I need a some MUSIC…………

I’m tired of everything in the news these days, I’m saddened by bad news from friends about health, etc…and I needed a break and imagine you do, too.

This California-raised, Paris and Munich livin’ girl needs the following video, believe it or not!  I can’t watch/listen to this without sitting here with a HUGE grin on my face.  (there is also NO bunch I’d rather play or sing with.  NONE)   It lifts me up every time.   The harmony absolutely DOES ME IN, and these are AMAZING “pickers” and singers….  Yes, your buddy Z loves this stuff…go figure!

And, I thought I’d throw this in because it’s another that fills my heart and makes me smile just from the sheer greatness of the music and harmonies:

Delicious!…and you Southerners will like my sentiment! 😉
I hope you delighted in at least one of these……..?  I sure do.



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5 Responses to I need a some MUSIC…………

  1. Well, its okay, Z. I can see why you like it. I’ve always been a jazz guy, but like country western some, too. Did you hear the one where a country western singer and a jazz musician were set to be shot, so they asked the singer if he had a last request so he asked to hear the entire vocal of achy-break heart, and they said no problem, then asked the jazz musician if he had a last request, and he said “Yeah. Shoot me first!”


  2. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, I’m a jazz singer and love good jazz but it touches me in a different way. Am also a fairly accomplished classical pianist and love classical music. But this music I posted just lifts me up BIG TIME: it’s no ‘great music,’ believe me…but it’s accomplished, fun, and the camaraderie among the performers can’t be beat. Mark O’Connor, the fiddler on the top video has a CD with Yoyo Ma that’s INCREDIBLE: O’Connor plays gorgeous classical violin! WHO KNEW?

    I adore the harmonies and I LOVE the camaraderie you can see in the eyes of all these fabulous Country players as they step up to the microphones….such great fun….

    I love your joke and I TOTALLY get it….particular for achy-breaky heart…ARRGHH! That was a BAD ONE! Good Country pickin’ can’t be beat. Man, there is some BAAAD country music out there, believe me!

    By the way,I’m a huge Billy Eckstein and Dick Haymes (Long Ago and Far Away….SO GOOD), and Ella Fitzgerald fan (Steve and Eydie, too)………I’m glad you like jazz, too.


  3. Kid says:

    Z, Chet Atkins said modern country music ruined country music and I agree, but he wasn’t talking about Steve Wariner or Vice Gill or any of those other folks in your first tune.

    Couple of good tunes there. I like The Band too.


  4. There are only two kinds of music,
    good musc and



  5. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, you like THE BAND? Most people on this blog don’t acknowledge them when I’ve posted them over the years….I guess most folks don’t like them but I’d have to say they’re in my top 3 fave bands.
    I’m not sure what the other 2 would be!! I love Supertramp…ZZ Top….A lot of old Stones…….I love Motown (I know that’s not a band…and Marvin Gay isn’t either, but… that genre’d be on the top of any list)….Leon Russell (not a band, I know…and most of my bloggers here don’t like him much, either), Lynyrd Skynyrd, a lot of The Grateful Dead (Rag, Mama, Rag, etc.), I adore the Bee Gee’s soundtrack of Saturday Night Fever; that ALWAYS makes me smile …
    tons of groups. But the Band is right on top.

    Ed, actually, I like rap! I LOVE the beat……yup, have to admit that!


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