Israeli Elections, etc

I watched a lot of the Israeli news, live, on my computer on Tuesday.   I was stunned at the panel which, supposedly, is a normal media panel with all sides represented to discuss the election results.  What a fool I WAS to think that.   They are BRUTAL;   (For details on the media’s insults, look down at the end of this post***)

Then there was THIS STORY yesterday.  Also, what do you think of a liberal American CNN man suggesting (as does the guy in the linked article) that Bibi was so desperate he decided to scare Israelis into voting by saying that the Arab bloc was out in droves?!  This American suggested it was like some white presidential candidate warning voters “watch out, you’d better vote, because Blacks are voting in droves!”  As if Black AMERICANS are like Arabs in Israel,  strangers in a strange land, with a history of bombings and constant harming of citizens?   Do you think there’s a correlation? I sure don’t……

BUT THE WHITE HOUSE DOES 🙂  OH, yes, and they’re not too happy! From the Jerusalem Post:

“The White House said on Wednesday that it was deeply concerned by the use of “divisive rhetoric” in the Israeli election that sought to undermine Arab Israeli citizens.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suggested on election day that Left-wingers were trying to get Arab Israeli voters out “in droves” to sway the election against him.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters traveling on Air Force One that the United States would communicate its concern about the issue directly to the Israelis.

US President Barack Obama will call Netanyahu to congratulate him on his Likud party’s election win in the coming days, Earnest said.”  (Z:  I won’t hold my breath….but I’d sure like to hear that conversation!)

I have to admit it was both disheartening to see Israel as divided as our country is into Right and Left, AND reassuring that we’re not the only ones THIS SCREWED UP.

obama netanyahu cartoon 2

Can you write a script of what Obama and Netanyahu will say to each other on this supposed phone call that’s coming?  🙂   Let’s hear it!  

By the way, they say John Kerry’s quick call to Netanyahu would be seen as a real insult in diplomatic circles…  Even though Obama waited five days to call Netanyahu after the last election.  Obama has to learn that he needs to put his ego aside and do what’s right…FOR A CHANGE.

Loved this one:

obama netanyahu cartoon

***Details on the insults:

Bibi was covered speaking about his (assumed?) win and his wife joined him on the platform.  This bunch on TV laughed and scoffed that he kissed his wife.  “Oh, Look! He’s kissing her!  Oh, he did it AGAIN!  Oops…3, 4 times…how many times..?  A thousand?” And they mocked her terribly.   She does look a little vacant but the truth is she’s the only Prime Minister of Israel’s wife who’s raised her sons, been a political wife and kept her very esteemed position as a child psychiatrist!

Then they referred to some Israelis as “mezuzah kissers!”  What kind of thing is THAT to say?    THE most insulting stuff I’ve ever seen.  EVER.  There was such sarcasm of those who voted for Bibi, like they’re MORONS and “it’s one thing to win an election, another to run a country.”    What escaped them was “Don’t look now, folks…he HAS run a country.”

(By the way, apparently, the competition to Bibi had busloads of Arabs brought in to vote…sound familiar?)


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40 Responses to Israeli Elections, etc

  1. I doubt I would have continued to watch that station.
    I suppose I appreciate your reporting on it to remind me of the idiocy of “liberal” commentators.
    I start to read articles my friends on FB are tagged as commenting on, run into a string of idiot liberal comments, start to reply, and realize it’s like urinating in to the wind.
    Not a pleasant experience, and not having any effect on the intended target.

    Obama and Netanyahu? I seem to realize Obama leaving him to go have dinner without him.
    Or having him leave the Stained House by a servants entrance near the dumpsters.

    This is another recent major election Obama has lost, just like he lost the 2014s.
    But with his nose in the air so much, he fails to realize it.
    Dear God, please let him campaign for the 2016 dem candidate!
    If they’ll have him.


  2. “I seem to realize Obama leaving him to go have dinner without him.”
    “Remember”, not “realize”. And I thought I had proof read. Need an edit button.


  3. “The White House said on Wednesday that it was deeply concerned by the use of “divisive rhetoric” in the Israeli election

    Look who’s talking about divisive rhetoric!

    How can ANYBODY have any respect for this scummy administration.


  4. Ed,
    This is another recent major election Obama has lost, just like he lost the 2014s.
    But with his nose in the air so much, he fails to realize it.

    No kidding!

    He’s a megalomaniac who believes his own legend. I have nothing but contempt for him, but I didn’t feel that way when he first took office.


  5. Get ready for Obama to withdraw support of Israel. It’s coming — via fiat, of course.


  6. fredd says:

    AOW: How can ANYBODY have respect for this scummy administration? I got an answer to that one. Obama’s constituents (also known as retards and life’s losers) respect the guy. That would be around 40% of the country. History will be most unkind to Obama’s legacy. Ted Cruz (R-Tx) is right: under Obama, the world is indeed now on fire.


