The BIG BUCKS….Hillary and Bill have them

AFTERNOON (EST) ADDITION:   They have dumbed Americans down to accepting people like Glozell (You all saw her on FOX, I’m sure, or read about the president’s interview with her yesterday) are real journalists.  Young people don’t watch much FOX or CNN or even MSNBC, but they watch the icky young ones….and Obama was THERE.  And Obama’s being there works for THE LEFT.  Hillary will benefit from that, too, though I don’t think we’ll be seeing a Glozell and Hillary interview because the optics would make Hillary look like a dinosaur.  But this is the kind of dumbing down the Left’s created in ORDER TO get past the facts of people like Hillary and concentrate on the ‘cool and hip Democrats’….just wanted to add that to today’s post:

Hillary Clinton is doing a HUGE finance push as discussed HERE, which I highly recommend you read.   It’s enormous, and big money will come to her, as if she needs it for name recognition, which is usually all big money pays for anyway, through ads, etc.

Is there a Republican who could even come close to generating the big bucks the Clintons can?   WE know Bobby Jindal’s name….WE know Marco Rubio’s name, etc…..But, to the public, they are so far behind Hillary in national recognition that I’m wondering if anything will help.

And how much do you think people watch the debates and does it matter if they don’t watch and the leftwing media smears the rightwing candidate regardless how well he/she does, anyway?

The more I think about it and hear, Hillary can’t lose.  Women will vote for her,  liberal men will vote for her, minorities will vote for her.  Show me I’m wrong because I would LOVE to be convinced of that.

Your thoughts?

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20 Responses to The BIG BUCKS….Hillary and Bill have them

  1. Lisa says:

    My thoughts-Misery loves company I guess and people are just so educated that they believe the republicans are racists and anti women. It’s a lose-lose until the hands outs stop flowing will people wake up

  2. Mustang says:
    Most of what I read about HRC makes no sense to me. I first of all do not understand why anyone should consider her for the top executive position; she is a failure as a president’s wife, a failed US senator, and a disastrous cabinet secretary. New Republic argues that it is a matter of demographics when elections matter. The last election was one in which no one voted, hence a strong GOP finish. Does this also explain the Democratic takeover in 2006? But I think what many overlook in this discussion is other potential candidates. One in particular has wide appeal: James Webb, a former Secretary of the Navy, US Senator, and someone who thinks (as many of us do) that we have no business sticking our noses into regional conflicts. Hillary can lose —and should— but she watches Watters’ World too, and therefore knows there are numerous tragically stupid Americans out there. All she has to do is get most of them to vote for her.
  3. Thersites says:

    The Left’s vote will be split in 2016. The “Obamanites”/Elizabeth Warren “Progressive” faction will be voting FOR Bernie Sanders (I) unless he runs as a Democrat.

  4. skudrunner says:

    Lot of items in her closet that are not pretty. The problem is only one news organization will report on them. The MSM will report that because hildabeast and serial rapist met while dating the same women makes them open minded. Above all else anything said against her is a right wing conspiracy.

  5. John M. Berger says:

    @ Mustang,

    “she watches Watters’ World”

    Yes, I fear that “Watters’ World” is all too prophetic about this issue as well as our future as a nation.

  6. geeez2014 says:

    Everybody: Some of you question my watching not only FOX….I watch CNN and a bit of MSNBC to see what many voters ARE seeing and hearing.
    They think Hillary is MARVELOUS. We have to wake up to the fact that any dispersion against Hillary is only read as “those rotten lying Republicans”. This is so important.
    This is sort of like the intellectual Watters’ World because this is happening with people who are not stupid but just misguided by their liberal indoctrination and their liberal media. They won’t even TRY to watch FOX because THEY ARE TOLD it’s unutterably biased.
    That any liberal (and many are NOT stupid) can really think a channel that constantly has both sides represented is more biased than MSNBC is a TRUE PROBLEM.

    THIS Is what we somehow have to get past in the coming election. And it’s going to be tough.
    Most of this country loves Hillary. We have to understand that.

  7. Baysider says:

    I am so far out of love with this woman that I cannot even fathom what all but the diehards, who will overlook all failures, see in her. The money interests I understand – if she talks their language. Let’s face it, after Obama ANYBODY (including Lenin) will look centrist.

  8. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, I agree with you totally….I can’t fathom what they see in her, either, EXCEPT THE AGENDA. They want THEIR LIBERAL AGENDA, they want the UN in charge (as does she), they want all the goodies she’ll give plus the fact she’s a woman (as if that matters), etc etc.
    It’s pretty clever because the GOP’s said they’re going to hit the Clintons hard on HIS past which is a very silly (what else is new with the GOP?) tactic because it’ll be met by “That’s SO over; she’s a woman who’s been First Lady, S of State, Senator of NY”…and that’ll build her up MORE as the typically stupid GOP planners hand it to her on a platinum platter.

  9. geeez2014 says:



  10. geeez2014 says:

    My French neighbor from upstairs our apt in Paris has just mailed me the Charlie Hebdo copy that caused all the troubles. I thought that would be an interesting thing to keep. SO excited that he got in on the second or third printing…he said it was impossible till now to find one.

  11. “Could you tell us what he (Christie) offers in any way, SHAPE, or form”. Yeah. Shape. Round!

  12. OH! Also, the GOP can get big bucks from the likes of Sheldon Adelson, the multi-billionaire casino mogul who donated I believe a billion dollars (with a B) to the GOP last time.

  13. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, oops…I guess I shouldn’t have used “Shape” and you’re right!
    As for Adelson, Soros and other HUGE donors to the Dem party (which, by the way, includes much of Wall St which unthinking young libs are taught is all Republicans and is dead wrong) can give all they want but the media will hone in an ADELSON, demean him, mock him (and the Koch Bros, etc.) and Soros and ALL the lib donors come out clean.
    Herein lies another big problem

  14. bunkerville says:

    But but but she said they were dead broke. I mean dead broke. 🙂 Thank goodness she will be able to earn a living once again eating off our feeding trough.

  15. Our only hope is to discredit her via social media.
    Shame people for considering her.
    Well, okay, not our only hope.
    But so far Obama hasn’t dropped dead either.

  16. geeez2014 says:

    bunker…isn’t it a pity how the poor clinton’s live? 🙂

    Ed, that’s hilarious…”not our only hope”!!
    And yes, but HOW do we discredit her? HOW? People zone out if you say anything technical these days; they want SCANDAL and THEIR SENSES STIMULATED. Say “She did nothing as Sec of State” and people from American schools these days are thinking “What’s a Sec of State?”

    I SAW “AMERICAN SNIPER” just now…tonight at home (Baysider has the CD because a friend is a part of the Academy)….I loved it. But the end, even though I knew it was coming, ripped my guts out. My friend who was here watching with me didn’t know he’d been killled till the film tonight. The IRONY that someone would do FOUR TOURS of intensely dangerous duty and come home and die is something I can barely shake.

  17. geeez2014 says:

    Ah, Ernie Banks has passed at 83….God, rest his soul. Baseball is better for him

  18. John M. Berger says:

    Re. (Christie) :

    Nothing, except a better alternative to Hillary. I’m NOT a fan! (un-smiley face)

  19. Amen, John. I believe all of us here would vote for ANY of the candidates for the GOP over Hillary.

  20. FB says:

    The good news is that a lot of states have Republican governors. That makes up for the White House I think. The Presidency has become a popularity contest with what’s cool and new while governorships are more serious. So maybe the GOP should offer more cool and new. I’m not kidding when I say that. But the GOP voters who vote in the primaries are not the type to vote for what’s cool and new.

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