Dr. Ben Carson says “I would not have brought Ebola patients to America.”   Some of my email friends here know that’s exactly my thought.   He argues that they could have had a hospital plane there for them in which to be treated.  Voila. He argues that taking the vaccine there would have been much safer.   Human error can be a scary thing.

Donald Trump says “it’s crazy to bring Ebola patients here…Stop flights, too”   I agree.  Why take the risk?  WHY?   Why are Delta and American still flying into Liberia and other African countries where the disease is and airlines from other Western countries are not?

Also, how can it BE that Africans in villages are literally afraid of our American doctors in hazmat suits and why don’t know they how to behave if they have the virus? How difficult is it to understand “Get help!”   We’ve been helping over there with this problem for years and we haven’t at least reached enough Africans with information on how to handle this thing and not to be afraid of us in our attempts to help?  WHAT?  No fliers or pamphlets left over the years?

Am I afraid of catching it?  Absolutely not.  Do I think having it on our shores makes Americans more susceptible to it?   Obviously.  At least to ME.

What are your thoughts?  I’m interested.

WOW…our commenter buddy Impertinent just sent me THIS ARTICLE and I thought you might want to read Coulter’s latest on the Ebola situation.  I’m frankly not 100% sure I agree but I’m very close.  I’ll tell you WHAT I sort of disagree with after you’ve read it.  I’d love your thoughts.   She doesn’t hold back, does she!

Keep healthy,


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48 Responses to Ebola

  1. 1). Trump is not the leading intellectual in any field but real estate finance.
    2) I normally like Coulter, but:” So they slink off to Third World countries, away from American culture to do good works”. As a Christian, you go where you believe Jesus sends you. Not where Ann Coulter thinks you should go.
    3) What Carson says, gives me pause. but since Ebola is most likely to get here by some unidentified carrier and not a hyper insulated patient, I can see why you would bring them where you have the most advanced tools to develop a weapon against Ebola, the Unites States.


  2. jonolan says:

    Frankly, Dr. is right as far as he went but he’s not taking into account that ebola is freaking fragile as all Hell and getting live cultures, i.e., victims who haven’t died yet, of it to our research labs is a serious step towards finding a working vaccine and treatment regimen.

    I don’t think bringing the victims here has any immediate medical benefit – indeed, this is mostly a political decision in an election year – but it may also be a proactive step towards mitigating the effects of the Ed’s “unidentified carrier.”


  3. Many of us locals here in the D.C. area are referring to the African Summit as the Ebola Summit. And we’re staying out of downtown D.C. for at least 21 days after the last dignitary leaves.

    Ebola is not the common cold.

    Ebola is not the influenza.

    Viruses can mutate quickly. They are survivors.

    One of my aunts perished from the aftereffects of the 1918-1919 flu epidemic here in Northern Virginia. My father remembered all the various quarantine procedures, including the following : “The undertaker came to the house to embalm Chrissie. Then they dumped the blood behind the barn.” No public funerals. No church services. No everything! You get the picture.


  4. As for what Ann Coulter wrote, I understand and agree to a certain extent. However, those who keep their ears attuned to hearing God’s call must go to the destinations to which He has called them if they are to follow God’s will. Being a Christian means, most of all, following God’s sovereign will. See John Milton’s Paradise Lost for a deeper understanding — or C.S. Lewis’s The Screwtape Letters (an easier read than Milton). Also, see the stories of any number of Old Testament heroes.

    Those who serve in the mission field assume various risks. Indeed, any of us who try to follow God’s will in our own walk with Christ assume certain risks — and, yes, losses in the world’s eyes. But what does it profit a man if he gains the world but loses his own soul?

    As for bring back to the United States these American Ebola victims, I am against that step. Playing with fire — and setting yet another precedent regarding “the worldwide community.”


  5. geeez2014 says:

    AOW: That’s right…as Carson himself says, two patients could be treated in a hospital plane for weeks and they could have taken the vaccine there. It seems almost like a ‘dare’ to bring them here hoping against hope nothing happens. Why take ANY risk?

    Ed and AOW; I believe God calls us, too, but I have ALWAYS felt there’s so much work to do HERE. SO much work in SO many ways. And Ed, I used Trump because he’s one of the few celebs willing to make that comment. He was also roundly insulted by some celebs for having said this. I will never think bringing them here was anything but a dare, a challenge at keeping people safe around them. We don’t need that. And, we’ve never had one ebola case on our shores in all the outbreaks we’ve had in Africa where Westerners have been in the area and our planes have gone there. Ever.

