CAGNEY: This really delighted me!!

I have  always been a James Cagney fan….one of the best actors, dancers, etc., of all time, in my humble opinion.   I had looked him up the other night and read up on him and found this political stuff and wanted to share.  He REALLY got it:

“After the war, Cagney’s politics started to change. He had worked on Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt‘s presidential campaigns, including the 1940 presidential election against Wendell Willkie. However, by the time of the 1948 election, he had become disillusioned with Harry S. Truman, and voted for Thomas E. Dewey, his first non-Democratic vote.[195] He would also support Ronald Reagan in the 1966 California gubernatorial election.[196]

By 1980, Cagney was contributing financially to the Republican Party, supporting his friend Ronald Reagan’s bid for the presidency in the 1980 election.[197] As he got older, he became more and more conservative, referring to himself in his autobiography as “arch-conservative”. He regarded his move away from liberal politics as “a totally natural reaction once I began to see undisciplined elements in our country stimulating a breakdown of our system… Those functionless creatures, the hippies … just didn’t appear out of a vacuum.””

I knew I liked him for more than his INCREDIBLE talents!!


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I’d print it here, but………..

…………I have personally never used the term PROGRESSIVE on this blog or anywhere else, except to complain as I am going to here;

WHY DO REPUBLICANS CALL THE LEFT ‘PROGRESSIVE’?   What is PROGRESSIVE about them?    What PROGRESS has Biden brought to America except progressing into quick or destruction?

We’re RIGHTWINGERS, and you know all the negative baggage THAT brings on 95% of the media!   The Left isn’t LEFTWINGERS it’s PROGRESSIVE!


WHO invented that term for them……and shouldn’t Republicans, at least, STOP?

It’s bad enough the Left was originally RED and the Right was BLUE….the Left subtly, slowly changed that around.  Can’t have RED when they’re so close to Communism! “For years, both parties would do red and blue maps, but they always made the other guys red,” said Chuck Todd, political director and chief White House correspondent for NBC News. “During the Cold War, who wanted to be red?”

Progressive.   REAL RUBBISH.



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It’s Tuesday morning as I write this post and I just agonized through the Biden speech in Buffalo.  (what I don’t DO for my Readers! HA!  It truly was torture…)  He didn’t go to Waukesha, where a Black man drove an SUV into an innocent crowd of White Christmas paraders, but there he is in Buffalo with “Jill.”   And their masks.   When he was finished, she kissed him with her mask on.***

Biden was appropriately aggrieved at the horrible massacre.    But more.   It was a prime example of not letting a  good crisis go to waste.       

I got the distinct impression that when he spoke of the horrible kid who killed those people and others like him, that he was talking solely about anybody who isn’t a Democrat.  And this incident is “DOMESTIC TERRORISM!”  (though they’re learning this kid wrote that he hated conservatives).  Biden kept talking about ‘them’ and finally said;  “We can’t allow THEM to destroy America!”   Guess who he thinks is “THEM”.   (But, really…destroy AMERICA?  ….after what he’s done to our food, our gas, our borders, and more, seemed ironic to me, but maybe that’s just me?)

He talked of the Charlottesville massacre and how he’d “definitely” decided NOT TO RUN until he saw THAT and knew he had to.   Nothing like Joe Biden saving the day, huh? Interestingly, he said “…I was going to be damned if I was going to let….well……..” as he looked up into the air above him for affect without finishing the ‘thought’, “...I’ll just move on.”   As if he knew he’d better not say who he wasn’t going to “let.”  Who do you think he was talking about? Let WHO?!

He said “Hate and Fear” often and  “Hate spewed IN THE MEDIA”…What MEDIA?   (FOX)

And, “If you don’t say STOP SUPREMACY you are COMPLICIT!”     When I put CNN on to laugh at their groveling admiration for his talk (and I was right; they did), they emphasized this statement he’d made, saying how very important it was, how right he was.   Has any of you heard any politician not denounce supremacy?

I loved this one…(fixing this supremacy problem) “…involves ALL of us…Me, you, politicians…..COMMENTERS”   COMMENTERS?  Like WHO?  Are there well known ‘commenters’ who spout supremacism?  Does he REALLY think FOX people are white supremacists or advocate it or don’t speak against it?  He sure tried to insinuate that.

