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 Contrast to Obama, Cameron Calls Britain a ‘Christian Country’

Image: In Contrast to Obama, Cameron Calls Britain a 'Christian Country'British Prime Minister David Cameron. (Leon Neal/Reuters/Landov)

Friday, 10 Apr 2015 04:39 PM   By Mark Stricherz, (newsmax)

Prime Minister David Cameron Spoke in Televised Address on Easter SundayPrime Minister David Cameron of the UK said on Sunday that Britain is still “a Christian country” and praised the contribution of Christians to the well-being of society.In a televised address on the first day of Easter, Cameron specified the charitable works of the country’s Christians and vowed that Britain would do more to help persecuted Christians in the Middle East, according to The Telegraph, a British newspaper:In his message, Mr Cameron said: “Across Britain, Christians don’t just talk about ‘loving thy neighbor,’ they live it out… in faith schools, in prisons, in community groups.“And it’s for all these reasons that we should feel proud to say, ‘This is a Christian country.’ The church is not just a collection of beautiful old buildings. It is a living, active force doing great works across our country.“Yes, we are a nation that embraces, welcomes, and accepts all faiths and none but we are still a Christian country. And as a Christian country, our responsibilities don’t end there.“We have a duty to speak out about the persecution of Christians around the world, too.“It is truly shocking to know that in 2015 there are still Christians being threatened, tortured, even killed, because of their faith from Egypt to Nigeria, Libya to North Korea.”Cameron, 49, is the political leader of the Tories and has been prime minister since 2010. His words were spoken two days before President Obama addressed the Easter Prayer Breakfast at the White House.

In contrast to Cameron, Obama took aim at his Christian political opponents, suggesting they have been spiteful and rude: “On Easter, I do reflect on the fact that as a Christian, I am supposed to love. And I have to say that sometimes when I listen to less than loving expressions by Christians, I get concerned. But that’s a topic for another day,” he said.

In addition, Obama did not mention the works of Christians specifically. He used the pronoun “we” to describe those who fight injustice and act kind toward others, leaving his listeners uncertain if he referred to Christians or Americans or both.

“Where there is injustice — I was about to veer off. I’m pulling it back. Where there is injustice we defend the oppressed. Where there is disagreement, we treat each other with compassion and respect. Where there are differences, we find strength in our common humanity, knowing that we are all children of God.   So today, we celebrate the magnificent glory of our risen Savior. I pray that we will live up to His example. I pray that I will live up to His example. I fall short so often. Every day I try to do better. I pray that we will be strengthened by His eternal love. I pray that we will be worthy of His many blessings.”

For conservatives, Cameron’s speech showed that Obama is more critical than affirming of Christianity. Obama mentioned what he regarded as the historical failings of Christians during his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast in February.

Yet Obama praised Pope Francis and cited Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during his speech Tuesday. And the list of attendees included several Catholic luminaries, according to the Catholic Herald, a British newspaper:  (END OF NEWSMAX ARTICLE)

Z:   SO, what do WE think of this?   Great that David Cameron has the guts to stand up for the large majority of British, isn’t it?  And it’s not like they don’t have MUCH bigger Islamist problems there than we do.  And, of course, what can one say about the President of America’s Christians?   We have a president who doesn’t even know what the Crusades were about.  We have a president who thinks love is misleading others to veer from God’s laws.

I sometimes wonder if Islamist actions aren’t turning more people TOWARD Jesus Christ and if that’s not the plan.  (As if I KNOW?..but it deserves a minute of consideration!?)..   Thoughts?

A friend told me she heard the commentators of an L.A. Dodger game on the radio saying that player  whenever (Adrian Gonzalez)  grabs his bat and the pressure that comes with it when he’s at bat, he reads a well-placed inscription that has grabbed his heart:  Gonzalez says  “Psalms 27:1 had been in my heart for awhile. Since the time I read it – something that just gave me peace. It says, ‘The Lord is my light and my salvation. Whom should I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life. Of whom should I be afraid?’  He has this written on his bat!

And the commentator read the verses on the radio!    That’s pretty unusual.

