“..Liberals openly disregard the TRUTH?” (you just found that out?)

Here is at least one liberal, Taylor Schmitt, who actually has an open mind and realistically calls the liberals on their MEDIA.   You’ll enjoy the linked article, I promise.  Here’s the second paragraph…. the rest of the ARTICLE is SO worth reading and I hope you do.

A recent study by the Pew Research Center found that Fox News spends only 45 percent of its airtime on factual reporting, while it spends 55 percent of its airtime on opinion pieces and commentary. It was unsurprising that a news source frequently lampooned as opinion-driven and biased spends the majority of its time reporting opinion pieces. But why is Fox News considered such a horrible and untrustworthy network when the same study showed that the liberal MSNBC network spends a whopping 85 percent of its airtime on opinion segments and only 15 percent on factual reporting? If Fox’s penchant for focusing on opinion is worthy of criticism, doesn’t MSNBC’s more egregious example of the same sin merit even more? The contempt for Fox I hear coming from liberals coupled with a lack of criticism towards MSNBC suggests that many within the liberal movement don’t want factual journalism at all, but rather opinionated journalism with a liberal bent (Z: Welcome to our world, Mr. Schmitt). In fact, though they would have you believe they merely support truth in journalism, many liberals openly disregard the truth – and criticize those who don’t – when it conflicts with their worldview.   ….

Z: Please, I hope you read the link and I hope you let me know how surprised you are AND, more importantly, I hope you post this on facebook or send it to friends/ family….


-thanks, Scott

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22 Responses to “..Liberals openly disregard the TRUTH?” (you just found that out?)

  1. Love the first sentence in the last paragraph of the linked article:

    Unless my fellow liberals learn to stop shoehorning every situation to fit the narrative they are trying to construct, the left of tomorrow will be made up of individuals who are unable to distinguish their beliefs from reality.

    However, I think that many who are not on college campuses are “shoehorning” to the point of having lost the distinction between reality and their own beliefs. My sister-in-law, who didn’t go to a university at all and is 57 years old (Old enough that she should know better!), is constantly “shoehorning” on her Facebook page. When she loses the debate on my FB page, she hits the bottle (or whatever) and calls up the rest of the family to have a tantrum about me and those who participated in certain discussions on my FB page. Well, she used to do that. She finally gave up!

    Anyway, today “the narrative” has taken control of people’s minds. What happened to thinkers?


  2. When the narrative gains enough momentum, people previously opposed to an issue suddenly flip flop — Harry Reid, for example:

    n 1993, Reid introduced legislation that would have done away with the practice of the United States bestowing so-called “birthright citizenship” to the U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants. On the House floor, Reid insisted that “no sane country” would decree that a child of illegal immigrants was a citizen just because he was conveniently born on its soil.


  3. Kid says:

    I think there comes a time in a person’s life that they realize and get angry that they’ve been lied to so much and smash themself into reality by seeking knowledge that can be proven or at least not proven wrong.
    People who do not do this do either have a mental disease or some other form of mental dysfunction such as sociopath.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    This was rather odd ” It was unsurprising that a news source frequently lampooned as opinion-driven and biased spends the majority of its time reporting opinion pieces”….ya, but FOX is a channel built on expert input: Krauthammer, Baer, Hume, Perino, etc etc……They don’t just READ NEWS, they talk about it. And their editorialists like O’Reilly and Hannity and others, aren’t there to READ NEWS, they’re PAID to give their opinions and discuss those opinions with other sides…how’s it ‘lampooned as opinion-driven and biased’ when that’s what they’re billed as?
    See my point?


  5. geeez2014 says:

    actually, on CNN, their editorialists aren’t billed that way at all; they’re supposedly giving THE NEWS, and that’s dangerous. FOX is obvious about who’s news and who’s opinion.

    FOX gets slammed by millions of people who think they’re not giving THE NEWS when these FOX slammers mostly get their own NEWS from Jon Stewart and think he’s giving it to them straight, with a smile thrown in here and there by insulting the real news stations…figure THAT one out!


  6. Kid says:

    Z, It’;s not like libs have strong arguments 🙂


  7. silverfiddle says:

    Saying Fox News is better than MSNBC is damning with faint praise.

    MSLSD is a bad parody of a bad SNL skit parodying a news organization.

    But thank you for bringing this to us, Z. The rare honest liberal is like a breath of fresh air.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    SF: Yes, “The rare honest liberal is like a breath of fresh air.” and I believe deserves the light of day, too! 🙂
    But it’s MORE THAN THAT…..There’s a general ‘rule’ that if ONE person feels a certain way, many silent ones do, too.
    I agree, MSNBC is such a joke that saying “FOX is better” is faint praise, but having a liberal admit this is HUGE.
    There’s some guy on MSNBC who’s not AS bad, by the way…Jose Diaz Balart, it seems to me he actually THINKS. And can even be FAIR. Shocking.

    Kid, no kidding!


  9. skudrunner says:

    Why would anyone expect the truth from a left leaning media. The leftist leaders are admitted liers Obama, Hildabeast, Slimy Reid, the rev Al, all have admitted they didn’t tell the truth yet the media passes that by.


  10. An honest liberal with integrity is really only a proto-conservative. They will look at their compatriots, shake there heads and walk away.
    Sort of like the argument that so many muslims are being alienated by radical (true) islam that they are investigating Christianity.


