Help me out here……

I couldn’t resist just now adding this image which just came to me via email:

racial divide

Obama’s now denying he ever said the law says he can’t issue an Executive Order regarding the immigration situation …you know, the one he said he couldn’t issue but did? You know, when he said “I’m not Emperor?”  Only the conservative media is even mentioning this astonishing LIE, of course.  (I Googled and couldn’t even find it, but it is on video)

Al Qaeda’s promising a huge attack of multiple airliners coming down shortly before Christmas so they can compete with the brutality of ISIS and come out on top.  There’s also talk about mass shootings in Europe and here, etc.  To hell with us, of course.

Obama and Holder are approaching the Ferguson/cop problems as if it’s ONLY the cops;  it’s never the perps who actually did a crime who are guilty….that is, if they’re Black, it isn’t.   So we can pretty much be sure cops are far, far less able to protect us in this state of fear and humiliation they have to be experiencing, right?  Do you think cops ought to be wearing cameras on them?  That’s an idea the Brown family came up with;  aren’t they talented? (Sarc) and, apparently, it’s being considered.  I believe it’s going to be called the Michael Brown Law.  After all, he was killed in cold blood, for NOTHING, so he deserves a law that’ll ruin the safety of all of us, right? What cop will ever shoot ANYTHING in our defense knowing anything he does will be open to such amazing scrutiny?   By the way, will Holder and Obama ever give a damn about Black kids killing Black kids every single day of the year?   Why haven’t they had meetings all over the country about THAT for the last six years?

Chris Rock is now doing all he can to ramp the Ferguson situation up …”If poor people knew how rich rich people are, there would be riots in the streets,”    Nice, huh?   Some guy who used to be the mayor of New Orleans on Megyn Kelly last night said “this situation of police and killings isn’t about Blacks!” only seconds after he ONLY mentioned Brown, Trayvon and Garner (I think that’s his name…Eric?)…three BLACK killings by cops.  But it’s not about Blacks, right? (Sarc)! 🙂

We could all go on and on here, couldn’t we?  SO much bad news; and what I wrote above here is only the tip of the iceberg……So help me out here:

Got any GOOD NEWS you’d like to share here that you’ve seen on the news or read on line?

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38 Responses to Help me out here……

  1. Good news? Let’s see…The price of crude oil is down. Should we be thanking the Obama Administration for that price drop?


  2. fredd says:

    Well, it depends on your perspective. If you are black and criminally inclined, there’s nothing but good news afoot. You can mug, burglarize, steal and murder your way into affluence, and nobody and nothing is going to stop you. In post-Michael Brown America, the world is your oyster, and the red carpet is being laid at your feet.

    If you are black, it’s OK to indulge your miscreant side. Have at it. Help yourself. Take whatever you want from whomever you want.

    The verdict is in: being black in America now is a license to kill.

    Good news, eh Z?


  3. Kid says:

    Actually, I think body cameras on police would improve the general policing activities. Studies have shown that both the cop and the perpetrator act better when they know they’re being filmed.
    Good cops won’t mind I think and bad cops will either leave or improve. A camera would have helped Darren Wilson and the whole situation would have been resolved a lot sooner.

    obama has lied about everything right?

    The bad behavior blacks are well used to using crutches to excuse their bad behavior but it’s something that all people of bad behavior do. Point at anything and everything but themselves. obama and holder have been making it much easier for blacks to excuse them selves from responsibility.


  4. Lisa says:

    I agree with kid,cameras would help to prove to the agitators who soin their own facts ,but I guess this guy didn’t know there was a dash cam


  5. Lisa says:

    Not soin, spin sorry


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Well, better minds than mine this morning on TV are advocating for the body cameras, and Kid and Lisa, too (both better minds than mine, as well!) are for them, too. I suppose perpetrators will think twice, but I doubt it; Both criminals are heated and emotional when committing crimes and cops are heated and emotional when trying to stop crimes (fearing being killed)…so I’m not sure anything but sort of ‘mild crime’ would benefit from the cameras. I can’t imagine a perp thinking “Gee, I’ll be on tape” and not doing a crime of the moment…. But I suppose that, at least, a really bad crime will show the truthful details of what happened…….
    You can persuade me, Lisa and Kid!! 🙂