On FOX Easter morning, Ainsley Earhardt said, at the end of a segment on all the terrible news lately, something along the lines of “I just know that my Savior lives and He’s in control and that makes it all okay for ME!”  Did any of you hear that?  I couldn’t believe my ears.   On television.  Right out there.

In this dark world that insults Christians at every opportunity, it’s good to hear these things.

‘The Lord is my light and my salvation. Whom should I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life. Of whom should I be afraid?’

Let’s all try to live by that ……….  it REALLY HELPS, as Ainsley said!

Happy Sunday!  Be a LIGHT yourself!



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29 Responses to Sunday Faith Blog

  1. bunkerville says:

    After hearing Obama’s remarks in Panama yesterday, I cannot even bear to think about this fraudster we have in the WH.


  2. geeez2014 says:

    Ah, gee, Bunkerville…’s so ‘nice’ for our American president to shake hands with human rights terrorists and dictators, don’t you think? 🙂 (sarc.) After all, we want normalcy with what most Americans considered a monster for the last fifty years, right? Merely because “what we’ve done in the past hasn’t worked…”
    I heard Gary Kasparov this morning and love his take on this stuff. Of course, I’m biased because that genius at Chess and, now, world politics, is Armenian 🙂


  3. geeez2014 says:

    I just learned his mother was Armenian and his father was JEWISH! No WONDER he’s SO SMART 🙂 But the name KASPAROV definitely sounds Armenian/ weird…maybe he took her name? Karparovian, probably.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    off topic: The Pope has called the Armenian deaths of 1915 (and before and after), 1.5 million by the Turks, “Genocide”. I’ve always wondered about that term because I’m STILL HERE 🙂 And so are millions of Armenians! I call it the MASSACRES.
    Technically, is it genocide when the GENO is still living?
    AHA, just looked up the definition to see if there’s something about this point and it includes the ATTEMPT to eradicate a race, which is exactly what the Turks tried.
    Perhaps this is not so off topic for my Sunday FAITH blog, because those Christians in Armenia (the first nation to adopt CHristianity as its religion) were not totally eradicated, thanks to the grace of God.

    By the way, yesterday, FOX announced that Aleppo was being bombed terribly by muslims, saying it was “in an area inhabited by CHristians AND ARMENIANS” That kind of ignorance bugs the s*** out of me, frankly. If they mentioned Armenians, that means it’s MOSTLY Armenians, which would make it MOSTLY CHRISTIAN. Maybe “Christian Armenians” might have been better said.


  5. We were watching Ainsley Earhardt a couple weeks ago, and her demeanor and appearance struck me and I “knew” she was a Christian. Looked it up and sure enough. How refreshing.

    “I pray that I will live up to His example. I fall short so often.”
    By encouraging abortion?
    Abandoning Israel?


  6. Of course you know, but it bears repeating, that the Armenian genocide was the template for the Holocaust, since their was no outcry, no war crimes trials after WW1.
    Francis has stepped in it.


  7. “The Lord is my light and my salvation. Whom should I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life.
    Of whom should I be afraid?” Well, I wonder how those Christians that are having their heads chopped off or suffering being burned to death while trapped in a cage feel about that. I don’t think there is much consolation in those words while watching the atrocities being done to them. It takes a lot to hang onto your faith under those conditions. Could you or I do it? I sure wouldn’t want to be put to the test. I’m just being honest here. Next Sunday, April 19th, marks the 100 anniversary of beginning of the Armenian Genocide you mentioned, Z. They gathered 250 leaders (Doctors, professors, scientists) and killed them. They ended up killing 1 1/2 million Armenians before it was over. To this day, the Turkish government refuses to admit it happened. My late father and his father escaped from there and came to America, but lost his mother, 3 younger brothers, and 2 year old sister. He died in 1991 at age 94 without seeing justice. He helped found the St. James Armenian Church in L.A. for the sake of his heritage, but questioned the existence of God. Under those circumstances, can blame him? I tried at the end to reassure him. I sure hope it worked.


  8. silverfiddle says:

    Obama is a spiteful and rude person, so he can’t help it when he comes off that way.

