Trumping Obama…

NEW YORK, April 28 (UPI) — As Baltimore erupted with rioting Monday night, presidential hopeful Donald Trump took to Twitter to air his opinions, which many users deemed racist and insensitive.

“Our great African American President hasn’t exactly had a positive impact on the thugs who are so happily and openly destroying Baltimore!” he tweeted.

Does that sound RACIST to you?  The headline from UPI says “Donald Trump blames Pres Obama for Baltimore riots in ‘racist’ tweet”   huh?

Isn’t Obama African-American?   If he’s had a positive impact on thugs, could you tell me how?  Are they not seemingly happily and openly destroying Baltimore?

what’s RACIST about the Tweet?

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9 Responses to Trumping Obama…

  1. Kid says:

    Trump is right on with this one.
    Anyone who speaks reality is a racist Z. God forbid the blacks or democrat ‘leaders’ are found to be at fault. Standard operating procedure with losers and democrats otherwise.


  2. geeez2014 says:

    I’m so glad you agree with me; I saw that title for this article and thought “RACIST?’
    But, Yahoo and other “news” venues know that people read the headlines and don’t bother to look to see if it’s right. I’m no Trump fan, but thousands are going to bed tonight having read that he’s a racist…and that sticks.


  3. Mustang says:
    You are right, but did you expect much more from the media? If I may, let me make a few observations of my own. First, I never thought we’d ever elect a hyphenated American to the presidency. In Obama’s case, emphasis is on the African rather than the American. All I am saying here is that Mr. Obama is not confused about whom he is and what he believes. So I agree with Trump (and Kid) in that we seemed to have solved many of our race issues until Obama, Holder, Jarrett, Wright, Sharpton “had their way” with the American Negro. They pretend concern for the plight of their brothers, but the truth is far different. If you really want someone to succeed, you make them self reliant; you don’t make them dependent.

    Second, I’m guessing that the out of town rioters are on the payroll of George Soros. Recall that he spent $30 million on the Ferguson debacle. Why would Soros do that? Do you not think that Obama is aware of this? Who doesn’t know that while Obama caused so much unemployment in the Gulf Oil Industry, Soros benefitted from shutting it down in a direct way.

    Third, let’s take a moment to observe the power of government over the citizens. Ignore the rioters for a moment. The difference between blacks and whites appears to be this: black Americans are willing to demonstrate in the face of overwhelming force. All white Americans are willing to do is complain to one another. Do you see hundreds or thousands of whites demonstrating when a black cop shoots an unarmed white thug?

    Finally, note that the Baltimore Police Department is 50% minority; the chief is black. The mayor is black. The median income in Baltimore is $75,000.00. So then why is there a race problem between citizens and city government/police? The answer is that Baltimore is and has always been a city run (or ruined) by democrats. Citizens elected these wastrels in the same way that citizens elected thieves to run Detroit. When is the light bulb coming on?


  4. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang, the “light bulb” came on during your comment to anybody reading it WITH A BRAIN…but, alas………….

    I was just literally this minute thinking of the images of Black Americans standing up to American police in the streets tonight and thought how the Blacks are dividing THEMSELVES from the rest of us by taking up against law enforcement like this. We in America are supposed to be TOGETHER: We’re supposed to be fighting those who hate this country from the outside, not people born here…but here they are, Black Americans showing us they don’t even WANT to be part of ‘us’……..

    At least many in Baltimore have the good sense to say how embarrassed they are ON TV, which takes guts………

    This is not about Freddie Gray anymore; not ONE BIT. This is about DIVISION…as you said above, ‘a willingness to demonstrate….’

    and yes,. Whites won’t do this when a Black cop kills a White guy……Whites know the case should be looked into and we’re all Americans and we don’t burn our own communities down to the ground.


  5. Kid says:

    I’d like to add something that just occurred to me today… We have gravitated from a country in say the 1950’s where people attempted to vote in people who they thought were intelligent and experienced enough to lead the nation – to a country where, like kindergartners – decided to vote people into congress based on their gender or race so as to be ‘fair’ [and nonsensical]

    So, now we have a community organizer who is a fake person with no qualifications as President, We have people like Hank Johnson who actually believe sending 8000 Marines and family members to Guam could result in the island tipping over and capsizing. We have 2 moslem congressmen who are today trying to deny entry to the United States, one Geert Wilder who they label as “islamophobic”. One – Our constitution doesn’t deny a person jack based on their beliefs, and two, how in the hell did moslems be accepted into congress as vowing to Protect Our Constitution when islam is diametrically opposed to the constitution of America/A Free society ????? What?

    An that’s just the snowflake on the tip of the iceberg!

    We have the minds of 3 year old Morons and/or pure evil running this country at the federal level.

    Yes, Baltimore is Ferguson is Detroit. A collection of individuals born to career democrat breeders who vote in democrats to all positions of power who then blame republicans/conservatives for their dilema. Could it possibly be more screwed up and obtuse to reality and reason? NO!!!!!

    How can this even be debated ? The whole thing is so short circuited it defies a working brain !


  6. Baysider says:

    What’s racist about the Tweet? Nothing. It’s all in the minds of the beholder, and whatever ideas have gotten planted in those minds for 20 years.


  7. John M. Berger says:

    As it appears on another popular blog site “The TRUTH is NOT HATE SPEECH”.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    John, Oh, good….I’m glad another blog site has it… I know?

    Nothing is RACIST about that TWEET…….NOTHING, baysider..right.

    Kid….I think you’re 100% right. They have to DENY the great Geert Wilder because HE DOES NOT AGREE WITH THEM.

    This is the new America: if you disagree with the Left you are not patriotic , you’re full of hate for everybody, you must be STOPPED. And the media must not talk about your stances so’s to make the country think your stances DO NOT EXIST and panic those WITH that stance into thinking they’re FREAKS


  9. We’re going to keep hearing racial excuses until this administration is out of office, which can’t happen soon enough. I like Trump. Heck, if he was our President, “The Donald” would “FIRE” everyone that got in his way!


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