How reassuring is this to you?

president this terribleThere’s really nothing else to say these days……………..




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19 Responses to How reassuring is this to you?

  1. January 20, 2017 is a long way off.

    I’m still concerned that Obama has time to make appointments to the SCOTUS. 😦


  2. John M. Berger says:

    He’s the worst in my lifetime and he makes no effort to hide it!


  3. fredd says:

    He is so awful, it’s down right amazing. And this guy is PROUD of how awful all of his policies and statements are, and wears them proudly on his liberal sleeve. Only two more years, God help our country through these terrible times.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    It’s heartening to hear the criticism of his speech yesterday; the worst in a bunch of bad speeches. To not rally the communities against islamists, but instead insult Christians who fought so hard against slavery and Jim Crow, and whose Truth would never include anything like the Inquisition…is unforgivable… And for the critics who correctly speak out against the speech but say things like “that was history, this is now” when the HISTORY doesn’t even back up Obama’s lies about the Crusades or slavery, for example, is almost more unforgivable.


  5. Kid says:

    Z,”when the HISTORY doesn’t even back up Obama’s lies about the Crusades or slavery, for example, is almost more unforgivable.”

    It say it is definitely more unforgivable.

    From watching some Watter world’s, you have large numbers of college kids who don’t know when or who won or even who fought the civil war – or much of anything else. You know they take obammy’s unbelievable lies and rantings as gospel. I certainly don’t think obama knows the truth of it either. Maybe it came from rev wright..


  6. geeez2014 says:

    It very well could have, Kid….this whole thing certainly sounds like something Obama could have learned in Wright’s “Church”.
    I was proud of Mark Thiessen on Megyn Kelly’s show last night when he corrected the history and reminded folks about the hundreds of years of islamic oppression the Crusaders finally tried to STOP. And about the many Christian pastors who worked hard against slavery.


  7. Mustang says:
    Interesting, Z. Another way of looking at this is that the United States Republic lasted 231 fewer years than Rome’s —which of course suggests that ancient Romans were infinitely smarter than modern Democrats. No gloating, now—monkeys are smarter than Democrats.

    Of course, there is always hope for our future. I would share in this optimism were it not for the fact that since the presidency of Abraham Lincoln, the American Republic has been moving steadily to the left —toward communism. This is true for every president since Lincoln, except one. Ronald Reagan was actually to the right of Lincoln, but then thanks to the Bush dynasty and the Clinton presidency, American leftist voters have made up for their temporary set back. Today, the American people are seriously considering another Bush or another Clinton.

    I’m stocking up on petroleum jelly.


  8. cube says:

    I just hope our dear democratic republic survives the next two years.


  9. And yet he still has something like a 48% approval rating! This bears out what Kid said about Watter’s World interviews of college kids, doesn’t it?


  10. Impertinent says:

    Just IN…Army doing a 180…now calling the Ft. Hood massacre a terrorist act. Purple hearts will be issued….and potentially financial settlements for families. What gives when the Army just gave the finger to the donut in chief?


  11. Impertinent says:

    Oh…300 pound mom gives birth to a 14 pound kid in Tampa. He’s already 4 feet tall and will apply for stamps, SS and a drivers licence tomorrow. Mom said she didn’t know she was pregnant till last week.


  12. Kid says:

    IMP, Army doing 180. Great News. And just more gravy if it gets under obama’s skin.


  13. Impertinent says:

    @Kid…but now there’s the lying sack of excrement called Susan Rice. “The US does not face any existential threat from ISIS”. 4 citizens beheaded last time I counted….And like I was saying last night….where are they going to hit? When, How big, how bad and to whom? Cause I want to see that silly POS maggot that she is…lie about the next one. Maybe she’ll blame this one on a porn video? I’ve never slapped a woman in my life…but I swear I wouldn’t have any qualms whatsoever cold cocking her back to her ancestors in Nigeria.
    IN contrast…we have the Jordanian King to compare to our king ( small k intended ). One pilot gets torched…and all hell fire is unleashed upon Mosul and the iSIS “:capital”. 55 POS slime dead in one strike alone. Me…I’d still take Putin for having balls…and the King for the guts to say what he means…and act on it. If only we still had access to a guillotine…fit for a king.


  14. Kid says:

    I’m with you IMP, truly disgusting what is going on in our political system. I’m thinking maybe they’re taking the bubba clinton approach of ‘nothing to see here folks’ (because they have yet to have an original idea), but there is no way that will play with today’s news.
    We should all have signs that say – “Moslems go home and take obama with you” and “obama go home and take the moslems with you” Those would be the nice versions.


  15. Impertinent says:

    Jordan has 44 war planes…with more than half in the air. We have 10,000 and using a miniscule amount and criminally less active than Jordan. And if Jordan found this many targets to bomb….why didn’t we find them?


  16. Kid says:

    IMP, Imagine being in senior military command right now under this POS..


  17. Impertinent says:

    Kid..I’d settle for a military coup about now. With the king in an orange jump suit, handcuffed, leg irons and frog marched onto a prison bound bus. Say…Attica or Rikers Island.


  18. Mustang says:

    @ Imp

    Not Gitmo?


  19. Impertinent says:

    @Mustang…great idea… he’d be surrounded by his buds…grow a beard. Diss the islamic barbarity as western propaganda and hysteria. The upside might be that he’d be freed and join ISIS and possibly attack a 711 run by the Hindu’s. And Moochele would have to wear a burka.


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