Looks like he might have won….very close, but……………

Let’s hope.

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  2. Silverlady says:

    Bibi’s h’quarters was jumping, while the other location didn’t seem to have any people there. This was what I saw on Fox. I’ll bet Bampot is on a tirade, & even blaming his embarrassment on G.W. Now he can see, but would never admit, just how popular he is.


  3. Kid says:

    The Universe will turn out as Planned Z. Oggghhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. But I hope he is in.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    Definitely love Silverlady’s suggestion that now Obama will blame this on Bush! IMagine him blaming ISIS on BUSH?! 🙂
    Ya, it LOOKS like he’s in, but…it’s not over.
    Mal….I don’t remember counting him out, but I might have!

    EVERYBODY: I was watching Israeli TV LIVE on my computer as this was all happening and I could NOT believe that they were even MORE nasty and MORE scoffing of the Right than CNN or MSNBC. It was almost unbelievable. They said things like “oh, and there’s Bibi’s wife…(laughter)…oh, look! he KISSED her…oh, look, he kissed her again!”
    later, they said “And HOW many times did he kiss her? a THOUSAND?”
    It got worse and worse…I was VERY surprised.

    Also, amazed to hear how strong the Arab party is….hey lefties who read my blog though I don’t allow you to comment (I know you’re there because you disparage it at your blogs and others’…thanks for reading)….next time you’re so Pro Palestinians “because the Jews hate Arabs” remember how many Arabs are allowed to live and work in Israel and that ZERO Jews can do the same in Palestine, okay!? Thanks!


  5. Baysider says:

    PIcking up on that thought about Palestinians and Jews, ask yourself what would happen if the Jews lost a war with the Arabs. You know it would be a wipeout. And what about the reverse? We know! 1948, 1956 (Suez), 1967, 1973. The Jews did NOT do what we know the Arabs are dying to do. Bibi knows this. Any thinking person knows this. For the left, F-A-C-T is a 4-letter word.


  6. Baysider says:

    OFF TOPIC ALERT. It belongs to the post a week ago on HRC’s emails. Sorry to interject this here, but as I write I am listening to an interview with Larry Elder. I think Larry has clear insights and good instincts. Since it contradicted my position, and there was a lot of contrasting opinion on this, I thought it worth sharing where it might be read. (I understand if you don’t agree and want to delete.)

    He believes Hillary is in serious trouble. On the left. They don’t like her. Joan Walsh at reported how they “hate, hate, hate Hillary Clinton,” and they resent all the clean up they had to do for them. He does believe the email thing has legs.

    The smartest thing she did was to send out Susan Rice to do the Benghazi talk shows: it killed her career and kept Hillary from having to be caught lying. So Susan lies for her, falls on her sword, and loses her chance to be SOS. She’s not alone

    A happy thought, no? We’ll see.


  7. You may not have counted him out, Z, but were at least concerned he might not make it while I felt the Israeli voters would support him, although they did by a narrower margin than I would’ve guessed. I also believe they did it in defiance of Obama and his snubbing of Israel, don’t you?


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, I did hear an Israeli FOX Contributor this morning say that Obama’;s not having called Bibi yet, too, is NOT setting well with Israelis, particularly because other country’s leaders have. Kerry is remaining silent, too.
    What thin skinned JERKS we have. I suppose they’re waiting till it’s 100% done, but….

    Baysider…I like Elder very much, except for his ‘great idea’ of selling off American parklands to the Chinese’, which I think is insane and dangerous! Other than that, I like what he said about CLinton and HOPE he’s right!!

    I also heard a liberal on CNN last night say that Bibi’s call to Israelis to “Make sure you vote because the Arabs in Israel are coming out in droves” was like telling White Americans “Make sure you vote, because Blacks are”.
    I found that so low ….. as if there’s no history or Arabs causing problems in Israel? And as if Blacks are interlopers in our country:? WOW


  9. And now Obama is blaming Bush for ISIS’s existence! They wouldn’t even exist if Obama had just kept our troops in the Middle East. We had the Terrorists on the run. He knows it. We know it. The whole world knows it. In his entire 6+ years in office, has he even once admitted he was wrong or made a mistake, or taken the blame for anything?


  10. Kid says:

    Mal, incompetent management never takes the blame and the ignorant always think they’re geniuses as I’m sure you know form the business world?

    And yes, I don’t believe anyone in office has ever had worse foreign policy or the results thereof.
    Unbelievable disaster and 2 years to go.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, the only admission Obama’s EVER made is he might have been “inartful” in his words.
    That’s the mantra of this administration…other than DISHONEST, ILLEGAL and MEAN.

    Kid, it’s almost unbelievable to consider the next 2 years


  12. I’m still waiting, expecting him to sign an executive order that would allow him to run continually! And know what? People would probably go along with it!


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