Star Parker Video; Black Pastors for Israel

THIS is a good video of many Black Pastors throughout America, brought by Star Parker, to speak against the boycott of Netanyahu’s speech and President Obama’s stance.   It’s very long so you might want to scroll through and see a few;  I recommend stopping around 6 minutes, 13 minutes and 24 minutes…28 minutes…but you might want to scroll around more than that.   I’d love to go to dinner with all those guys!  (you’ll love seeing Star’s eyebrows pop up …around minute 31, when one of the Pastors slams Obama pretty good…she agrees, believe me!, but it surprised her, apparently!)  At minute 35, she’ll introduce Pastor James David Manning, who many of you have seen before.  He’s in Al Sharpton’s district and Star says “I’m SORRY” when she mentions that, to lots of laughter!. You’ll like the Pastor at 42 minutes, too. GeeeZ, looks like I liked ’em all! He is a member of John Conyer’s district and Star grimaces with “Mr. Reparations!”  This is a great bunch of Pastors!   It has a slow start, but you’ll enjoy it as it moves along, I promise.

Looks to me that most of those pastors aren’t too fond of Obama’s behavior…you’ll enjoy this, and you’ll get a kick out of Star’s reactions to Pastor Manning….he’s worth watching alone.  He even mentions the truth that the White House DID know about Netanyahu coming, unlike the lies the Left’s been saying.

Then take a look at the LIB LOGIC below if you haven’t already;  you’ll like it!

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7 Responses to Star Parker Video; Black Pastors for Israel

  1. bunkerville says:

    If we played our cards half way right, the conservatives could pick up a lot of Black votes. I was hoping Allen West would get into the Black churches and otherwise address Black audiences who have been sorely taken for granted.


  2. Mustang says:
    Ever a turd in a punchbowel, let me say that an abundance of black congregations are politically far left … somewhere between Stalin and Wright/Farrakhan, and none of thoese people are much interested in hearing what Parker or West have to say. Don’t get me wrong; it isn’t as if they hate America because down in their hearts they are true capitalists. It is simply a matter of free money through alliances with far left politicians. And, in case you’ve forgotten, Obama phones.


  3. geeez2014 says:

    Bunkerville,you’re absolutely right…and that is what Star Parker’s trying to do…exactly that.

    Mustang, I think we need to give credit where credit is due and I’m very optimistic about Star Parker, her work, and these pastors who are only a tiny bit of those she’s working with, and they have huge congregations. I think there’s a trend that’s new and better for our country and while a LOT of Blacks in America won’t even listen to all these Black pastors who know better, I’m all for celebrating their leaders who are trying to get them to remember what you rightly say; they are true capitalists and only need to hook back up with that.
    The video’s very uplifting…and very promising.


  4. Bob says:

    I have to agree with Mustang. The black community is not going to suddenly reverse a century’s worth of voting tendencies. It doesn’t work that way. To get the black vote you have to promise them stuff just like the Dems do. You have to play race cards to keep the masses stirred up. You have to have a protest march every now and then to keep the “cause” in the public eye.

    All Republicans want to do is to make people free and rich. The Dem and the black community do not think in those terms. Race is a lever to get the social stuff the libs want, and blacks follow along willingly.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    Bob, you know, I think it’s worth noting when we have a group like this that does represent thousands of people. I know there are millions of Black Americans; I publish these though I usually get negativity from them, because I won’t give up, particularly on Black folks.
    As I said above, this is only a few of the Black pastors across the country who think this way. Their churches are full. Their people have mostly traditional values and yes, we’ve ruined a generation (White, too, I’ll add), but to negate this show of solidarity, and not recognize their willingness to go against the tide for what they know is right, robs them of their intentions and, possibly, our own safety.


  6. I love listening to Pastor Levon Yuelle on the Radio ( every weekend.
    His church is right around the corner from ours.
    I mentioned him in my post yesterday, if you’ll recall.
    This is a great video. Thanks.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, I didn’t remember the same name…sorry about that. How nice that you are nearby.
    These guys ROCK….I was really impressed, and Star has many others; this is pretty much her thing nowadays, bringing Black Pastors around to where they’re saying “Wait, maybe I AM a conservative now that you say that!” Good


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