“American Sniper” blowing the box office away…….WHY?

chris kyle

We all know that any good film does pretty well in the box office on its opening, particularly if it gets some press beforehand.   But American Sniper, as Yahoo news’ article says, “… hit the bulls eye, earning an astonishing $90.2 million in its debut weekend.  It is now on pace to decimate records for the Martin Luther King holiday and for the month of January, pulling in roughly $105 million over the four-day period. It’s also a new high-water mark for director Clint Eastwood, whose previous weekend record was the $29.5 million wide-release opening for 2008’s Gran Torino. At 84, he’s still got it. “The movie has become a cultural phenomenon,” said Dan Fellman, Warner Bros. head of domestic distribution. “It tore apart the record book and not by a little. By an enormous amount.”” *end of Yahoo quote.

“Cultural phenomenon?”  WHAT?   What, like sharp shooters are known and welcome in our culture of NO GUNS, PLEASE?

This is a movie that comes out about the man who killed more enemies than any American soldier ever.   This is about WAR, this is about VENGEANCE, RIGHTEOUSNESS,  GOOD OVER EVIL, a MAN’S SACRIFICE…..heck, this involves SHOOTING!    And a number as high as $105 MILLION in four days means people who hate GUNS are seeing it.

Is this a sea change due, possibly, to the beheadings Americans have seen? (I daresay even some punk Ivy League American Jesse Watters interviewees who ‘think the Civil war was in 1966 against England’ might even know about the beheadings?)  Did Ferguson’s unrest make people a little more eager to see a sharp shooter who takes care of business?  Did Charlie Hebdo’s tragedy actually sink in?     Or is it just good entertainment?   But, heck, who’d know it was such good entertainment on its first weekend?  Usually, films with tons of press start pretty big (due to huge name stars…which this film hasn’t), huge budget (which this film hadn’t)…okay, it’s Clint Eastwood, but this boxed more than ANY of his films.

Am I being overly optimistic thinking that Americans went to see this film because they finally know what we’ve always known? :  we are in HUGE trouble and we need good people who know how to shoot and aren’t afraid to defend us?  Does it thrill movie goers to finally allow themselves to see a real MAN who GETS THE JOB DONE?  

What do you think?  

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37 Responses to “American Sniper” blowing the box office away…….WHY?

  1. Kyle as a latter-day Harry Callahan.
    Good guy with gun, unapologetic.


  2. Farmer John says:

    I think that Hollyweird is discovering the box in the audience that it loves to ignore.


  3. Lisa says:

    sure beats the heck out of “Sicko”
    Glad to see so many people that want to see this movie.
    I heard it was one of those movies where the silence was deafening,like Shaw Shank Redemption


  4. geeez2014 says:

    Man, I watched FOX first thing this morning and their first story was WHY IS THIS MOVIE SO POPULAR!? They’re reading my blog I posted for publication last night!! (smile)

    Farmer John….I hope so. I just hope that box votes next time. Some are just too conservative not to have voted against Obama, remember? See what we got?

    Lisa….I’m eager to see it.

    Ed….he apparently shot some sniper who was killing a lot of Americans. God bless him.

    Michael Moore is saying snipers are cowards. Nice, huh? (not)


  5. Impertinent says:

    A New Bronson…everyone wants to see justice and revenge on one mans terms…that we all wish we could do. I wish that there were 100,000 like him.


  6. Farmer John says:

    Off to see the movie now.


  7. Farmer John says:

    ps- Insanity would be an RNC “Establishment” candidate in 2016. Cuz we WILL stay home. 🙂


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Farmer John;..GOOD JOB……………stay home and REALLY ruin America, like so many did last time. ANYTHING is better than a liberal Democrat but some people just don’t seem to understand that. Who’re you proving anything to, yourself?
    Let’s hope we don’t have to vote for a centrist…..even THAT is better for America’s future than ANY Lib. But, ….
    Let us know how you liked the film.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    FJ…I don’t respect your choice but I respect your ability to make that choice.
    I prescribe watching the State of the Union tomorrow night………..


  10. Baysider says:

    The critics had the same shock with Dirty Harry. People want to see justice done, and movies where a ‘bad guy’ gets it leave some level of satisfaction behind. Audiences everywhere – and particularly in the ghetto — cheered when he took the bad guys down.

    Forgive me if I posted this here already, but I still recall that dinner table scene of the sniper as a youngster. He had taken care of a bully that beat up his little bother and his father says “in this world most people are sheep, some are wolves, and some are sheepdogs.” My guess is those who are deniers-of-human-nature went tilt at that comment.

    Now some in Hollywood are crying about making a movie glorifying killing. I’m shocked. I doubt they actually saw the picture.


  11. Which is why I mentioned Harry Callahan.


  12. The old Westerns (“oaters”) from yesteryear was so popular for decades because everyone loves seeing justice done, especially when its done by one single individual against all odds. I definitely want to see the film, too!


  13. geeez2014 says:

    So, not too much on my question….I really do hope to hear why YOU think this movie’s doing SO WELL….astonishingly well…guns to the Nth degree in a country whose whacks are all against any guns whatsoever.

