Breakfast for (my GeeeZ) Champions!

The food in the picture on the left is probably my favorite breakfast.  The eggs MUST be fried in the bacon fat.  Also, a couple of pancakes on the same plate are good because dipping the sausage into the maple syrup (no other syrups need apply) is my idea of heaven.

Obviously, many of us can’t eat like this very often because it’s not been considered healthy and makes us fat!  But, the news these last couple of days says that doctors are now saying eggs, butter, fat, etc., are not bad for you.  I LOVE THOSE DOCTORS!  What is your VERY favorite breakfast?  (The perfectly cooked poached eggs are for our BOB…check out his blog and give him a hand on poaching eggs if you can!)

breakfastpoached eggsmmmmm….So, what’s your ABSOLUTELY favorite breakfast;  Include it ALL! Every detail…what kind of pancakes, syrup? Fruit, English muffins…..let’s DISH! (ouch!)

Did I make you hungry?!


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43 Responses to Breakfast for (my GeeeZ) Champions!

  1. I’m not inordinately fond of eggs — unless they’re scrambled.

    So, what is my favorite breakfast? Probably sausage gravy over biscuits with a side of grits.


  2. And pancakes are good, too. Yes, dip the sausage into syrup.


  3. bunkerville says:

    I grew up with the standard Sunday Breakfast that stayed with one all day. Salted Mackerel soaked overnight, then poached, then liberally applied butter with a hefty side of fried potatoes. Rye toast.


  4. Kid says:

    French toast made from thick sliced french loaf bread with a generous amount of butter applied then a little powdered sugar with strawberries. Sausage patties on the spicy side and strong coffee with a god hazlenut creamer. I like eggs Benedict too.


  5. FB says:

    I love a good breakfast. I love eggs, especially when the yolk is very orange, which is why I don’t mind splurging 7 dollars on pasteurized free range chicken eggs.
    As far as diet, sugar is the really enemy for your body, not fat. I was reading that people thought cholesterol was bad b/c it is cholesterol that was found in artery plaque. Bad science! The problem is what causes plaque, not what is in plaque. Sugar corrodes the body because it makes it acidic.
    I don’t worry about fat. I’m French and I love my cheese, eggs cooked with a lot of butter, creme fraiche, etc… I’m glad they’re revising all of this.

    On a side note, if we can’t get medicine right after centuries of knowledge, don’t tell me the science of global warming is bullet proof.


  6. skudrunner says:

    Sausage should always be patties, IMHO. Eggs should be fried with a side of cheese hash browns and some grits with biscuits and gravy to finish it off..
    On the pancake side, french toast made in a waffle iron is the way to go.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    Boy, “Grits with gravy”, “sausage gravy over biscuits”…..I’ve never had either, having lived in L.A. most of my life. The very first place I ever had grits was in Paris, France, because friends of ours had just moved there from Virginia and she brought them with her! Shrimp ‘n Grits…delicious!
    Sausage gravy over biscuits sounds GREAT!

    AOW…yes, the sausage MUST be dipped in the MAPLE syrup!

    Bunkerville, that sounds delicious. Are you from Scandinavian ancestry by any chance? That sounds pretty Scandinavian. I love fish….not sure I’ve had it for breakfast, except smoked salmon, of course…on bagels, cream cheese, purple onion, tomato capers. I used to leave the tomato off, for years, and finally had it about 2 years ago and regret every tomato I removed from a bagel and salmon because it is fabulous on it.

    Kid! You’ve got a SWEET TOOTH!! I like Eggs Benedict, too.

    FB..I’ll never forget seeing egg yolks in Germany the first time. BRIGHT ORANGE…and delicious. I was stunned at the color. I must say that the French and Germans lag behind Americans in a really hearty breakfast, don’t you think? At least in Munich and Paris. I mean, the French will have a croissant and coffee…typically..OJ , hot Chocolate, maybe….?
    And Germans will have a boiled egg in a standing cup, maybe some ‘lunch meat’ and rolls….
    The breakfasts in Europe don’t seem as HUGE or hearty as here. But, of course, most meals aren’t as HUGE as they are here. Europeans come here and see a sandwich and usually can’t believe how big they are here. Good hotels have some more varied items.
    I remember one in Budapest….FABULOUS breakfast buffet…….amazing sausages. I still remember having a lovely breakfast in the hotel dining room, then leaving by walking past the buffet and grabbing a few slices of salami on the way out!


