No Prosecution for paid informants?

WHAT?   And the Department of Justice isn’t prosecuting?  You might have heard about this already, but PLEASE read the article I pasted here below, and DO watch the video in my link.  You will NOT BELIEVE IT.  I love the part where media asks the State Department for more information..” I have to refer you to the FBI for that!”   “But they refer us to you”  “Then I have to refer you back to them!”   Our government at work.  Here’s the article:

Newly unsealed court documents obtained by Fox News show a State Department contractor allegedly was paid thousands by an individual thought to be a Chinese agent in exchange for information on Americans — but despite an FBI probe, the Justice Department declined to prosecute. 

A November 2014 FBI affidavit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland, shows the bureau investigated the contractor for her admitted contact with individuals she believed to be Chinese intelligence officers. 

The affidavit from agent Timothy S. Pappa states the translator, Xiaoming Gao, was paid “thousands of dollars to provide information on U.S. persons and a U.S. government employee.”

According to the documents, she admitted these meetings took place in hotel rooms in China for years, where she reported on her “social contacts” in the U.S. to an individual who went by the name of “Teacher Zhao.”

The detailed affidavit even goes on to say the translator briefly lived, “for free,” with a State Department employee — who held a top-secret clearance and designed high-security embassies, including the U.S. compound in Islamabad, Pakistan.

 The State Department employee, who was not named, initially told the FBI he didn’t discuss his job with Gao, but later changed his statement.

According to the documents, Gao also told the FBI — during interviews in 2013 — that she once told “Teacher Zhao” about the travel plans of an American and ethnic Tibetan. This person told the FBI he ended up being interrogated by Chinese intelligence officers during a trip to Tibet, and a member of his family was imprisoned.

Yet the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington, D.C., which oversaw the case, recently declined to prosecute, allowing the documents to be unsealed. The office offered no further comment. The FBI also is saying nothing beyond the court documents that were filed to search a storage unit in suburban Washington, D.C.

On its face, a former senior Justice Department official said the decision not to prosecute is perplexing, because the case was unlikely to reveal investigative sources and methods.

“It’s not clear to me, based on the court files that were unsealed, how a prosecution of this person could possibly have compromised U.S. intelligence gathering,” Thomas Dupree, former deputy assistant attorney general under the George W. Bush administration, told Fox News. “If it jeopardizes or threatens to disrupt relations with another country, so be it. That you have to draw the line somewhere, and that we need to send a message that this sort of conduct and activity simply will not be tolerated.”

The State Department confirmed Xiaoming Gao worked for the Office of Language Services over a four-year period beginning in June 2010. This would have covered the tenures of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and sitting Secretary John Kerry.   

“She was employed as a contract interpreter until February 2014, is not employed here anymore. And so any additional questions on this, I’d refer you to the FBI,” spokeswoman Marie Harf said.

When told the FBI was referring Fox News’ questions back to State, Harf responded: “I’m referring you back to them.”

The documents do not fully explain Gao’s side of the story.

Emails and phone calls to the consulting firm, which the translator listed on the web as her employer, have gone unanswered. Fox News extended an invitation to discuss the allegations. No attorney of record was filed with the court.

Fox News’ Matt Dean contributed to this report.  Catherine Herridge wrote it….she ROCKS.


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10 Responses to No Prosecution for paid informants?

  1. Imp says:

    Meanwhile the DC Keystone cops are investigating Trey Gowdy and Ken Buck for posing for a picture with an AR that’s used as a paperweight and decorated in Red, White and Blue!

    Now they want to busy themselves with disallowing military crosses because they depict a mock M16 and a helmet? And all the scandals and illegalities of Ovomit, Holder and the rest of the thugs in DC go unanswered.


  2. Kid says:

    I’m way past the stage of not believing.


  3. Baysider says:

    Well, this is the same DOJ that dropped charges in voter intimidation cases when their favored groups were the intimidators. And used the power of the federal government to intimidate a small Missouri town without cause because of wrong-headed pressure from a favored group. Gee, I think I see a pattern. There’s a ‘favored group’ in this mix – not hard to guess. Someone has given Obama their chit to cash in — by dropping charges against their spy.

    You ask “what do Americans have to do to get real governance?” As long as men believe they can use their office as a political weapon – whether in government, NGO groups, or very BIG business – and get away with it, we will get more of this. There have always been thugs amongst us, but to remove the stigma of this evil only encourages it. We can’t write every possible contingency into law – we must be able to rely on character (possibly that embued by the Christian foundation of a country that wanted its citizens to go to church and follow the 10 ‘non-suggestions’) and the will to punish evil. That’s what will get back good governance.


  4. During the Clinton Secretariat.
    They have a thing for sharing secrets with the ChiComms.
    I posted a Marie Harf story today.


  5. Baysider says:

    Z, I’ve been thinking about this from the other side of the coin: prosecutors who do what they SHOULD NOT DO. Mike Nifong (Duke lacrosse case) leaps to mind. At least HE lost his license, but he should have lost more. Here’s another:

    Last night I got deep into the story of the Wisconsin DA Chisolm who went on a rampage against Scott Walker and his backers. The DA hated Walker. His wife was a union steward, and after voters passed a union reform bill he went on the warpath with thuggish warrantless raids and property seizures overseen by a former gov’t anti-terrorism expert. He invoked Wisconsin’s ‘silence law’ that forced victims to remain quiet about what happened – no family, neighbors or lawyers could be contacted, even when the whole neighborhood witnessed massive 5 am swat style raids. If not for the Club For Growth’s (yes – they went after CFG!) savvy and deep pockets this ‘politically weaponized’ campaign would probably not have seen the light of day.

    It’s almost impossible to force government to do what they SHOULD DO. But in these cases we can do something. First, face the fact the we must give up a sizable chunk of our assets to fund private groups who hold the line and FORCE these evil people to back down. Nothing makes the rats run like turning on the lights.


  6. Mustang says:

    I was always assured that there is a limit to human stupidity; I am beginning to think that I’ve been misled about this. By the way, I’m beginning to think that the JV team Obama mentioned is his own cabinet.


  7. Mustang. Chisolm and the judge that greenlighted the raids should be horsewhipped.


  8. Baysider says:

    Ed, that would be cheaper. Not to mention just. 🙂


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Ed…tar and feathering might work better 🙂
    Baysider, I like the price, yes!

    Mustang…brilliant on the JV TEAM being his cabinet…

    Baysider….we need BIG MONEY PEOPLE: Let’s see how the Kochs work this election.$$$

    Imp; that Gowdy thing is hilarious; the gun doesn’t even work.
    It’s just a glimpse into the REAL TROUBLE the leftwingers have planned for anybody who’s remotely Conservative before the coming elections.

    Kid, I have to stop saying “I don'[t believe..” etc., because you’re right; there’s barely ANYTHING that’s so horrible we shouldn’t have expected it from this awful WH bunch.


  10. Mustang says:

    Sort of reminds one of the good old days when Al Gore was caught accepting money from the Army of the People’s Republic of China. Democrats … patriotic in the same way leprosy is dermatitis.


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