done1.  The Clintons will survive all the scandals.  We know that.

2. Hillary survived Benghazi.  No Republican would have.  Her husband is impeached and we’re to vote for his wife for the same office?  Think about that.   To say nothing of all the other things$$$

3. The Dept of Defense is stonewalling the Senate about Bergdahl and parts of emails are blackened so truth can’t be obtained.  Think they have anything to hide?  The White House WILL get away with this.

4. An American fraternity group has SPIT on wounded war veterans and urinated on our flag.  Now juxtapose that to WWII movies that still reflect that wonderful patriotism that’s gone now.

5. Other American young thugs have trampled the flag because “it represents racism.”  Guess who’s paying the welfare payments that keep them alive.  I’d stop it now.

6. Doctors and politicians are now saying the marijuana situation in Colorado is not going well.  More states are considering making it legal because Americans don’t seem to learn well anymore.

7. Obama promised to acknowledge the Armenian genocide as genocide before his first and second elections.   He has not.  I don’t care that he doesn’t, that wouldn’t make alive the dead; it’s the lie I care about deeply.

8. People can now cost our country billions by doing something like calling 911 and saying “There’s a bomb on Ellis Island”, where everyone has to be taken off the island and law enforcement is called in.  They have to respond;  how can they not take that seriously?  I’ve thought that anybody could call any airline, or ALL airlines, and tell them each flight that day has a bomb on it.  I’m surprised they haven’t.  Yet.  God forbid.

9. Blacks are arriving in Baltimore,  in the thousands, to “Shut the city down” because another Black man has died in custody.  They’re still using “hands up, don’t shoot” because they’re too dumb, apparently, to know that never was said.  And, why should they care about the citizens in Baltimore, or anywhere else, anyway?  And who’s paying for thousands to arrive in Baltimore?

10. Obama has apologized and taken full credit for the drone strike that killed at least one American and an innocent Italian.  The point is that he is not to blame but the scum who’d kept them in hiding IS.  He would rather take blame himself (that means we Americans, of course), and I know he seems to get a kick out of apologizing for our country’s sins, but really?  Anything not to say MUSLIM TERRORIST, I guess?

11. We’re friendly with Cuba now though they’re such awful oppressors of their people.

12. We’re friendly with Iran who regards us as “The Great Satan” and is doing its best to screw us over and live up to its stated desire to decimate Israel.

13. In contrast, we’re not friendly with the only staunch friend we had in the Middle East because, well, they’re not Muslims, I guess?

14. We are also not friendly with Britain anymore.  After all, they colonized Blacks in Kenya, so Obama’s not too pleased with England.  Oh, and Tony Blair supported George Bush.  Gad, what a sin, right? (Not)

15. We have a president and Congress which lets political correctness win over anything we try to do to stop jihadists.  Meanwhile, our enemy has nobody to answer to, collateral damage is their goal, it’s making the once great America run like roaches being stomped on by a big FOOT, and it is beheading innocent Americans.  Obama today says that we have to get to the bottom of how the drone strike killed innocents and he’s too dumb to understand we have so little intel on the ground due to his cuts that this is going to continue to happen.  Keep getting to the bottom, you dope.  And, trust me, I am not the type of woman to find pleasing calling an American sitting president DOPE nor do I usually insult our intel people, whom I mostly admire,   but…………..geeeeZ.

UPDATE to #15:  Obama has now praised to the rafters that same intel which seems to have completely messed up on the deadly drone strike….re James Clapper, he says “I trust his integrity and I can’t tell you how invaluable that is in the job that he has,” Obama said. “Go ahead, tell us, Obama;  we didn’t know you even recognized integrity!

16.  Christians are open season under Obama.

17.  In the midst of all this and more, some very highly read home pages are listing the Duchess of Cambridge’s mother’s visit to the hair salon before the birth of her coming grandchild before all the items above.  What are they THINKING?  This is important?

I am feeling DONE with ALL OF THIS.  You?

I could go on and ON and on here…………….you want to write Number 18……..through 24397823498?

That’s me on the left, below…that’s EVERYTHING GOING ON IN AMERICA ON THE RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

done with you

Which is more heinous to you?  Do you disagree with any of my points?


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26 Responses to GEEEEEZ!…Are you DONE?

  1. The word done doesn’t begin to describe how I feel right now.

    The big question: Why aren’t all Americans done with this CRAP and totally soured on Obama and the Democratic Party?


  2. Farmer John says:

    Shut the city of Baltimore down? Black Mayor, 43% Black Police Force, Black Police Commissioner…Where are all the Racist Cops?

    This proves it’s NOT about race. It’s about NATIONALIZING the police and installing race hustlers and political commissars in every Police station.


