Guns and Two Cities…


Our buddy, Impertinent, sent me this via email and I checked with Snopes, which has nothing on it, which makes me think it’s probably all true…..  I tend to think it probably is.

Check it out:

A Tale of Two Cities

Chicago, IL Houston, TX
Population 2.7 million 2.15 million
Median HH Income $38,600 $37,000
% African-American 38.9% 24%
% Hispanic 29.9% 44%
% Asian 5.5% 6%
% Non-Hispanic White 28.7% 26%

  Pretty similar until you compare the following:

Chicago, IL Houston, TX
Concealed Carry gun law no yes   
# of Gun Stores 0 184 – Dedicated gun stores plus 1500 – legal places to buy guns- Walmart, K-mart, sporting goods, etc.
Homicides, 2012 1,806 207
Homicides per 100K 38.4 9.6
Avg. January high temperature  (F) 31 63

Democrat Conclusion: Cold weather from global warming causes murder.

Z:  So, how can a Republican NOT USE THIS information and why can’t Democrats absorb information like this if they do get the chance to see it?

(thanks, Imp)

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17 Responses to Guns and Two Cities…

  1. fredd says:

    Stats like this have no impact on low information voters, Z (also known as liberals, or more accurately Democrats). If even confronted with this table, most low information voters would not be able to make sense of the numbers. You would need to teach them how to read and understand rudimentary math, and maybe only then would you make any kind of in road into their feeble minds.

    The only people who actually understand the data represented on this table are already savvy to what kind of impact responsible gun laws have on society.


  2. Kid says:

    If I understand it, guns cause racism and global climate warming change freezings.


  3. Bob says:

    Good comments, all. I live in the Atlanta, GA area and it would be interesting to see the same line-up of figures. I lived in Houston, TX during the 1970;s, moving to Atlanta in 1981.

    Except for the uncomfortably hot and humid climate, Houston is a great place to live. They didn’t even have ZONING laws there under the belief that people would live where it was good to live, and businesses would locate where it was good for business. The system worked well, and it didn’t take three years of lawyers in front of the city council to get a 30 story skyscraper approved. If it made economic sense, and the infrastructure was accounted for, then everything was a GO!

    Not all the stories are good stories. In the early 1970’s the police in Houston worked under a shoot-first policy. Cops were rarely indicated, only in egregious cases. In one case a prisoner was found floating in Buffalo Bayou, handcuffed. The cops were trying to “teach the man a lesson”, and didn’t even bother to take the cuffs off!

    Texas is a great place to live. There is no state income tax. No one can foreclose on your property due to default on a 2nd mortgage as long as your 1st mortgage is kept current. There are many other things in Texas law that favor the little guy.

    As far as guns, Texas new-born children are immediately given their mothers’ breast, and a gun. There’s nothing bad about that.


  4. skudrunner says:

    We forget that is is terrible when a life is taken by a gun but to suck it up in a tube is fine and should be encouraged.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    fredd, when given in a speech by an effective candidate, yes, I do think low information voters would grasp it. But we have no truly effective speakers to do so. Still, we can hope.
    And, of course, in this atmosphere of extreme PC, the information would need to be couched on how much damage it’s doing to the Black community in Chicago. But that should be addressed, anyway, even when speaking about how only white on black crime seems to get any anger; and why aren’t blacks angry at their own killing their own?

    Kid, you got it 🙂

    Bob, that’s interesting information! The zoning thing intrigues me. While I do like residential/retail combined, I think sometimes that can get out of hand and become an eyesore to residential neighborhoods but it sounds like it worked in Houston!?


  6. geeez2014 says:

    skudrunner….so true. It seems like leftwingers hate any choice and want us all doing what they think is right until it comes to the choice to kill a baby, then they’re all for it.


  7. Well said Z. At the end of the day, they can “raise their hands”, chant progressive slogans and hold their breath so they “can’t breath”… they’re not getting our guns.


  8. Mustang says:

    Meanwhile, the DOJ caught red-handed pressuring banks not to finance anyone in the firearms business. Is this what America voted for? Yes, it is. Shame on us.


  9. Impertinent says:

    @Z: “I think sometimes that can get out of hand and become an eyesore to residential neighborhoods but it sounds like it worked in Houston!?”

    Nope. You could be living in a neighborhood of multi million dollar homes….and there’s a trucking company or a factory in your backyard.


  10. woodsterman says:

    Watch Out! Algore is packin.


  11. Baysider says:

    Totally believable. More Guns, Less Crime, John Lott. THE definitive piece. You can borrow a copy from me, if you wish.


  12. Baysider says:

    Low information voters are ‘low information’ for a reason. “Information” implies there’s a processor there somewhere, but they don’t engage it (their brain). Which means this kind of factoid will drift right on by them even if they are looking the stats bald in the face.

    They respond with ‘feelings’ and attachment to the speaker alone. That means crafting this into a ‘story’ to which people connect emotionally, which is not hard at all to do. I can make up three right now without trying hard. Just refer to anyAmerican Rifleman column on the armed citizen. Bad guys know guns kill too – them! Then you wrap the story in the facts above to fend off the malevolent.


  13. Kid says:

    Baysider – “That means crafting this into a ‘story’ to which people connect emotionally,”

    Ding ! Light bulb On.

    Short story… I’m listening to a CD of an NPR show on health care years ago, some commie gave me. I stick in the player and about 20 minutes in, I’m screaming at the radio “GOOD GOD, GET TOT HE POINT!”

    Now I know why they do that.. 🙂


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, I know that if our side gave this information with “feelings,” they WOULD get it….it has to be delivered just right.
    I love John Lott but can’t squeeze in another book to be reading for a very long time..thanks. I absolutely believe that title is true.

    Imp: That’s exactly what I’d fear about any town with no zoning so Bob’s statements fascinated me, since I have worked in architecture and design… there no weirdness like Imp describes in Houston? Factories behind beautiful homes?

    Mustang; that is another tidbit a republican candidate MUST discuss in speeches…it’s a hideous thing.

    Heck, there are rumors that an Obama WHite House operative is now in Israel working against Netanyahu’s reelection. Wait, is THAT what WE pay for? Or is he supposedly on his own dime (BS)?
    Is it a rumor? The name was given out, and is this another media cover-up or is it true? Will we ever know? Will Netanyahu’s people expose this or is this a rightwing rumor to make it even more hot against Obama for not meeting Bibi when he’s here with Congress?


  15. Impertinent says:

    @Z: “That’s exactly what I’d fear about any town with no zoning..”

    It’s true Z,,,it’s such a hodgepodge of mixed / conditional use neighborhoods that’s insane. Actually Houston has expanded so much that it’s swallowed up many surrounding communities and applied their no zoning to them too. Now Houston ends where Galveston begins. Nothing in between like it used to be.
    I swear I’ve seen truck stops, convenience stores, auto repair joints and anything else right next to a $5 million dollar home separated by the owners privacy wall. I was there a couple years ago and huge rental properties abut single family homes. A mosque next to an “exclusive” gated neighborhood? Sing me a song …..iman. Yea…rap it out “holy” dude.


  16. Impertinent says:

    @Z: “now in Israel working against Netanyahu’s reelection…”

    Yet his claim to not meeting with him when he’s comes before Congress…was that there’s an election in Israel and he didn’t want to appear to favor anyone? He’s such a scumbag lying POS…All his staff and cultists are. Especially the two sorority sista’s from State. These two do all women a disservice…two complete bubbleheads.


  17. Impertinent says:

    Lt. Clint Lorance…for shame.


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