  8. geeez2014 says:

    HERE is a food story that always cracks me up:

    We were taking a hydrofoil from Vienna to Budapest at 8:30 AM….Bleary-eyed, we packed, left the hotel early, and found the place we get on the boat. In the front of the boat, the most comfy seats, was a large group of Japanese tourists already seated. We started off sitting in our seats much like airline seats, belts and all……but I found that silly and got up and walked outside and enjoyed the river, the scenery, etc. Very nice. (you go through locks, too, and can watch that, which is really fascinating if you haven’t seen it before, which I had not).

    Lunch time came and I couldn’t wait to have the European tray lunch they were going to serve…and it was exquisite; Hungarian salami, peppers, breads, cheeses…DEEELICIOUS Hungarian treats.
    I looked up at the Japanese group and you know what they were eating? SUSHI.
    Boxed lunches of SUSHI.
    How they FOUND SUSHI that morning is beyond me, but I hated to consider how they were missing these delicious treats so representative of the country they were visiting! I guess “to each his own” but I still remember my surprise at seeing chopsticks and sushi…..


  9. FB says:

    I like the American or English breakfast more than the French one. I like eggs, potatoes, sausage, etc… I’ve had some good breakfasts in Germany with brotchen, sausage or cured meats, cheese, muesli, etc… I usually stuff my face at breakfast if I can then eat salad and small snacks the rest of the day. My energy level is very steady the rest of the day. No crash.


  10. Impertinent says:

    English muffin with lots of butter… and 2 Marlboro’s.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Imp! I didn’t know you still smoke! English muffin, lots of butter and coffee…mmmm
    For various reasons,I’ve had to really lower my coffee intake, which was low already!…I miss it.

    FB….I agree. And you’re so right about SUGAR in your previous comment. Yes, German breakfasts can be good…and who doesn’t LOVE a French Croissant and Cafe au lait? But….
    nothing like eggs, potatoes and sausage. And, if bacon? Make sure the eggs are fried in a little of the bacon grease….oh, man, is that DELICIOUS!


  12. Impertinent says:

    @Z…just my 2 for the day. Can’t get jump started without a hit…LOL


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Imp; so that’s it? That’s good! I never smoked a lot but I did ….I could have one, or two…and not smoke again in a week. Or go have cocktails with friends and smoke half a pack.. ..
    They say some people have a gene that prevents addiction to nicotine….who knows?


  14. Impertinent says:

    Well..maybe another if I’m skyping with Kid and having a Stoly! He makes me nervous…LOL


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Oh, man, Imp…..Cold Stoly, Kid and a Marlboro…good stuff 🙂


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Now I’m a bit scared to hear Kid’s retort 🙂


  17. Kid says:

    I cleaned it up for you Z.


  18. We eat most meals with health in mind. That being said, we “deviate” occasionally (note: I didn’t say “cheat”) and love a couple of eggs w/hashed browns and a pancake (or 2) on the side. We also love waffles with fresh strawberries and maple syrup and eat that often. Even if we do everything perfectly (diet, exercise, no alcohol, etc) we will still get older and die. So enjoy!


  19. Baysider says:

    Used to be Mr. B’s omelets. With bacon and avocado. His college roommate’s father was a chef, and they learned how to make fabulous omelets. Lately, I’ve been moving away from highly heated eggs (to preserve all that goodness in those orange yolks) and our new favorite is a hash: sweet potato, hot Italian sausages (oh, get the ones from Peads and Barnett in the Wed & Sat. farmer’s markets – from Mangalitza pork mix and soooo tender), onion, rosemary and garlic cooked up in ghee. Top with a poached egg and avocado slices – raw sour cream if I’m being really decadent.

    I also loved fish for breakfast. Mr. B. couldn’t stand the smell, so I stopped years ago. But a good salmon or sole is a treat.


  20. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, I tell young people I know to EAT NOW! Don’t overdo the bad stuff, but ENJOY, you’ll be told NOT to eat those hamburgers and other great stuff soon enough! I agree with you; enjoy in moderation, but DO ENJOY!

    Baysider, I can’t imagine SOLE for breakfast though I love it otherwise…smoked salmon, yes. But I think you have to have been raised eating fish for bkfst; like the Brits and their kippers?
    Of course, my family eats scrambled eggs with lemon on top and I know that’s a tough one for many folks but, with a little salt, it’s delicious. Particularly with ham cut into the eggs.