    I’m surprised Cameron said that. Britain is pretty much Christian in Name Only, and I don’t say that as an insult, but a statistical fact, with a bare majority calling themselves Christian and only around 12% attending church regularly. US attendance is around 40%, and the percentage of people calling themselves Christian is around 75% and dropping, so we’re heading in Europe’s direction.

    Again, I mean this as no slap at secular Europeans. In general, based upon my limited knowledge, they are a moral people who generously give to the less fortunate of the world.


  9. Mal, see if you can find a copy of Foxes Book of Matryrs.
    It gives the accounts of many who faced death for Christ and how they handled it.
    Amaxing. Encouraging.
    Nora Lam’s testimony comes to mind also.


  10. Baysider says:

    “When I listen to less than loving expressions by Christians, I get concerned.” and “[to] our risen Savior … I pray that I will live up to His example.” So Christians are ALWAYS and only to have ‘loving expressions.’? Now what would Jesus do?

    “You brood of vipers! How can you speak good, when you are evil? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. or “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you build the tombs of the prophets and decorate the monuments of the righteous, ….You serpents, you brood of vipers, how are you to escape being sentenced to hell?” Jesus.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    OH MY GOSH…I think these are THE most truly meaningful, insightful comments I’ve ever had on any of my blogs, and you’ve all written some TRULY good ones in the past.

    Ed, I about fell off my seat when Ainsley gave that great encouragement about who SHE puts her faith in…. Lovely girl, and BRAVE. Her eyes widened so big and I knew she was proud and thinking “what am I going to take for THIS admission?” I’m betting she got nothing but “Hurrah!”…
    Of course, I don’t watch Bill Mahr’s show, so….who knows.

    you added ““I pray that I will live up to His example. I fall short so often.”
    By encouraging abortion?
    Abandoning Israel?”
    AMEN…what kind of ……..well, I can’t judge, but ‘yes’ to that…

    Mal, thank you for that background on your own family; of course, that story with only slight detail changes, exists in approximately half a million Armenian families today. My own, included.

    I highly recommend the book Ed mentions about Christians dying with strength and am going to order it now thru Amazon because it’s been recommended to me SO many times and I haven’t remembered to purchase it. I will now.
    I have stood at the opening at the Coliseum in Rome where Christians walked down quite a long tunnel to their deaths by mauling by a LION! With people CHEERING as they died. What else COULD they be thinking of but “Jesus, help me get through this with as little pain as possible and hold me in your arms ASAP” 🙂

    Farmer John; that LITERALLY turned my stomach. Our relationship with BRITAIN doesn’t do US any good anymore so we’re done? Well, don’t forget the conjecture that Obama’s always hated England for its colonizing of Kenya and other African countries; without which (I dare say and don’t mind being quoted, by the way) they would be even more far behind than they are.
    Sure, he turned away the bust of Churchill, he gave the queen CDs of HIS speeches and cheap trinkets from a gift shop for her family? AND, let’s face it, Tony Blair sided with Bush!>>>is there ANY better reason for a liberal president to hate England?
    Oh, I forgot: And David Cameron seems to be a Conservative of fine character..kind of a cross to a werewolf, huh?

    Baysider, your comment brought tears to my eyes.
    Also, I’m reminded of a discussion about islamists soon after 9/11…there was a Catholic priest, a Methodist and a Jew who spoke………the Methodist reminded the audience of all three of those persuasions “The message of the Bible is LOVE” ….in front of me, my girlfriend’s head tipped back as far as it can go, practically making eye contact with me upside down, then she turned around and said “I think that it’s SALVATION THROUGH JESUS CHRIST”. I thought “You go, Sally, that’s exactly right………what a terrible mischaracterization by the Methodist.

