Cuba, Cuomo and ……..

cuomoIt struck me as odd that Chris Cuomo on CNN would spend much of Friday morning discussing with people how POLICE CAN’T POLICE POLICE…. That when it comes to killings, etc., is it really right to have law enforcement investigate law enforcement?

What struck me was how he’d be the first to say that Eric Holder’s Dept of Justice is just the right department to investigate the Dept of Justice…………hmmmm

castroALSO:  How’s about Obama and the Left’s eagerness to normalize relations with Cuba?  We know that human rights are abused in Cuba.  Yes, so now we’re talking about embassy reopenings in Havana, etc.  WHY does the Left screech about human rights but then rewards terrible abusers of those same rights?   So, what’s the real reason he wants Cuba opened?  (And who gave Obama that line he’s used on Cuba and Iran….”What we’ve done SO FAR hasn’t worked, so…”    He insists sanctions haven’t worked in Iran, but did you SEE Iranians dancing in the streets that sanctions are lifted on them?  Sometimes, things haven’t worked and nothing’s going to make them better;  you don’t just DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING, instead!  That ‘nothing’s worked’ is no justification for HIS stupid big ideas, right?)

warrenI saw Elizabeth Warren on CNN Friday, too.  We’d better hope that she doesn’t run because she would win.  She knows exactly how to articulate her story and gives the typical “We must protect the middle class, help them thrive, etc etc.  My father was a rug salesman who had a heart attack and we almost lost our house but Mom, at 50, got a job, and we were okay…OF COURSE, the minimum wage was enough in those days…”   Oh, yes, Elizabeth Warren is ALL about helping people but knows not the mechanics of an economy, apparently?  She’s a good talker, folks.  She’ll pull heartstrings.  And she’s no dummy.

Thoughts, folks?  On any or all of these points?

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24 Responses to Cuba, Cuomo and ……..

  1. fredd says:

    Lizzy Warren is just another Obama; very well spoken, but completely void of substance, or as her people would say, an empty tee pee. People love well spoken politicians, and just gobble up that honey which drips from their oration. If people look around and see what this love of well spoken politicians has gotten us, maybe they will go for a plain spoken politician once in awhile.


  2. At this point, Elizabeth Warren isn’t running in 2016. I have the feeling that she will change her mind — particularly if pre-convention surveys show Hillary losing. The Left will do whatever it takes to minimize losing in 2016.

    Which convention is first? The GOP’s or the Dems’?


  3. Farmer John says:

    All civil rights violations in the name of Communism are “justified”. For Communism is one big perpetual and eternal violation of the individual’s civil rights.


  4. Farmer John says:

    Some ‘facts’ from a recent opinion poll taken in Cuba…

    64 percent of Cubans would like to travel abroad, and 55 percent would like to live in another country. Of those wanting to emigrate, 52 percent want to live in the U.S.

    34 percent of Cubans say they receive money from family members abroad, 61 percent of whom are living in the U.S.

    94 percent of Cubans who receive remittances say they use the money to cover everyday expenses, 39 percent say they save, and 11 percent say they invest in a business.

    70 percent of Cubans would like to own their own business.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    fredd, we can only hope.

    AOW….I thought I heard GOP’s first. Not sure. She’s not running..but, as I said above, IF she does….she’ll appeal to the entitlement seekers BIG TIME.

    FJ….that’s right; and also violation of an individual’s SPIRIT. Liberals don’t understand that, while we want everyone to be successful, leveling the playing field works against the wonderful feelings of self-reliance, etc.

    Great stats on CUBA…thanks for them; it helps us see what’s going on.
    By the way, after Obama’s visit, let’s not be surprised if all 52% of those Cubans who want to live in America aren’t sent free tickets and promises of free college, healthcare, and ….
    Here’s the problem for Obama; these are folks who usually vote REPUBLICAN. Hard working, good people who got stuck behind the island version of the Iron Curtain


  6. geeez2014 says:

    The world’s falling apart and I’ve been Googling around at news sites listing way at the top of their news stories the Kardashian visit to Armenia and the transgender teen who killed him/herself. And we wonder why America’s in trouble?
    By the way, as an Armenian friend of mine said “The Kardashians are in Armenia for genocide reflection? Haven’t we Armenians suffered enough?”
    cracked me up!


  7. I sure hope the people in Armenia don’t get the impression the “Dashes” are typical of all Armenian Americans, Z! AAAAARRRRG! (“Dash” is the name of their store in Beverly Hills).


  8. Kid says:

    I guess MP’s can’t police the military either. The left decides what conclusion they want, then decides on the narrative to get there, which is why most of what they say is so stupid, hypocritical, and paradoxical.

    Anyone could win with a D after their name including a dead squirrel, but the democrat voters focus on their fantasies, not real life, which is why they always make the wrong choice.

    Cuba? Money. Lots and lots of money for those involved plus obama no doubt loves how they govern down there.


  9. geeez2014 says:
    When Hillary says she’s a woman of faith, the Huff Post approves….after all, she is a liberal. But let a Conservative tout his faith………….

    Mal….I’m pretty sure they don’t consider us ALL cheap and slutty. I hope not, anyway!


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, oh yes….with all his Exec Orders, I’m thinking he loves a dictatorship. He IS a dictatorship.
    “yes” to all you said above!


  11. geeez2014 says:

    “D” as in Dictatorship…another D word!


