Pizza for your WEDDING

I ran across THIS ARTICLE and thought “you can’t make this up!”   Two supposed celebrities are very happy to supply pizza to any gay wedding.   Except nobody really wanted pizza for their wedding in Indiana, remember?  It was a total hypothetical question~!  So, guys!  LEARN before you mouth off with righteous indignation!

This is not unlike what happened with   “hands up, don’t shoot!” which  NEVER HAPPENED.  But, BROTHER, was it addressed…and still is, as if it were the truth!

Nobody wanted PIZZA for their wedding, but the Left will sure make you THINK this happened.

Just another sign of ignorance, playing with the truth, ANYTHING to promote their agendas.

Here’s another big lie these leftist oddballs can’t grasp:   Not making pizza for your wedding does not mean anybody hates anybody or doesn’t want to serve you in their establishment.  It only means their ethics are as strong as yours supposedly are… know, those ethics you fought for with the LGBT community for the right to be who you really are?  Hey!  Christians have that right, too!

I know, THAT is a rough one to swallow.

But so would pizza be if served at a wedding!


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12 Responses to Pizza for your WEDDING

  1. Imp says:

    Pizza would be gourmet food in WV….they only get out once a month.


  2. HEY IMP: “They only get out once a month”. Is that whether they feel like it or not? 🙂


  3. lisa says:

    This whole shebang was a setup . These morons complain about FOX yet look how many people the left wing media have slandered
    WVU,Duke La Cross,Memories Pizza. Furgeson,Trayvon Martin


  4. geeez2014 says:

    WV? Why the crack!?

    Lisa….People like that slam FOX but get their news from Jon Stewart… And yes, look at all the slander; you are SO RIGHT.


  5. Imp says:

    CORRECTION…they probably would choose to have a WV wedding catered by Pizza Hut. Crack..a smile…it’s humor. 🙂

    Mal….depends on their parole officer.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    I had an email from a friend of mine who saw the comments and who didn’t appreciate the WV humor, so…….
    Trust me, not all WVians are on parole OR like pizza for their wedding receptions 🙂 (also a little humor!)


  7. Kid says:

    IMP Still has the line on this thing. Signs in every business who caters to weddings and does not want to cater to gay weddings. “A portion of proceeds of all sales for gay weddings goes to (some anti-gay organization)”
    It’s perfect.
    I’d add some signs. “A portion of profits on gay weddings goes to people who will demand ‘Love-Hitler’ t-shirts be made at Jewish owned businesses.” “… will go to organizations that demand ‘Long Live KKK’ t-shirts be made at black owned t-shirt businesses.” “… will go to anyone who demands moslem owned businesses print up “Christ is King” t-shirts.”
    “…. will go to businesses owned by environmentalists to print up t-shirts that say ‘Mad Made Climate Change is a SCAM!”

    The possibilities are endless.


  8. Kid: BRILLIANT!


  9. Kid says:

    Ed, Thanks, but that was IMP’s idea.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    what was IMp’s idea? I’m totally confused. What’s that video???
    Kind of cool, I must say!


  11. Baysider says:

    That video represents the whiners who want to ‘fix’ things but refuse to address the problem. Oh, so many applications, Imp! Brilliant.

    It applies to a book I’m reading now, on WW1. Wilson, who wanted “peace without victory” and refused to heighten our war readiness in 1916 because it might make the Germans harder to get to the peace table (maybe he wouldn’t have lost so many ships before we got into the war if it looked like the price paid by the Axis powers would be too painful. Ya think?) Or the ‘housing crisis’ that put us all back 20 years … and now they are doubling down on DOING the SAME, EXACT THINGS.


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