  11. This all fits the scenario. Anything the Right does is questioned, studied, and torn apart by the majority of the media while justifying or totally ignoring what the Left does. This has been going on since the days when Nixon was forced to step down because of Watergate. WATERGATE! A simple break-in! No loss of money, lives, or national security. Simply politics. Nothing has changed, has it?


  12. Kid says:

    Yes, watergate wouldn’t even make a respectable college prank and these vermin in the media are still yapping about it. We could list hundreds of things much more destructive just during the last 5 years of obama.


  13. Baysider says:

    I”m so glad you shared this, as I run into it often. If only I can remember the statistic – yes, even I’m shocked. Since I don’t watch either Fox or MSNBC I, too, am influenced by what I hear. I hear Hugh Hewitt or Dennis Prager quote some ding dong on MSNBC for their ding dongery, so I have some idea. But still – shocked.

    And boy, this guy is going to get peed on for daring to talk about women’s earnings and the campus non-‘rape’ culture honestly. I hope he’s got an unlisted office on campus!


  14. geeez2014 says:

    skud, I think it’s real news when leftwingers actually see the evil in their kind.

    Ed….yes, that’s happening a LOT in the Islamic world and it’s not unlike Libs turning toward Conservatism; good point. LET US PRAY 🙂

    Mal, so true; comparing Watergate and the mess that created compared to OBAMA’S MESS with the IRA, VA, F&F, Benghazi, NSA, big bank buddies he cozies up to, going into such important things without congress, stirring race relations up again, etc etc…..gosh, we could all go on and ON and on…yet, nothing for him….nothing at all. But I blame Republicans. WHERE ARE THEY?

    Baysider; You run into honest liberals “often”? WOw, I read a LOT and rarely see that….if ever. I always say “Republicans eat their young, Democrats never go off their plantation”….
    Sure, MSNBC ding dongs do their lies, mischaracterizing, etc., but for a lib to write on it? WOW! I am impressed.


  15. Baysider says:

    No, no, no! I run into liberal complaints about Fox often. Sorry. I am a rattled today, so I may not be writing clearly. (I had my own encounter with one of Santa Monica’s finest on my walk in to bible study this morning – a bad actor brandished a makeshift weapon on me.)

    I like Ed’s “An honest liberal with integrity is really only a proto-conservative.” I actually do know an honest liberal – my trainer. I even told him 2 weeks ago that he’s sounding more like a Republican. THAT was a shock. He is a guy who steps up to the plate and takes responsibility, but he acknowledges a lot wrong in the whinery. He’s seeing it more and more, and I try to help guide his perspective. 🙂


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider…I’m sorry I got your wrong! I WISH we ran into honest libs more often! Yes, complaints about FOX from liberals? CONSTANTLY. I had a dear friend whose daughter was almost my age …the friend was staunch conservative, the daughter was a nutcase liberal….we had lunch together and she was whining about Sean Hannity…I finally said “You know, you don’t have to PAY for Hannity, I have to pay for Moyers on PBS…so how’s that make ME feel?”

    ARE YOU OKAY? I didn’t see you at study this morning…were you there finally? I’m so sorry for your encounter!


  17. Right on Baysider! It’s a battle for men’s souls and minds.
    One of my co-workers that I share an office with is a lib. And honest, And reasonable.
    Confided something to me yesterday. I closed our office door and asked if I could speak to him for 5 minutes and present the gospel to him. He agreed and I did. This gave me an opportunity to discuss some other stuff from a Christian and personal perspective.
    When he left work hours later, he thanked me for talking to him.
    That’s an honest man of integrity who is still a lib. For now.


  18. Baysider says:

    Ed, that’s terrific. I’ll add your co-worker to my prayer list (along with Scherie).

    Z, I got there. A little late, and looking all around for a drink of water! R.E. and a lady I didn’t know stayed with me in the lobby for a bit to help me calm down before I went in.


  19. Imp says:

    Modern lefties have done such a bang-up job of destroying the good word “liberal” that they’ve now moved back to describing themselves another way — Progressives. They don’t deserve to be believed on anything.

    Best quote in that article OMO… that I thank you for posting…


  20. geeez2014 says:

    Some liberals I know, when getting talking about things that matter, always sound like Republicans, until I say “Wow, that’s kind of a conservative way of looking at things… I think you’re a Republican!” (teasingly), and they look horrified. One black friend actually said “I could never vote for a Republican because my family’s always gone Democrat” Others have just looked horrified and clam shut after that.

    We need to realize HOW BADLY we’ve been maligned, particularly in the last 15 years….through Bush; that was a nightmare of bashing and belittling….People are embarrassed to say they share anything in common with Republicans and that’s a very bad place for our country to be.

    Remember, the Left says they’re more open minded, and the rabid ones call US “Fascist” but look up the definition and WE know who’s fascist and who is not. They’re far LESS open minded unless you call killing babies and putting people on the gov’t dole, and leading immoral lives is open minded, of course.


  21. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, that sounds wonderful; good for you for reaching out and good for him for TRULY being open minded and kind in receiving what you had to say.
    Fingers crossed!!


  22. What makes me mad is when they call us loony Republican extremists, etc. They don’t realize this has only happened since Obama came into office. Extreme acts by him require extreme responses, but they refuse to acknowledge that.


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