    I’ve just had a thought and will share it … if a GOP presidential candidate speaks about PROTECTING OUR COUNTRY REALLY vehemently, do you think it could be the winning issue? People are clearly interested in their safety and then this film comes out and here’s a guy vehemently trying to protect us….get the connection? 🙂


  14. Bob says:

    I heard much the same on Fox News, plus Michael Moore said that he thought that snipers were cowards. What a crock!

    The movie is probably great, but we rarely go to movies. Instead, I have downloaded the Audible version of the book.


  15. John M. Berger says:

    Apparently,North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un also shares Moore’s (AKA, Tub O’ Guts) disdain. I can’t help but fantasize about what great targets those two would make!


  16. Mustang says:
    I well remember when Michael Moore went to fight for his country. I remember that he stood up in the middle of a fire fight and said, “Okay men … follow me. Let’s go kill the enemy.”

    [On the other hand, I may have been hallucinating since my wife serves mushrooms with her spaghetti.]

    The American people want to have heroes. The truth is, they haven’t had any heroes in quite a while. All the heroes I had when growing up have been debunked by leftists who hate America; who have worked over time destroying every vestige of our past. How can you admire someone who (ugh) had slaves? So I want my fellow citizens to have heroes and based on a real person, as opposed to Terminator 92. The downside to this is that I do not know many shooters who didn’t return home after war tormented. It isn’t guilt … not that at all; it is simply the doing of war and the loss of friends —the putrid odor of death. People should understand this too —tucked away somewhere in the hero package.


  17. John M. Berger says:

    “stay home and REALLY ruin America”

    Yeah, it’s like “cutting off your nose to spite your face” or “if you don’t play my way I’ll take my bat and ball and go home”! I don’t know how much, if at all, Republicans staying home contributed to the current disaster in the White House but if it did-SHAME!


  18. Bob says:

    Mustang: Some of my former heroes were not so much trashed by liberals, but they were lowered in my esteem when I read enough about their lives.

    For instance, one of my boyhood heroes was Stonewall Jackson. Now, there was nothing wrong with the guy, but instead of the genius some people thought, Jackson loved to get into a fight, and was very aggressive. His aggressiveness alone won him battles.

    Another hero was Andrew Jackson. It looks like the Jacksons are getting short shrift in my total esteem, but after reading a couple of history books, Andrew Jackson was either crazy or stupid. He was not a great President. He didn’t understand economics, What he did understand was his personal hates, and hate he did. He hated American Indians, the British, and anybody that didn’t agree with him. He closed down the National Bank because the guy that ran the bank was a political and personal enemy..

    Since reading all this stuff, George Washington now tops my category of historical heroes. Modern heroes include Patton (crazy? aggressive?); Eisenhower (managed millions of soldiers, and put up with the Brits and the French); Ronald Reagan (one of the best Presidents in history). and, well, I am running out of heroes.

    Regular, everyday heroes are fire fighters and cops as exemplified by the men in the NYPD and NYFD after the 9/11 attack. Many of these men knew they would probably die that day, and went ahead to do their duty.

    I think we still have our heroes, at least, I do.


  19. Farmer John says:

    Great film. We turn out for things we can believe in. The rest, not so much.


  20. Mustang, that’s why I find Louis Zamperini to be such a role model.
    Not only for his stamina, but his demonstration of how to overcome those negative aspects of trials and tribulations.


  21. People are flocking to this movie for what they HOPE to see.


  22. Impertinent says:

    @Z: “f a GOP presidential candidate speaks about PROTECTING OUR COUNTRY REALLY vehemently,…”

    Not a chance…not a chance in hell. First he’d be labeled a “fanatic”….a loon. Another Goldwater. And they’ll never…NEVER declare who the real enemy inside the gates is today or our clear and present danger. The PC cancer has made it’s way into every fiber of our existence and will never be expunged nor cured.


  23. Impertinent says:

    Nor will we ever name what EVIL is…..all of us here know…but it will never be spoken by a candidate in public.


  24. geeez2014 says:

    Bob, I’m waiting for Netflix 🙂
    And no, kids don’t even know who Stonewall Jackson was let alone make a hero of him.
    WE have heroes…not our kids. No way. Not as a rule.
    Remember, in this new America, when I had leftwingers allowed to comment here, I’d get remarks like “Who says what’s a sin?” If they have to ask, we’re screwed. “Who is a hero?” Really? ADULT liberals will slam Reagan while WE think he was a hero because he loved America. The first deadly sin for a lefty.

    Mustang; and our kids have zero heroes…or their heroes are celebs having children out of wedlock and showing everything they’ve got on videos, etc…and worse.
    I’m starting to believe having heroes is one of the most important things ever, for some reason, and maybe THAT is the answer we’re looking for as to why this film is OVER THE TOP popular…it’s a HERO. That’s why Michael Moore can’t stand it and has to run him down. The Left thinks Obama’s a hero. There you go, right? That says a LOT.

    John..”SHAME” is right. Thanks for that.

