Anti Semitism in …GERMANY?

Yes, the headline on the video is ANTI SEMITISM ON RISE IN EUROPE….and the video shows “Germans” marching against the Jews!~  Except my stepson from Munich just watched the video for me and said “They’re ALL Muslims…all Arabs”.

Maybe some of you might say “It doesn’t matter who’s doing it in France or Spain or Germany… the video’s right…and it’s on the rise and that’s bad enough.”  And I totally agree (as does my stepson), BUT…. I find it wrong to condemn Germans today when, as I told my stepson, “the only connection many of these Muslims have ‘as Germans’ is the money the Germans give them as welfare.”  He laughed, but bitterly, because it’s TRUE.

ANOTHER IMPORTANT THING HE WANTED ME TO MENTION is that if HE or any other German (of German descent) EVER MARCHED LIKE THIS, they’d all be in jail immediately.   With the marches against Jews by Muslims in Germany, he tells  me the police do NOTHING.  Not a THING.

This ignoring by law enforcement of Muslims marching against Jews OR Germany (“We’re taking over your country!”)  is something that needs to be addressed……..this is the TRUTH.

By the way…what my stepson also wants you to know is that the LEFT is the anti-Israel bunch in Germany today, but “they don’t march against her, of course.”

He’s going to be writing a little for GeeeZ;  we both feel that what is happening there is on its way here….By the way, nobody is saying there isn’t some anti semitism among Germans of German descent, or (many) French, or some Swedes or some (growing to many?) Americans……I’d add that even the fact that the Left is the anti-Israel bunch is here NOW…including our own government, amazingly enough.



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37 Responses to Anti Semitism in …GERMANY?

  1. We’re in some kind of time warp. Back to the 1930’s we go! So much for “Never again.”


  2. Linked at Infidel Bloggers Alliance.


  3. silverfiddle says:

    This will only get worse. You cannot reason or negotiate with militants, especially when they enjoy government protection. Europe is toast. It may take 50 or 100 years, but that demographically dead and spiritually empty continent will be Muslim. Nature abhors a vacuum.


  4. John M. Berger says:

    “the only connection many of these Muslims have ‘as Germans’ is the money the Germans give them as welfare.”

    My question: Why are those lice (Moslems) tolerated in the first place, let alone subsidized?


  5. I watch this happen and wonder how it fits in to end times eschatology.
    Ten to twenty years ago, it was hard to envision some of the end times prophecy of the world turning against Israel under an antichrist world leader.


  6. Mustang says:
    There is nothing more “anti-Christ” than a Mohammedan and the American people, in their infinite wisdom, elected one of these on two occasions. I agree that the anti-Semitic demonstrations all originate with the adherents of Islam. The attack against civilized societies is multifaceted; the net cast wide. This not only includes ripping apart the fabric of western society, but also dismantling Sunni governments throughout the Middle East. It boggles the mind to imagine that Obama regards Yemen and Libya as his success stories and it forces one to wonder about what Obama’s plan for America. I read this morning that Iran now includes Venezuela as one of its anti-American surrogates, which would not be a good thing if Iran decides to stage part of its nuclear arsenal in that rat hole.

    Meanwhile, the American people sleep and the Congress is complicit…


  7. Being older than anyone on Z’s blog (presumably!) I’ve witnessed a gradual change in not only our country, but the world as a whole, in attitude of the populace. Hard work and pride no longer are virtues, replaced instead by a sense of entitlement and indifference toward others. It’s sad. Very sad, but perhaps expected in the “end times”?


  8. geeez2014 says:

    AOW: : But that’s my point; it is NOT GERMANS THIS TIME. (and wasn’t most Germans even then, but I’m really tired of fighting that one here…I just have to mention it because it’s only fair).

    I can’t imagine it’s a coincidence that Germany is being taken advantage of by muslims against Jews, however. Thanks for linking at Infidel.

    Silverfiddle, that’s exactly right…….The churches were so full every time we went in Paris that it always surprises me when we hear American media talk about the end of faith in Europe, BUT, I personally know few who attended church, I have to admit, in Germany OR Paris.
    But, yes….the vacuum will be filled….

    John; That’s the insanity and THAT is the point we need to PAY ATTENTION TO in regard to our own immigrants. We do the same thing for illegals here but Germany notches it up BIG TIME, paying for muslim immigrants with concubines in separate apartments that Germany ALSO pays for…they pay for EVERYTHING for these people….and then these people DEMAND Muslim preschools, etc etc etc. And we think it won’t happen HERE? It IS happening here.

    A Conservative blogosphere has started growing in Germany and that’s a good thing, but rather late. And, of course, if anybody dares give conservative input, they’re NAZIS. This, I believe, is why islam has moved so heavily into German cities; they know Germans can’t really react.