    I also think our planes should NOT be going into those areas.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    jonolan…I think you have a point about bringing them here to study them but research can pretty much be done anywhere. Still, I do somewhat agree with you. Thanks for coming by.


  7. BTW, I do not favor Ben Carson for POTUS in 2016. He doesn’t have any experience as a political leader. That said, I would vote for him if he were the GOP 2016 candidate for POTUS. I can’t see that I’d have any other viable choice for casting my ballot.

    I strongly favor Dr. Carson as Secretary of the HHS. He has extensive medical knowledge, Christian respect for life, and knowledge about the healthcare system (including health insurance).

    And now, back to the topic of this blog post….Dr. Carson has extensive medical knowledge. I trust his judgment about Ebola.


  8. Z,
    I have ALWAYS felt there’s so much work to do HERE. SO much work in SO many ways.


    The church which hosts the homeschool classes that I teach has foreign missions and very active local missions (inner city D.C. and outreach to handicapped children).


  9. Bob says:

    I read the Ann Coulter article last night, and disagree with her. Ann is narrow-minded, a very Catholic person, and has her beliefs. I commented on her article that the physician was in the medical field, and was delivering medical care to people who don’t normally get good care. Saving souls was a secondary activity for him, but a desired result.

    Ann’s comparative US situation for delivering health care was Zapata County, Texas. Everybody in Zapata County, Texas has access to healthcare. Most people there are probably illegal aliens as Zapata is on the US/Mexican border, but everybody knows that all illegals have to do is show up at an emergency room for care. I understand there is a lot of drug cartel activity along the Rio Grande, there.

    African natives don’t necessarily have even the care we give illegals. It’s not a good comparison.

    No. We should not be receiving ebola patients into the United States. As much effort as we expend to make sure the disease doesn’t spread, there is still considerable risk. You might remember my previous comment on another thread that part of the risk is that ALL of the CDC employees are government employees, a situation which guarantees even more risk.

    Ethically, there is controversy about the so-called miracle drug that was used to treat the Americans, let alone the millions of charity dollars spent to bring them back to the United States. Even the United Nations is getting involved in the question of the ethics of the United States medical establishment having that drug, but it was not available for Africans. Nobody really knows if the drug works or not. Opinions are flying around that it should be given to the Africans, anyway.

    There’s lots to be said about how the situation developed, and what was done. To me the bottom line is the President;s caution that ebola can be controlled. The CDC says that the ebola virus can be controlled by strict health care procedures. Some countries don’t have the health care infrastructure needed to control the virus. It is a sad situation.


  10. Lisa says:

    I agree with Coulter that we should not have brought the Ebola victims here. Weren’t we told that we can contain MRSA to a single operating room?
    I have to say though I would like to see Ben Carson as our leader. Unfortunatley in this politcal atmosphere we have to be concerned with media attacks and leftwing bias. It really is a shame that it comes down to how well one can defend themselves against such attacks .
    I joined a teleconference with Ben Carson 2 weeks ago and he had smart ,thoughtful answers to the questions he was asked. The people love him. They all said the most wonderful things to him about he inspires them. There were 350,000 people on the call.
    It makes me mad that the media are the ones who influence elections today. They chose Obama. If they went after him like they should have, he would have lost.
    Good points that Coulter made about helping more people here first though. This is the worst spread of Ebola in history and now they want to bring it here? I understand why Europeans don’t want them there.I can’t help but think of the Bubonic Plaque. Rats or monkeys,what’s the difference?


  11. Bob says:

    Ben Carson: I really like Dr Carson, but do not see him as a political leader. We have made this mistake, before, in electing intelligent people we like, but that did not turn out to be real leaders. Although I am not a Democrat, this happened to them when they elected Jimmy Carter. Carter is undoubtedly an intelligent person. After all he captained a nuclear submarine.

    We have a great representative in our Congressional District, Dr Tom Price. I really like the guy, and will continue voting for him in a legislative framework, but don’t think he would be a great leader. The office of President not only takes intelligence, but you have to have the personality for the job, and an undeniable fire in belly. For the office of President, we should insist on evidence of leadership in a major capacity.

    Dr Ben sounds like a nice guy, but the last thing we need is a nice guy.