  7. So Fredd, I take it you agree with Dick Cheney? 🙂


  8. Silverlady says:

    If Bampot was caught in a rainstorm without a Marine to hold his brolly for him his nose is stuck so far up in the air he would drown.


  9. Kid says:

    Well, First off as a message to the white house ,I am deeply concerned by the use of “divisive rhetoric” in the American election that sought to undermine white non-democrats.

    It sounds like many on the media panel were pro-pale/moslem. The banter sounds pretty kindergartenish which is what we get here from the commies in our media.


  10. Kid says:

    Ed, moslems don’t eat with Jews


  11. Imp says:

    “This American suggested it was like some white presidential candidate warning voters “watch out..”

    Isn’t like the pot calling the kettle…..ummmm…Oh never mind.


  12. Lisa says:

    The white liberals in this country are such a joke. So much so that they have become masters of distraction.
    Did anyone hear they may be looking to a Kerry/Gore ticket?
    Please say it isn’t so


  13. woodsterman says:

    Liberal news is, well, liberal news. It doesn’t matter where it originates.


  14. And it’s not news, it’s agitprop.


  15. Baysider says:

    A large number of ‘palestinians’ are in Israel because they came for jobs. A colleague’s family settled a farm there to escape Russian pogroms in the 1880’s, e.g. ‘Palestinians’ came for jobs on the farm. Still happening. Many immigrate from Bosnia. Did you know you can be classified as a ‘palestinian’ if you have 18 months in country?

    Many blacks have come to this country for jobs. Years ago they exceeded the number brought as slave. So there. Some have something in common. The rest is wishful thinking. Ed’s right. Agitprop.


  16. John M. Berger says:


    “Did anyone hear they may be looking to a Kerry/Gore ticket?”

    No but it might be a good thing given that neither of these pompous, empty headed, bores could, singly, even beat the not so inspiring George Bush. Otherwise, AAAGGGGGRRRAAAHHH………!


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, you know I like to hear what everybody’s saying……particularly interesting to hear the panels from different countries and how they think.
    I was flipping thru channels last night and Charlie Rose had a bunch of Israeli and Jewish-American media types on his show….I watched long enough to see it was TOTALLY a ridiculous proposition he presented with back-up from his panel; Conservatives are ALWAYS wrong..Netanyahu scared people into voting for him…the Two state system is the ONLY way, etc. I never stop being intrigued by the utter bias that the Left doesn’t seem to even realize….I’ve never been a big Charlie Rose fan but this really took the cake…NO thought to the FACT that Bibi won the election, that MORE People wanted him, etc….no thought to it. The Lefties are right, and THAT IS THAT in their close minded world.

    AOW, we’ll be dropping Israel like a hot potato within a few months…no doubt about it.


  18. John, Gore very nearly DID beat W.
    But let them run anyone, as long as Obama campaigns for them.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    AOW, here it is NETANYAHU’s country, but OBAMA DOESN’T LIKE HOW HE”S RUNNING IT SO HE”S GOING TO PAY. Wait, I thought Obama’s been angry at IMPERIALISM of America and how we butt into when not wanted…yet, here he issss!

    fredd, the world really is on fire and I hate to think how hot it’s going to get.
    The VERY IDEA that Obama might go to the UN instead of to Congress on this Iran thing is so hideous I literally can’t even think about it.

    Kid!! I’m SO GLAD You reminded me of that…I almost choked last night when I heard Obama doesn’t like the DIVISIVE RHETORIC of NETANYAHU…who has EVER been as divisive in OUR country as Barack Obama? OMG…that REALLY stopped me cold!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Imp; the very idea is so ridiculous, isn’t it.

    Lisa! I saw that last night on TV…Yes, imagine GORE, the guy who’s become even richer off of global warming, I mean global climate change ! :=) Oh, yes….
    But I’m thinking they’ll start pushing for Elizabeth Warren; there’s gossip that Jarrett revealed the info about Hillary and we KNOW the White House would prefer Warren over ANY CLINTON!

    Woodsterman; actually, that’s not quite the case; I mentioned it only because it was even MORE VILE than OUR liberal news…this Isreali show made MSNBC look like thinking people…really.

    AGITPROP…What ISN”T these days?

    John….just the thought of Kerry/Gore makes me sick. Imagine John Kerry as president?


  20. Z,


    That’s it, all right.

    Obama will try to wreak vengeance on any entity that doesn’t conform to his “vision.”


  21. Baysider says:

    Yes, Obama calling anything else divisive is like watching Lucy call others a crybaby.

