Jobs; help me out here

I’m curious……….do you know anybody who’s had to go part time, or isn’t employed as gainfully or isn’t having his/her talents used to their best result, or has got a cut in pay or in any other way has suffered from the employment situation?  Or is Obama right when he says it’s all fine?   I’m truly curious…..anybody still unemployed after a year?  My multi talented, well experienced sister is.  Tell us.  Z


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9 Responses to Jobs; help me out here

  1. Kid says:

    In our company of about 105 people, 15 were let go or left due to attrition since the financial ‘crisis’ hit and those jobs have never been refilled even though sales are up. They’re reporting the unemployment rate at 5.6% but that’s because they’ve shuffled a lot of unemployed into the under employed category which is around 20%. We can be sure that both reported numbers are below the real rate.


  2. Lisa says:

    In our company some people left going to much larger companies since our health insurance has risen in cost.
    The salaried employees are the ones who are leaving and most of the sales people have spouses that they are covered under since it is too costly for us and the company to be to purchase insurance since the added taxes and penalties they have to incur under the ACA.. Me included
    Not to mention how many companies we deal with are on credit hold due to non-payment and are not buying as much. In other words Obama’s economy sucks


  3. Mustang says:
    Back in July, the administration announced that 288,000 new jobs were created in June 2014 … but this was a lie. Full time employment plunged by more than half a million (523,000) … but what has increased in part-time jobs. In June 2014, part time jobs soared by 800,000 to just over 28 million. What this tells us is that the United States government isn’t trustworthy. No American should believe anything they tell us. The actual unemployment rate in this country is close to 13%.

    We can figure this out if we only use common sense. Let’s give it a try, shall we? Every year, colleges and universities graduate thousands of young people with degrees across a wide spectrum of fields. For the past six years, most of these graduating geniuses (who actually voted for Barack Obama) picked up their diplomas and returned home, where they languish in the basement playing computer games. So then, in this environment, President Obama proposes giving high school graduates who are unable to read, write, or perform simple equations two years of college free of charge. Free … as in, no one pays for it. The college professors will agree to teach these classes without compensation. Armed with this new “free” education, what will most people do once they have received their AA degree? Come on … I know you know the answer.

    GREAT cartoon, by the way.


  4. Baysider says:

    Even while unemployment stats 2-3 years ago were reported in single digits in California, the actual rate was about 20%. So … agreed with Mustang.

    A client of mine recently closed a small office that has been struggling in San Diego after years of plenty before 2007. They had cut way back and are now at the point of replacing existing staff who leave for another job, but no additional hires. Well one. A part-time engineering specialist.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    I completely agree with you all. I was told by someone recently that jobs that usually get 20 applicants are getting hundreds of applicants; does that speak well for joblessness?


  6. “Or is Obama right when he says all is fine….”. The safest way to think is if Obama said it, its the opposite.


  7. Lorra B. says:

    I know MANY who are still looking for work, DECENT work, of the same quality of which they previously had. In Arizona, they just laid off another 150 teachers and in one district, due to a vote/money issue. But, in an already crunched market, how easy do you think it will be for them to find a job teaching at other districts in Arizona? That is a huge number of teachers let go.

    There are many ads for positions open in just about every area of work you can think of, news just covered it. BUT, did you know, (according to a friend from a large corporation I will not mention), many employers POST positions when they don’t really have THAT position open? It is like some kind of quota they are meeting…so many job postings a month. They also will post an opening but have no intention of filling it because they are hiring from within. Nice, huh? My point, how many of the Job Opportunities are simply crap and a way to ‘motivate’ the economy falsely?? Maybe I am off on this one (and sure I will hear about it, LOL!! 🙂 ) but, I don’t think so…


  8. Kid says:

    Lorra B. Now that you bring it up…. They let 150 teachers go, but they can still call it good right?
    A few years ago, one Lakota School district (local podunk) let 100 teachers go and 90 Administrators and called it good. 90 admins? What? What did those people do beside inhale money and haul donuts, And a 2 station firehouse lets 90 go, keeps 13 and calls it good.

    What this indicates to me is that All of the local public union entities are putting it to us very hard. They’ve developed a culture of hiring friends, incompetents, and others and simply raise taxes when they want to bring more on. There is NO motivation for economic performance among these entities and of course the union leaders want as many people depositing union dues into the funds they intend to steal right before a bunch of them start drawing a pension. . Personally, I think the local public unions are screwing us even more than the Fed.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Lorra! They post jobs that don’t exist? Does the Obama WH get to them to do that?> Making it look like there are jobs? WHAT?

    By the way, if you come back today, did you see my question to you a few days ago? I wondered if that’s your real picture and that you’re obviously not an oldster like most of us and wondered if many of your friends your age are as brilliantly CONSERVATIVE as you are!? 🙂


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