    I read an article last night from the L.A. Times about 3 Israeli students who have PICKED GERMANY (BERLIN) TO LIVE IN. They pretty much hate Israel and say they are “dismayed by Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians…” Of course, they’re morons because Palestinians can LIVE IN israel, etc etc., but, nevertheless, that’s how they feel. Here’s the big one:

    In a documentary made about them, one guy dressed as a Nazi….the filmmaker, a German raised in Bavaria, asks “how could you wear that thing?” he says:
    “The tragedy of history, or of contemporary history, is that the Germans would prefer to be victims in order to somehow be freed of their consciences.”

    John: THIS is the rub; THIS is why Germany is giving, giving, giving, all over the world. As my Munich-living stepson says “If Germans could keep the money we raise in Taxes and stop giving it away to everybody, we could repave the autobahns in gold”. But, liberal, guilt ridden Germans LOVE THIS “mea culpa” thing..they thrive on it.
    The German filmmaker says she still feels THE GUILT but she doesn’t feel ACCUSED anymore.
    My husband and his children would no longer have killed ANYBODY than kill themselves…yet this generation is still paying. I think survivors have a right to money because their livelihoods were often taken by the death of parents, etc….but there is a terrible feeling among some that they should still feel guilty for Hitler.

    But that’s the answer, John…….guilt. $$$$ And, the fact that if Germans speak UP about aliens, they’re branded BIG TIME. They pay for Mr. and Mrs. Muslim arriving in Frankfurt…their apartment, everything..preschool, etc etc. Then Miss Muslim girlfriend enters Germany, or he meets her there and beds her and she has a child and bingo….Germans pay her rent, too. etc etc

    Ed; I think sometimes that this call back to Israel by Bibi is part of the end times…though I don’t really study that subject much. Doesn’t it say Jews will all be back in israel?

    Mustang; I keep seeing us running with tails between our legs from Libya, Yemen now, etc etc…and more countries…….and the experts are saying this is a terrible lack of information we’re going to lose out on…..
    I think you would prefer we aren’t there; are you happy we ran out of Yemen?
    I look at it as more and more wins for ISIS…REALLY good recruiting fodder. And what a humiliation for the once-great American military.


  9. Impertinent says:

    I’m still convinced that Germany will snap out of it. If the conservatives are in the minority…well…so was AH’s party in the 1920’s and he was jailed for his attempted putsch. Will there be a 4th Reich in Germany’s future? Maybe not as it was in the past but I don’t see Germans sitting by idly while they lose their pride, nationalism and German spirit or their homeland to black eyed , hearted savages. Not unlike La Pen in France who’s been gaining real ground there. Or a Jindal, Cruz & Paul here.


  10. Silverlady says:

    They believe that any ground on which they set foot will be theirs. European countries, and the U.S. as well, are bringing this on themselves by their stupid, misguided feel-good mentalities. Tge only solutions are to block ’em from getting in, & ship ’em out. Sorry, but that’s the way I feel. We will be paying a very high price in the not too distant future for out gullibility. There are terrorist training camps here, no-go zones, though even Fox has been made to deny that (remember, a Saudi owns a lot of the company), & welfare payments not to be believed. Sharia law is being implemented, they’re even trying to do it in Texas. They are lifting up their derrieres in the Washington Cathedral, & even taking over major streets to do that. Taxi drivers are refusing to take passengers with dogs (unclean), or carrying alcohol. That’s funny, because there was a sultan known as Selim, the Sot. Market checkers won’t serve customers with alcohol or pork products. They are allowed to get away with these outrages, because we have a bunch of DHIMMIS catering to them.


  11. Mark 13:26 “At that time people will see the Son of Man coming in clouds with great power and glory. 27 And he will send his angels and gather his elect from the four winds, from the ends of the earth to the ends of the heavens.

    Just started in to this with my class last Wednesday. It appears they’ll be gathered after the trib.
    That puts them in the land for the Millenium. And that millenium is gonna start out with a lot of survivors of the trib, I bet. Not pretty.

    I just read Practical Thoughts on Immigration by Heather Mac Donald in Imprimis.
    I highly recommend it. It describes our problem so well.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Imp; I used to think you were right in hoping Germans would WAKE UP. But I’m hearing it first hand….and my stepson’s real plugged in now to what’s going on. They’re not waking up. Even Merkel went from Conservative to mushy centrist and an apologist for Islam.
    I used to ask Mr. Z, when we drove through German countryside/towns 25 years ago, “Are there muslims in this little village? There’s a mosque here” He’d say “No….they must be planning to come”.
    And they have. And more are coming.


