“Please don’t shoot me!”….

There’s a story CNN was endlessly reporting on yesterday on TV:  The liberal Daily Beast has it here, too;  A white cop has killed an unarmed black man and it looks very questionable.***    We all know about the New York City killing of Eric Garner.  BIG news all over every news venue.  And, of course, who needs to be reminded of the nightmare in Ferguson “Hands up, don’t shoot” Missouri, or Treyvon Martin?   Huge news;  White kills Black.   Enormous news.  EVERYWHERE;  radio, TV, you name it.

Then there is THIS news story out of Philadelphia,  which has got little or no coverage.   You haven’t heard about it;   James Patrick Stuhlman was a fifty-ish man who, every evening, took the dog for a walk with his teen aged daughter.  That night, it was “a little late” so he asked her not to come with him, possibly saving her life.   NBC, where my link is from, only tells us the killing happened “last week”:  apparently, nobody even cares about getting the date right?   Here is the kid, 15 years old, who killed Mr. Stuhlman:

philadelphia murderSurprise!  Black youngster kills white man in cold blood.  Patrick Stuhlman yelled “Please don’t shoot me!” a couple of times.  In fact, the punks told him they were only going to rob him.   but………..

Doesn’t anybody CARE?   Where are Holder, Obama…Sharpton?  This is so sad. This man’s wife and daughter are now alone, his business partner is without a partner now, his six siblings are missing a beloved brother…

I care.   Frankly, I don’t care WHAT color kills what OTHER COLOR….it ALL should be reported fairly.   Yes, some of the stories above are law enforcement possibly overstepping its bounds, but really?   This story gets literally NOTHING?

Don’t you find this agenda-driven, grossly biased, negligent reporting?

***By the way, FOX is announcing this morning that “The Department of Justice is investigating this case.”  Why?   It’s not a Federal Case.  Let the local police department do its work, the cop’s charged with murder!  What more?

-thanks, Mustang

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22 Responses to “Please don’t shoot me!”….

  1. Under this Obama administration, only black lives matter.

    Well, only black lives in America matter.

    Obama doesn’t seem to give a damn about the slaughter of Africans — particularly African Christians being slaughtered by Moslems.


  2. Kid says:

    Actually, that kid is one of three who committed the murder. The one who pulled the trigger is in custody now, but no picture of him yet. http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local/3rd-Teen-Sought-in-Dog-Walker-Murder-Taken-Into-Custody-296993191.html

    If you watch shows like First 48, you will note that there is an endless stream of these black punks running around killing people for little to no reason. I absolutely believe obama and holder are responsible for inciting these black kids to go do violence on white people.

    Anyway, I wonder if any of These black punks could be obama’s son if he had one.


  3. fredd says:

    Concealed carry laws would have given this guy a chance.

    And the South Carolina cop, once he shot the guy for a burned out tail light, scurried back to where the taser was dropped and moved it over to the guy’s body, altering the crime scene. Happens all the time. No, this wasn’t just a one-off.

    That’s why if I ever serve on a murder trial as a juror, I will vote to acquit regardless of the testimony, nature of the evidence or anything that comes out of the prosecution’s mouth: it is just not credible. I just don’t believe cops for the most part. They lie all the time. They corrupt evidence. All the time.

    This wasn’t just a one-time dirty cop, Z. This happens ALL THE TIME. Our entire national law enforcement system needs a reformation, from recruitment, training, funding, organization, promotions, work rules, rules of engagement, retirement, all of it.


  4. bunkerville says:

    One only has to watch :Lockup” on MSNBC to get a glimpse into what awaits us when these criminals get released. Obama will no doubt pardon thousands more of them before he is through.


  5. John M. Berger says:

    “That’s why if I ever serve on a murder trial as a juror, I will vote to acquit regardless of the testimony, nature of the evidence or anything that comes out of the prosecution’s mouth: it is just not credible”

    I’m a little confused. Do you include your “vote to acquit” should that include a “murder trial” for the South Carolina cop?

    So far it appears that the action taken by the cop in question is indefensible. With all of the scrutiny paid to law enforcement what drives cops to behave in such a way? Why would anyone want to be a cop these days, anyway? All I seem to have are questions.



