Trump, Saudi Arabia and Israel…….oy

There’s so much wrong with THIS ARTICLE I don’t know where to start.

Roger Stone, Trump’s friend and advisor wants to “puke” at the award the Saudis gave Trump.   Fine.  That’s his choice.  But…

“Stone, like many other conservative Trump backers, believes the president may be softening his hardline stand against Islamic terrorism.  REALLY? So he and others think Trump doesn’t stand hard against Islamic terrorism?  WHAT?  Did they hear his speech in Saudi Arabia?

“Stone also said that Trump should have demanded that the Saudis pay for the 9/11 attack on the United States. Fifteen of the 19 hijackers of 9/11 were Saudi nationals. No evidence has ever been presented that the Saudi government was behind the attacks.    So, Trump’s supposed to say  “Look, King, we have no evidence, but you have to PAY”??

Then the author talks about how Trump ‘bowed’ to the King of Saudi Arabia, even though he’d criticized Obama for bowing.  The author apparently didn’t see the event or he’d know Trump bowed because he’s about a foot taller than the King who was trying to put something around his neck, not bowing to the Muslim King like Obama did.

The article also says “Stone is the latest staunch Trump supporter who has recently had harsh words for the president. Conservative commentator Ann Coulter last week said Trump has a “grotesque personality”….

Yup…..the media’s swimming with good news about Trump, isn’t it?  I am EXTREMELY disappointed with him, too, but I’d never say anything close to these things in public if anybody listened to me, and the media WILL listen to anybody who knows Trump  and has an unkind word to say.

ALSO….I keep hearing “What Trump’s doing now is just a CONTINUATION of what Obama and even Bush started….”  Yes, we saw how well Obama did in Egypt, then about the Israeli/Palestinian situation, right?   We saw how Obama couldn’t even say the words Islamic Terrorism, etc…..

I think it’s wise just to STOP LISTENING TO THE MEDIA…EITHER SIDE, Left or Right…… what?


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NAVY VETERAN…………….so??

The one thing most news venues include before a name or other details of a perpetrator of a crime are given is military duty.   Here is a piece on the Times Square situation…..and the part that’s right up at the top:

“A driver plowed into a crowd in New York’s Times Square midday Thursday, killing an 18-year-old woman and injuring 22 others, police said.  The motorist, a Navy veteran, tried to flee the scene, according to police, but was tackled by a traffic agent.”

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Sunday Faith Blog and TRUMP’S SPEECH: WEIGH IN


“When my father, Hossein Soodmand, was 7 years old, he threw a stone and broke a Christian woman’s water bucket because he had been told that Christians are unclean. As soon as he saw the bucket break, he turned to run, but he tripped over a large stone and crashed on the ground. Blood began to ooze out of his knee.

When he saw the Christian woman move toward him, fear gripped his heart. There was no escape. He had thrown the stones; he deserved the punishment. Now her shadow loomed over him, and he knew she would strike in anger.

But instead of delivering angry blows, her hand reached down and helped him to his feet. The “unclean” Christian woman cleaned his wound. Then she gave him some sweets. He had shown hate, but she responded with uncommon love. He never forgot her unusual display of mercy and grace.

 Years later, during my father’s two-year military service, he got very sick and had to go to the hospital. An Armenian Christian friend came to see him and left him a cross as a parting gift. That night, he had a vivid dream in which Jesus gave him something to eat.”

I’ve mentioned here, many times, how I’m hearing from Christians in the mission field that Muslims are coming to Christ in large numbers.  The whole story here in my link illustrates this fact.

Please pray for Muslims converting to Christianity, many of them losing their lives for their faith.

“Therefore if any man [be] in Christ, [he is] a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.”  2 Corinthians 5: 17.

Happy Sunday


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WOW, a very warm and ceremonious welcome to Donald Trump in Saudi Arabia.

News people are saying they’ve never seen anything like this in Saudi Arabia.

Obama, who obviously sided with Iran, was not at all treated like this.  There are US flags and pictures of Trump all over the city. Melania did NOT wear a headscarf like Michelle Obama did.  I believe Melania wore long loose trousers and I’d never have done that but I’m glad she has no headscarf.

This is about Americans being American, not bowing to others’ cultures.  I’m all for respecting other cultures but the headscarf says something we don’t want to play into so Melania did the correct thing.  Finally, we are not acquiescing and the Saudis are playing The Star Spangled Banner, all taped for their television reports.

                                     Americas back.

Not trusting the Saudis, I worry what we’ve given away but I’m going with this….hoping for the best. HERE is an explanation of the Arms Deal.  It does say Israel still has an edge provided by us, so that’s good.

Something I noticed what I often like about Trump is that as the American joined the Saudi counterpart in the middle of the HUGE room the deal signing took place (I don’t know who the Americans were, but about 20 of them individually met a Saudi guy in the middle of the room with folders and shook hands with lots of photography), he smiles very genuinely between that pouty-mouthed way he holds his face normally…’s like he’s proud of the American and happy to give the guy this chance and likes him.   It’s a very human side we rarely see in Trump, but that’s the side, I think, that people who meet him are attracted to.

