Bill Maher tells Charlie Rose the truth

Yes, other than his insisting every muslim wants you dead based on a poll done in Egypt!, Maher (and it nearly kills me to say this about him) is right about Islam not being like Christianity.  Christians do NOT believe anybody should be beheaded, Christians don’t kill if you leave the faith, Christians don’t stone adulterers…. and there’s more in the video.

HERE is the transcript.   MAHER, who pretty much has proven he doesn’t at all understand Christianity in the past and scoffs it every chance he gets, sticks up for it here more than you’ll believe.

Here are a couple of things about this video:

-I haven’t always agreed with Charlie Rose but I never found him this obtuse or PC.  This is stunningly, breathtakingly ignorant on his part.    And I’ve seen him try to suck up to someone but rarely THIS big.

-I have rarely heard Maher quote George Bush (who he detests) as he did when he said “Soft bigotry of low expectations.”   THAT was stunning.

Not much to talk about on this blog, I suppose, but I do hope you watch the video;  You’ll be relieved that someone like MAHER actually gets it about radical islam.

Wouldn’t you like to have all TV channels carry this?  What can be done with it?  Nobody seems love Maher more than Maher loves Maher, but MAYBE he could do some good that DOESN’T pay him well?  Ya think?
Or do we have in this video yet another thing we should all hear but dies after the show?

P.S…just noticed that this story is very near the top on Yahoo’s headline page (which you can slam but it is one of the biggest home pages, sadly), which is surprising, to say the least.

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18 Responses to Bill Maher tells Charlie Rose the truth

  1. I heard the audio on a local Christian talk show yesterday.
    Even a broken clock is right at least once a day.


  2. Yah, I was gonna say the blind squirrel and nut thing. I guess that would make Charlie Rose the nut? It is interesting though, Z, how the left circles the wagons in defense of that pseudo religion while attacking Christians.


  3. Lisa says:

    Charlie Rose is such a tool,like he is defending Obama in a way.
    Well Hot damn Bill Maher you better watch your back now for ,OMG, telling the truth. How refreshing that was. I will cling on to any little bit of hope.
    May I steal this ?


  4. Impertinent says:

    I sure would have preferred to see BM have this discussion on his HBO show where he’s free to speak frankly and bluntly without censorship. Just to gauge the response of his handpicked ( must have their foreheads stamped or tattooed “Loon or idiot” to gain entrance ) lunatics reactions to his unusual statements. It’s possible that as a Jew, BM just might be getting the picture? And he realizes that there’s no way to dance around or parse the insanity of this cult called islam or it’s political goals and implications? I’m now wondering if the freaks at CAIR will go after him and demand an apology for being truthful.


  5. John M. Berger says:

    Does this portend an even bigger wake-up call?


  6. Bob says:

    Very interesting video, Z. I never watch Rose or Maher, and now I remember why. It is sometimes difficult to believe that people like Charlie Rose believe as they do, in spite of factual evidence, everyday, presented in even the MSM. He is one of those people who you cannot confuse with facts because their minds are already made up.

    I’ll go with Ed and others with their analogy of Maher’s statements that a blind hog will occasionally find an acorn. I think somebody must have gotten to Maher with the facts. The Koran is full of “kill the infidel” stuff, and the Bible is all about forgiveness.


  7. Fredd says:

    Phil’s right (or should I say, ‘correct’: he’s as left as you can get). Islam is much more akin to a death cult than a religious philosophy. And whoever said that Saudi Arabia was our friend? I don’t know anyone who thinks that. They are not exactly our enemy, but sure behave like it at times.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    of course you can!! 🙂


  9. geeez2014 says:

    I’ll go see her take on it; The transcript was linked in my first sentence 🙂


  10. geeez2014 says:

    I’d like to see him do it on his show, too. But I have to tell you I’ve seen other videos of his REALLY slamming islamists BIG TIME over the last few years. So I don’t think CAIR will try to touch him. They know how he can NAIL him and WILL verbally. Actually, I HOPE they go after him.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Fredd, I know they have a hold on us (after WE showed them how to dig up their oil$$$) but they’ve done so much against us! And against Israel. Let’s face it, if righ Saudi muslims wanted to help Palestinians, they would stop financing “Jews are pigs” cartoons for the next generation of Palestinian Jew-haters and , instead, give them money to develop an economy which gets them busy working and not killing Jews..


