Iran War is OUR Fault…..just trust Iran.

So Iran attacks Japanese tankers……America gets ticked off and reacts…..Iran says they didn’t do it!….America says it did and supplies video…….American liberals say Iran’s right and we are (always) wrong….

SO, playing predictably on the hatred by all liberals for Trump, the Iranians  get it and say anything they want to say about how we do things.  All bad, of course, if they want liberal support.  They might as well produce CNN, let’s face it.  And, jumping on Bolton (both Libs and Cons) because anything about war is always his fault, he’s a “WAR MONGER and talking Trump into fighting Iran,” right?   In other words, it’s ALL our fault.  Not that country which calls for our death and calls us the GREAT SATAN.

So, that’s how it’s going today.   Iran plays our Americans against our country.  And Libs and our media are too stupid and ideologically America=hating to wake up and smell how much they’re being used to destroy themselves.   And us with them, sadly.

How far do you think this’ll go?


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Kid will like this!!! ….so IN HONOR of him……

KID often talks about this and when I saw it on Facebook, I had to post it in his honor!

“Liberalism is a mental disease!”, says Kid so often.  And he’s so right….

How can Americans who don’t mind if our flag’s not flown because it offends someone, or don’t care how many illegal people take advantage of us, or care more about hating a president than fixing our country (I could go on for HOURS, right?) NOT BE INSANE?


AND: As often happens, I wrote the post above yesterday noon-ish, and then Steve Hilton had an author named Bret Easton Ellis on.  Ellis has written a book entitled WHITE…it discusses Trump Derangement Syndrome and the intense authoritarianism of the Left.  He addresses the false narratives and hysterical stories of the Left.  He said “a SANE PERSON can’t buy into this” and I thought of this post…Sane/INSANE……Funny how a post I write earlier in the day somehow gets ‘completed’ or ‘enhanced’ by the perfect thing I hear later that day!!!  I loved how Ellis said that it’s IDEOLOGY over AESHETICS these days…WELL SAID!  Yes, he told some liberal millenials recently that his favorite music was Country Western and they freaked out…”Their VALUES ARE AGAINST US”   Nothing about the MUSIC, the aesthetics, but ALL about the IDEOLOGY! “The MESSAGE is now more important than the STYLE”…Well said, huh?  More for Kid to chew on!!


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Sunday Faith Blog



This is what my father wrote my sister  in a letter when she lived in Canada and asked him to write down those things he believed in, were most important to him.  Those wonderful things were MY DAD….gone 25 years this year and not loved one shred less than the day he left us.

Thanks, God, for the best Dad a bunch of girls could have ever had.


And Happy Father’s Day to all you dads……….



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Mal’s Letter to the Editor

Mal sent this to his Las Vegas Newspapers as he is often printed in Letters to the Editor.  I thought he well articulates an important point here and wanted to share it with you………

If Trump had been the Democratic candidate, all the rhetoric from the left would be completely different.  They’d be fawning over all his accomplishments and quoting statistics.  They’d also find justification for his comments.  They were crying “impeach” even before he took office!  And they’ve also said they’d impeach Pence if he took over all because their candidate didn’t win.  When all these “investigations” are finally over and the truth comes out the real collusion was perpetrated by the Democrats, the party will be finished and replaced by another party to distance themselves from the Socialist currently trying to take over.

I believe in the 2-party system.  However, both should be supporters of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Remember, our founding fathers left Europe and founded the U.S. to escape Socialism and high taxes, exactly what Bernie Saunders and A.O. Cortez, et al, are promoting.  Many like me have served in the military fighting what they want us to become.  We need to be sensible and think of country first, not party first.

Do you all believe it’s just for power that the Left is so eager to put their party before this country?
Do you think they actually think they’re putting this country’s people first in what they’re doing?
Do you think a third party could possibly become popular enough to win an election before it screwed out of being elected the party from which most of its adherents came from, which is my fear of a third party developing?

Talk to Mal! 🙂



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Sarah Sanders Huckabee is leaving….

I think Sarah Sanders was probably THE most incredibly loyal, talented, and resilient Press Secretary in recent years.   

I admired her strength, her grasp of the issues and, mostly, her faithfulness to Trump’s agenda.  She was a Press Secretary Rock Star, in my opinion.


Eager to find out what you think….name one, two….whoever you think might do a wonderful job because TRUMP NEEDS IT.



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SO last night Mr. Trump, who’d sort of finally got through the Mueller “You were in collusion with a foreign country against Hillary” Report said he probably WOULD do that.   And if he got information, maybe he’d tell the FBI.

