DeBlasio…is it ‘disrespectful’ to diss him?

Mayor De Blasio said it was “disrespectful” for the NYPD to turn their backs on him at the funerals in New York for the two murdered officers.

I believe his actions and words contributed to the situation and, were I a wife of one of the fallen, I’d be very glad they turned their backs on him.   By the way, there has been so much discussion about how he’ll mend the relationship with the NYPD.  How’d he think this would do it?  It’s just too important to him to insult those who don’t agree with  him, I guess?

How do you feel about it?  Disrespectful to, only for part of the time and very quietly, turn their backs only on the mayor and not on the fallen or their families or anybody else?

I thought it was a deflection of HIS actions the last couple of years…what about you?
I’m curious.


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25 Responses to DeBlasio…is it ‘disrespectful’ to diss him?

  1. DeBlasio isn’t going to try to mend the relationship with the NYPD. DeBlasio actually believes that he’s on the moral high road.

    When the officers turned their backs even at the funerals, the turning of backs was not disrespectful to the fallen.

    Did you see that two more NYPD officers were shot last night in the Bronx?


  2. There’s a concept of “saluting the uniform” that some would apply here, but DeBase-io is a political animal who has disrespected his troops, the cops.
    This is the only avenue they have to publicly, yet politely (no booing, fingers, etc.) demonstrate their distrust of his leadership.


  3. Kid says:

    I read yesterday that they are also not arresting or ticketing people for ‘minor’ offences such carrying open alcohol containers or ‘making the sidewalk wet’. Essentially these types of laws are put in place in modern times to collect additional tax money, so now the cops are hitting him where it matters to any democrat.


  4. Mustang says:
    I am not sure what “diss” means. If you are talking about respect, there are two kinds. One variation of respect is institutional, such as the office of the president of the United States. We Americans try to respect the office, even when we abhor the office holder. The other kind of respect is personal; it must be earned, and there is always a danger of losing that respect from weakness or lack of ability.

    New York Police have shown their disrespect toward Di Blasio by turning their backs on him. They have done this on several occasions now. Di Blasio, however, has never earned the respect of peacekeepers. In fact, Di Blasio campaigned on reigning in cops. Reigning in cops is what the majority of people in New York City voted for, so I am not sure why the cops are complaining. Moreover, I feel quite certain that many, if not most cops, voted for Di Blasio. This leads me to conclude that the unions are behind this behavior … and they too overwhelmingly supported Di Blasio. The whole thing makes one question the mental acuity of New Yorkers.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    AOW, the two cops shot last night were shot in the throes of a theft and the NYPD is saying they weren’t like the last two cops shot only because they’re cops. And both, thankfully, will live.
    And you’re right…De Blasio clearly still thinks he’s taken the high road and will NEVER apologize.

    Ed, I feel like the cops are doing all they can to show how they feel and I respect THAT. I agree with you. and at least they’re not acting like the leftwing protesters.

    Kid, ya….some of the ticketing brings in big revenue and that’s not coming in. I think that’s brilliant.
    And as MUSTANG says, the New Yorkers deserve to have the BROKEN WINDOW law broken…let them step around urine on the streets and see how they like what they voted for.

    Mustang, De Blasio ran against the cops so I’m thinking not too many voted for him, though we’ve got to know a lot are dyed-in-the-wool Democrats from their Irish and Black upbringings…. Working class Lefties certain the gov’t will treat them well. Uhoh, I guess that’s not working for them, huh?


  6. Kid: Why make a collar and face a grand jury?

    To expand on my previous comment, I’m reminded of the “slow clap” the West Point cadets gave Obama. Damning with faint (feigned?) praise.


  7. Kid says:

    Ed, That too. I don’t see anyone coming out, overwhelmingly defending Darren WIlson, nor condemning mike brown.


  8. Thersites says:

    Speaking ‘truth’ to ‘power’ is disrespectful? Who knew?


  9. Baysider says:

    No. A restrained rebuke appropriate to the circumstances. I heard a caller to Dennis Prager’s show say she was against capital punishment until HER brother was murdered. (Not when other peoples’ brothers were murdered.) A cop who voted for deBlasio is in that category.


  10. silverfiddle says:

    Yes, it is disrespectful, but I understand why the did it.

    At the very least, DeBlasio has engaged in irresponsible rhetoric that has encouraged the violent, anti-police idiots. He is more concerned that leftwing voters see him as down with the struggle than he is with law enforcement.

    He has sown the wind, and I believe he and the city will end up reaping a whirlwind.


  11. John M. Berger says:

    Did all of the NYC Cops get their flu shots? Make of this what you will.


  12. FB says:

    Poor little him. They’ve been disrespectful to the NYC King. Why would they respect him anyway? Would you have respect for your boss if he spent his time undermining you?


  13. Impertinent says:

    Anyone notice that Boehner is browner than Al Sharpton today? And as usual….he tears up. What a man, eh?


  14. I agree with Ed that its the proper way to show their dissatisfaction with the guy. I believe the cops took the high road in turning their backs.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Thanks for all the excellent comments.
    I don’t think anything silent and still is really disrespectful, but that’s just me, I guess. Nobody has to look at them turning their backs.
    And that’s really all they’ve got, except not ticketing (it’s WAY down) and preventing that money from getting into De Blasio’s coffers. GOOD ONE, GUYS! 🙂

    I think the NYPD ought to keep this up until New Yorkers are screeching at DeBlasio to STOP IT and APOLOGIZE, we are TIRED OF PEOPLE PEEING IN PUBLIC, PARKING IN THE WRONG PLACE, etc etc………let’s see what happens!!


  16. Bob says:

    Why should the cops not diss De Blasio all the time? The guy needs to learn respect, and apparently the only way he will learn is to go negative with him, really negative., If he doesn’t get the message, that’s tough. They can always diss-elect the jerk.


  17. John M. Berger says:

    How could the same city that elected Rudy Giuliani , elect this JERK?


  18. lisa says:

    I think it’s too late,we all know who he is. He and Obama lack decorum.He blew it when he said his mixed race son should be weary of the NYPD. If he really believes that, he should not have said it publicly
    He tried to make a pro cop speech today in support of the 2 cops who were shot last night. It
    looked very painful for him,like he was being tortured.
    Him and Obama are 2 peas in a pod,they are only comfortable when speaking to their own element.
    And we know who their element is


  19. lisa says:

    John ,Minorities are the majority in NYC and they all came out to vote for their free crap.
    It seems all the frinfe lefties came out of hiding since we have a fringe left president


  20. geeez2014 says:

    John, you said “How could the same city that elected Rudy Giuliani , elect this JERK?”

    EXCELLENT QUESTION. And look how well Rudy did, too! The numbers of crime were WAY down, etc etc….. He must really be sorry all his work’s been undone.

    LIsa…I was thinking today that the left’s developed so much entitlement mentality in America that we may never be the same strong, independent people we were since our inception.


  21. lisa says:

    Z I am afraid you are correct ,very sad indeed


  22. Impertinent says:

    @Z: “He must really be sorry all his work’s been undone.”

    And so would any POTUS that preceded mutt #44? Except perhaps #39?


  23. Bob says:

    Imp: I had to Google #39 to see who it was. I should have known you were referencing our village idiot here in Georgia.


  24. Impertinent says:

    @Bob…..from now on I refuse to name an idiotic “potus” by their name….by numbers only…just as if they were in jail..LOL Or should be in 44’s and 40’s case.


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