SO….Iran is ticked, the Saudis welcomed Trump in ways they NEVER welcomed Obama, and I like it.  Even Judith Miller is delighted with this Saudi welcoming and thinks this is a very important shift in Saudi attitude toward us….”we want to fight terror together,” which is, let’s face it, the main reason Saudi’s thrilled with Trump;  they like their kingdom as it is and it is under threat of ISIS.

How do you all feel?

(By the way, FOX got it all wrong…they said Michelle Obama wore a headscarf in Arabia and Trump slammed her for not covering up….she did NOT wear a headscarf and neither is Melania today.  His Twitter from back then; “Many people are saying it was wonderful that Mrs. Obama refused to wear a scarf in Saudi Arabia, but they were insulted.We have enuf enemies”  Well, you learn and you change.)

ALSO: the news people are saying any speech Trump makes, particularly in Israel, better no include any ‘insult’ to the Saudis regarding how they treat women, etc….what most presidents talk about which includes human rights.  I say SHUT UP ON THE SUBJECT;  we are not there to lecture other countries on their choices.



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Bob Beckel…and FOX

So Bob Beckel’s fired again.  HERE is the article from San Francisco’s point of view for those of you who won’t click on a Yahoo link.  (aren’t I nice to do this?  :-))He apparently got angry because a computer guy who came to fix his office computer was black.  Does that sound remotely like Beckel to YOU?  I can’t stand the guy’s politics and, sometimes, the way he presents them, but this guy has never shown signs of racism and has, in fact, been vocal against it.

The article includes this:  “Beckel had only returned to Fox in January. He’d been ousted in June 2015 while dealing with substance abuse, with then-Fox executive Bill Shine saying Fox “couldn’t hold ‘The Five’ hostage to one man’s personal issues.”  (Z:  at the time, I felt bad for FOX because the way Bill Shine put it played right into hate-FOX peoples’ hands when, really, a successful show doesn’t wait forever to fill a slot because a guy’s getting over substance abuse.  They had to move on.  When Beckel was well and his back problems and heart stuff was fixed, he was back on, has been since January.   He came back, so I think the hard feelings were media invented, not Beckel’s.

Then this article says:  “Wigdor (the black computer guy’s lawyer now) currently represents 22 clients with cases against Fox, including 15 involved in a lawsuit alleging racist behavior by the network’s since-fired controller, Judith Slater, who denies the charges.     Fox is involved in several legal cases involving O’Reilly and the late former network chairman Roger Ailes, who died on Thursday.”

My favorite part of the article is this:  “Wigdor’s firm, in a statement, said that “we intend on holding (Fox News parent company) 21st Century Fox accountable for these actions and will be filing multiple other complaints in other matters next week.”

Z:  21st Century Fox news but has little to do with the daily running of the place.  In my opinion, this is all about threatening a BIG company like them to cut Fox and run$$$$.  The fact that the same lawyer is handling all the cases is slightly suspect, though this happens sometimes so that the lawyer who’s best acquainted with the players (meaning Fox’s lawyers) can do a better job, but….I found that interesting, too.

Also funny is that the photograph of The Five which accompanies the linked article includes Andrea Tantaros who has five lawsuits against FOX right now!     She hasn’t been on in a couple of YEARS!

My opinion is that Fox will be threatened, and threatened again, real stories or women put up to lie (as Hannity’s accuser had lied then backed down, and a couple of O’Reilly’s did, too)…UNTIL THEY ARE GONE.  Then the Leftwingers will breathe a collective sigh of relief.


SO…since that’s impossible…who doubts much of this is contrived?

I hope Bob Beckel, probably THE most dyed-in-the-wool Democrat on the planet, might wake up to the liberal BS since this has happened.  But, we all know Juan Williams didn’t grow up when NPR fired him for daring to suggest he wasn’t thrilled to get on a plane with Arabs on it, so I have small hope.\

Also:  it’s FOX which fired Beckel, after a 48 hr investigation.   So, if Fox fired the guy, why’s the black guy have to sue Fox?  Is it THEIR FAULT Beckel made a supposedly inappropriate comment?  Ya, some of you will ‘legal’ me into believing this should happen…..but THIS is one of the horrors of the legal whore world and should be made to stop.




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Bias….it’s okay if Obama did it, RIGHT?

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Last Man Standing….

….not a particularly terrific TV show, but the comedy was fine, and the best part was the elation of hearing a Conservative mouth off on liberals ON TELEVISION! 🙂   It was almost shocking to hear them because they’re so rare.

So, they’ve been canceled, though they had excellent ratings and ABC is saying it isn’t politics.  Ridiculous.  Of course it is.   EXCELLENT rating shows don’t get cancelled.  A large amount of names on the petition…more than the image above.