    Silverfiddle; EXCELLENT POINT. The Anglican church THERE is so left it’s laughable….leers VERY far from God’s proscriptions……(the Anglican church HERE is an offshoot now of the very liberal Episcopalian American church…I have many Episc. friends who are now going Anglican for a strict return to God’s word, by the way)….Anyway, you’re right. England is Christian in name only, but at least their leader is trying to call it what he might hope it could return to! (not with Prince CHarles, by the way…………….I fear)
    And you’re right….secular Europeans are, for the most part, good people…(by the way, my experience in churches throughout Europe is much different than the stats…in Paris, they are quite often VERY FULL and that’s the big city, not the outlying villages where they’re probably even fuller…German Lutheran churches when I lived there were packed, too …You probably know that the tax for Germans attending church is ENORMOUS…they tax the income HUGELY as their way of supporting the church SO, most Germans don’t ‘fess up! They say “NO” on the Internal Rev forms…! So, the stats are skewed, in my opinion. Still, I’m NOT saying Europeans aren’t mostly secular…or largely.

    Ed, by the way, Francis has stepped in to nothing; just called it correctly this time.

    By the way, folks: I am possibly (along with my sisters) probably one of the very few Armenians who does NOT want Turkey to admit the genocide; anybody who knows the history and has a brain knows it happened…we don’t need their acknowledgement… I’ll tell you why:
    I love Europe…I’ve lived there, I love it…..
    Between EU countries, there are no passports needed; picture this: Turks suddenly can cross legally to ANYWHERE that will pay them the most welfare money. Europe’s halfway down the rabbit hole as it is; with the EU acceptance (and let’s not kid ourselves, their admittance to the genocide is one of the big glitches for the EU’s acceptance of them), Europe WILL BE FINISHED.
    God FORBID.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Gad, don’t you hate it when I write a response comment and it’s longer than the post? 🙂 HA!!


  13. Yes, but He said that in a very loving way 🙂


  14. That “loving way” comment was in response to Baysider, BTW.
    Francis got it right, but he stirred a stink by saying it.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Ed…bravo 🙂 !!
    Francis got it right, yes……..but, ‘big deal,’ right? Glad he did, anyway. He’d have stirred an even bigger stink had he NOT said it!

    By the way, on “What would Jesus do?” on those bracelets?…I’ve always said that ‘What would Paul do?”: might be a slightly more accessible goal?!!


  16. Baysider says:

    Foxes Book of Martyrs was sort of a second bible to Christians in 16th century England in the great tussle between Henry and the Pope. Highly recommended. Once I read it I understood more fully the child’s nursery rhyme, Three Blind Mice, where bloody Mary ‘cut off their tails with a carving knife.” It’s sobering to think of how many new chapters continue to be written in the blood of the saints …. in Libya, Sudan, Syria….


  17. geeez2014 says:

    I remember once hearing that the Three Blind Mice rhyme was for this awful period and found this “The “farmer’s wife” in the rhyme alludes to the grand estate she and her husband, King Philip of Spain, owned and that “all ran after.” The “three blind mice” represent three noblemen who, despite violent prosecution, remained faithful to Protestant beliefs, which was their blindness in the rhyme. After attempting a plot against the Queen, all three were arrested and burned at the stake at the cruel hand of Bloody Mary.”

    Just ordered the book.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Met a guy at church today who our church helps stay funded……….he is in N. Africa, I think, normally….and supports missionairies all over N Africa. I don’t have a ton of dough to spend like this, and have my own charities, but I have always felt moved to contribute to Muslims becoming Christians and so I talked to him over donuts and coffee…
    And decided not to 🙂 At least for now.
    He said “Only 16% of terrorism in the world today is Islamic” …to which I said “I strongly doubt that statistic..” to which he seemed to think I’m one of those who hates all muslims, to which I said “I’m one of the few supporters of non islamist muslims on the blogosphere…to which …he ,,,,didn’t hear me…and kept up with the stats on how “not ALL muslims…………” Ya, YA, right….we know, not ALL…but ??

    I DO understand how he feels, very defensive and almost paternal, because he lives with Muslims he loves …good Muslims…Muslims who are becoming Christians at ASTONISHING rates…(he had those stats, too)….He confirmed what I’ve heard that Muslims ARE dreaming of Jesus coming to them, etc….it’s all true, what we’re hearing…….but REALLY? 16% of terror is islamist? Who ELSE is committing it…….Westboro Church, that HUGE church that has about 43 members? is THAT the other 84% 🙂

    Am going to talk to Pastor and see if this guy’s worth funding a little bit……he’ll be honest.


