O’Reilly vs Williams…and the Mad Dogs of Lefties


ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE.  You can say what you will about O’Reilly, and I’m surely not his big fan, but if anybody watches the show you know that ridiculous ‘poster’ is not even close to the truth.  He often disagrees with people but rarely undermines their patriotism or love of this country.  I publish it here only as a lead in for my post….:

Do you think the Left will finally topple Bill O’Reilly in their anger that one of theirs, Brian Williams, was found to have lied?  It seems like every arrow’s being aimed at O’Reilly now and they’re going to get him if it’s the last thing they do.   They lost, and they don’t lose easily.  Check these out!





And there are SO MANY MORE….one of those headlines above is listed on one liberal home page 3 times for some reason.  Got to make SURE America reads it, right?

I think they’re going to win.  Media Matters says they’re “It’s ALL HANDS on DECK!” HERE is more on that….amazing.  The ADMIT they’re after O’Reilly and won’t stop.

And HERE is a poll by Huff Post which I think (know) is a TOTAL lie….it’s ludicrous.

What do you think?  And why isn’t anybody in the media reporting on the reasons behind this sudden scourge and how cheap a deal this is….the timing is no coincidence! They loved Williams, they hate O’Reilly;  why should O’Reilly (“the liar and misinformer himself,” as he’s called by the Left) stay if they lose THEIR GUY!?  Right?


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8 Responses to O’Reilly vs Williams…and the Mad Dogs of Lefties

  1. fredd says:

    O’Reilly is a big boy, he can take care of himself. He has somewhat thinner skin than, say, a Rush Limbaugh, who has been taking the never ending arrows from the left for the better part of three decades now.

    I’m not his biggest fan, either. And I am unsure as to why the left hates him as much as they do. He is a centrist, and a non-committed independent. Seems they should love him to death, but they don’t. And he doesn’t help his position when he yells down guests on his program with whom he disagrees. He’s a typical big guy: 6’4″, standard bull of the woods, big guys do this their whole lives, they just can’t help it, it’s genetic. The big tall guy can yell louder, and figure they must be right.


  2. I do sometimes watch The O’Reilly Factor, but am not a fan of Bill O’Reilly on several different levels.

    That said, if It seems like every arrow’s being aimed at O’Reilly now and they’re going to get him if it’s the last thing they do, is true — and I do think that the statement is true at this point — then the game is on. If the Left hates him that much, then O’Reilly must be saying things that need to be said.


  3. Question: Has O’Rellly said anything lately which particularly angers the Left? I know that he’s been talking about the Obama administration’s lack of policy “to deal with the jihad” (O’Reilly’s words a few weeks ago). I saw that show and the next few shows, which dealt with the same matter the opening Memo.


  4. “And he doesn’t help when he yells down guests on his program that disagree with him” is something I find most of the hosts on Fox do, much as I hate to say it. I keep asking my wife why don’t they let their guest finish when talking? They keep interrupting them, then finishing with “times up so we have to cut it short”, and you see the frustration on the guests face. Not good.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    fredd….he so rarely yells people down, and usually because their facts are skewed, that I don’t see him that way. Though he’s REAL mushy on some of what we conservatives hold sacred, he’s done a ton of good for children, and even brought things to light that our media’s not wanted out there.
    My question is the timing of getting him NOW, just when the leftist’s dream, Brian Williams, found himself revealed and I think my point stands, don’t you?

    AOW…yes, he does. But it’s also about Williams. The Left can’t take it when one of theirs FINALLY FINALLY gets the light shed on his darkness…
    O’Reilly does need to stay on; he’s about the only voice we have, even if we don’t always find him CONSERVATIVE ENOUGH, and he’s got an ENORMOUS rating. ALso, I recently heard the demographic of the majority of his viewers is going DOWN in age, a VERY GOOD THING.
    I’m thinking kids think they’re going to watch this “jerk their teacher’s ragging on”, listen, and find themselves pulled in.

    Mal, I agree, a LOT of them do that, but mostly when they’re SO TICKED that the guest’s lying or mischaracterizing. CNN and even MSNBC don’t do that..BUT, I find this to be true: CNN and MSNBC don’t have NEARLY the amount of rightwingers represented on their shows so they’re quieter, more sedate.
    With FOX, nearly all panels include libs and some outspoken ones, so the yellling gets almost unbearable.
    Do we want a Conservative echo chamber where we don’t hear the leftwing side? I don’t think so.
    This is why I hesitated SO LONG to change my blog to WordPress…it was only when I FINALLY couldn’t take the fact that I’d built a blog that was now being used for leftwing drivel.


  6. fredd says:

    I guess your point stands, in that the timing is indeed coinciding with Brian Williams’ downfall. But the point falls a little flat, when you suggest that if one of theirs is taken out, then they take one of OURS out right away. My point: Bill O’Reilly is NOT one of OURS. He’s an independent. A centrist. Or, in other words, has more in line with liberal values than conservative ones, albeit he lands on OUR side on some (but not most) social issues, and most (but not all) economic issues. If he survives this, great. If the left ‘gets’ him, whatever. He is not exactly a conservative Poster Boy like Brian Williams was to the left.

    PS: he rarely ‘refrains’ from yelling down people. And ‘yelling down’ would include, if not with a raised voice, talking over them like they were not there. That happens every night. I watch Bill O’Reilly almost every night. And he irks me when he does that…every night. Like clockwork.


  7. John M. Berger says:

    While I often agree with him, I don’t trust him.


  8. What Fredd said.
    Oh Rile Me has me yelling at the tube as much as Harff or Psaki.
    Thought I commented earlier that I initially thouhht your post concrrned OReilly and JUAN Williams.


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