“Happy (Illegal) Immigrants Day”….

Watch this at your own risk and it only gets “better” as you listen.  Did YOU know there are folks who want to change Thanksgiving Day to “Celebrate Immigrants Day”?   Yup.  And I thought that was bad enough, but The Joe Miller Radio Show has a guest on whose information will BLOW YOUR MIND.   I have rarely used the word “sickening” for anything here at GeeeZ but…this is it:


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20 Responses to “Happy (Illegal) Immigrants Day”….

  1. Mustang says:

    And students at UC Irvine find the US Flag offensive. It constructs “imperialistic mythologies,” they say.


  2. Impertinent says:

    @Mustang…They’re all just little wannabe diaper heads…unlike condo commandos. They get a taste of power and they become nazis or commies. Soon life wil kick the sheet out of them and they’ll grow up..hopefully. POS that they are.


  3. It’s gotten to the point where nothing surprises me anymore. Why shouldn’t Obama do this? No one is stopping His Majesty on things he wants, so why not change everything America has stood for the last 2 1/2 Centuries? He has less than 2 years left to finish his agenda unabated so watch for more things like this to come! As for the GOP controlled Congress? Forget it! They’ve been neutralized by his “Executive Order”. By the time the Left figures all this out (if ever) it’ll be too late.


  4. Kid says:

    I’m surprised he isn’t change it to some moslem vermin holiday.


  5. Just when it gets to that point, they ban the ammo we need to implement hope and change.


  6. Impertinent says:

    Want to know just what kind of idiotic turkeys are occupying our universities and colleges? Take a look at NY stats for the criminally dysfunctional “edjamakashun” system.

    ” Citing U.S. Census Bureau data, “New York spent $19,076 per student in the 2011 fiscal year, as compared to the national average of $10,560.” In 90 of the city’s public schools, Families for Excellent Schools found that not a single African-American or Hispanic student received a passing grade on state tests. If there were a correlation between spending and achievement, it ought to show in grade and graduation performance and state test scores, but it doesn’t. A Heritage Foundation study concludes: “Continued spending increases (on public education) have not corresponded with equal improvement in American educational performance. Long-term National Assessment of Educational Progress reading scale scores and high school graduation rates show that the performance of American students has not improved dramatically in recent decades even though education spending has soared.”


  7. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, I’ve thought the very same thing.

    This gov’t is WAY out of hand.

    Imp, you’re so right on spending and schools…what a shame. If we don’t have parents encouraging their kids and teachers who are more bent on educating than indoctrinating, we’d be back on track, but NONE OF US could answer the tests from the 1880’s…I’m sure you’ve seen them all. NO WAY could we get those questions right, but our kids did because they felt it was important to learn, important to know about their country.

    I grew up taught to LOVE this country; ask any kid today if they truly love America…they’ll have many excuses. Until they get teachers who do love it and are fair in their discussions about it and age appropriate.


  8. Impertinent says:

    @Z..”This gov’t is WAY out of hand…”

    That’s a fact and agreed. The more serious issue is what do we do and how do we rein it back in and do a much needed reset? Not only to turn back Ovomits EO’s and unlawful bending of the Constitution….but to eradicate this muslim / commie / socialist nonsense, influence and the ebola like disease of PC.


  9. Baysider says:

    You’re right. Sickening. You get more of what you pay for. Cut fees in half? for illegal aliens to get legal. What — are you kidding me?? Complete insanity. Yes, I realize, they have a different agenda – pack the voting rolls.

    Remember the Mustang Ranch in Nevada? At least the ‘original’ version? I’m told it straddled 3 county lines with mobile trailers. When the DA in one would file charges they’d move over the county line out of his jurisdiction. Finally, the owner stayed in the least populated county with a few hundred people. He set up subsidized housing and brought in folks dependent on him who’d vote his way – and took over key local offices. At least that’s the story I got from a local lawyer. But it’s a perfect fit with this topic because it describes perfectly what the sleazebags in Washington have been doing and planning.

    As for declaring family members in the home country to have refuge status – and we’ll go pick them up for you? Well, won’t this will be good news to Christians in Mosul!


  10. Impertinent says:

    @Bay..”But it’s a perfect fit with this topic because it describes perfectly what the sleazebags in Washington have been doing and planning”

    Perfect…DC has long been one big whore house…..where we still pay them to…._____ us! Let’s poll for the biggest whores while we’re at it. I’d start with Pelosi and Feinstein who’ve made millions through illegal insider info.


  11. Mustang says:
    I grew up taught to LOVE this country…

    And we grew up believing that we could trust our government. Something happened along the way to change this. Most of us continue to love our country, which explains the anger among those of us who can see what Obama and the Democrats are doing to our country. It is true that we have always had a certain percentage of scum in our population, and does make sense that as the population grows so too does our rabble. This means that we Americans have to be more discerning about whom we choose to lead us. Obama certainly was not a very smart decision, but then look whom he was running against. Now look at the field emerging for 2016. Only one or two of them have any credibility with me. Meanwhile, Obama isn’t finished with us yet … I will be amazed if we even have a country in another 18 months.


  12. Impertinent says:

    While we watch OZero today….pay more homage to the current old school racists….stoking more bad feelings and division…which he can’t leave alone. He just keeps picking at that scab. I hope he mentions that it was southern demrats that manned that bridge in Selma?


  13. Impertinent says:

    @Mustang…”Only one or two of them have any credibility..”

    That’s all we need….ONE. Who’ll repeal ACA and every EO this bum has written…approve XL…build a 50′ high wall at the border….with armed soldiers. Abolish the EPA, the NEA, disband the IRS for a flat tax and sue CAIR under the RICO act…demand the resignations of every Federal DA in the DOJ and hire a new ones….appoint John Bolton as Sec of State who’ll sweep every muslim mutt from that agency, bring back Petraeus and allow the neutron bombing of ISIS where ever they are. I can dream can’t I?

    OH…and extend the second amendment by an EO to every state in the country and sue those who refuse to recognize valid permits from any state. Start with NY, NJ then Ca.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Just got back from a black friend’s funeral….actually the husband of a dear friend.
    I looked around that probably 350 strong group, about 80% Black, and they were ALL well attired, even beautifully attired, all clean cut, all seemed like very solid Christians and loving people. And I thought “This is the Black community I wish most Americans saw on a daily basis.”
    Ernest was involved with the Postal Service and there were some who’d come directly from work in their postal clothing; so sweet, hurrying not to miss it, to show their respects, and they were YOUNG people.

    touching. What was FUN was singing back up to a black guy singing a gospel song…about 15 of us, only 2 black members, from our church, backed up the Black soloist, so singing gospel for a bunch of Black folks was a real twist and really fun! What an honor to have sung there.

    Then we have our president marching in Selma not talking unity but more and more division. Poor Dr King; how’ he’d have despised Obama. His niece surely doesn’t think much of him. I can’t say she hates him because she’s such an unhating good Christian woman.


  15. Impertinent says:

    Anyone see Dr. Strangelove on TCM tonight?


  16. geeez2014 says:


    Imp; nope


  17. You sang. Post audio?
    Saw Strangelove a few days ago.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Ed…I thought maybe my audio on my post wasn’t working! I don’t think the service was recorded and I was only a voice in the crowd 🙂 But thanks! It was great fun.


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