    I’d hope the cops are told to put them on, but not to BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU DO, but KNOW THAT THE PERPS WILL BE EXPOSED. I just don’t want cops fearful of every little thing they have to do to quell criminal behavior toward innocent people. Let’s face it, this stupid Obama/Holder/Sharpton COME TO JESUS on crime (when they’ve promoted racism more than any sitting administration in our history) is all about THE COPS and HOW AWFUL and OUT OF CONTROL they are. that’s just the truth.

    Kid, all of this is ALL ABOUT releasing Blacks from any guilt; it’s ALL THE COPS and RACIAL PROFILING (there’s already a law against that, brought on by Bush, so this is another case of WE NEED LAWS….except they’re already there…as there are immigration laws and Obama keeps saying they’re broken when they aren’t USED anymore…you know?)


  7. geeez2014 says:

    I just now heard yet another Black guest on FOX saying “We have a BROKEN JUSTICE SYSTEM” which is the meme Holder apparently advocating because I’m hearing this a LOT on CNN, etc. OH, yes….so what’s planned? A NEW JUSTICE SYSTEM provided by Holder/Obama? By Executive Order? What’s it mean to keep accusing the justice system of being BROKEN if somebody’s not going to FIX it. And how do you FIX a system without CHANGING IT?? God forbid. These are liberals who never met a situation they didn’t think they could solve with a law, but let a law be from the conservative side and it’s BROKEN. Let it not promote their ideology and it’s BROKEN. wow


  8. Impertinent says:

    Obama/Holder/Sharpton =’s Evil The 3 anti Christ’s.
    This Evil needs to be countered by the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.


  9. Bob says:

    So, what’s going on? I always look for motivation, and in this case ignorance or stupidity does not enter the equation. I don’t believe anybody can deny the relevance of the physical evidence in the Michael Brown thug shooting. But, I am using logic. When it comes to human emotions or politics, logic is often not the basis for actions.

    Black leaders, including Obama and Holder, made lots of ugly noise before the grand jury decision, and the facts came in diametrically opposite to their desired end. What to do? Does Obama and Holder back off on their racial talk? Does our legacy poor President admit he was dead wrong? That’s not his style, and you will wait until Hell freezes over for that to happen.

    The Michael Brown shooting was initially spinned to be a white cop vs. black kid shooting. Why should Obama and Holder change their story? They are used to lying, and the American public is used to their lying, anyway. Plus, they had been handed a beautiful situation to champion some sort of social goal, i.e., reparation to blacks, there was no reason to not keep pushing the same story.

    If they can make the case that all problems being experienced by black people today are directly related to their ancestor’s slavery, then they have a powerful political case for action.

    The motivation is all political, and all politics are economic. Follow the money.


  10. I also agree body cameras would be helpful. Many insurance companies are giving big discounts to companies that use them on their fleets of cars and trucks because blame can easily be established without long and costly litigation. It has become as useful as DNA has for forensic science. I also believe very little attention is being paid anymore to anything Obama and his ilk are saying. Its sad that a U.S. President has become a serial liar very few even listen to anymore.


  11. Thersites says:

    (I Googled and couldn’t even find it, but it is on video)

    Maybe this will refresh a few memories…


  12. Thersites says:

    The President obviously watched too much Sesame Street, and not enough SNL.


  13. Yeah, Thersites, you’d think he wouldn’t even try to deny saying it with so many videos showing him saying it. That has to be the most stupid thing yet he has said, and that’s saying a LOT!


  14. Impertinent says:

    Ferguson Rioting and Looting; Michael Brown – Johnathan Gentry FaceBook…


  15. Impertinent says:

    He definitely outs the “Blacktavists and the Blackademics”.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    “Impertinent says:
    December 2, 2014 at 9:21 am (Edit)
    Obama/Holder/Sharpton =’s Evil The 3 anti Christ’s.
    This Evil needs to be countered by the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.”