  6. geeez2014 says:

    AOW….yes, Obama doesn’t really understand that WHITE LIVES MATTER,TOO. And Holder? White lives are just too evil to exist. The FACT that they also don’t give a damn about Black KIDS’ lives who are killed by other Black kids is even more disturbing to me because it seems like it’s always the really good kid with great grades and a future who gets caught in crossfire.

    Kid..I like to have an image and know this is only one of the kids involved. I like your line about this being Obama’s kid “if he had one”. His words, not ours. 🙂

    fredd; sorry,…you come off like MOST cops are like this. They simply are not. And our whole country’s character needs reforming; If MOST cops are bad, they reflect America’s new soul…brought to us by liberals with no love for this country and overly-greedy conservatives. And, don’t get me wrong; these cops like the one who killed the guy are WRONG and he shot FROM THE BACK…NO REASON to have shot. NONE. I don’t think he did the right thing; but I think these bad apples are few and they need to go . He has a record of overreacting, by the way. I pity our good cops every time I hear the news and what’s said “in general” when it’s really “in specific”…

    bunkerville; yes, plus the feds have hired muslim brotherhooders to speak IN prisons….and no blowback by the Republicans?

    John; cops are strung out…tired, and scared of EVERY MOVE today. Scrutiny is a good thing but they feel THEY are the hunted now and that doesn’t work for anyone.
    We’ve all worked in conditions where we, or a friend, thought someone at work was ‘out to get them, or their job, or whatever..’ These cops face that every day except it’s not losing a promotion or a job, it’s getting killed…with a wife and 4 kids back home counting on them.
    I believe until perps became this vicious and this often, law enforcement could do better.
    Now they can’t move without terrible scrutiny. While that’s good for a small percentage of evil ones, it’s awful for the good cop who just wants to do his job and not feel HE Has to be the one to step back or he’ll be in trouble.
    How do we survive with the cops under more scrutiny than perps?


  7. geeez2014 says:

    Don’t you all feel that the discrepancy in news coverage, which is my point, STINKS? it’s unbelievable! That case of the cop and the taser is EVERYWHERE……………..nothing on TV about poor Mr. Stuhlman being killed by 3 black teens. And, they’re underage so they won’t be punished hard. Of course, his wife and daughter don’t seem to matter, do they.


  8. Kid says:

    Z, If they reported stuff like this, there wouldn’t be anything else on.


  9. John, you said exactly what I was going to say. I mean, who would want to be a cop today, whether you be white or black? And yes, this can all be put on the backs of Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, Holder and their ilk.


  10. Mustang says:
    I do believe that Obama, working in conjunction with other blacks, have taken race relations back more than 100 years. Now I will say that it looks to me as if the SC cop executed that man, and so his arrest is appropriate. Let the investigation and a court decide his fate.

    You are correct to note that Obama & Company seem to energize black punks. People are being killed now much in the same way the blacks were playing the knock-out game a few months back. JB is correct to note that if one does not avail himself of the right to bear arms, then they are only this: victims.

    Inciting violence is a crime; in my view, Obama, Inc., should be charged.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I can’t believe how they have to tell us EVERY LITTLE THING that happens in our country just to fill time for ad $$$. I don’t want to know a banister gave way and 3 workmen were hurt in NYC. I don’t want to know EVERY single thing in the country. I think it really wears away at all our psyches, don’t you?
    But on this thing….they report the ‘stuff’ that suits the LEFT, but nothing that suits the Right…that’s my point on that..and why I published this post at all.

    Mal and John: Who’d want to be a cop, and who’d want to serve in the military? Only those who are that hard up for money anymore…no more feelings of altruism and patriotism. I’m sure SOME still feel they want to do good, but ….it’s getting too tough out there.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang; No DOUBT this latest situation looks BAD and that cop should never have kept shooting at the guy’s back. No doubt; he is now charged with murder and there will be a trial.
    And yes, I also believe race relations have gone back to 100 years ago….and I blame Obama but, mostly, ERIC HOLDER. 90% of the blame. ERIC HOLDER.


  13. Kid says:

    Z, I agree of course. It is the democrat media. Rush calls it the state run media, which is inaccurate. If a repub gets elected it will still be the democrat media. No, I don’t listen to Rush.