    Ed..”hope to see?” You mean all the good things I described in my post or are you alluding to something I’m too tired to figure out right now?! 🙂
    I was just with a friend who said she saw the Stephen Hawking film with Eddie (be still my heart) Redmayne….and commented on how demeaned GOD is. Then she saw something with Reese Witherspoon “WILD”, I think? She tries to find herself in booze and promiscuity….then finds herself on a hike…to which I asked “Is God on the hike?” NO God. God forbid, huh~!?


  25. geeez2014 says:

    Imp; I completely disagree with you. I truly DO believe the reason this movie’s taken off is because people deep inside KNOW what we need and they’re starting to cop to it.
    And I agree 1000% with you about EVIL.

    Romney made a speech recently and Hugh Hewitt was just playing it…he said “Every Republican candidate needs to crib that speech over and over again” and he was right. Telling what the evil is, how Obama’s made us weak, etc etc..facts/figures. “let us pray, Imp!” 🙂


  26. geeez2014 says:

    God is a hero are kids aren’t allowed.. Let’s see if America wakes up to that again.
    I was at 2 funeral services recently…..mostly middle aged people….every single person was saying The Lord’s Prayer together at the appropriate time.
    I know that a room full of kids today wouldn’t have a CLUE. That’s a very sad statement about our country. They don’t know it. Not most of them, no WAY


  27. Impertinent says:

    @Z..I’m confused…just what post of mine are you responding to?


  28. geeez2014 says:

    Imp; sorry about that!….you quoted me here @Z: “f a GOP presidential candidate speaks about PROTECTING OUR COUNTRY REALLY vehemently,…”
    and then you said “Not a chance…not a chance in hell.”

    I disagree with you there.


  29. Impertinent says:

    @Z…how would he do that without the MB, CAIR and illegals screaming this phobia or that phobia…or racissssssssssss? Impossible Z….I’d like to see someone with the balls enough to say that islime isn’t a “religion” but a deadly political ideology that wants to kill this Republic and any form of democracy. Someone has to put it out there and let the others pick up on it. And it’s not James Taylor, OK?


  30. John M. Berger says:

    ‘….I’d like to see someone with the balls enough to say that islime isn’t a “religion” but a deadly political ideology that wants to kill this Republic and any form of democracy.”

    Where do you want me to say it?. And with all of your “balls” why don’t you say it there, wherever ?


  31. Impertinent says:

    @JMB….I think I already did John. Are you disagreeing with me or calling me out? Cause if I was a candidate for POTUS…I’d damn sure say it…consequences be damned. And that’s what our leaders lack….the balls to say it out loud and frequently. Unless of course…we want to be like Germany, France or England.


  32. geeez2014 says:

    Imp; it doesn’t have to be that specific! Romney talked about TERROR…and everybody KNOWS what kind of terror he means. Yes, I know it’s doable.

    I have always thought that world leaders are reticent to condemn Islam because somebody knows some rotten islamic country has NUKES and they don’t want the people to know that…so they’re cowering and giving in. I’ll never believe otherwise.
    For Merkel to say “Islam belongs to Germany” is INSANE, particularly for her.


  33. Impertinent says:

    “One of the most remarkable aspects of this recent period has been the resilience of the American energy market,” Hochstein said. U.S. oil production growth has swelled to its fastest pace in more than three decades, driven by output from shale deposits.”

    And the moron in chief will take the credit, right? Not acknowledging that energy exploration on federal lands is down 6%! It’s American innovation and entrepreneurism on private lands that has risen above the commie in chiefs goals…to drive our energy down and our dependence on the arab slime up. Not even considering that “his people” are the ones most affected and hurt by pump prices. You have to hate this guy….his goals and his arrogance.


  34. Impertinent says:

    @Z…”some rotten islamic country has NUKES”….

    I’m sure we know its Iran too. And I’m sure they know, we know they do. Leon Panetta…the demrats golden boy….is now saying we’re in for an huge attack. This..a committed life long apologist and demrat sock puppet. Do we have the balls for a first strike? Just 12 nukes out of 1500 or more that we have and the world breathes a sigh of relief. If I were the POTUS…..it’s be 4 for every one of the 57.


  35. Impertinent says:

    @Z..”Imp; it doesn’t have to be that specific!”

    We’re sick of disingenuous parsing. I want someone who’ll rally 90% of America to agree to the destruction of an enemy.


  36. John M. Berger says:

    “Are you disagreeing with me or calling me out?”
    No, my friend I just didn’t know what you meant. Now I do so good on you. Perhaps I should be more discerning before I comment. We almost, if always, agree. Keep up the good work my friend


  37. Lnda says:

    We saw the movie last night! I was ‘blown away’ (not really)! It was a film that showed Americans what a true patriot is made of. Our little theater was almost full, and this was the 3rd night. The cashiers said they’d had a full house for each of the other showings. Of course, we saw many people that we know, but when the movie was over, and the credits were done, we stood as a body, and quietly exited the theater. What a show of respect! I’m so sorry that Chris died helping one of his military brothers.


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