  19. Baysider says:

    16% – I highly doubt that. Curious what your pastor thinks, too.

    The Daily Beast picked up the same stat regarding separatist groups in Europe.

    They claim 84% of ‘terrorist’ attacks in 2013 were groups like the FLNC and Anders Brevik types (which, shockingly, they are aghast that Christians take umbrage at him being identified as a Christian. Which we do, of course, since he held no tenets of our faith, and we protest that killing and any attempt to identify him with Christianity. So ….. where are all the muslims protesting murder by muslims IN THE NAME OF ISLAM?) Hmmm?

    These doubtful statistics appear to include Jewish residents in the west bank among terrorists, further slanting the balance. Multiple acts of vandalism in the US (by animal rights, greenie type forces, Earth Liberation and so on) got added to the ‘terrorist’ list. As have attacks (or, it seems rowdy protests) at abortion factories. And to finally put a big, fat thumb on the scale, we have the murderer in Fort Hood shouting Allehu, blah, blah blah, as having no connection to Islam.

    So …. I doubt that number very much.


  20. Paternal or not, who does the other 86%?


  21. Baysider says:

    Of course, they’d include a Jewish citizen pushing a ‘Palestinian’ off a train platform as a terrorist attack, but, as you’ve reported here repeatedly, NOT the reverse – al la Germany today. I saw another report that lists Islam as the moving force behind 6% of terrorist attacks, but they go back to 1980 when the Bader Meinhof (commie) gang was active and the cut off year is 2005!


  22. Baysider says:

    Ed, examples given of the 86% were FLNC (Corsican independence); 2 left-wing Greeks shooting 2 right-wing politicians; the Italian FAI (for bombing some EU rail stations); Jewish west bank settlers; Buhddist extremists in Burma and Sri Lanka attacking muslims and Christians.

    How many of these groups and incidents have fellow travelers who approve and celebrate worldwide the rampages of their co-ideologists as do the Islamic groups? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Close to nil. Or did I miss the Corsicans dancing in the streets, shooting their weapons into the air and passing out candy to celebrate people dying in an FLNC attack on a police station?


  23. geeez2014 says:

    we’re talking CONTEMPORARY times and to even conjure up close to 50% of terror not being islamic is NUTS in my opinion…sadly.
    Sure, there are other groups…but, REALLY? Greek terrorists? Ya, killing 2 people. VERY VERY few Buddhist extremists, but I do thank you for these reminders….there certainly are other small groups of terrorists.
    OK,’ might be 16 percent but I’m thinking that’s wishful thinking on the part of this missionary who knows muslims and can’t imagine them doing wrong.
    When I mentioned the Koran’s biddings to kill infidels and how most people ignore those parts, he seemed to blanch, too.
    I knew I’d probably give money to others helping Muslims learn about Jesus….
    Anyway, I will ask my pastor.


  24. Thanks, Ed. I know many have kept their faith while meeting their fate via terrorism. I was simply being honest in wondering if I could do it. I would certainly hope so, but until you’re put to the test….
    …..see what I mean?


  25. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, I admire your honesty. Who’d go to their possibly painful and GORY death happily? Without some fear? Even the strongest Christian is human.
    I’m glad you are, too (!!!!)


  26. Another thought keeps entering my mind when I see men tied up and ready to be slaughtered. WHY DON’T THEY RESIST? AT LEAST TRY TO KILL THE TERRORISTS FIRST? What do they have to fear, being killed? At least die trying to save yourself. We saw all those guys in Orange jump suits, kneeling down, hands tied. Ready to be beheaded! RESIST FIRST before being tied.


  27. I also have stood at the Coliseum in Rome, Z. Twice, as a matter of fact (1950 & 1995) and thought the same thing. Our world has had a brutal past, hasn’t it? In fact, has there ever been a time on earth without some kind of war or atrocity?


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