  14. John M. Berger says:

    ” I blame Obama but, mostly, ERIC HOLDER. 90% of the blame. ERIC HOLDER.”
    I agree, directly, but let’s not forget who is responsible for Holder to be there in the first place. And let’s also not forget that this whole mess is the result of a society, in the aggregate, so misguided that the reprobates identified herein ever attained their positions to wreck such havoc on this once great, proud Nation.


  15. fredd says:

    Z: I am convinced most cops are not crooked. I realize that I sound like I am painting the entire police force at every level as crooks. Obviously to anybody, most cops are not crooked. BUT: and this is a big BUT: the percentage of bad cops within any jurisdiction is just way, WAY too high. Nobody can put an exact figure to it, but it should be less than one tenth of one percent bad cops to good cops. Sadly it’s closer to 10%! A reformation effort has to bring that approx. percentage down to considerably less than 1%. How would you, as a juror, feel if you are asked by a district attorney’s office to take someone’s liberty away, or even vote for a death sentence, if 10% of all cops lie about the facts, fabricate and corrupt evidence? 10%??!! That level of corruption is the very definition of ‘reasonable doubt.’ And I don’t want to hear that the 10% figure is way off base. Nobody can tell me that these cases don’t happen all the time. You can’t argue that only these wildly egregious news clips of cops doing bad things are the only corrupt cops ever known in any community.

    John M. Burger: I would make an exception in this case. Since it is the cop caught in a corrupt system that is tearing our society apart with all of its bad cops (a minority, but way too big of a minority) on parade, I would max this guy’s verdict. Death included. Never say never, as they say. This kind of action would be a good step in the right direction toward a badly needed reformation of the police force.


  16. Fredd, I agree with what you said about fabricating evidence, etc. but I believe they have been motivated by some of the unreasonable rulings of the judges when they come to trial, wrong as it may be. When they look for “a smoking gun”……………….


  17. Baysider says:

    The news is skewed, alright. But consider this too: Item 1 IS news; Item 2 happens ALL THE TIME. Nothing ‘new’ to report. And yes, I blame Holder, Obi et al for creating a climate that encourages the murder of whites.


  18. fredd says:

    Mal: I don’t doubt that cops feel that unless they really lay on the embellishment of the ‘facts,’ their collar won’t hold up and the perp will walk. I get that, and I know that it happens. More often than it should. Most cops play it straight. Some don’t. Like this South Carolina guy. I see now that he was fired. He will be lucky if that’s all that happens to him.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    Kid; good point; it IS state run media only because the state IS the Democrats right now and they seem to run the media!…they will run it if the GOP is elected, too, sadly.

    John, your comment is so right and SO unutterably sad in its truth.

    fredd; Thanks for that clarification. I agree but HOW WOULD YOU REFORM THE POLICE DEPARTMENT? it has to be even MORE effective these days as we see God and good character systematically removed from our country and a president who’s encouraging those who should be taught better. PLEASE, any ideas?


  20. Imp says:

    For every black that’s gun downed by a white…cop or not….a dozen or more murders and rapes of whites , by blacks…go’s unreported. Unpunished or completely erased and hidden by the fawning, chicken shit media.


  21. fredd says:

    My biggest reform would be to take away all cop’s word on things. Just remove their spin on everything, and equip them with cameras, microphones and all manner of ‘black boxes.’ Cops up to this point know that the legal process values their word on what happened as the truth. And cops KNOW this, and abuse this. Take that away from cops. All cops. Since they are working for the public, and we now have the technology to make this happen, it shouldn’t even be an issue.

    No more taking the cop’s word for it. Too many have abused that honor, and we have technology that can record the facts, not a cops word on the facts. This would be a major reform that would fix lots of problems. And this includes taking away the discretion as to when the camera is turned on and off, cops can’t be trusted to do that right, either. Just mechanize all of their interactions with the public.


  22. Mustang.Koji says:

    Like you, I am sick of this Racist, Inc. bull puckey. Sick of it. There are so many Black on White murders (for no reason) yet the Obama/Sharpton/Jackson loving media never make a peep…nor carry on about it for MONTHS.


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