Z sings “Mary, Did you Know?” and more Christmas offerings to you!

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I thought this was pretty great and want to thank Mustang for emailing it to me.

Here is me singing a song I think we all love, “Mary, Did You Know?”…Mustang sent it to Kid to get my music on YouTube, who did that and added the images…so it’s a combined effort.  Me on piano and voice, Mustang was the Director and Kid was the Producer!  We so hope you enjoy it…

A friend sent me the writing below and I liked it so much I wanted to share this with you, too:

This Christmas, I wanted to wish you all the joy that comes from believing in Our Lord and Savior.  This comes from my heart to yours….

When Evening comes, I pray you’ll feel  His presence when it seems so still You’ll know He’s near within your heart  A sense of Love His Child did start

Born in a manger, our Hope began   A Baby, Shepherd and even Lamb He came to lead us to a place  Where Love is real and known as Grace

When Morning comes, I pray you’ll feel  His presence when it seems so still You’ll know He’s near within your heart   A sense of Love His Child did start

The animals beside Him lay  With watchful eyes on Him this Day A King was born they knew it not  But felt the love that God had brought

When we remember all these things  Hope arises and Joy soon springs within our mind, our soul and heart  A sense of Love this Child did start.

Our friend/commenter Impertinent sent me THIS LINK.  It reminds us all to PRAY FOR OUR SOLDIERS.  If you do anything today, watch it..have Kleenex nearby…..and send it on.  God bless every one of them.  (thanks, Imp)





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33 Responses to Z sings “Mary, Did you Know?” and more Christmas offerings to you!

  1. Thersites says:

    A wonderful rendition, Ms Z! I hope that you and yours enjoy a wonderful Christmas!


  2. bunkerville says:

    Beautiful! I had no idea! We form an image of who is behind the curtain that composes various blogs, and this is a special surprise. A very Merry and Blessed Christmas to you and your family and all who pass this way.


  3. A very beautiful rendition accompanied by a fine choice of images.
    Merry Christmas to you, Z, and all our friends here.


  4. woodsterman says:

    WOW … Merry Christmas, Z !


  5. Mustang says:

    Simply wonderful, Z …

    Merry Christmas to all who visit here –and a very happy New Year.


  6. John M. Berger says:



  7. Lnda says:

    Merry Christmas, Z, to you and to all your readers, and those who help you have a terrific site!


  8. Impertinent says:

    I love it more and more every year Z…..it wouldn’t be Christmas without that.


  9. Impertinent says:

    This just in…a never before seen video of Ms. Z uncovered either by Drudge or TMZ…..Ms. Z at 7 years old when she got her start at singing beautiful Christmas carols!!


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Imp, very cute. But that isn’t me 🙂

    Thanks SO MUCH, everybody, I really appreciate your comments
    I’ll be leaving for a couple of days so have a wonderful Christmas! I’ll be back Christmas night.

    God bless you all! xxx Z


  11. Impertinent says:

    @Z..it’s not? Come on…she’s a ringer for you fer sure…LOL

    Have a Happy Dear Lady….as dey say in da hood…u da best…word!


  12. Baysider says:

    Just beautiful! Including Imp’s link. I don’t always agree with how the politicians choose to use our armed forces, but I’m under no illusion. They stand between us and people who want to take or destroy what we have. Period. Our forces are there so these people realize the price they’ll pay is too painful. I bow to the reality of human nature, and that’s what I have in mind when I thank a solder for his service.

    Z, that was moving – your family and friends are lucky to have you in their midst, for lots of reasons. And we are too. Merry Christmas!


  13. Rita says:

    I had just posted the Pentatonix version of that song. Absolutely love it. Great job Z. Merry Christmas to you and all who visit you.


  14. That was beautiful, Z. Thanks for sharing. Joni & I wish you and all bloggers herein a very, Merry Christmas and a Happy, successful New Year. Hopefully, with the major change in Congress, we’ll see some positive things happen in 2015.


  15. A Merry Christmas to all here at Z’s blog.

    For reasons that I need not mention, for the first time ever Mr. AOW and I are spending a quiet Christmas Eve and a quiet Christmas Day here at home. Not complaining! As I often say, “It could be worse.”


  16. Kid says:

    Merry Christmas to all who comment here. You’ve been Vetted by one of the best ! 🙂

    IMP, Nice vid. Looks like Ms Z to me.


  17. John M. Berger says:

    “Me on piano and voice,”

    I just sent this to many; the best cyber greeting that I could think of. Thank you so much!


  18. jerrydablade says:

    Awesome z! Your beautiful song is the first Christmas gift I unwrapped this holy morning. Merry Christmas!!


  19. Angel says:

    love it ZZZ!!! warm holiday blessings always!! xoxox great job Kid and Mustang!


  20. Impertinent says:

    God Bless and Keep Safe every one of our servicemen in harms way today. Merry Christmas Army, Navy, Airmen and Marines.


  21. lisa says:

    Oh Z that was just beautiful,thank you.A very merry Christmas .I remember you posted a song you sang once, I forgot what song it was though,sorry
    Imp I love that little girl Rheema Marvanne
    I posted this awhile ago


  22. Freedom Now says:

    That’s great! Sounds like a Broadway production!!! Merry Xmassss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  23. geeez2014 says:

    I can’t thank you all enough for your kind words on my song…thanks SO SO MUCH.
    I’m back after 2 days at Mom’s….had a wonderful Christmas with family and am glad to be tucked into my home again now, at 10:30 pm Thursday night.

    Love, and thanks again for your kindness (John Berger, you sent my SINGING to friends? That is so nice! Jerry, that is so touching. Baysider, thanks..
    ALL of you; I SOO appreciate your kindness..

    and those of you who complimented the blog are SO RIGHT: It’s not ME, it’s all of you who make this blog, for what it’s worth!
    GOD BLESS YOU and thank you.

    Freedom Now…who are you? I SO remember that moniker but don’t even remember you blogging here since I’ve been on WordPress; how’d you get in?!!! Glad you did, of course!
    And thank you for the wonderful compliment. xx


  24. KP says:

    Merry Christmas!


  25. Lisa says:

    Hey Z Your e-email keeps kicking back to me. Did you change it?


  26. John M. Berger says:

    “John Berger, you sent my SINGING to friends?”
    Yes, duly attributed.


  27. geeez2014 says:

    Lisa, this morning, my email’s being kicked back at that account. I’ve alerted my computer gal….sorry about that.

    John, attribution isn’t important; I’m just so pleased you liked it that much to share it. THANK YOU.


  28. Kid says:

    Z, I just got one returned saying your email account was over quota. Too much in unread mail maybe.


  29. geeez2014 says:

    thanks, I just tested and they’re coming in now.
    You were right; when I emptied it Tuesday, I forgot to EMPTY TRASH~!


  30. Just played this for Scherie and she was impressed. Thank you.


  31. geeez2014 says:

    Thanks!! How nice!


  32. silverfiddle says:

    Wow! I’m blown away. You are multi-talented!

    Thank you for posting this, and thanks to Kid and Mustang for making it happen!


  33. viburnum says:

    I was hoping that you’d post this again. Wonderful!!!


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