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What are your favorite things to put on a HAMBURGER? 


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Thanks to those of you who commented on my German Murder post yesterday;  BUT you will NOT want to miss the information just below here that my stepson translated from Facebook today! (From a left leaning, very highly read magazine):

“That’s part of an article this editor in chief wrote (already) in 2010) where he says that gangs of young (moslem) foreign people are a problem but the problem would be bigger if they didn’t exist. These people are vital, hungry, takings risks and this is what Germany needs. Criticism about these people coming from those bio-German people is just the envy because they feel the vitality of the foreigners as a threat; their change of mobility is the way from their own house to a senior citizen assisted living. He’d rather have some intensive criminals than old intensive-passive natives. Stuff like that is beyond believe and shows so well the self-hate of the lefties. And they really believe it, write it as such and the politician traitors follow this in their agenda.”

From Yesterday if you missed it:


<B>well, a supposedly 15 year old Afghan illegal invader killed a 15 year old bio-German girl in a drugstore as a revenge because she quit their relationship some weeks ago. The media tried to hold it all down, as usual, but the whole thing got big now. In the open letter in the article above a commenter said that he is sorry that he hasn’t stepped in enough in the recent years to inform all the people around him about the general situation and thus feels guilty that this murder happened. The man published this letter here on FB and thanks to the new German censorship law this post was erased and the man blocked.</B>

Yesterday, Baysider mentioned this type of trouble in Europe so I decided to post this….

and this IS coming here, folks…let’s not kid ourselves…Muslims protected in the name of PC, as Andrew Klavan suggested in  my article yesterday…and as we all know.

How do we get around THIS?


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Jeff Flake

I heard some of Flake’s speech this morning….CNN is just LOVING it.  He really screwed Trump, talking about Trump’s attacks on the media, etc.   He compared Trump to Stalin to make it even worse.   Of course, he never mentioned how much of the news our media leaves out, or how they mischaracterize in order to throw it in their direction,  but he was definitely there to make Trump look as bad as possible.  Of course, this had to come the day after Trump threw Acosta out of his office.  

HERE is the whole text of Flake’s talk.

Flake REALLY lives up to his name.

Also;  a rural seat in Wisconsin went Democrat though Trump had won there by 16 points a year ago.  This is BAD…



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Andrew Klavan; well worth the read….your thoughts?

Of Crudeness and Truth

Thoughts on President Trump’s latest verbal tempest

Andrew Klavan is a novelist and City Journal contributing editor. His podcast is featured Monday through Thursday at the

Nothing scandalizes a leftist like the truth. Point out that women and men are different, that black Americans commit a disproportionate amount of violent crime, that most terrorist acts are committed by Muslims, and the Left leaps to its collective feet in openmouthed shock, like Margaret Dumont after a Groucho Marx wisecrack. This is racism! This is sexism! This is some sort of phobia! I’m shocked, shocked to find facts being spoken in polite company!

No one is really shocked, of course. This is simply a form of bullying. The Left has co-opted our good manners and our good will in order to silence our opposition to their bad policies. The idea is to make it seem impolite and immoral to mention the obvious.

The bullying is highly effective and very dangerous. In England, in the city of Rotherham, at least 1,400 non-Muslim girls, some as young as 11, were brutally raped by Muslim immigrants over a period of years in the 2000s. Police and other officials worked to keep the facts hidden because, according to multiple reports, they were afraid of being called racist. Think about that: police officers did not want to seem racist, so they stood by and let their city’s children be raped. The same thing goes on in other cities in England and throughout Europe. And in fact, some who have spoken out have had their careers curtailed by manufactured scandal. The message is clear: it’s just not nice to tell the truth. It’s just not done. Don’t do it.

Here in the states, the First Amendment has so far allowed old-fashioned American loudmouths to fight the system whenever they could find ways around our monolithic corporate media. But the Empire of Lies is quick to strike back. Google/YouTube now stands charged by multiple accusers of singling out conservative voices for censorship, “fact-checking,” and demonetization. Hidden-camera videos released by Project Veritas this week show Twitter employees conspiring to “shadow ban” conservatives on their system. On campus, intelligent conservative speakers of good will like Ben Shapiro, Charles Murray, and Cristina Hoff-Somers have faced violent protests meant to shut them up.

