Indoctrination; Jihad against American kids

Watch/listen at your own risk;  it’s important, and parents of American kids MUST know about this.  PLEASE send these videos around along with THIS ARTICLE….Make sure you learn about the major American textbook publishers in the linked article and what they’re teaching our children from the Sixth through Twelfth grades.

Our kids are learning WHITEWASH….take a look:

Even some Muslims are warning against it:

What can be DONE?   We’re talking publishing houses like Houghton Mifflin!  I’ve seen these textbooks in private schools.  There isn’t much other than this kind of textbook left.   Saudi money is influential in what’s going into our textbooks; very clever people. The Saudis went to publishers in the Nineties and said they knew that Americans want to teach about Islam, so they’d like to provide the information…. so they provided, to say the least, sanitized history. The videos have shocking information and the article is stunning.

“Jihad is’s only meant as ‘a struggle,’ and is restricted to the right to defend…” suggesting it can’t be offensive.   If it’s only defensive, what of the Muslim conquests over the last 1000 years?  That’s only a tiny bit of what our kids are learning.

Please take a look.

Odd that I’d find THIS today…..A teacher is in trouble for passing around sheets telling what looks to me to be the truth about Islam.  He is said to need sensitivity training.  The information is said to have been gleaned from ‘hate sites’ but the facts on the papers we see in the images are………facts.  Boy, don’t EVER EVER represent the truth of Islam, but don’t worry about their telling our children their ‘truth’….I hope SO HARD that more Muslims like Zuhdi Jasser speak up….they are America loving Muslims who do care that our kids are being fed GUFF.  (If you look at his Wiki information, make sure you read his VIEWS ON ISLAM section).  I’ve heard him speak in person, about 10 years ago, and he was terrific.


(Happy Birthday, Mom and Cath xxx  as if you read my blog!! :-))

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11 Responses to Indoctrination; Jihad against American kids

  1. bunkerville says:

    Brown shirts in the making. History repeats itself.


  2. Kid says:

    As Always, it comes down to whether people put up with this %^$^&$&. It looks like only one former Marine addressed the issue at his daughter’s school –

    Maybe if the majority of parents showed up instead of just one.
    This is how they do it though, an inch a day. Schools need to be removed from federal control and unions for starters. Locally controlled schools Could be Locally Controlled.


  3. Lisa says:

    Sometimes I wonder if the same money that got Obama put in office is the same money indoctrinating our education system


  4. Kid says:

    Lisa, I would personally bet that is is and that Saudi money has been pouring in for a long while now and corrupting our government.


  5. Lisa says:

    yep that is who I thought too kid


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, that Marine’s information is in my link, too… least ONE GUY stood up! I do believe the Saudis are “killing us softly”, inch by inch…and our failing economy WELCOMES any money it can get; publishers, teachers, etc…”Come on IN….and our open mindedness is on your side….and even our president’s doing nothing but slap down Christians lately, so…heck! Welcome!” (awful)

    Lisa, I’ve been reading for about 10 years how it’s Saudi money in Haughton Mifflin and other well known publishers that’s influencing our textbooks. Let’s not believe Texas is such a conservative state, folks; most textbook publishers are THERE and they’re APPROVED THERE….


  7. Okay. What I believe needs to be done is all of the American churches need to get together to protest what is going on and to remind our lawmakers in D.C. our country was founded on the belief
    in God, not Mohammed, and to recommend for those who wish otherwise to move to one of the 57 countries that believe as they do. “UNITED WE STAND; DIVIDED WE FALL” comes to mind!
    This can be done with peaceful demonstrations or legally through the courts. Muslims that feel as we do would not only be welcome, but encouraged.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Mal brings up an excellent point. IMAGINE if any school tried to talk about JESUS or MOSES? Oh, my gosh, the OUTRAGE! Teaching CHRISTIANITY or JUDAISM? ARe you KIDDING ME?


  9. I wonder if the Obama resistance to drill local is to prop up the Saudi’s, althought they are at odds with his friends the Uranians, er Iranians.


  10. Cultural suicide!


  11. Mustang.Koji says:

    This is so extremely alarming, geeez…down to the potential reprimand of the broad-sighted teacher. I’ve got to get around to writing in detail of my son’s 8th grade US History book…by Houghton Mifflin no less…


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