  3. jerrydablade says:

    Done like dinner, Z. I agree that Hillary survives the latest treasonous scandal with nary a scratch. This country has already been fundamentally transformed, and a “choice” between the Jebster and Cankles is no choice at all.

    Meanwhile, there was a surprise military drill in a nearby town yesterday. You remember having these military drills in your neighborhood while growing up, right Z? Me neither. Wide open borders with a steady stream of disease and terrorism is a small price to pay for a perpetual democrat majority.


  4. Mustang says:

    “You will be hated by everyone because of me, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.” Matthew 10:22

    I agree with Farmer John; there is a concerted effort to nationalize state and local police. No surprise, actually … and Obama hasn’t tried to hide what he is doing. Fundamental change to the United States of America, right?


  5. silverfiddle says:

    Our nation is gripped by a collective madness brought on by too much prosperity. We’re living in a fantasyland, have been for at least two generations now.

    The majority of people standing on US soil have no idea what struggles brought us to this point, and they have no clue how easily it could all slip away.

    The George Bush administration, being fooled by Chalabi and the Iranians to take out Saddam for them and then crashing the economy, represented the final failure of the ‘adults’ in Washington DC.

    We have become a very unserious, frivolous people, and President Obama is our apotheosis.

    It will take a very serious event to bring us to our senses, and I’m not talking about a few planes crashing into building and people weeping and holding candles; I mean something big, and I hate to say that, but I don’t see us coming to our senses. The drunk will cling to the bottle until he’s hit absolute rock bottom.


  6. -FJ says:

    18. Nationalizing Education… Education Secretary Arnie Duncan is reminding parents in America “that all your children belong to them”. In a not-so-very veiled threat Secretary Duncan states the Federal Government will step in if parents continue to opt their children out of Common Core testing. (Via Doug Ross Journal) Secretary of Education Arne Duncan issued a veiled threat to the parents and students who choose to opt out of Common Core testing – The Feds “have an obligation to step in.” Federal law, under No Child Left Behind, requires 95 percent of students in a state to take the annual standardized tests in reading

    Note the pattern. SF is right. The World built by Elites keeps falling apart and the Feds/Elites keep promising to fix EVERYTHING… but failing after countless trillions get spent. For how many years now has America been ‘investing in education’ and why do scores keep going down? That we still “believe” the elites is proof of just how unserious Americans have become.


  7. Baysider says:

    19. Confiscation of property without due process (and WITH due process in many cases – who told YOU you could take some old lady’s home so your political buddies could build a shopping mall?).

    20. Politically energized swat style raids against POLITICAL FOES, not armed & dangerous criminals.

    21. Congressman Beto O’Rourke (D-TX) phones offices of FBI, Homeland Security Investigations, and the Border Patrol to try to find out WHO RATTED OUT THE CARTELS AND ISIS south of the border with intent to intimidate. This is the same guy who attempted to have the minutemen removed from patrolling border, and was the subject of ethics complaints in using his power for a local (El Paso ‘revitalization’) land grab.

    22. Nonstop political calls. I HATE the demoncrats for foisting the continuous political cycle on us. Those who only find meaning in politics have worthless lives.

    Z, your list won’t stop at 24B at this rate.


  8. Baysider says:

    HOW COULD I FORGET THIS? I just heard it from the girl’s mother-in-law:

    23. Viewpoint discrimination, mass hectoring & legal persecution of ordinary folks going about their daily, productive lives.

    Latest outrage: a Canadian dog groomer had a discussion with her shop’s owner about an unfinished mural on the back wall (by a former employee). The owner said “I asked that woman to do a mural for the gay pride parade and she wouldn’t do it because she’s a Christian. So I fired her, and we have no one to finish it.”
    Groomer: “well, you know I’m a Christian.”
    Owner: “yes”
    Groomer: “and I wouldn’t be comfortable participating in an event like that either.”
    Owner: “We are BIG SUPPORTERS of the gay pride parade and march in it every May. You will be expected to do that.” (editor: Ya think this little extra curricular activity was in the job description when she was hired?) “And if you don’t, you’ll be fired. You have a choice: you can resign now and I’ll give you a glowing letter of reference. Or you can work until May, refuse to march, and be fired.”

    She went to the Labor Board to ask what recourse she had against this threat. Nothing. Zip. Nada. (Too bad she’s not a muslim.) Like Mozilla’s Brandon Eich, the groomer is now looking for other work.


  9. woodsterman says:

    The part that steams me more than anything is these people forget who they work for. They’re not called “The Ruling Class” for nothing.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider…no, it could get into the billions………….yours are excellent. That story about the groomer is probably being repeated all over our country.