  12. Kid says:

    The hildebeast is a woman of faith all right. clinton quotes – this is a Short List ! Language..
    Has anyone seen her in church?
    What happened to all that clinton money collected for Haiti? A woman at work went there last year and kids are still running around naked and wiping their butts on the street. Adults with no shoes, etc.
    Well, this would be an endless rant.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, RIGHT!! Some woman of faith…..I don’t know if they go to church; she’s often spoken about her Methodist faith. I can’t weigh in on that without hurting some feelings, so I’ll let that go…..

    I know what you mean about ‘endless rant’….we could all do those unceasingly concerning Hillary and SO MUCH MORE, right?

    I’ve got TV on and just heard “you’re pregnant? I used a lot of condoms”..”well, one didn’t work..” …2 single people who didn’t know each other before they ‘coupled’….yup. And this is a HALLMARK MOVIE. Nice, right?
    Then we have commercials showing a woman in her underpants….and then we have women talking about vaginitis, and pain during intercourse and men are telling the world how they’re pumped up with vitamins now and “just can’t get enough sex”.

    This is LIFE? DECENT BROADCASTS? And this is just touching the surface! Ya, I could RANT here about TV lately………..but…what’s the point?
    Our poor kids.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, on top of that, some home pages are covering that couple who married about 15 years ago…remember the teacher who married a young boy much younger than she? She was married with kids and divorced and went to jail, I think. They’re married now and the news is covering it as if it’s a marvelous little union….a real curiosity.


  15. I remember who you are talking about, Z. The boy was a 14 year old with dark skin and hair. The teachers last name was French sounding, starting with “La” (something). His mother went along with the relationship too, as I recall.


  16. Kid says:

    Z, yea, feminine commercials and general sexual subjects. Some of it sure doesn’t need to be on TV. Plus kids have the internet today. Anything they want to see or investigate is readily available. All we had was the Sears catalog. Well Playboy magazine was sometimes available.

    Yes, I just saw that article yesterday. She was a teacher and he was 4 I guess, then she went to jail for 9 years I think. Now they’re married. Well, Ok, I don’t need to know. It’s a minor curiosity I suppose, but what’s the big deal.

    Well, here is an article about it for anyone interested. –


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Ya, I should have linked it, thanks. Yes, ‘who cares?’ but it poisons society when they spend two weeks on home pages as NEWS…..the husband, he was 18 then (she taught him in the 2nd grade, as well) and she was 35 with a family, recently had HOT TEACHER parties where she signed autographs. THAT’s what we’ve come to.

    Who cares what ANYBODY does in private? This is where we differ strongly with the libs I know on the blogs; morality. They say “If it feels good, do it, and why hold it back from everyone you know and society as a whole?” I think most of us say “Do it….but just do it in PRIVATE….don’t be poisoning our kids, age-appropriate DOES matter…”
    I honestly think this is one reason there are suddenly so many transgender teens and suicides…..they know more about sex, see more sex, than most of us did at 20, let alone 14. They’re messed up, don’t know WHAT they are.


  18. Kid says:

    Z, Well, I wouldn’t have been ‘bi curious’ at any age. When I was 3, my folks had a party and I was rolling on the floor trying to look up the ladies dresses. They put me to bed.
    But using a wide imagination, maybe some kids today can be coerced into being bi curious. And I think this is all because they’ve brought this crap into the classroom, and the homos want a bigger base on individuals to play with. It bothers me from that standpoint also.


  19. Baysider says:

    Kid – it’s just built in. 🙂

    E. Warren. I hardly want to waste energy repeating myself on her. The minimum wage was NEVER enough to live on for any length of time! What a ditz. Chin music, my father-in-law would call it. Talkin’ to be talkin’ – whatever flips the switch on the current brainless voter she’s talking to.

    I have the same comment for HER that I have for any other moron (like Ted Kennedy did) that runs around wringing their hands over the inadequacy of the minimum wage (pushed by unions as many of their contracts are based on “X” above minimum wage): I know you’re serious when you take that ‘minimum wage’ necessary to survive and translate it to the personal exemption on federal taxes. Until you’re ready to do that, zip it ‘cos you’re lying!


  20. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, you crack me up! If you were 3 and looking up skirts, you were THE most precocious kid EVER 🙂 And I honestly don’t think it takes any imagination to know that kids ARE coerced into homosexuality and transgender, etc..etc………..For some kids, it’s safer, for some …who knows?

    Baysider; you’re exactly right. NO WAY could they save a house on minimum wage but that’s what Warren insinuates.
    HEre’s the rub; NOBODY CALLS HER ON IT. The lib sycophant who interviewed her was just too busy wiping the drool off her own cheeks in happy anticipation of Warren finally agreeing to run!


  21. Kid says:

    Z, I’ve always been a Salmon swimming upstream… The ladies had these big bell type dresses on and I couldn’t see a thing, but I guess I made them or my mom uncomfortable.

    No one calls a dem on anything, especially during a campaign. And they’ve ‘been for the middle class’ the last 6 years, and the middle class is much worse off than it was 6 years ago. There was a time people could recognize when they were getting screwed, and I fear that ability is now a lost art. The increase in the number of people who don’t pay any tax, but rather get free money at tax time has increased a lot since then too.


  22. Kid says:

    Bay, Yep.


  23. Mustang says:

    I heard Ann Coulter say earlier that compared to Hillary Mengele, of course Pocahontas Warren will look good. Heh. Cuomo … not so much.


  24. That was her, Kid. Mary Kay LeTourneau! Thanks!


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