Krispy Kreme Klub…..under INVESTIGATION!?

krispy kreme

I heard about this a couple of weeks ago but just got around to publishing the information….fasten your seat belt!:

A UK Krispy Kreme branch apologized for a promotion created to draw more kids into its store during Britain’s half-term, a short holiday for students in the middle of each three periods into which the school year is divided.

The branch created a series of promotion events that included “KKK Wednesday,” which was planned on running at the Hull branch in Britain from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. However, the branch apparently did not realize what the acronym is synonymous with.

Facebook followers quickly pointed out that KKK stands for the Ku Klux Klan, a racially-charged American hate group that has committed unspeakable crimes against African-Americans, among others.

The company originally planned to use KKK as the “Krispy Kreme Klub.” Other acitivities during the county’s half-term, which runs from Feb. 16 to Feb. 22nd, included Funday Monday, Coloring Tuesday, Face Painting Thursday, Balloon Madness and Board Games Galore.

A company spokeswoman told The Daily Mirror the company apologizes for “unreservedly for the inappropriate name of a customer promotion at one of our stores.”

The spokeswoman also said the material for the promotion was withdrawn and “an internal investigation is currently underway.”  (end of article)

Z:  “an internal investigation..” about WHAT?   A simple mistake from the British who don’t know from the KKK anyway?    Have we become THIS NUTS?   NOBODY wants to bring up the KKK in any way, but ONE STORE used this bad choice of a name for a special few days and they’re INVESTIGATING?   Let me be their consultant and get paid for the “investigation”…Here goes:  IT WAS AN INNOCENT MISTAKE.

GeeeeZ.  How sensitive can we ALL GET????   Can we recover from this idiocy!!?


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20 Responses to Krispy Kreme Klub…..under INVESTIGATION!?

  1. Farmer John says:

    Trying to reclaim symbols from regimes who used them to organize “hate” is always dicey… but THAT doesn’t mean that the attempt shouldn’t be made. The “fascist” salute, the swastika, the goose-step, the flaming cross … ALL were co-opted symbols. Can the symbols EVER be redeemed? Some are trying to redeem them… but the opponents of these attempts merely ensure the bitter continuation of what otherwise might become totally absent “hate” that these regimes inspired. Understanding and/or forgiveness and reconciliation are not what the maintainers of the ideolgical context seek. They prefer to wallow in their former victimhood in self-pity.


  2. Sparky says:

    I’m a Southern, have always lived in the South. The initials really are humorous to most of us no matter what “race”. There’s even a negro restaurant in the middle of itsy bitsy downtown with the initials KKK. There’s nothing racist about initials or words. I think the UK has gone to hell in a hand basket. *sigh*
    By the way, the NAACP are truly racist also. What they practice is also hateful and wicked.


  3. cube says:

    PC patrol runs amok again. To me, It sounds like it was an unfortunate choice of initials. Something like making sure you have a good cake decorator if your son’s name is Clint.

    Off topic: The choregs were fabulous and everyone had a great time. I left you a detailed message at my blog.


  4. When I first read of this a couple weeks ago, my first reaction was, “Who in the UK knows KKK?”.
    I’d look for the hidden hand of Dunkin’Donuts in this imbroglio, or should I have said brouhaha?
    Perhaps since pastries are involved, kerfluffle is more apropos, or perhaps appropriate?


  5. Thersites says:

    o/t – I love comments that live in perpetual moderation. 🙂


  6. This is reminiscent of a new cold remedy they began advertising on TV in the 1950’s called “666” until someone apparently advised them of its meaning and was immediately pulled off the market. Sometimes obvious things to most people are overlooked by others.


  7. Baysider says:

    I had exact same reaction to the story. Once the store was appraised of the ugly connotation (albeit in ANOTHER COUNTRY) it was probably prudent to drop it. But an INVESTIGATION??? Yeah – into what?

    Sparky, you must not have heard: blacks can’t be racist ‘cuz they don’t have the ‘power.’ I am not making this up! Just this week I heard yet one more impassioned defender of the idea digging himself in deeper and deeper by insisting this is true. It was like hearing an Abbott and Costello routine. What this suggests to me is that you would not be a recent college graduate. 🙂


  8. Imp says:

    What was wrong with using KK-C? It may not have been as visually clever….but they’d still have those incredibly KK’s to devour, right?


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Thersites/FJ… Five hours and you feel you were in perpetual moderation? I’ve BEEN GONE. Frankly, I’d prefer you didn’t go to moderation and make me have to release it; and I’d not have known it was even there until you whined about it.
    Of course they can be redeemed if wiser heads IGNORE THEM.