    Mustang and FJ….you’re probably right; I just can’t IMAGINE all of these situations are being made SO MUCH OF for nothing. The WH is playing angry blacks for CHUMPS and …the angrier they get, the bigger the ‘need’ will be to change law enforcement entirely.

    I long for the Wild West.


  11. “I long for the Wild West.”
    So we can shoot them?


  12. Baysider says:

    Z, I could only wish the groomer story got legs. I heard it on Greg Koukl’s podcast, and could find nothing in the news.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Ed….I was thinking more of immediate justice! Things got taken care of! More open….transparent! I guess shooting can come to mind, however!
    I don’t even know why, but it suddenly came to me… seems less complicated. Maybe not.

    Baysider; TYPICAL. Except I’m surprised the news didn’t make a big stink of those not willing to go against their conscience, being such “Christian hateful people” (Smile)


  14. Kid says:

    Z, You sure are cute !


  15. Kid says:

    Man, I sure agree with everyone above.

    PS – Amazingly, I guarantee you I could have written/recorded something that obama did that was evil, anti-American, treasonous, maximum corrupt, or otherwise absolutely against America/Americans/Christians on a daily basis. At least one item per day. I decided I simply didn’t want to integrate that much obama into my life. And after all, what difference at this point would it have made. It certainly wouldn’t have had any affect on a single libtard because they stop reading after the first talking point or 2nd sentence whichever comes first.
    But really, at least one serious item per day with the possible exception on days the POS was playing golf. That’s incredible. And as you said, IMAGINE a republican (like they’re the opposition anyway) getting away with a single one of these things. That sure shines a light on how evil the media and other talking heads are as well as how breathtakingly stupid the kiddies are. And not just kids of course, they are many adults(in age) who don’t have the slightest clue what is going on – many of them in Boston.

    Imagine people throughout the ages who were either smart enough or in the right positions to see what was happening in their time. How did they deal with it when they knew as we do that the vast majority of the population couldn’t even be made to understand the problem. I’d think better of them if they lived their lives to their enjoyment and protected themselves and their loved ones as much as they could. Because that is all we can do. In the end it is all we can do.

    In the extreme, take as many of them as you can on the way out if it is in fact, a self defense situation. I wouldn’t dirty myself on them otherwise.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, good comment and AMEN TO THIS: “It certainly wouldn’t have had any affect on a single libtard because they stop reading after the first talking point or 2nd sentence whichever comes first.”
    I was at a gathering today where a Conservative acquaintance who’s just started reading my blog said she’s seen other Conservative blogs where leftwingers rant and rave and she said she notices they never have any point to make; just hurling invectives and that’s IT. She said “it wouldn’t be so bad if they’d actually give an opinion and state why they hold that opinion, then get into a good conversation”
    She’s new to blogging; I almost laughed. She’s so right, but we know THAT is never going to happen. EVER.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    EVERYBODY: I laughed so hard!….

    A friend of mine was given a gift of a wooden Easter egg from the White House egg hunt this year. A mutual friend she’s close to had taken her grandchildren, thrilled to SEE OBAMA (ptui) and brought her this egg back. So my friend GAVE IT TO ME.
    And it’s SIGNED (printed signed, of course) by Barack AND Michelle! THIS is going to sit in a lofty place and be the subject of GREAT LAUGHS in the future, you know?
    My friend is also conservative so we had a good laugh over this…..she said “I didn’t know what I’d do with it, but I knew YOU’D get a kick out of it!”: So, Aren’t I LUCKY!? HA!


  18. Kid says:

    Z, libtards aren’t capable of having an intelligent/logical conversation. All the have is what the DNC gives them which is constrained to insults and complaints – unfounded in fact of course.

    An oBAMa egg? I wouldn’t talk around it.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    Oh, Kid! This is a fantastically funny thing for me to have…I mean who would WANT a momento from the OBAMA WH Egg Hunt but a LIBERAL? I’m delighted…. It’s SUCH a joke!

    “I wouldn’t talk around it”??


  20. Does it say “Made in NSA”?


  21. Kid says:

    Z, Now that I’ve had a few minutes to ponder…. You might be able to sell that thing for BIG BUCKS on Ebay. That’s the direction Id be looking.


  22. geeez2014 says:

    Kid; I think this is the first time I’ve thought “Kid just doesn’t get it.” 🙂 This is SO KITSCH to me, it’s GOLD.



  23. Kid was saying it’s “bugged”. NSA.


  24. Kid says:

    What Ed said. 😉 And don’t take it in the shower either.


  25. geeez2014 says:

    aaahhhhh. I see 🙂

    I”m glad I have you guys to laugh with; it’s so much FUN!


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