That’s bad enough.   I can’t even watch the news this morning because it’s so hot with what he said.  And, of course, this morning is Pelosi’s weekly presser and they showed it on FOX and she’s THRILLED and using it to the best advantage anybody could.  Who wouldn’t?

AND only Kevin McCarthy (R-CA…lots of Republican Californians are the big fighters, for a state all say is ALL LEFTwingers, HUH?  Issa, Duncan Hunter, McClintock, and more, but I digress…) this morning said;


Some days, I think of writing my third email to Mr. Trump at the White House.



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That reads like I only mean protecting our borders, etc.  That’s only part of how I feel. I also feel we’re fighting our own country’s people to protect our children from perversion, we’re fighting our country’s people to stop paying for illegals when we have veterans who are homeless and unhealthy.   We’re fighting our own country’s people who actually fall for a JERK like Bernie Sanders who proposes Socialism in spite of the fact that it’s an ideology that’s responsible for the death of millions!  Etc, etc etc……..

We are FIGHTING but we are NOT fighting hard enough.



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Trump tells us NOW?

Yes, FINALLY…..or at least I hadn’t heard it before…

Mr. Trump, yesterday morning at his presser on the grass before getting on the helicopter, spent a LOT of time answering questions.   He spoke of Biden in ways that got a lot of criticism, he spoke about Mexico and that he ‘respects’ the Mexican president who has said horrid things about him.   He said he got a ‘beautiful’ letter from Kim Jung Un which was  “very personal, very warm…” oy.

But there was something I say “FINALLY” about which I felt was important and has barely been discussed:

Americans have been led to believe  that Trump’s tariffs on China will be very tough on our spending…prices will go up because China’s companies have to pay the tariffs…

Trump said “China SUBSIDIZES  companies so the companies don’t pass on a huge mark-up to consumers like America….”  WHAT???   I thought that was pretty important, big and interesting news and that I personally hadn’t heard that before.

HAD YOU?   What do you think of it?   I’ve been speaking a lot lately of how Trump is doing a lot of good things but doesn’t EXPLAIN them to the public well…….I found this a good example.


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Sorry for the impolite Blog Title, but I DON’T CARE, frankly.   She IS a JERK, a tasteless, biased old crank… (as if you didn’t know)

Now she’s saying Kavanaugh has done one good thing;  HE’S BOOSTED THE NUMBER OF WOMEN CLERKS AT THE SUPREME COURT.

WHO CARES?  Should a Supreme Court Justice even be displaying such stupid gender bias?  Shouldn’t a Supreme Court Justice say something about MERIT?  WHY MENTION GENDER?   How about “Today, we have the best and brightest men and women we can get as clerks at this court.  I’m very proud of that.”  ?


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Smart, Sweet….Grandma’s RULE!

Rather odd for a blog post, I know, but my dad’s cousin put this on her Facebook page and it touched me so much I wanted to share it!…her ‘Auntie Dorothy” was my very beloved grandmother, with whom I shared a beautiful friendship and DEEP love…….about 23 years since she died and went to heaven (No doubt about it!), and my eyes just welled up typing that!

Her Auntie Dorothy was born in Eastern Turkey and suffered through the genocide, walking 3 months in the Syrian desert as a 9 yr old, seeing firsthand the genocidal murders, dead people all over the roads and in the rivers, etc……she had a beautiful family life till the Turks came, they were pushed out of their homes, which the Kurds moved into, and their world fell apart…then she went to America to stay with a brother at about the age of 18 and never saw her parents again…!  She married grandpa and had my dad and uncle…and raised this cousin who writes below!!   I tell you this about Grandma because she had so little education but was so smart……something I wasn’t too aware of was her sensitivity in matters such as that described below (She well understood my cousin’s mother and did not (shall we say) ADMIRE her!…and make no mistake, my cousin’s mother meant what she said in the very worst way

Here goes….ENJOY:

My Auntie Dorothy was the best. I lived in her house for 13 years. Actually, she put up with me for 13 years…

One day, when l was about 9 or 10 years old, l told her that my mother always said the worst day of her life was the day l was born.

“Yes, that’s true,” she said.


“Yes, really,” she answered. “You were born on December 21st…It was snowing and blowing and freezing…But that made no difference to you. We were lucky we didn’t get killed driving your mother to the hospital. It was one of the worst days of my life too.”

“Oh, l thought my mother meant something else, l said.

Then Auntie Dorothy pulled my pigtail and said, “You think too much! Go set the table and remember the forks go on the left.”

For sure, Auntie Dorothy was the best. (end)


She was right…Grandma WAS ‘the best’…and I loved recently hearing this story for the first time.

Got any GRANDMA STORIES you’d like to share?


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