  12. Lisa says:

    Not sure I agree Bob. There are different types of “Nice” We don’t have a “nice” guy now and others are walking all over us. Ben Carson may come off as being nice but he has the knowledge adn I believe the will to back himself up in a subtle way.
    Although I do not like comparing anyone to Obama. I guess he just turned me of to thug politicians


  13. Thersites says:

    It’s kinda hard to get NIH funding for programs that don’t constitute ANY kind of threat to the American people without creating a threat, can you?


  14. Thersites says:

    Take AIDS. It never would have achieved the funding levels IT achieved unless people thought that they might catch it from heterosexual sex. It just goes top prove, FEAR sells!

    btw – did you know that WHO now recommends that ALL homosexuals, including the uninfected, receive retroviral AIDS treatment… but not heterosexuals. Why is that? Oh, THAT’s right, they already HAVE the needed research/treatment funds. No more need to scare the straights.


  15. I don’t have an issue with bringing the two Samaritans here to the US. No matter how good the transitory treatment facility is, it cannot replicate the resources of the CDC and Emory University. That facility, coupled with the manner in which Ebola is transmitted, does not heighten my fear. There is a far greater danger from an infectious airline passenger.

    I have very little use for Coulter in general, and her comment about turning one Hollywood heathen to religion being of more value than all of Dr. Brantly’s work in west Africa…only confirms that.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Bob, I seldom disagree with you but I do on Carson. We have a man who could possibly be a GREAT man of the Reagan stature here, though he’s not an orator like Reagan could be. But, you know, I just read that you said POLITICAL LEADER and, in that sense, I SORT OF see your point. I can’t see him playing the political games a president has to play. Oh, wait a minute! Wouldn’t it be a GOOD THING not to have a POLITICAL leader? Let’s face it, even liberals like Chris Mathew have bemoaned Obama for never reaching out to the Republicans OR his own party seniors. So………. And I do not consider Carter smart. And he’s a terrible anti-Semite, which has become even more apparent recently. But, I guess it takes some brains to do what he did do in the Navy. Poor Navy.

    BOB AND LISA: I think NICE is highly overrated and I think Carson is as NICE as a FOX. I think there’s a big angry person in there tempered by his Christian faith; EXACTLY what we need in a president! I think he’d walk all OVER the Left if elected, and not give a DAMN if anybody didn’t like it. HOORAH!! What do you think? LISA>>>my aunt and uncle have had dinner with Carson and a lot of other Republicans and they say he’s a very bright, very good man.

    I think we might not have taken the vaccine to Africa because it’s not at all ready for popular consumption. They’re even suggesting that these 2 patients could die of side effects from the vaccine, sadly. I believe we’d be in BIG POOP if we even tried experimenting on Africans. Man, can you imagine the Liberals if ONE died? “SEE? America is SO terrible, they’re trying to KILL BLACKS in AFRICA! They gave them untested vaccine and look what happened!”

    Thersites…yikes. That’s cynical! (and probably a good point).


  17. geeez2014 says:

    CI…you need to be used to Coulter’s hyperbole. From having heard her for years, and heard her in person (soft mannered, self effacing, amazingly bright and kind…surprisingly so, BELIEVE me, because her writings are SO ascerbic), I divide her wrath in half, and comments like the ONE HOLLYWOOD SOUL worth more than African health. Though I do believe souls are worth saving.
    And, if Dr Carson says we could treat those 2 in a hospital plane in Africa, I believe him.

    Bob, by the way, I’m fairly sure she’s NOT a Catholic…unless you meant with a lower case ‘c’?


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Lisa, by the way…thanks for that info about the telephone call thing with Carson.
    I remember someone on TV warning him about the media attack machine and his saying in response that he’s lived an honest life with “absolutely nothing to hide.” I believe that,too.

    and you are so right about the media picking Obama….if they hadn’t liked him, I believe the only votes he’d have got were Black votes. Period..Oh, and guilty liberals who don’t understand that America needs the BEST man, not necessarily the MINORITY CANDIDATE.


  19. Z – I used to be somewhat of a Coulter fan, read a few of her books and all. But I moved on, and never looked back at her sort. I have no doubt that she’s much nicer in person, and that her shtick is largely job-oriented.


  20. Lisa says:

    “I think he’d walk all OVER the Left if elected, and not give a DAMN if anybody didn’t like it. HOORAH!! What do you think? LISA>>>”
    I think it would be a plus Z being Obama outwardly shows he doesn’t care what we think,only I think Carson would do it with grace and Intellect not with arrogance and disregard.

