Good luck, America….and a little more***

So, police are BAD, and don’t rest easy thinking “this is only Ferguson”…Holder will be on this far past his time at the White House (please, when DOES he end?)

And Homeland Security’s bill was just passed without any change to Obama’s immigration idea to ‘Let ’em stay…and, by the way, give them free college, too…but not for the kids born here, oh, no…..’…

So we’ve got a lot of immigrants killing people in car accidents and other horrible situations covered in the media in the last few years, so more can now stay AND we’re training our cops to be sweeter and less careful about people of color.


Good luck, America.

***The LITTLE MORE I added in my subject just now is this:
The White House meme seems to be that “Netanyahu was CONDESCENDING” and I’m hearing that word all over, so Valerie Jarrett’s alerted her troops, the media, etc.  That’s the word to use….it belittles Netanyahu, gets the emotions up for poor Obama and his brilliant dopes, and who likes to be condescended too?    Perfect, White House…great, Val…

Pelosi’s crying was very effective for leftwingers, right?  Oh, the emotion of Netanyahu thinking they don’t know what they’re doing with Iran, when his speech showed them they clearly DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY”RE DEALING WITH!  Ah, well.  And now they’re saying the OPTICS weren’t good, that having Boehner and Hatch behind Netanyahu looked like a Republican president with a Republican Congress was speaking.  Well, if Biden had wanted to………………

I’m moving back to Paris.

or Munich.

you, too?!!!


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30 Responses to Good luck, America….and a little more***

  1. Kid says:

    You didn’t think holder would find any other conclusion for Ferguson I hope.

    Yes, the dems use the nuclear option and don’t bring a single repub bill to the floor, and the repubs can’t even say no to a single thing. Very pathetic.


  2. geeez2014 says:

    It’s not just his conclusion, sadly. It’s a very dangerous precedence; because I’ve stood up for police here, it’s been inferred that I don’t think brutality is a bad thing..I DO. And there are cops I’ve met I’ve hated for their nasty demeanor, but, in general? This is a terrible indictment of a lot of very good people and, I think, unfair.

    Pathetic is right on the weenie Republicans for passing DHS with no strings….Obama won. BIG TIME on that.
    Germany is apparently letting in about half a million immigrants this year alone (they pay for EVERYTHING when they arrive, by the way, MORE than we ever thought of doing); my stepson’s just arrived from Munich for about 5 weeks and I’m hoping he’ll write some truth of Europe for us here….we’re next.


  3. woodsterman says:

    I guess Beohner has to be impeached before we impeach Obama.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    I’ve thought that for a while, Woodster…you’re right


  5. skudrunner says:

    The Republicans have a legacy to uphold. Take a sure thing and screw it up, they do it every time.
    Now that pelosi has been brought to tears and obama has shown his antisemitic side, the jewish vote will still go to the dems. Some things you can’t change.

    Read today that obama is back on the attack against responsible Americans who work and save and small business. If it wasn’t so sad you could laugh when the dems profess to be for the middle class.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Skud…I’m heartsick about the DHS thing…Obama winning anything hurts my feelings, I have to admit i don’t rejoice when he’s got the edge…it’s always SO WRONG. And yes, the Republicans are total MESS and that November election did NOTHING to change them..ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.
    POOOR nancy Pelosi……dashed out of the chamber and is so hurt that Netanyahu doesn’t understand that the Obama thug regime DOES know the threat and IS able to take care of it! AS IF!!!???

    Obama’s not been for the middle class since he went up to the upper class.


  7. Mustang says:

    The supposition that racial bias equates to racism is false. On a regular basis, police officers are exposed to the worst of America. They deal with the dregs of our society. In Ferguson, where most people are black, police see the worst of the lot on a regular basis. So it is human that they would develop a certain bias toward blacks when so many do the kinds of things that were perpetrated by Michael Brown. This does not make police racists. It makes them realists. Eric Holder is a racist, though. No doubt about that. And Obama. And the new Attorney General, too.


  8. Mustang says:

    As regards Netanyahu, the White House is behaving childishly. Seriously … this is the best leftists have, which means that it is positively the worst America has to offer. What more is Obama up to? He is hatching a plan to federalize all state and local police departments. Remember … this is the man most Americans voted for on two occasions. And since the communist in chief has federalized police agencies, he may as well federalize all courts too. And since there are no more state or municipal courts, then there is no reason for state legislatures.

    Having fun yet, Communists USA?


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang, I JUST LITERALLY sent you an email with an article about Obama’s federalizing police and then came here and read your comment…great minds again.



  10. Impertinent says:

    The Ferguson PD too often used “disproportionate” force against “unarmed” little boys and arrested too may blacks for “petty” crimes”.

    As Giuliani stated…if they weren’t shooting each other maybe the cops wouldn’t be necessary all the time? Regardless…the animals are never expected to change…to stop assaulting cops….to obey reasonable demands from the cops….or to behave properly and lawfully. It’s the cops who have to modify their way of policing. ISIS? Crap…the real terrorists are the gang bangers and ghetto punks.


  11. Bob says:

    When the polls come out Netanyahu will be more popular than BO.


  12. What I read when I arrived home from work today:

    Obama “Very Interested” In Raising Taxes Through Executive Action


    Obama Unveils National ObamaLaw Plan

    The second term of Obama is the linchpin for the destruction of America as a republic based in the principles of federalism!