No person of importance on the right seeks to silence anyone on the left. The Left, on the other hand, is broadly committed to ostracizing, blacklisting, and even criminalizing right-wing speech.

Enter President Donald Trump. He is a rude and crude person. He speaks like a Queens real estate guy on a construction site. And because he does not have good manners, he thoughtlessly breaks the rules with which the Left has sought to muzzle those who disagree with them. In this regard, I frequently compare Trump to Randle Patrick McMurphy, the loudmouthed, ill-mannered roustabout from Ken Kesey’s brilliant novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. McMurphy comes into an insane asylum controlled by a pleasant, smiling nightmare of a head nurse named Ratched. Nurse Ratched, while pretending to be the soul of motherly care, is actually a castrating, silencing tyrant. Her rules of good manners, supposedly fashioned for the benefit of all, are really a system of mental slavery. All of McMurphy’s salient character flaws suddenly become heroic in the context of her oppression. Only his belligerent ignorance of what constitutes good behavior can overturn the velvet strangulation of her rule.

For Nurse Ratched, read Hillary Clinton, CNN, the New York Times, Yale University, Twitter, and Google/YouTube—all the tender ministers of polite silence and enforced dishonesty. If Donald Trump’s boorishness crashes like a bull through the crystal madhouse of their leftism—well, good. It’s about time.

I don’t know exactly what Trump said in a closed-door meeting with senators at the White House this week. Unnamed sources say that he referred to some African countries and Haiti as “shitholes.” Maybe so; sounds like him. In any case, when it comes to a chance to attack Trump, our journalists don’t waste time with fact-gathering or source-identifying. Like Madonna, they just strike a pose. Various media knuckleheads have reacted to the alleged comment by calling Trump “racist,” “Nazi,” “Evil,” and a “terrorist sympathizer.”

(Personally, my first thought on hearing about the remark was: “What squirrely little tattle-tale of a weasel went running to the press with that?” But never mind. That’s just me.)

Let’s state the obvious. Some countries are shitholes. To claim that this is racist is racist. They are not shitholes because of the color of the populace but because of bad ideas, corrupt governance, false religion, and broken culture. Further, most of the problems in these countries are generated at the top. Plenty of rank-and-file immigrants from such ruined venues ultimately make good Americans—witness those who came from 1840s potato-famine Ireland, a shithole if ever there was one! It takes caution and skill to separate the good from the bad.

For these very reasons, absurd immigration procedures like chain migration, lotteries, and unvetted entries are deeply destructive. They can lead to the sort of poor choices that create a Rotherham. Trump’s suggestions—to vet immigrants for pro-American ideas and skills that will help our country—are smart and reasonable and would clearly make the system better if implemented.

So, when it comes to the Great Shithole Controversy of 2018, my feeling is: I do not care, not even a little. I’m sorry that it takes someone like Trump to break the spell of silence the Left is forever weaving around us. I wish a man like Ronald Reagan would come along and accomplish the same thing with more wit and grace. But that was another culture. History deals the cards it deals; we just play them. Trump is what we’ve got.

For all the bad language, for all the loose talk, I would rather hear a man speak as a man without fear of the Nurse Ratcheds in the press and the academy than have him neutered and gagged by a system of good manners that has been misused as a form of oppression. Better impoliteness than silence. Better crudeness than lies.

We have seen the effect of uncontrolled immigration on Europe. It is very, very bad. The fact is: some countries are shitholes. I don’t want this to become one of them.

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MLK Jr DAY….but….really?

I’m a BIG old movie fan….black and white…Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Irene Dunne….Cary Grant, Edward G Robinson, etc…..BRING ‘EM ON!   I own a lot of them on DVD, but I certainly don’t own them all, and I like to watch TCM, Turner Classic Movies.

The trouble is that even that channel is very biased to the Left.