    I figured the big contribution he made to the opposition party was to bus in all those voters. The Chicago way he knows so well. 🙂


  22. Mustang says:

    The fact that none of us came up with a similar idea is very frustrating. America could only benefit from busing 1.3 million Moslems to Israel so they could vote; one way tickets, of course.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider..that was the first thing I thought of; all the bused in Black voters, particularly in Florida.

    Now Obama’s thinking it would be “fun” to change the constitution to include MANDATORY VOTING….he’s kickin’ the idea around. My God, is there NO freedom left with this president in charge?

    Mustang…I just shuddered!


  24. John M. Berger says:

    ‘just the thought of Kerry/Gore makes me sick. Imagine John Kerry as president?’

    Yeah and if you ask me Gore belongs in a mental institution!


  25. Baysider says:

    Mandatory Voting? Yikes, I saw that. Exactly backwards. Of course. Low information voters who self-select themselves out of the process only HELP. More need to!


  26. John M. Berger says:

    I guess that just because Kerry and Gore have had several years to further, make @$$e$ out of themselves this is of little comfort, considering how our electorate has, concurrently, degenerated!


  27. Silverlady says:

    His Truculent Spoiled Majesty finally called Bibi. Bet Jar-Jar told him to do it. He probably has been sulking in the corner on his Big Blue Taxi.


  28. Mustang says:

    There are 22 countries in the world with compulsory voting laws. Of these, ten countries actually enforce these laws. One of those is North Korea … so it does not surprise me that an American leftist would regard this as a good idea.


  29. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang, us and N Korea…typical, huh?

    Silverlady….he does what O’Reilly says he should; cracks me UP. about $$$ and Kerry; where’s his WIFE? She was ill, then we haven’t heard anything from the VERY wealthy Mrs Kerry…’s such a clear ploy, isn’t it. They ALL have to vote…particularly those without a clue, so they’ll vote DEMOCRAT!


  30. Kid says:

    Mandatory voting. Maybe they’ve got the line on it but I think more people stay home who would vote non-democrat if forced.


  31. Imp says: careful John…J F’n Kerry might be up for a cheaper Nobel Prize than the one they gifted to the azzhat in chief. I mean…O is making an open call to the Iranian crazed 7th century thinking mullahs to get along…Cheney was 100000% correct…he is the worst “potus” we’ve ever had…God forgive the morons that elected this clown. Let’s get Jimmy back, eh?


  32. Kid says:

    IMP, how about a white house petition that just says Resign. how many would sign that sucker.


  33. Imp says:

    Kid…some talking head was screeching that the gubbmint couldn’t force anyone to vote…didn’t they say the same thing about health care? So…they’ll issue fines or a “tax” if you don’t?


  34. Kid says:

    IMP, they could only force people to vote who have SS #’s. No doubt they have this figured to their advantage somehow, which at first glance means absorbing all the immigrants and losers into the SS system?
    We’ve got one more election. If the idiots blow it again, it’s time to leave the losers to figure out who is going to buy their condoms.


  35. Kid says:

    Or pay for their democrat offspring.


  36. geeez2014 says:

    I’ve been watching FOX and feeling like I just can’t listen another minute to NEWS.
    PUnk kids wearing LITERALLY almost nothing for Spring Vacation….bragging about how much booze and weed they’re doing….girls sticking their butts in the camera….what kind of future do we have?
    Then you see the calls of racism to Netanyahu for trying to keep his country safe; the meme has gone out and the lefties are ALL using the same terminology so you know it’s planned…..”racism” “fear mongering” “what if he used ‘black’ instead of ‘arab’.”: and even more identifying terms I can’t remember right now.
    Then you see talk about the death tax and how it’s going to rise ..
    Then you see more and MORE awful stuff…..taking away our freedoms, our dreams, our rewards for hard work, etc etc. ALL because of the LEFt and lousy Republicans afraid to SPEAK UP.

    The only positive thing was while watching Hannity (which I RARELY do) seeing some Black conservatives arguing with a Black Obama fan who hadn’t a CLUE…it’s uplifting to see good Black Americans who are DECENT men of good character who actually DO understand the constitution; not like our lousy ‘constitutional scholar’ in the White House. (BS)


  37. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I do think you have a point; that more people who’d not normally vote would vote NON Democrat. that’s another good thing. FInally.


  38. lisa says:

    Oh God Z President Lurch and VP Global Warming


  39. skudrunner says:

    We should be proud of presbo for calling beebe to congratulate him on his victory. Took him a few days but being antisemitic I am sure it was painful.
    I heard him plea to Iran to enter an agreement and I thought his Arabic pronunciations were very good and should delight the Iranian people for a “christian” to speak their language so well


  40. Right, Skudrunner. A Rev. Wright kind of Christian. “G.D. America”.


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