  12. Impertinent says:

    ISIS is that pet boa constrictor or baby tiger they bought and fed long ago. Now it’s grown so large that they can’t keep it in the house any longer as it’s become way too dangerous. So they let it loose to propagate, grow and feed off of other mudslimes , while consuming their hosts property and countries one city at a time. And lately it’s been the Christians…which I think will be their downfall. IMO I’d could care less if the rats conquered the Saudi’s, Syrians, Iraqis, Libya, Lebanon and the rest of them. Why we’ve decided to help these bastards out, especially the Saudi’s….escapes me. Let them live under what they’ve created. Then this islamic state would be just that….and a firm declaration of war should follow. Let loose the dogs of war.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Imp, I totally believe that it’s not the killing of Christians that’s most important in this situation. I think it’s the killing and the forced fundamentalism to MUSLIMS that is going to help us all out the most.
    They go into villages and rape women, demand they all stay in their houses, demand burkhas be worn, they are HORRIBLE and Muslims are waking up.

    I have and will always feel it’ll take IRAN to straighten this all out; NOT the gov’t (The gov’t gets MORE fanatical and fundamentalist because their people are trying to escape their chains AND more and more are becoming Christians, anyway…) The harder they clamp down, the bigger the revolution might be. I’m waiting for that. Those Iranian kids who tried to bring down the gov’t, those kids Obama ignored, aren’t swallowing this crap.


  14. Now that we have ISIS on the scene, people are doing more and more research on Islam. And guess what they’re finding? ISIS is, in many ways, “the real Islam.” Surah 9 is easy to find on the web.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Always: It wasn’t always easy BELIEVE ME. I SWEAR that, about 7 years ago, I was Googling the Koran so I could see for myself if it had any nastiness in it…. all the immediate links were SO beautiful I remember thinking “Man, Pastor K isn’t going to be happy when I tell him what beauties there are in ISLAM”! (My pastor at the time!)….then I started linking in to the sites…linking in again, etc…you know, really going deeper into the stuff. And BROTHER, what I finally found was NOT SO PRETTY, as you say.

    Not only ‘people’ are doing more and more research, but MUSLIMS are doing more and more research. I BEG my readers to get SEEKING ALLAH FINDING JESUS because THAT is an excellent example of an American young muslim with a very devout muslim family, and really kind, good people…………he meets a guy at Old Dominion (they’re in your neck of the woods!) who’s an evangelical Christian; they start teasing each other on religion until the tease becomes more a curiosity to the Muslim kid… he begins to question his very devout father, he starts reading INTO the thing (not unlike I mentioned above), and he begins to realize how awful the things are in his own faith he’d depended on for his 20 years or so. He got a medical degree, but left that behind and got two Masters in theology. he know works with Ravi Zacharias!
    These are the muslims we must reach; those who are good people who’d never DREAM of killing ANYBODY, much like the family I describe here.
    And the MUSLIMS are the ones I’m hearing ISIS is ticking off…read my comments on another blogger’s comment about that.


  16. geeez2014 says:



  17. Baysider says:

    He talks about the soft bigotry of low expectations. And that IS stunning. There’s a lot of that, for sure. And to quote Ayan Hirsi Ali? Wow! But there is a group deeply committed to THEIR religion (anti-Christian leftism) who would SCREAM if there were beheadings in Vatican City, but sit mutely on their hands when the enemy of their enemy is caught behaving badly.


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