    Imp; you have NEVER nailed it better than this (pardon the expression, come to think of it!). VERY WELL SAID…got me a bit emotional, I have to admit. THANK YOU FOR THIS: I’m proud to have it on my blog.
    And I LOVE this Johnathan Gentry.



  17. Impertinent says:

    @Z: It is the unholy Troika of Evil. Which we will rid the country of and prevail. It’s just that when I saw these despicable threesome…I thought of another more powerful countering force that has guided my life…as well as many here.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Thersites, thanks, we all have seen those, but I can’t find the interview he did, I think on Sunday?,…it was on Megyn Kelly last night…he DENIES he ever said he couldn’t issue executive actions without Congress, which he did MANY times on your video.

    Imp; exactly.

    Mal, you’re all convincing me to go with the body cameras…….I just can’t believe America has sunk this low that there is NO TRUTH unless we see it with our eyes and, even then, if it’s a liberal bunch of BS, it can be before everybody’s eyes and they’ll STILL deny it, like Obama’s doing now about his exec. order, right!? 🙂

    Bob, well said. I was very sad about Chris Rock’s remarks….not that anybody gives a rat’s poop what he says, but I had hopes that SOME Black young people get it, like this Johnathan guy. Rock has said some good things that are sort of pro-cop, also some things about “We Blacks shouldn’t be celebrating a cousin who’s not in jail….it’s not the NORM to BE in jail>!” But this Brown thing apparently put him over the edge and he’s on this ‘rich people’ thing and ‘all whites owe us something no matter if they’re first generation Americans and weren’t here during slavery’… very sad.


  19. Impertinent says:

    @Z: “But this Brown thing apparently put him over the edge and he’s on this ‘rich people’..

    What could we possibly owe this minstrel clown who has a net worth of over $70 million? I think he owes me some of those riches…how about refunding me my money you knucklehead? I remember a couple of wise PSA’s he did for blacks while driving or being pulled over by the cops…and his rant on Black people vs “N!$$as” too. It’s all out there to see….hypocrite that he is.


  20. geeez2014 says:

    So WAIT, folks! Nobody has GOOD NEWS for me, as my post asked at the bottom!, other than Johnathan Gentry? ????


  21. Whats good news, Z? Like, I’ve almost forgotten!


  22. Impertinent says:

    Sheesh…a couple 3 days after Thanksgiving and all our glasses are 1/2 empty? Where’s the spirit folks?


  23. Kid says:

    obama was misquoted. 🙂


  24. Lorra B. says:

    Here ya go Z!!! 🙂

    The YouTube channel, Prank It Forward, visited Cleveland, Ohio to give a hardworking housekeeper a life-changing surprise.

    Cara Simmons is a single mother of three working so hard cleaning houses that she never has a day off.

    Her devotion to her job and family has landed her in the hospital multiple times for exhaustion.

    “We think it’s time she had a Break,” said host Greg Benson. “This family’s life is about to change.”

    Cara thinks she is just going to clean a new house, but after a massage and a gourmet meal, she discovers the real reason she is there.


  25. Impertinent says:

    Nice gesture…but I wonder why single moms dominate the culture? Isn’t there a father out there somewhere? And wouldn’t that really be ideal for the house with the nice white picket fence? Just sayin’.


  26. Kid says:

    IMP, I hear you for sure. At least this is a hard working Mom though. Years ago, someone gave a female with 9 kids living in a Buick in Detroit a free 250K house and it was a ‘heart warming story’ around Christmas time then. How did she get kicked out of a section 8 house/apt with 8 kids and the $$ that brings in from the gov? How did she move into the buick with 8 kids and 2 years later have 9 kids? She got pregnant while living in a buick with 8 kids….


  27. geeez2014 says:

    Thersites! Thanks, there’s Kelly’s report on it…I really appreciate it….Isn’t that amazing…he’s such a BOLD FACED liar. Did you ever notice he bobs his head around when he’s lying especially violently?!

    Mal…good point!