    SilverLady; they hole placards in European towns saying WE ARE TAKING OVER YOUR COUNTRY… and have protests about hating Jews (as in my video here) and the cops do NOTHING.
    NOTHING. If native born country folks did that, they’d be IN JAIL IMMEDIATELY.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, I’ll read that soon…gotta go. Heather’s the stepdaughter of a dear lady friend at Bible Study… Heather’s dad died a month or so ago, finally having come to Christ. I’m hoping to meet Heather but now that her dad’s gone, I’m not sure she’ll be in LA any time in the near future.Thanks for linking that; I’m eager to hear what she says.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Heather MacDonald says “The delegitimizing of deportation makes the conservative rallying cry to secure the borders sadly naïve. An utterly secure border is impossible; people will always find a way to cross. But if, once they cross, nothing can be done to them, then we may as well not have borders.”

    WOW…that’s it in a nutshell.
    Also, that Judge Hanen is the one I wrote about the other day who was furious at the Obama people who’d lied to him, posing as having ‘mischaracterized’…


  15. Kid says:

    And you thought the Ferguson type people all around the country are problematic.


  16. bunkerville says:

    The only thing to do would be to round them up and ship them back to the rat holes they apparently prefer. But that won’t happen, and so it goes.


  17. Impertinent says:

    @Z…”Merkel went from Conservative to mushy centrist and an apologist for Islam.”

    Maybe she needs a reminder of how long she guarded that wall from the Eastern side for 40 years? POS commie that she really is.


  18. John M. Berger says:

    “But, liberal, guilt ridden Germans LOVE THIS “mea culpa” thing..they thrive on it.”
    I get your gist but if it arises out of guilt from the Holocaust perpetrated on the Jews then how, in the world, does accommodating the arch enemy of the Jews do anything but compound the guilt? I could say more but gotta run for now.


  19. Impertinent says:

    @Z…then we’ll just have to wait until Germany has a wake up call they can’t ignore….their own 911?


  20. Silverlady’s comment is spot on. The West is being colonized.


  21. geeez2014 says:

    Imp: “guarded that wall?” WHAT?

    John….it’s not quite that, but the way you put it doesn’t make sense, does it.


  22. geeez2014 says:

    I find it very odd that the NY Times was the bunch who revealed the Hillary email scandal and now they’ve dug something questionable up about Chelsea’s husband’s business dealings.
    Sounds like THEY, at least, want Elizabeth Warren, huH?


  23. lisa says:

    Wow Z , I can’t believe they are allowed to do this. I agree I bet anti muslim protests would not be tolerated
    Look at what happened here in NY 2 cops were ambushed and killed and Obama and DeBlasio more or less justified it
    And in Ferguson where the complacent media helped to propagate Hands Up-Don’t Shoot


  24. Imp says:

    @Z….she was an East German … she sure as hell didn’t knock it down, did she? No…she was a Stasi / Commie party member herself. IMO…she should be in the same category as Klinton…never to be trusted or believed. She’s where she is because Germans wanted to look…”reunited”….sure.


  25. Imp says:


    No kidding.


  26. Imp says:

    @Z…”I find it very odd that the NY Times was the bunch who revealed the Hillary email scandal and now they’ve dug something questionable up about Chelsea’s husband’s business dealings.”

    Ed Mezvinsky, ( Chelsea’s father in law ) was a two-term Democratic congressman, representing Iowa’s first congressional district from 1973 to 1977. But in 2002, the former congressman pleaded guilty to swindling more than $10 million from family and friends in a Ponzi-esque scheme.

    Marc…husband…is a hedge fund scammer and loser.

    It’s clear that the NYT doesn’t think Killary is far enough left…as far as that the socialist commie rag is.
    They see that she’s unchallenged and don’t want her at all. So they’re leaking insider info…supplied by whom? The gossip has it that it’s from inside the WH….Jar Jar perhaps. The Obama’s and Clinton’s really hate each other. Remember…she lost to him in a vote scam in Texas. And she was also the first “birther”. And she more than likely has the real lowdown on the fraud in chief too.


  27. Kid says:

    Exactly right IMP. nothing but human garbage ever runs for the dems, supported by 49% of the population of voters, and another 3% or so of fraudulent votes. Pretty sickening if you think about it.
    Imagine being so effing stupid you think its time for the beast because “a women’s touch will soften up the white house and the country”. I know too many people like this. Needless to say the clintons are all mobsters with a long list of unproven by probable murders associated to them.
    You know, it goes like this… Someone gets too much information. billy goes to said person and dramatically tells them “It’s not me! I would never cause you harm, but there are bad people who look out for the democratic interests, and those are the ones you have to look out for. I would protect you if I could!” You think obammy hasn’t pulled this schtick on a few?