When they show a war movie from 1942 that makes you feel good about America and our soldiers, the host or hostess says, after the film, how that was a PROPAGANDA FILM….things like that happen all the time.  Yesterday, I saw a short interview with Pat O’Brien’s daughter…she said how Pat picked Ronald Reagan to play the Gipper….”later, Reagan went into politics……(she looks smug and sour)…and ’nuff said about THAT.”

Yesterday afternoon I took a peek at the TCM film lineup for today, *Martin Luther King Jr’s Day………..ALL BLACK FILMS.  Cabin in the Sky, Shaft, etc.   Now, I could be wrong, but shouldn’t a movie channel as liberal and enlightened enough to think things like heroic American war films are silly propaganda and Reagan’s politics are beneath them show films with Black Americans in them on a less obvious basis?  Like a couple a week?   No, they are showing them on MLK, Jr. Day!   

If you ask me, THAT’s racism.  And that annoys me.

Have a good day……..
Z  (*please let’s not argue MLK, Jr. here today…that’s not what this is about.  Thanks)

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Sunday Faith Blog

I know a LOT of sad things already this year….Lymphoma diagnosis for a 23 year old delightful girl with a brilliant future, the death of a friend’s mother, etc……

Let’s do a PRAYER LIST here today……..tell us, first name only, who you’d like prayed for…family, friends, country?  ANYTHING.

Mine include Leah and the lymphoma patient, Amanda.

Your turn…Prayer works…though we don’t always hear the answer we think is best for us.

Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.” Jeremiah 29:12.

Have a blessed Sunday!


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Trump and Rona….check this out

This interview with Rona Barrett (remember her?!), to me, is even more revealing and fascinating than Trump’s Oprah interview years ago.   I wish he sounded like this today, saying what he still says but caring how he comes off so people really listen.  So important.  I think you’ll be glad you saw this.


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(I had a Facebook ‘conversation’ with someone I don’t know regarding deportation and she said she lives in Texas and if they can deport 15,000 illegals, the USA can deport 12 million.  Um….really?)



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Deneuve Nails it…..And I believe she is right

I have always found Catherine Deneuve gorgeous….maybe a bit too gorgeous to be truly interesting-looking is what I’ve often said.  Yes, THAT gorgeous.

I’ve also been told while living in Paris, that she is very kind and friendly when you see her.

But I never thought she was THIS SMART, THIS BRAVE.

Having complimented her for that stance, must I really add that I feel swine like Harvey Weinstein and other truly horrible men who put women at risk in really ugly ways MUST be confronted and STOPPED?  But do I think this has turned into a situation where men won’t even compliment a pretty dress or hair do?  Yes, and I think that is WRONG, almost inhuman.




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Trump was the FIRST?

Have been thinking this lately and thought I’d blog it:

Who here thinks that the Obama White House was perfect?  No chaos, no disagreement, no confusion…..just perfectly run…smooth, considered…….’how professional!’

Has ANY White House Administration, particularly a new one with zero experience, ever run smoothly?

So I WISH some Republican would stop DEAD any CNN or MSNBC or Network interviewer with the question “By your criticism, are you implying the Obama White House never had disagreement or confusion within private meetings?”    Their response would be “No, we NEVER heard that at all!”   “Really?  So not hearing it makes it so?  Does that same grace apply to Trump?  Does because Obama loyalists stayed quiet makes it a perfectly run White House?  And because the “never Trump” folks in the White House are leaking ugliness, that makes them right?”

ALSO:  Tucker Carlson, last night on FOX, totally disagrees with me on the Trump meeting and immigration and I believe he gets it wrong;  he says ‘it’s over’ and  thatTrump clearly wants total amnesty, he will sign ANY bill that the Reps and Dems come up with….I believe there’s no way Trump will sign something he doesn’t like, even though he did say he wants to sign anything…and soon.

SO…is Carlson right?  And do YOU believe all other White Houses ran like a top with no dissent, no bitterness, no arguments?  Only TRUMP’S!  And, do you think his does run so chaotically as leaks suggest?
How can he stop leaks, anyway?


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