    How did your aunt and uncle come to have dinner with him?


  21. Kid says:

    I agree with Coulter that the doctor shouldn’t have gone there in the first place. I saw an article yesterday talking about how people are just dragging their dead family members out into the street when they die of this, and the had a picture of one guy doing this. No mask, no gloves,..

    Even if the doc could have helped anyone it would be like spitting into space in that environment. They didn’t have medicine there and didn’t take any so the only treatment I’ve seen is hydrate. Anyone could give someone a glass of water, if they even have clean water.

    I’m on the fence as far as bringing them back here assuming there really is zero chance of bringing the disease back,

    Anyway, my doctor is also named Ben, but his last name is Dover.


  22. geeez2014 says:

    CI…I know what you mean. I used to be a bigger fan, too. Except when I saw her in person I became somewhat a fan again. And her closest friend in LA’s folks are friends of mine and they adore her. BUT, I do believe the really nasty stuff she says helps her to laugh all the way to the bank 🙂

    Lisa…Absolutely right. A DEFINITE plus. But a ham sandwich for president is a definite plus over Obama. My aunt and uncle are big College Republican supporters and attended a long wknd in DC, I believe it was. He sat at their table. They’re going on a cruise in Europe with this group and people like Krauthammer and Will and that ilk go on those. FABULOUS times to get to know good Conservatives and to, financially, help the young Republican cause. let’s hope that’s growing.

    Kid, now they’re very suddenly talking about this virus morphing into an airborne virus. Odd they’d just bring that up after they were here. Or that’s my take on the situation from watching some news lately. What REALLY ticked me off just now was on CNN, they showed a world map of where Ebola is and the African countries with it were in orange…and the whole US was, too. I thought “EBOLA IN AMERICA?? What are they talking about!” Then I remembered it was. But, to equate Africa’s ebola that’s unrestrained and getting worse with 2 patients in terrifically careful circumstances seems VERY dishonest.


  23. FYI, Ebola [or a mutated version] has been in America…..Reston, Virginia:



  24. geeez2014 says:

    CI, thanks…looks like not in humans, though. And I found that interesting..that monkeys got it and they thought it wouldn’t be as contagious to humans~!? I don’t think anybody knows for sure but it’s clear there haven’t been human outbreaks in America. Ever.


  25. Impertinent says:

    “Extreme measures are necessary to contain an epidemic of a deadly “airborne” virus. But how extreme, exactly?
    Perhaps the measures used to contain or eliminate this disease might follow the scenario in the film, Outbreak? If it does spread out of control?
    A few years ago under Bush we gave billions in aid to Africa to combat AIDS….now we’re pledging billions more to improving the “economy and lives of Africans”…and now I suppose, by extension more aid to combat Ebola too by the current administration. This coming from his photo op and speech in Africa the other day.
    Perhaps if we could persuade Africans to refrain from eating infected primates and the suspected / confirmed carriers of Ebola, in addition to practising safe sex, they might be lifted out of the 18th century and into the 21st? Then again…we gave a few gazzillion through the Bush and Clintons Haitian charities after their earthquake…and they’re still living under donated blue tarps.
    The last time we saw any stability in Africa was when they were colonial. South Africa excepted but now a basket case as well.
    Coulter has a point…as well as her sarcasm….charity begins at home. Forget the masses of uncontrollable, unfathomable “customs” of the worlds unreachable, unteachables and cleanse our own house first. The world no longer belongs to us…and we should have learned by now that it’s impossible and foolish to attempt to remake it in our “image”. As far as I’m concerned it’s not worth one more American life to waste. Let the Russians and the Chinese have a go at it.

    Have a nice day.


  26. Kid says:

    Then how would politicians everywhere fill their offshore accounts?

    I agree with your though, especially about the part where none of these people want to live in our image. I’ll make an exception for Daisy Cutter-ing and MOAB-ng ISIS asap.


  27. geeez2014 says:

    I’m a little surprised at the huge amount Obama wants to send to Africa. The innuendos are that we benefit from sending stuff THERE but I’m not sure the market THERE (what market?) is quite ready for enough of OUR MODERN STUFF to justify our expense.
    Or is it just to help the folks over there? And ignore ours? We can’t do both anymore. he’s driven us into a situation where we are so in debt that this request for billions for Africa’s like the rantings of an idiotic insane person.