    Kid, Oh, yes, THAT’s it 🙂

    Lorra B….that was FABULOUS! Worth having not much other good news here…!! What a fantastic story. And how beautiful her kids are. Did you see the little boy say so spontaneously “You can have OUR house” to his cousin who said she was jealous of their new house? How cute is THAT? I LOVED this. And just think; those were white people doing that great thing…odd how some racists can behave, huh? (Sarcasm!!!)

    I’d have just settled for WHITE TRUFFLES, myself 🙂 Thanks for the GOOD STORY!


  28. Impertinent says:

    @Kid…guess after losing all the freebies, she needed some gas money for the Buick? Wonder what she traded? Ahhhhhhhhh…a 9th dependent?


  29. geeez2014 says:

    Imp; I thought that the whole time, too. “Are these kids all ONE DAD’s children?” “Where is he?” This woman made a mess of her life (except there’s a very off chance she’s a widow)…but she sure seems to have raised really nice, clean cut kids; beautiful kids, actually. And she sure deserved this. THIS is the kind of story that belongs in the news.


  30. geeez2014 says:

    Gad,you guys can’t just let a GOOD STORY be a GOOD STORY !!!!
    STOP STOP STOP! 🙂 Savor it……..
    trading for gas…..IMP! that’s awful! !!!! But funny!


  31. geeez2014 says:

    How the HECK do the cops know that the Bosnian guy who was brutally killed with a hammer by 2 or 3 black kids and a hispanic boy “has nothing to do with Ferguson” that’s ASSININE.


  32. Kid says:

    These are the instructions they got from eric chief racist holder


  33. Impertinent says:

    Z….I got busted? Oh well. Hey…anyone watching the CBC make total asses out of themselves? Showing their out and out racism and ummmmm…true colors? How lemmings like this get elected and create this human stain on Congress is beyond me. It’s like inviting a room full of cockroaches to take over your kitchen. “Hands up don’t shoot and No Justice No peace” these sheet for brains are saying from our House floor. We are at the very brink people…..the very brink. One more fatherless punk / thug gets to be road rash…and it’s all over. We are at War with the DOJ….and it ain’t getting better or prettier.


  34. Mustang says:

    My question is this: why don’t the cops arrest Al Sharpton as an assessory to murder in the death of Mr. Begic?


  35. Impertinent says:

    @Mustang….come on…surely you jest? A smart man like you. Clue….he’s an appendage of Holder and Ovomit now…an integral part of the scam and the pimp enterprise of racism Inc…’s a lucrative business. Pick and choose the next thug who get’s capped by a cop trying to do his job, especially a white cop ( victim ) and we have anarchy. Which even Ovomit knows is the beginning of his Klan in tan…his “civilian” force of enforcers…Fat Al …the POS is their man. Oily, reprobate, crook and all around hustler that’s never served a day in jail…street whore and convicted swindler, replaces the “Rev. Wright”. Satan couldn’t himself crap a dirtier piece of stool than this animal.


  36. Mustang says:

    @ Imp

    Actually the question goes to the folks of Missouri, a sovereign state with the right to investigate, charge, indict, and send to trial those who encourage murder and mayhem as both assessors before and after the fact. There certainly have been sufficient public statements by Sharpton and Farrakhan to initiate an investigation. Unless you are suggesting that the good folk of Missouri lack the intestinal fortitude to do the right thing.


  37. Impertinent says:

    @Mustang..the good folk of Missouri…the “Show Me State” the home of the Buck Stops here, the Home of a modest haberdasher, a man who had guts enough to annihilate Japan, twice….has been swindled, screwed, lied to, embarrassed and made fools of…by one asswipe douchebag Dem Rat “Governor” with the unfortunate name of…Nixon. The man is, was and always will be a stinking coward. Whom the people of Missouri, hopefully will remember as one who abandoned his duties and let the savages lay siege to a once proud city…on his watch. A babbling. lying idiot and a scumbag..a typical democrat has been exposed…once again. Ask his Lt. Governor what he thinks of the clown in the circus.


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