other than the shows they host/read,  appreciate that they often have liberals on because it’s important to know what we’re fighting, and I believe it’s feeding a lot of people who can only find anything Conservative there…..’nuff said.


It started with TUCKER CARLSON (who’s so hyperbolic he gets on my nerves, too) and the fact that he reveals a LOT that people aren’t hearing elsewhere.

Trump, Dominion, the Arizona voting results, etc etc…….ALL BAD NEWS FOR FOX, ALL FOX SINS and ALL GOTTA GO!

It’s pretty clear that FOX is going to have to watch itself and I’m grateful that at least one of the owners’ sons, Lachlan, is hanging tight and needs to….Even Rupert says Lachlan is more conservative than he is. Thank goodness, because the other brother is NOT.

SO it’s not just MAGA REPUBLICANS being dumped on every single time Biden or any leftwinger opens his mouth…….it’s ANYTHING CONSERVATIVE….


And, how many idiot presidents would make fun of MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN?  

Only Biden.

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YOU add to this one! I think you can…….!!

If this wasn’t so true, it’d be even funnier..the cleverness and truth behind it really did make me laugh, however!:

<b>A comedian can’t tell a Knock Knock Joke anymore because people will say you must hate the homeless because they don’t have DOORS.</b>

SO, HUMOR is going……..thanks to Leftwing nuts who’d cancel a comedian for telling that and other quite funny jokes…. But here are other things which also bug me and I wanted to share and ask if you have things to add:

I HATE BIG BOX STORES;  are we stuck with them because they sell cheaper, with little guaranteed quality?

I LOVED walking to the library and that smell of books but everything’s on our cells!

I LIKED getting letters and thank you notes IN THE MAIL

I LIKED when the mail came in a timely manner!  I also liked not getting phone calls from AT&T telling me their bill came back undeliverable so “please update your new address” though I have not moved (except to live in Europe) in 40 years.

I WANT the return of small shops where those who worked there knew their inventory and could help in a friendly, helpful manner

I NEVER want to get an automated voice answering ANY call I make again.

I DO NOT want to look up ‘white blouses’ on my cell phone and suddenly get white blouse ads on my FaceBook page;   I WANT PRIVACY BACK

I could go ON and ON and ON………….Got anything you’d like to add?  Things you miss?  Things you want GONE?




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Small Story….large implications


A Lieutenant Colonel is calling a mother who questioned posters in the class of her young child ‘extremist’  and the police chief, too, has been critical of her.  Both wanted her Facebook post taken down though all it said was that her child was confused at seeing odd posters, including the word POLYSEXUALITY on them, in the classroom …and she adds that her FB post included that we love everyone and all deserve respect.

Somehow, the perverted Democrats have seeped into our military and our schools……and we’re doing nothing.

BUT ANY BOOK WITH A GOOD MESSAGE IS THREATENED AND KIRK CAMERON HAD TO CANCEL A READING TODAY BECAUSE OF THREATENED VIOLENCE.  Cameron is against gay marriage and believes homosexuality is hurting the underpinnings of Western society.  He doesn’t hate anyone, he just believes differently than most of the Left and some churches and synagogues.  So he MUST be censored and threatened?


IT’S VERY SAD THAT ALL PEOPLE’S OPINIONS ARE NOT WELCOME OUT IN THE OPEN;  MAYBE HEARTS AND MINDS COULD BE CHANGED ONE WAY OR THE OTHER IF THEY WOULD STOP CANCELING, INSULTING, LYING ABOUT OPINIONS……But these are people who believe exposing 7 year olds to sexual things they’re far too young to understand comes first.   THAT is what’s offensive, whether you’re an LGBT fan or not.  LET children learn about positive, healthy, virtuous things.………stop hurting them.

I hope at least a few of you watched the Special on FOX last night about Benjamin Hall’s injuries and the amazing things he went through…including the hideous deaths of his two colleagues…..QUITE a story of FOX’s fabulous assistance in GETTING HIM HOME.  Quite a show.


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Sunday Faith Blog

THIS BOOK SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD ONE FOR BELIEVERS AND NON-BELIEVERS.  AS THE BLURB SAYS, “Even the most ardent critics have argued that the study of the Bible is essential to understanding our world. “


I just ordered a used paperback……..

Have a very happy Sunday………..Z

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Tit for Tat………:-)

Did you notice the TIT FOR TAT in our news?   Trump is constantly barraged with negative stories, anyway, but they seem to ebb and flow as Biden is accused of things….Once Biden’s classified docs in his garage came up, Trump’s Mar-a-Lago story went down……  But, lately, Biden and his family are in the negative news again! …SO….Stormy Daniels$$$, Mar-a-Lago papers have kicked up again, Foreign gifts while president up to $300K (as if Trump needs gifts because he can’t afford anything he wants?), etc………..

And it happens every time the media has to cover the Anti-Biden stuff that’s coming down the pike…….They can obfuscate only so long before FOX stories get heard and then the mainstream libs have to say something.  SO, they counter attack!


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