  21. Bob says:

    Oh, my, Z. You could not have written on a better subject. I have not been blogging on my site for a while, and will take this opportunity to update the world (those who count) on my poached egg solution.

    In my research I asked some of the people at our hair salon about poaching eggs, knowing that several people there were really good cooks. Disappointingly, only one person liked poached eggs, or more correctly, coddled eggs. He did mention a local cookware store, Cook’s Warehouse.

    I found some things at Cook’s Warehouse called Poachpods. These silicon rubber gizmo’s are cups that, when a raw egg is cracked into them, float in the boiling water in a pan. My three quart pan can fit three of these silicon rubber things, and it takes longer to cook a “three minute” egg than normal. You must put some cooking oil in the cups, and I use coconut oil which seems to do better than olive oil or Wesson Oil.

    Here there they are on Amazon.


  22. skudrunner says:

    The one thing I could never get accustom to in Europe was the lack of endless large cups of coffee. They seem to feel one medium cup is enough. Of course the idea of water with gas is a total turn off, never could get use to it.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    BOB! You DID see I mentioned you and that picture of poached eggs was for you, yes? It sounds like you zoned in on breakfast and didn’t? Let me know 🙂 That happens sometimes.
    TERRIFIC that you found these little POACH PODS! Terrific!

    Skudrunner; I had to laugh because I remember the first time a German flight attendant on Lufthansa said “Mitt Gas?” I had to wonder what she meant …I’d asked for water. It hit me what she meant and then I laughingly thought “not WITH gas yet, haven’t drunken the bubbles yet !” 🙂

    And yes…the Europeans don’t drink large cups of coffee all day like some do here…and you’re lucky to get even a MEDIUM sized on in Paris! They’re those tiny Demitasse but they pack a whollop because they’re STRONG. You can ask for a normal cup, however. I have to admit French coffee is delicious, however. Of course, Starbucks is growing there and so all that beauty of the French Cafe is going to go…..SO SO SAD.

    What really got ME was when I’d order orange juice…They serve a small plate with a very tall thin glass half filled with delicious FRESH OJ…and a tall thin glass of water and a sugar packet. I told Mr. Z “I guess this is so you can make that great fresh OJ taste like concentrate!?” 🙂


  24. Angel says:

    hungry..yup! wait till u see my goodies at WHT Z! Ii will take u out of spam..not sure at all why that is happening to so many people!!! Happy Valentines Day!! xoxox


  25. Lisa says:

    Z I like yours on the upper left but I am with AOW I like scrambled too. And Kids’ French Toast is my idea of a yummy breafast too. Coffee or Tea works for me
    During the week though I have a simple breakfast with oatmeal and toast or just toast. Trader Joes Tuscan style bread is the perfect thinness and texture for toasting


  26. FB says:

    Eggs and potatoes in duck fat 🙂 Delicious


  27. Impertinent says:

    @Bay…is there room for one more at your breakfast table? I can be there tomorrow…Geez…that sounds so good.


  28. geeez2014 says:

    Angel, thanks!

    Lisa….I had papaya and blueberries this morning…boy, do I love that!

    FB….fabulous…ANYTHING in duck fat is delicious, right!? Or nearly everything!

    Which reminds me; a European friend of mine slices potatoes into a skillet with butter or olive oil in it and starts them cooking….slowly…not too high a heat….when they’re lovely crispy on the outside and soft on the inside of each little piece, she cracks eggs into it and stirs it up until they’re not runny…..S&P and DELICIOUS.

    Also, with leftover pasta, I sometimes do this for bkfst:….heat it up in a small frying pan on butter or oil…when the pasta’s warm, throw an egg into it and stir, then S&P and grated parmesan cheese….just enough to heat the egg through….put it on a plate and sprinkle more Parmesan and that is DELICIOUS….heavy on the pepper!


  29. Bob says:

    Z: As you might have guessed, breakfast is my favorite meal. Years ago, my favorite meal was dinner, or as we say in the South, supper. Dinner can be any meal.

    I, too, was taken by the recent study that eggs were not bad for you. As a matter of fact, I have long resented the government’s food pyramid, and any other food recommendations made by the Feds. Michelle Obama means well, but kids just aren’t going to eat that crap she favors. If the truth were known there have been more than a few teens revolting at the Obama table.

    I have known for a long time that food cholesterol does not always end up as blood cholesterol. Some does, and we may need to watch it. However, if you are an active person, and your blood levels are OK, there is no reason to change your diet. My cholestrol is up, now, and I am eating less fat and food cholesterol, too.