    And my Dem “friends” on Facebook think that the above is fine and dandy because Congress won’t get off its ass and do something; therefore, it’s up to the President to do everything via fiat.


  13. Homeland Security’s bill was just passed without any change to Obama’s immigration idea to ‘Let ‘em stay…and, by the way, give them free college, too…but not for the kids born here, oh, no…..’…

    Didn’t the November 2014 Election matter at all? Apparently not!


  14. lisa says:

    Netanyahu’s speech was refreshing, inspiring, motivational, methodical, logical. strong, and heartfelt. What a change from Obama’s critical, arrogant, self centered and juvenile rants.


  15. Impertinent says:

    The House of Representatives passed the Senate-passed Department of Homeland Security (DHS) funding bill that gives tax dollars to President Obama’s executive amnesty on Tuesday. But the only way Speaker John Boehner was able to get the bill passed was by teaming up with Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and her Democrats.

    A whopping 167 House Republicans—an astounding number—voted against the DHS bill that funds Obama’s amnesty. The vote, a clear signal of no-confidence in Boehner, came after a vigorous debate on the House floor.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Lisa, I couldn’t agree with you more….good adjectives there, thanks.

    Always: I HONESTLY believe the psychologists are working overtime with Valerie Jarrett at the WH to come up with this stuff; I DO believe that the Left is just pushing SO HARD and creating idiotic non-thinking morons like your Dem friends who actually think doing SOMETHING, even if it’s the wrong thing for all of us, is good……But, they’re right about Congress.

    DID the election in November matter? not one bit. And I believe the WH knew this. Or they’re all in cahoots and we’re not privy…. (by ‘all’ I mean the Left and the Right)

    Imp; i suppose you heard tonight that Giuliani has said “I got blasted for putting more cops in Black neighborhoods….that’s where the stats showed CRIME WAS, are we supposed to put extra cops in the expensive, no crime areas?” He was right.
    But the Left can’t STAND the very idea that minorities actually are criminals. If only the good ones among them would try to change the thoughts of their neighbors.

    Bob….I guess. By tomorrow, the media will have taken Valerie Jarrett’s directions and will be calling Netanyahu CONDESCENDING and showing Pelosi’s big tear-swollen eyes, and pushing Obama’s IDIOTIC statement that Bibi didn’t give any alternative..which he did. It helps if you LISTEN, Barack, before you MOUTH OFF.



  17. geeez2014 says:

    Imp; I CANNOT STAND BOEHNER…I won’t bore everybody with my story of meeting him and how drunk and foul he was. But he is TRULY a drunken BOOR.


  18. I’m thinking about quitting.
    No more complaining, no more getting excitable.
    Just kiss America good bye.
    Stop swimming up stream.
    Go with the flow.
    Peace out.
    Maybe I’ll sleep better.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, just TODAY the news is so bad…
    The ignoring of the Netanyahu speech and everything else we’ve all heard.
    The very idea that Obama would federalize law enforcement!!?? and Exec Order?
    Higher taxes by Executive Order?
    The immigration law allowing SO MANY law breakers to stay here…

    it goes on and on…………..Iran having the bomb, cops reporting to some Cop Wizard in D.C. with laws probably made by Obama (“don’t ever arrest a Black guy”!!) , robbing more and more from those who HAVE and ruining business in this manner so we lose MORE jobs, ..and LET ‘EM ALL IN!
    it’s amazing.

    Try Ambien 🙂


  20. Kid says:

    If the people don’t vote them out. If they support a dictator and evil or useless representatives on both sides… If states don’t protect themselves using the constitution, what can be done ? Nada. Time for plan R. Hey, does anyone know remember Plan R is? I forget. Dang.


  21. Ambien gives me wierd dreams.
    It was great the first time.
    Like most drugs.


  22. Impertinent says:

    @Kid…Plan S…is my wish.


  23. Impertinent says:

    And if this is AMERICA…..I hate it.


  24. Mustang.Koji says:

    I cry for my kids and granddaughter. When Obama referred to Trayvon as “he could be my son,” that was a definite signal of the end of society as we knew it. It’s funny he never refers to a white kid murdered by Black thugs as “he could be my son”… Our Admin simply sucks… and sucks working Americans dry as well.


  25. Kid says:

    Evil IS and Has Been in charge. Stupid Evil actually, supported by at least 3 generations plus some older morons. The ‘supported by’ is the real ball buster.

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  26. Kid says:

    IMP, I think “America” is being very misrepresented by the media but the good guys better show up in 2016 and En Mass !


  27. Mustang.Koji says:

    Absoulutely, Kid. I’m sick of this race crap, too… You know, when my dad was released from his Idaho concentration camp, he had ZERO. Yet, I went to college. That says a whole bunch about “disadvantaged minorities” who feel entitled to wave the race card and be excused.


  28. Kid says:

    Mustang.Koji. Losers Always have the best excuses. They spend their lives coming up with them.
    I was personally born a poor black child. I never asked for anything and never got anything, I don’t live in Malibu or own a yacht, but I’m doing Ok.
    My wife’s father served with the Flying Tigers in China. Gunner on a B17. After WWII, he came here with 10 bucks, started a Chinese restaurant, was the chef, sent for his wife and children a couple years later. No one gave him anything either.
    I’m very tired of Losers.

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  29. Mustang.Koji says:

    Flying Tigers? Dang!!!!! Cool!!!


  30. Kid says:

    Yes, I loved talking to him. What an incredible person. I got to know him far too late. He passed away at 93.

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