MSNBC and the GUILTY CHARGE coverage….

kyle and littlefield

Yes, Monday night, after hearing the GUILTY verdict, I immediately watched a bit of FOX (Hannity was practically stammering and foaming at the mouth with delight at the GUILTY verdict on Routh, Kyle and Littlefield’s murderer.)  Nothing new there.

Then I put on CNN and their coverage included lawyers discussing if the defense really did a good enough job and how the jury was probably stacked against Routh and, “you know…it’s Texas”….  The intellectual viewpoint seemed to be that those oafs in Texas don’t really have a grip, but there ya go.

And then I put on MSNBC and took notes just from the fact that (believe it or not, since I seem to watch a bit more of that than most of you do) they still surprise and disgust me:

You have to know that the guy doing his show when the Breaking News came on happened to be self-avowed Socialist Lawrence O’ Donnell, and BROTHER, was HE disgusted (but from a very different thing than I was).  OH, and the ‘ticker tape’ thing running across the screen at the bottom said EX MARINE GUILTY OF KILLING AMERICAN SNIPER.  (Got to make sure everybody knows it’s an EX MARINE who KILLED, right?)

O’Donnell asked of the expert he was interviewing:  “What’s the difference between a day in a prison and a day in a mental institution?”   The response was”Well, of COURSE, a mental institution is better because it tries to make people well, and then they can have their case reviewed and possibly be released WHEN THEY ARE WELL.”…the implication was Rauth would be well, and how could we think of locking him up with no rehab?  Then the expert said “This is all SO sad, we have to remember how bad PTSD is…”

O’Donnell and the guest commiserated that the coverage was “Stacked against Rauth” because he has PTSD and heard voices, etc.  …inferring they didn’t take those into consideration at all.

Then this: “Any sympathetic chords struck by the Rauth family were overwhelmed by Mrs. Kyle’s testimony…”   They said the mother’s testimony that she’d asked for help for her son was not heard….and ..ready?  …”This jury ‘in their mind’s eyes’ thought this verdict was how they should rule”.  Well, they just couldn’t help thinking that…being Texas, and his being what most Americans actually view as a hero though he killed so many, right, y’all?

It was poor O’Donnell and his guest barely able to believe someone would be convicted of killing a sniper like Kyle;  talk about shocking television.

It was quite an interesting examination of the 3 cable channels.(much more interesting than my reportage here, admittedly)……..and, clearly, nothing really new, but O’Donnell really never does cease to amaze for some reason….

Think we’ll ever get to a point where  a sniper who loved America as much as Kyle did and one who protected soldiers as much as he did will ever get respect from the far Left?    OR…I’d be fine with their disrespect if only people commented on it…..noticed it, disdained it..?

I’m posting this picture of Chad Littlefield and his family here just because I’m SICK of only hearing about Kyle’s death (though I revere Kris Kyle and always will)…..we lost another GREAT AMERICAN in Littlefield and he’s really been barely mentioned.  God bless his wife, little girl who’ll never see her daddy again on this earth, his parents, siblings and friends.  We’re so sorry, Chad, and we thank you for your service, too.

chad littlefield

God bless Kyle and Littlefield.    



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8 Responses to MSNBC and the GUILTY CHARGE coverage….

  1. jonolan says:

    MSNBC is one of the propaganda outlets for our domestic enemies. They’ll keep doing what they’re doing until some American snipers cull their personnel – something is past due for happening.


  2. Think we’ll ever get to a point where a sniper who loved America as much as Kyle did and one who protected soldiers as much as he did will ever get respect from the far Left?



  3. Kid says:

    The libtards prove every minute of every day that they don’t give a * about victims. Whether it’s a good father and husband or his 3 year old daughter raped and murdered by some human garbage.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    AOW…So Weasel Zipper saw it, too. Watching the coverage was almost unbearable. Nobody doesn’t wish that jerk hadn’t killed our heroes, and nobody wouldn’t rather someone doesn’t do something that lands him in jail, but “His Life is Ruined”? Anybody ever consider the life of the HERO who made GOOD choices in HIS life? WOW.

    Kid, you’re so right.

    jonolan…I don’t support anybody killing anybody…but it is getting to the breaking point.
    BUT, don’t worry, everybody, DHS already has Christian Terrorists high on their list….they have no problem identifying the CHRISTIAN part, but let an Islamist commit terror, and they’re not so good on identifying that truth. So, if Americans start taking matters into their own hands, which I don’t suggest at this point (at least not killing…I WISH more Americans would start screeching about SO MANY THINGS WE SEEM TO BE ACCEPTING~!), the DHS has it ALLL set up that it’s Americans who are the bad guys. Well, gee, they don’t agree with Obama…(gad)


  5. Mustang says:

    The left is human garbage. Nothing those people do or say should be a surprise.


  6. Baysider says:

    You’ve got to remember these people have trouble with moral clarity. It doesn’t break MY heart that justice was truly served.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    Hi< Baysider…lunch was terrific….let's do it again soon!
    And yes, Justice was served..but if the lefties don't like it, suddenly it is NOT justice! 🙂

    Mustang….isn't it a shame we have to feel that way? But isn't it even more a shame that there are SO MANY in that category!? This REALLY bothered me…..REALLY bothered me.
    Here's a hero who's SHOT IN THE BACK, TWO heroes, and the Left is sorry the guy got prison!? WOW


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