AND he kept harping on how these acts are not only evil but “FOR PROFIT”….Who’s PROFITING from KILLING PEOPLE?   (Added yesterday afternoon:…I am getting the sense this afternoon that it’s the profit in SELLING GUNS, so he touched on that, too…after all, it’s the GUN which killed.  I’m amazed gun shop owners with thousands of guns around them haven’t been shot a million times or more if it’s the GUN)

Needless to say, the killings were absolutely HIDEOUS!  Killed was a women who cared for her elderly husband, a man who’d gone to buy a birthday cake for his 3 year old son  A woman who’d survived breast cancer and three brain surgeries!  A retired cop who worked at the store and died while preventing more killings, etc!   But for him to give such a negative, divisive, depressing talk…instead of something like “ALL OF AMERICA is grieving with you today because of the actions of one hate filled, racist young kid.   We stand with you, we are praying for you, we must work toward stopping these kinds of actions.    We are all better than this and we need to pay attention when we see someone is mentally unwell, has made threats, etc… etc.”   (By the way, you know it’s the Left which won’t ALLOW people to be called to task when they’ve been accused of acting nutty…it’s not allowable to make accusations against these people just for acting weird…so that is the most hollow rubbish)

 What happened to this PRESIDENT WHO’LL BRING UNITY BACK!?   What a humiliating joke he is.   Wiping the spittle from the sides of his mouth every minute or so…….awful man.   Then he was finished.  And Jill kissed him with her mask on.


***I am NOT a mask shamer…two friends who wore masks all the time, got COVID after the very first time they did not wear their mask in public.  Wild, but true.  Some say they don’t work, empirical data oftentimes says they do.  But, no mask shamer here….As I’ve said before “If your friend has a bad cold and sneezes, I’m betting you’d wish you’d had a mask on~”

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The New Press Secretary

Karin Jean-Pierre, the new Secretary introduced herself with the following:

“I am the first Black, gay, migrant to have this position.”

SO WHAT?   Just BE the Press Secretary!  Do your job.   And how about giving us your qualifications, which actually DO matter to your new job?    Wikipedia says she’s “a political campaign organizer, activist, political commentator, and author…”

Oh, maybe it’s better to brag about your color, sexuality and citizen status.   We don’t really need to know how biased you’ll be.  I get it!

Also, she was just awful in her responses to reporter’s questions….

The Left is ALL about DIVERSITY and does almost nothing but constantly remind us of DIFFERENCES.    Be diverse, who cares?
Stupid hypocrites.

How’s about an opening for Ms Jean-Pierre like this one:

“Good morning!  I’m so happy and greatly honored to be here! I look forward to taking your questions and to a good working relationship!”

But, no…………..”I’m BLACK!  I’m GAY~! I wasn’t born here!”  (HURRAH FOR YOU!) (sarc)



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In Buffalo, NY, as you  know, there was a horrid killing of 10 people this weekend.  Innocent people minding their own business, doing grocery shopping.   A self proclaimed white supremacist came miles to shoot Black people, from what we’re hearing.  It was said to be racism within an hour of the shootings.   The story is not reported without the mention of white supremacist racism.  Multiple mentions.

The  Left/media has exploited it perfectly, as they always do.  Never let a good crisis go to waste;   Meet the Press this morning talking about the “Rightwing” killer, white supremacist, etc.  Gov Hochul, yesterday soon after the shootings, announced that “today we grieve…,” when a reporter innocently and wisely asked “What can we do today?” (clearly meaning “is it safe to shop?”)  Hochul, who had just advised that that day was only for grieving, then launched into a Ministry of Truth diatribe about Social Justice, and Social Media and how the Social Media needs censoring, etc.

SO, as 1/6 has been used to paint all of us Conservatives with the same wide brush of insurrectionist anti Democratic freaks, we’re seeing it again.   Rightwingers, because of this sick 18 year old, are racists and believe themselves to be superior.  Just ask Chuck Todd.

ODD, that, last Christmas in Wisconsin, a Black man drove a car into a crowded parade, killing six innocent, happy people partaking in a happy Christmas event, and injured 52 more, some very seriously.    More odd is the fact that every article I Googled left out the perpetrator altogether. There are articles telling us about the six victims’ lives, articles about all the facts of the horrible murders…..except the Black man who committed this awful crime.  The articles I found which did talk about the perp never attributed this to racism.   All of the dead were White.

I saw some Black commentators on TV yesterday who agree with me.   If it’s RACISM, it’s racist to kill WHITES, too, isn’t it?      Not according to the American media and Leftwingers.

AND, this is also  makes more valid the Ministry of Truth machinations we’re facing;   ..Gov Hochul says so.  WHAT timing!

Trust her.