    Baysider; it’s the investigation that sent me over the edge! And what’s that about Blacks not having the power to be racist:? Let me quote a wonderful Black friend who used to comment with me when FrontPage Magazine was worth commenting at “Z, you haven’t heard real racism against whites or anybody else until you’ve gone to a black barbershop”

    Mal!! 666? Hilarious!

    Imp; I guess it’s the cuteness of all three letters being the same, but you are SO RIGHT.


  10. Imp says:

    @Bay..”But an INVESTIGATION??? Yeah – into what?”

    To head off the mandatory whining and hand wringing by the NAACP, the CBC and the rest of their ilk. Here’s one for ya…the other day a black female rep from Indiana accused an 18 month old of “racccccccccccism” because the child cried when she looked at the kid. You can’t make this BS up. I swear it’s true…..and she goes national with this too.


  11. Imp says:

    @Z…was that Net you’re referring to?


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Imp, no..remember Phran? I think that was it…phran or phranp? She called herself that at FPM and her name is really FRAN….And remember GRANKETHA?! She was from the South and we’ve kind of stayed in touch. Anyway, Fran is a black legal secretary who lives here in L.A…..she and I became kind of close and have had dinner together a few times. She adored Mr. Z and even decoupaged me a box with his picture on it, and other memorable things, after he died.
    I haven’t shared this before but one of the quotes she put on that precious box was “I love you in a place where there’s no space and time”, and it blew my mind because , as I told her, “Did you know that’s from one of my very favorite songs EVER, ‘A Song for You’, by Leon Russell?” She didn’t know…just included it there.
    She’s an amazing lady……….we’ve been out of touch a bit since she’s become sick with back problems. I need to call her.


  13. Farmer John says:

    Sorry Z. I didn’t know that ALL comments weren’t going into “Moderation”. And when “other” comments started appearing, and mine didn’t, what was I to think?


  14. Imp says: I don’t remember her…but I’ll not ever forget..”“I love you in a place where there’s no space and time”! Geez…that’s incredibly touching.


  15. Imp says:

    Who wants a box of the original Krispy Kremes? I’m going to their original home town and store in a few days. You can smell them from miles away.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Fj, I’m sorry for having sounded snarky….we’ve been buddies so long I couldn’t imagine you’d think that of me. You know how much I appreciate your input and your GIGANTIC BRAIN 🙂
    thanks for the explanation. I’m not on moderation but every once in a while someone’s comment will go there..odd.

    Imp; mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm What’s your favorite donut flavor/topping?
    And yes, that line is incredibly touching, isn’t it.

    Anybody who reads my blog knows I’ve always been a Leon Russell fan and he wrote the song.
    here’s the other line that REALLY REALLY touches me from A SONG FOR YOU:

    “….And if my words don’t come together
    Listen to the melody
    Cause my love is in there hiding”

    One of the best lyrics EVER in my humble opinion.


  17. Imp says:

    @Z….”What’s your favorite donut flavor/topping?”
    Z..I don’t believe in messing with a good thing…..the original donut only for me. I’ve had the chocolate toppings and other stuff…to me…it just masks the real flavors as it should be eaten. I can do a dozen of them in a sitting….and taking a cholesterol pill afterward too…LOL. I also like my coffee black. If it’s good coffee…what bury those flavors in sugar and cream or milk? I watch people dump sugar and milk into a cup and ask..where the hell is the coffee now? New Yorkers? A “regular” coffee is 1/25 coffee..and the rest junk sweetener. Yuck.

    And yes, that line is incredibly touching, isn’t it.

    And I really do….I sent that to my sister. Who you know is facing her end. I want her to know that Z….It’s so hard to deal with her life fading away from her..Today..she was in tears…her hair is falling out. And what beautiful hair too…long, blonde and not a streak of grey. It’ll be hard on all of us.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Imp, I can only imagine how tearful that made your sister, and very, very touched. This is a beautiful time to really connect with her and make as rich as possible, for both of you, her last months here on earth. Some people who’ve lost loved ones in car accidents, etc., might be envious of this time you have with her, even if it’s only through phone or emails……that’s enough.

    Is the ‘original donut’ the glazed donut? that’s my absolute fave….but I DO like maple glazed ones! And now they make the maple dipped in bacon and I think I’d like to try that some time when I’m eating carbs again!!


  19. Thersites says:

    Don’t feel bad for returning snark w/ snark. I was obviously “over-invested” in my original post, when I laid “Thersites” on you. My apologies.


  20. geeez2014 says:

    thanks, Thers.


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