Christmas Candy

This is my gift to you, dear friends.   As some of you know, my husband was from Germany and so this touches me more deeply than it might, but I think you’ll love seeing this video and I hope you send it to your loved ones, too.   I have a friend named Klaus who, as a boy in Germany, was one of those children who suffered so badly that his mother had to fry what potatoes they might scrounge up after the war in car grease.  Honestly.   No oil.  Remember Hal the Candy Bomber this Christmas…. watch the sheer kindness and goodness in his face;  it’s there and you’ll see it and be better for it.

May this story fill your heart with sweet things like the candy he gave all those hurting children who were so well raised as to not ask for anything and then so kind as to share their tiny stick of gum as much as they possibly could.

Merry Christmas.  Hal has the Gospel message in his heart…..through Hal, God helped those little children and we learn from it.   My friend Klaus has undying gratitude for America and will never forget it.  I hope you won’t, either.


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18 Responses to Christmas Candy

  1. Baysider says:

    Hopefully, most know the story of the candy ‘bombings’ (as the video is not allowed, too bad).

    There’s more here of a woman who was one of those children: and it explains the gum – “It started with two sticks of Wrigley’s gum, which Halvorsen gave to a group of kids at the end of the runway at Tempelhof Airport … and he promised to drop some candy the next day if they didn’t fight over it.”

    What a world away from the gnashing and tearing at post-Thanksgiving shopping in some neighborhoods here – fighting over shoes.

    We have so much to be grateful for. And one of them is raising men like Halverson, once upon a time.


  2. Pardon my ignorance, but until now I was unfamiliar with the story of the Candy Bomber.

    I will venture out this morning to a few of our local pharmacies to try to buy discounted Christmas cards for next year. People fight over these boxes of cards! It can get ugly — and gets uglier year after year. What a world!


  3. Unfortunately, the vid’s down. 😦


  4. I’m glad I saw the date of Baysiders comment.
    I thought I was having a Deja Vu.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    My Video is up now.

    Please watch it; it’s really the most amazing piece on the whole situation.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    actually, most people don’t know about the Candy Bombers … I have rarely found anybody who’s ever heard of it, sadly. That’s why I found it so important to post it. I did a post a few years ago, Or Mr. Z did, but this was a really special video.

    Posted this last night (though I’d readied it about five months ago, which is why the video’d gone down), so I’m not sure why Baysider could comment 4 days ago? Baysider..??


  7. I’m sure I saw this post a few days ago thus the deja vu comment and Baysiders comment dated the 22nd.
    Z, I think your inbox is full in your email account.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    THanks, Ed…I emptied it. I just got an email from Kid so, here’s hoping all’s fine again.

    I might have accidentally published that for five minutes; and that COULD be the five minutes Baysider saw it and commented. But that’s the only way. Sometimes, the dates and times get complicated and I’ve had that happen before!


  9. Baysider says:

    It posted 4 days ago, Z. In the middle of I think 3 posts. I saw it there for another 2 days. Maybe it was just me? It’s a great post, and I’m glad you got the video re-linked. It’s such an ‘American’ story.


  10. Baysider says:

    The spirit I loved in this is how in the beginning all this was donated from individual men’s rations. Each one of these had been trained to fight these people, and had been bombing them, but their humanity and identity with these children – typically the most battered in war – is so moving. I loved the little boy’s note (I’m SURE it was a boy) that gave instructions on how to target his own backyard.


  11. Bob says:

    Hal Halverson made an appearance at the school where my wife used to teach in 2012. Halverson has been doing this for years.

    The kids and their parents in the elementary school made parachutes, included candy in the kits. After speaking to the 4th and 5th grades, Halverson, with the help of local pilots, flew over the park adjacent to the school and dropped the ‘chutes. My wife said it was a really rewarding experience to hear Halverson speak, and the kids loved it.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Bob, I’d heard he did that; wonderful to hear a first-hand appreciation! What a story this would be if more people knew from all around the world. We can use more feel-good stories, can’t we.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, I just realized what you’d said….I was so focused on Baysider’s comment I sort of ‘zoned out’…sorry.

    I’d explain what I realize now what might have happened, but I hope we can all move on and talk about the post more than all that now! Thanks…


  14. Scherie just watched it with me and says thank you.
    She asked for tissue a few times.
    I was stationed at that base in Weisbaden where he flew from, but quite a few years later 🙂


  15. Impertinent says:

    @Ed…I was stationed at Ramstein….this movie moved me so much ( I even overlooked “Brokejaw” ) I too…blew my nose a few times. Time will prove…that we still have patriots and warriors like this airman.
    As an airmen ( former ) myself….I’ve never had the opportunity to throw things out of any plane I was in. But…that was cool.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, I’m so happy Scherie was moved, too. Tell her “you are very welcome!”

    Imp; I think you’re right. We still DO have wonderful airmen……thanks for all you did!


  17. Will Hart says:

    I didn’t even know that you were a woman. Wow, I better behave.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Will, that’s funny! Until recently, I thought blogger Bunkerville was a man! it’s kind of hard to tell sometimes, isn’t it!
    Yes, I am a woman…and Mr. Z was my wonderful husband who passed away in October of 2009.
    I can’t picture you NOT behaving, as you suggested!! 🙂


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