  28. geeez2014 says:

    She was BORN into E Germany, she didn’t choose to go there…I know a lot about her and she was no Stassi…and if she were, we’d not know it. NO WAY.
    She even worked toward democracy while in the DDR….

    Hersi Ali is a heroine…..if only the egocentric “I know everything better” Obama would LISTEN TO HER.

    And ya….I’d read all about the Chelsea husband family business…his father’d gone to jail for five years….coming all from the NY Times, this isn’t coincidental.

    Lisa…My stepson and I talked tonight about it and I asked him John Berg’s question about why, if the German guilt prevails, do they allow the Muslims to march against Jews..? He said “The Germans look at the Muslims as ‘those poor folks’, too…” It’s the TOTAL LIBERAL BS…..anybody who can’t get a job and can’t live in his own country and won’t work hard to make a living for him, his children and concubines children, all are to be pitied, NEVER DISDAINED.

    DOn’t forget, everybody: This is a world which champions celebs mostly if they overcame drugs…not did well in college. This is a world which treats bums like endangered species….

    this is a WHOLE NEW WORLD and it’s all due to the thinking of the LEFT, which thinks it’s SO kind and we’re SO mean…….meanwhile, our world’s falling apart.


  29. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, that’s ALL Obama says…ever.


  30. Imp says:

    Will the ultra wealthy give a shit…now that Ovomit is going to be raiding their pockets…for…wait…hold on…a 1.8 Trillion tax increase on them…undoubtedly to transfer their wealth to the fat azzes who now get about 65K a year in…”benefits and tax credits”.

    The dems will be in power…forever…there’s no way we can take away the freebies now….unless…unless….well…think of Cliven Bundy.


  31. Imp says:

    @Kid…”you think its time for the beast because “a woman’s touch will soften up the white house and the country”.
    If her tiits were not cement molds or rocks….I’d say maybe. But she’s not a real woman in any sense of the word. I think she’s an hermaphrodite myself. She’s proven that she has zero feminine qualities. The pantsuits are a cover for her Hanes briefs I think. But she’s possibly two steps ahead of “Chelsea” Manning. Or Bruce Jenner?


  32. Kid says:

    IMP. NO I don’t think that. I’m saying I know “people” who think that. I mean how far out of touch with reality can a person be. Well, pretty damn far.


  33. John M. Berger says:

    “John….it’s not quite that, but[ the way you put] it doesn’t make sense, does it.”

    It’s not what? I see a bunch of Muslims/Moslems [posing] as Germans against Jews and you say that the Germans allow that because of GUILT. Please tell me, just exactly, who isn’t making sense? I’ll try just one more time: The Germans allow Muslim scum, who hate Jews, into their country because they (the Germans) feel so much remorse about what they did to the Jews. What doesn’t make sense is:

    1) The Germans don’t see the absurdity in allowing this to proliferate in their country
    2) They provide sustenance to it
    3) If The true ethic Germans were actually remorseful the scum bags on the video wouldn’t be there
    4 You think that I make no sense


  34. geeez2014 says:

    Hi, John…I addressed this above and copied it here “My stepson (from Munich) and I talked tonight about it and I asked him John Berg’s question about why, if the German guilt prevails, do they allow the Muslims to march against Jews..? He said “The Germans look at the Muslims as ‘those poor folks’, too…” It’s the TOTAL LIBERAL BS.

    So, John, you see correctly……..but that LIBERAL GUILT TOWARD ALL THOSE WHO NEED HELP is what happens…The Germans look at asylum-seeking muslims as needing help, too.

    They are DEFINITELY providing sustenance to the demise of their country; that’s what my German stepson says, too. He said Germany will NEVER EVER be the same again….plenty of Germans agree with HIM that this is ridiculous but they ARE not speaking out…political correctness rules there, too.

    For the record, I NEVER said you don’t make sense…I said “IT” doesn’t make sense/ I was agreeing with you.


  35. The muslims were “guest workers” and proliferated.
    All because Germany needed cheap labor.


  36. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, that’s exactly right. They brought them in as Guest Workers and they grew and grew.Turks, Palis, etc……
    Same as FRANCE….their muslim problem started with Peugeot; Literally. They needed cheap workers and Algerians were all too happy to come to France.
    Same here…think about it. Mexicans were brought in for cheap labor; this isn’t just Germany’s fault or situation.
    SO, what to do?


  37. Kid says:

    Z, I like Carson too, but don’t think he’ll be able to handle the media. No idea on Cruz, and it seems Walker can – at this early stage


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