  28. OK, if Ebola is so difficult to contract why was it contracted by two MEDICAL professionals? I need to find out more.


  29. geeez2014 says:

    John, ya…I asked that yesterday. They knew what they were treating, they took all precautions.
    Interesting, isn’t it.
    I know you’ll all find me INSANE now, but there’s something behind this. I just sense it. Something really odd.


  30. Bob says:

    OK, Z. You got me. Ann Coulter’s father was a Roman Catholic, but I don’t think Ann is affiliated with any particular denomination or sect. She has criticized the Catholic Church on many occasions, but there is room for anybody to do that.

    She did attack Rick Santorum’s Catholicism, and I agree with her on that one. Santorum, even his staff agreed with this, was more Catholic than conservative.


  31. Sparky says:

    Personally, I think the bringing Ebola and other infectious diseases (via the Mexican invasion) to our shores is a deliberate attempt by the Ωbama Administration to kill more Americans. The communists, like Eric “The Lawless One” Holder, want so badly to have a “crisis” so they can impose Martial Law and finally completely throw out the Constitution. Just my never-to-be-humble opinion. Hope I’m not correct in that.

    BTW, they just issued a new alert on Varney & Company at noon saying Ebola is more deadly and infectious than originally known. Lovely. (Not)


  32. geeez2014 says:

    FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO PRAYED FOR MY COUSIN I(per post below). Her brain surgery went very well, half the time the surgery time docs expected, and her prognosis is excellent! They got three tiny tumors OUT and she’ll have prophylactic radiation for a while but they seemed very encapsulated. Thank you SO MUCH for your prayers!
    Love, Z


  33. geeez2014 says:

    Sparky. I wrote above that I ‘sensed’ something…this is all just too weird and WHO THE HECK would EVER risk anybody in America like that when the indications are they’d have been just as well off THERE in a hospital plane being treated at least until they were not contagious?
    Martial Law is always a fear here now. HOW could THAT have happened in this country?
    Obama’s ready for it to go into affect….are WE?


  34. geeez2014 says:

    Sparky: am I not seeing something or are you not taking comments at your blog? ???


  35. Impertinent says:

    Bravo…excellent news.


  36. Z,
    “Something really odd.”

    Yes, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised!


  37. Impertinent says:

    Hmmmm….let me see. A few hundred are dead from ebola and we’re ready to save them all. Meanwhile 40,000 Christians are stuck on a mountain, facing certain death, while fleeing a human disease…ISIS…muslims. For Obama….decisions, decisions…and he makes none.


  38. geeez2014 says:

    Imp…right. And we saved the Rawandans….and someone from the press corps mentioned this to the WH Press guy today. “how come not the ‘religious minorities’?” as they’re now referring to them. He said Obama’s meeting with folks and is making up his mind what to do.
    I’m wondering if they had this difficult a time wondering if we should save Rawandans or not?


  39. skudrunner says:

    We must not forget that the suburb raised and Princeton educated lawyer is now all about her African roots and being part of the sisterhood.

    Now that bho has held the largest arfican summit ever, we will see great things happen. Does anyone attending that summit believe he will do S—. If he did anything, that would be a first.

    AOW, Carson having no experience as a political leader hasn’t stopped the American people before. At least he has accomplished something other than set up a lemonade stand down the block.


  40. geeez2014 says:

    Imp and Ed..thanks, it really is good news.

    Skudrunner..and at least Carson hasn’t almost singlehandedly ruined a country, right?


  41. Impertinent says:

    And remember that he stated that he’s the son of an African too. “African blood’ runs through his veins…yada yada yada… Isn’t that just a bit more divisiveness to add to our national discourse and separation as Americans? And I recall his claiming that the loveliest sound to his ears…is that muslim call to prayer. Maybe that’s why he’s having such a tough time deciding if he really wants to go to bat…for Christianity…or the Jews?


  42. “At least he has accomplished something other than set up a lemonade stand down the block.”

    Are you suggesting that B.O. could actually set up a lemonade stand? When did he acquire the acumen to accomplish that?


  43. He meant “taxed” a lemonade stand.


  44. Bob says:

    What John Berger said.


  45. Sparky says:

    Yes, that is excellent! Praise Jesus for His unending mercy. 🙂


  46. Sparky says:

    Oh, gosh, sorry, I must have clicked the wrong button. I’m having a hard time learning WordPress. (sigh)


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