HERE is an article I found interesting because the quote, supposedly an “anti gay rant” doesn’t seem that anti gay to ME:

“I can’t believe that I am supposed to be ok with shows like Grays Anatomy or Nashville or any other show that promotes LGBT blah blah blah..,WHATEVER! Cramming same sex making out into our Homes! But I can’t watch MY FAVORITE show! ‘Last Man Standing’! Talk about discrimination!!

ABC needs to listen to the majority ― not the 2% -Afraid of lawsuit? Maybe we should scream, riot, wine and create law suits against EVERYBODY that doesn’t make us feel good, then we can get our way!! ‘Last Man Standing’ also offered the counter viewpoint…it’s not like you didn’t hear the other side. It is obvious they wish to only present their views and only wish to INDOCTRINATE people. We live in a country of FREE speech, if we believe it we should practice it and not support those who suppress it!”

Does this woman who wrote that have the right to think like she does?
She’s been fired from her job as executive director of the Madison-Rivergate Chamber of Commerce in Madison, Tennessee.  Fired, or “was resigned”…WAS RESIGNED??   Yes, and you’ll laugh at the preposterous talk about her being RESIGNED….

Do you think it was political to cancel LAST MAN STANDING?  Have you ever seen it?  Should a woman be fired for saying she’s sick of shows “cramming same sex making out into our homes?”    Her ‘rant’ was on Facebook…..under her name, not her position.  But, she was….she was resigned, for giving her opinion.

They can, we can’t.  I think it’s fascinating that this has happened to a show of that name………..


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It might be that the Comey memos do Mr. Trump in, finally.  Did he ask Comey the things Comey says he asked?  Why didn’t Comey come forward back when these things happened?  Comey keeps copious notes….can he make them up now to screw Trump  or can they figure out when the notes were taken?

CNN, Democrat politicians, MSNBC, they all look at this as THE death knell. Impeachment is now seriously being discussed.

Trump isn’t speaking to reports this morning on Air Force One.  Spicer isn’t either, until after Trump’s graduation speech this morning.

It looks like there will be investigations….of course Elijah Cummings is saying they’ve been already pursuing Mr. Trump’s actions  and, by now, “It’s inexcusable for us to ignore these CONTINUING SCANDALS…”

This looks bad.  Did he ask Comey to drop the Flynn investigation?  Sounds like something Trump might do.

Oh MY, the Left is having SUCH a FABULOUS time……they look like they’re quivering with joy, seriously shaking with excitement.  CNN is talking impeachment in every sentence.  This is what Americans hear…MSNBC’s ratings are going waaaay up, better than FOX’s on certain nights now.

I’ll bet you think this is all rubbish, right?     Let’s talk about it.

The Democrats want a commission that’s “truly independent”, which means more liberals than republicans.  Think it can ever be truly independent or is this it for Trump;   He’s done.


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We KNOW if you VOTE or not!!! BEWARE!

I got this very creepy letter two days ago:



Why do so many people in Los Angeles fail to vote?  We’ve been talking about the problem for years, but it only seems to get worse.  This year, we’re taking a new approach.  We’re sending this mailing to you, your friends, your neighbors, your colleagues at work, and your community members to publicize who does and does not vote…

This chart shows the names of some of your friends, your neighbors, and other people you know, showing which have voted in the past.  After the May 16, 2017 election,  we intend to mail an updated chart.  You and your friends, neighbors…blahblah, will all know who voted and who did not vote.


Then they list my name on top, showing I did vote in Jun 2016, Nov 2016 and did not vote March 2017…then there’s today’s school board election or something…with a ? under today’s date.

There are 9 other names, I don’t know one of them, and don’t recognize one street name, so it’s not MY friends or neighbors but they know if I VOTED!

Apparently, whether we vote or not is public knowledge but I felt like the STASSI was breathing down my neck when I read this!    Like I was being spanked like a kid, and even threatened with how they’ll send ANOTHER letter after today’s election…so you’d better vote……..or….?  Or WHAT?  I’ll be embarrassed in my community!?

HERE is a link I found when I searched to see if anybody else thought it was CREEEEEPY!

Some guy quoted in that link said he and his wife aren’t voting today (May 16…school board elections, apparently) BECAUSE they got this letter.   GOOD FOR THEM!

What do you think?


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Is the White House in a ‘downward spiral’ as Republican from Tennessee, Corker, says it is?  I thought this was unusual:

“If this was above board and not problematic in any way, why did the National Security Council, coming out of this meeting, feel it was necessary to contact the CIA director and the director of the National Security Agency and give them a heads-up on what Trump had just told the Russians?”

They’re all talking about “WHO LEAKED THIS?”   Since when do National Security Council people come from meetings with presidents and go to the CIA?   SO that’s the leak, but who leaked it to the Washington Post?   They’re saying it’s someone who was in the WH meeting, but if this information about running to the CIA is out there, what leak from the WH??

This might be a big problem on Trump’s part…he might like feeling important and ‘in the know’ and divulges things but he has to STOP if that’s the case.   Still, what about HILLARY CLINTON?   Even Krauthammer, no Trump fan, says she did FAR worse.




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