    In the case of those beautiful poached eggs, there is relatively little harm.

    I am always skeptical of medical/food studies, anyway. It seems that most prove to be wrong over time, and some are wrong out of the box. For example, how many studies on coffee have we heard of in the last twenty years? How many say coffee is bad, and how many say that coffee is good for your health? The truth is that all of those studies have problems. They do make good newspaper stories, though.


  30. Impertinent says:

    @BOB: “For example, how many studies on coffee have we heard of in the last twenty years?”

    Exactly Bob…and I’ll be damned if I’d ever give up my coffee! Black…no sugar…no cream / milk (ugh why ruin the flavor of a good coffee anyway? ) as I have been drinking up to 5 cups a day for the last 50 years. And I’m 115 / 72! Perhaps it is all in the genes?


  31. Impertinent says:

    @Bob…besides it’s damn unAmerican not to be offered a cup of coffee.


  32. Bob says:

    My favorite breakfast use to be my mother-in-law’s patty sausage, scrambled eggs, sausage gravy, and homemade biscuits. The woman was a wonderful southern cook. Her daughter will not cook biscuits to keep me from becoming bigger than an NFL offensive guard.

    I love the omelets at the Waffle House where they whip the eggs in a milkshake blender. Wow! They are fluffy. I also live the breakfasts at IHOP, i.e., scrambled eggs, pancakes, hashbrowns, and patty sausage. This is a once per year outing for us.

    When traveling, we like to stop at the Cracker Barrel where we will indulge our breakfast hunger in the beige food group; biscuits with gravy, with sausage and eggs covered with gravy. Oh, yeah, put some gravy on the side, too. For lunch at the Cracker Barrel, I like their Country Fried Steak. It is not as good as Texas Chicken Fried Steak, but it is very good.

    My normal breakfast, lately, is poached eggs on English muffins with little turkey sausages on the side.

    Geeez! I am hungry, now.


  33. geeez2014 says:

    Imp….nothing like really good coffee!

    Bob…The “beige food group”….that’s funny and so true and so delicious.

    And yes…some day stuff’s bad for us, some days the same stuff’s okay….UGH…let’s eat the good stuff anyway!


  34. Scrambled with Feta. Very crispy bacon. Whole wheat toast (Smuckers Strawberry Preserves) with real butter on the other side. crispy American Fries. Coffee, single cream.
    Repeat as necessary.

    alternatively, a Greek omelet.


  35. geeez2014 says:

    Scrambled with Feta? Sounds delicious….
    Ed, what do you mean “on the other side”….preserves on one side and butter on the other side? How do you HOLD it? 🙂
    And FRIES with it, huh?

    “repeat as necessary” is good……….very clever!


  36. Crust between the fingertips. American fries are sliced and pan fried, also called home or cottage fries. Scherie will sometimes fry leftover mashed potatoes for me.


  37. geeez2014 says:

    ED….I should ask you why you don’t put the butter and jam on the same side, but I won’t 🙂
    Fried leftover mashed potatoes…with eggs..mmmm!


  38. FB says:

    “Black…no sugar…no cream / milk” Exactly. I love my Nespresso and Mystic Monks Coffee is delicious too.


  39. jerrydablade says:

    Z, This blog is making me hungry! I was reminded of the annual extended family wine tasting weekend last month in northern Michigan. I was a little tipsy at dinner, so when the waitress asked how I would like my steak done, I told her “over medium”… Realizing my error, I immediately followed up with “I mean over easy!”. So the next morning at the Omelet Shoppe, I had to order my entree “medium rare.” It all worked out.


  40. geeez2014 says:

    Jerry, you crack me up….imagine a medium rare omelet? Ptui!! 🙂


  41. Joe says:

    Belgium waffle with a half pound of strawberries and a full bowl of fresh homemade whipped cream on it. Other fave would be your plate on the left, only 86 the sausage and replace it with double bacon and some CRISPY corned beef hash!


  42. Joe says:

    Two eggs, over light, two sausage patties (medium bite), a bowl of grits, three pancakes with maple (or almost any kind of quality) syrup. Mix the eggs and sausage in the grits and have at it. Mmmmm!


  43. What I REALLY have almost daily.
    Dry English Muffin (cinnamon raisin), two slices crispy bacon, orange slices and some raisins, washed down with black coffee, while driving to work, steering with the left hand.


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