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Sunday Faith Post

The LEFT must do away with Christianity as much and as fast as they can.  They got prayer out of school, we don’t call the Christmas Pageant the Christmas Pageant anymore;  Easter Break is spring break…..etc etc.   In many TV Shows, the villain is wearing a cross……seems like those Christians just can’t do anything right or good;  because movers and shakers in leadership (and artistic production) positions need it GONE.  We might as well realize that We Christians MUST depend on THEM, on BIG GOVERNMENT!  (It apparently IS okay to have Satan groups on campuses, but at least parents are “outraged”, as if that will help?…)

How can a large group of Americans keep legislating controlling laws over us (helmets on bikes, no smoking, etc.) if they actually realize that BAD THINGS DO HAPPEN…., that LIFE IS NOT FAIR and no laws are going to make it fair?   They are telling us THEY will make it fair if we go to the government.  “Socialism is fair because everybody gets his fair share!”   Simple!

Except, in the Bible, Christ frequently talks about how life is hard, *he who doesn’t work shouldn’t eat,  and Jesus said that Non Christians will  hate us because we follow Him.   He was right…..and our country (indeed, Western civilization which once venerated church going and emulated the goodness of Christ wasn’t full of teens having sex at 12 and doing  drugs and contemplating changing their gender, etc etc, and worse) is failing ………..badly.

I do believe that, in some ways, Christianity stands between those who want to work and succeed and those ‘leaders’ who want to be in control and force all of us, as they’re doing now, to the government for everything.  “BAD THINGS JUST CAN’T BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN SO WE’RE HERE TO HELP!” says government.. …No, bad things do happen and sometimes they could have been avoided by following the tenets of Christian or Jewish faith and prayer and like-minded people help.  Not the GOVERNMENT.

Have a good day………..



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She is apparently going to be on MSNBC.    Based on her performance at the White House and what other things we know about her;



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Yesterday, the Black leader of my Bible Study Group, and a very dear friend, whispered to me “My brother told me on the phone yesterday ‘that’s IT, I’m giving up my Democrat card and will ONLY vote Republicans from now on.’ “     Curtis is about 68, had a successful enough  accounting business to own a duplex in Manhattan, is a liberal agnostic, and has followed the generalization that Black Americans usually vote Left…… and he is NOT a liberal anymore.   He told her “Democrats have done NOTHING good and I’m giving that up!”

Think he’s the only one?  Or one in a hundred?   Or one in a thousand?   Curtis is stubborn and was a dyed-in-the-wool angry Lefty. NOT ANYMORE. 

Maybe he’s suddenly watching FOX but I’m thinking he is listening to the growing number of Black rappers with podcasts and a lot of followers and senate candidates, etc.,  who are  pro-American Conservatives..and urging that in other Blacks.

AND, having written this Tuesday night, it’s Wednesday now as I’m writing this and I just hung up with a cousin in Connecticut;  He told me a big time lawyer in his town who has had many big Democrat fundraisers at his home (like for Hillary, etc…not just locals), etc., has completely turned.  He told my cuz that he’s sick of what the Democrats are doing and he’s telling the senators he knows to change to the Republican party!  This guy’s been a staunch Democrat all his life.  My cousin’s stunned.

Yes,  I know these are just two stories…..but I keep hearing stories like this and I’m choosing to feel SOME HOPE SOMETIMES.   I wish you all would, too.


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This is so TRUE! :-)

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I’m wondering what you guys think of this amazing conflict of interest.   Picture this:  Trump is president, Kayleigh McEnany is married to a news reader at FOX.  Think there’d be any outrage? 🙂  “CONFLICT OF INTEREST!”  “HOW’RE WE GOING TO GET THE REAL INFORMATION!?”  “ISN’T THIS TOO CLOSE?  IS FOX GOING TO KNOW THINGS OTHER STATIONS DON’T?”    Ya, of course.    But, nobody cares because Karine Jean-Pierre is a Leftwinger  living with CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux and we should be assured no conflict exists, right?  From the NY POST:

“President Biden’s trailblazing pick for his new press secretary is already being accused of creating troubling conflicts of interest because of her long-term relationship with star CNN reporter Suzanne Malveaux.

Karine Jean-Pierre — who next Friday will be both the first black and first openly gay person to hold the key White House post — lives with the network’s national correspondent in Washington, DC, with their 7-year-old daughter.”

I hadn’t even heard about this ‘conflict’ until yesterday so maybe it’s only the Post’s accusing anybody of “…troubling conflicts of interest…”  But… least this Conservative paper is.

DO YOU THINK THAT’S A CONFLICT?    And now,  Jen Psaki’s leaving at the end of the week for MSNBC!  Think they’ll get input FOX might not?


In 2020, she (the new press secretary)  said on MSNBC that Fox News is “racist.” In 2019, she urged Democrats not to attend the annual convention of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), accusing the bipartisan pro-Israel group of “severely racist, Islamophobic rhetoric.”

In 2016, Ms. Jean-Pierre said the election was “stolen.” A year later, she called then-President Donald Trump a “deplorable illegitimate president.”




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