flamesOnly 3 seconds to PC hell RIGHT AFTER the first joke if the woman in the video was a Republican ….No Conservative would insult women or Blacks this badly on any day, so this is quite fascinating:


Then the panel stands up in adoration and uproarious applause (though some in the audience have the good manners to look SHOCKED).  Yes, this IS a ‘roast’, but THIS one takes the cake, baked by Martha Stewart, of course.   And, PC HELL is the media reaction, other celebs glomming on the media’s disdain, maybe a lost acting job….you know.

I found this incredible…..Apparently, the standards for Political Correctness are only SET by leftwingers for Conservatives to follow, the left doesn’t DO IT.


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26 Responses to PC HELL

  1. jerrydablade says:

    She is able to get away with his because she spent time in the slammer. Street cred. I thought this was an SNL skit imitating Martha at first. I have to admit I laughed at much of this though. I’m now immune to double standards.


  2. bunkerville says:

    This really adds value to her brand.


  3. silverfiddle says:

    Speech codes are leftwing progressive forms of control. They can get by with violating the codes, but their enemies can’t. If we all ignored the codes and said whatever the hell we wanted, it would break their power.


  4. Imp says:

    PC Hell? Imagine what Pam Geller is going thru today. The loons are out in force condemning her….I guess we really care about PC and not the truth or the 1st Amendment any longer…..except for Hollywood swells and the special people.



  5. Silverlady says:

    PC be damned! I’m the exact opposite. Say what I want & mean it, and I’m South of the Mason-Dixon line, if you get my drift. By the way the new ‘forbidden’ word: thug, thug, THUG!!! Some left looney on Fox News was asked what the rioters should be termed, if not thugs, his reply was, ‘Human beings’. I kid you not. Not on my watch.

    Good for Pam Geller, & since those 2 ISLAMIC TERRORISTS (Are you listening, Bampot?) were wearing body armor kudos to that policeman who took ’em down with his service pistol. So far I haven’t heard where they were hit. I also heard he was around 60 years old. A true Texas hero, and DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS!


  6. Hmmm. I seem to disagree, Z. This reminds me a lot of the roasts done when the Rat Pack was around. Remember all the roasting of celebs that took place? Lots of Republicans attended including Reagan. Its all done with humor and I never looked at it from a political view at all. I thought it was funny. It also reminds me of the late Don Rickles and how he poked fun at everybody, even Presidents. Everyone took it in good humor.


  7. silverfiddle says:

    Hey! Don Rickles ain’t ‘late.’ He’s still alive and kickin’



  8. Baysider says:

    Not a roast fan particularly, so I didn’t see much point in finishing the video. Must be getting old – I don’t understand a quarter of it.


  9. Lisa says:

    I saw this and was kinda shocked myself. Although it takes a lot more than that to my gun. Anyway that sure was no pot roast


  10. You’re right, Silverfiddle. He IS still around. Mea Culpa! The Rat Pack are all gone, though, and I could’ve related to them that way. I always enjoyed them all. Of course, I have a warped sense of humor, sometimes!


  11. Geezer840 says:

    This was acceptable to the audience but I suspect that they are those who have managed to get Samuel Longhorne Clemens barred from our public schools. I don’t find Martha Stewart or Mark Twain offensive.


  12. Mustang says:
    I thought the Dean Martin roasts were entertaining, but I didn’t appreciate the “race humor” mouthed by some of the black comedians … not sure “comedian” is the right term for Flip Wilson, Redd Foxx, and Nipsey Russell, but the other guests were very often amusing and some distinguished in their delivery (Ronald Reagan, Bob Hope, George Burns, and Jimmy Stewart). Like Baysider, I wasn’t at all sure what Martha Stewart was saying, and certainly didn’t see the humor in it. It somewhat reminded me of that idiotic scene in the movie Airplane when Barbara Billingsly spoke in Ebonics. Left me cold. As for political correctness, I agree with Silverfidddle: it is a doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical minority and promoted by mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of crap by the clean end.


  13. Silverlady says:

    Mal, Shirley MacLaine is still with us. I think she was kind of an honorary Rat Pack mascot. Saw them in Vegas in a group with a friend, stuntman Buzz Henry, who doubled Sinatra, and I think Dino as well.

    I was in the kitchen, but heard ‘The Donald’ blasting Pam Geller on Cavuto. Have to disagree with him strenuously.


  14. Awww. Lighten up, folks! Poking fun at ourselves is simply another way of acceptance. Its all done in good humor by those who can laugh at themselves. It usually ends up bringing us all closer together. Those who are being teased understand that.


  15. Imp says:

    I find stuff like this more odious coming from the First Mooch:

    First lady Michelle Obama used a speech Monday that was supposed to be celebrating the opening of a new museum to instead dig deeper the racial divide that’s been growing ever wider during her husband’s presidency.

    “Museums and concert halls,” she said, just don’t welcome non-white visitors – especially children – the way they welcome whites.
    Speaking at the new Whitney museum in New York City’s meat packing district last week, Obama said she grew up thinking that museums were not places “for someone who looks like me.”

    “You see, there are so many kids in this country who look at places like museums and concert halls and other cultural centers and they think to themselves, well, that’s not a place for me, for someone who looks like me, for someone who comes from my neighborhood. In fact, I guarantee you that right now, there are kids living less than a mile from here who would never in a million years dream that they would be welcome in this museum.

    “And growing up on the South Side of Chicago, I was one of those kids myself. So I know that feeling of not belonging in a place like this. And today, as first lady, I know how that feeling limits the horizons of far too many of our young people.”


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Imp: IMagine any Black American feeling that museums weren’t for them? What an amazing thing to say….and how horribly divisive. These people are BENT, HELL BENT, on dividing and whining. of course, kids are ALWAYS welcome; this is why we have field trips. Anybody think the school says “Only White kids can come?” if she felt this way as a child, I’m sorry, but now she can feel like the big shot and have retribution “Well, I guess NOW you see I’m HERE…as the wife of the president” Good for Michelle….that woman’s got a lot of hate in her. If this superiority helps, God bless her.

    Mal, did you listen to the racist/sexist stuff? My only question is “how would they take that if Ann Coulter was saying those things and it wasn’t written for her?”
    Did you listen to the link?? This isn’t a wonderful Dean Martin roast, believe me. I LOVE roasts when they’re fair. It’s always edgy, that’s the whole point….I’m ONLY asking how a conservative would have been rec’d for what Stewart said. It is REALLY LOW.

    Mustang and Baysider; I’m not sure you’re not looking for more than I mean; it was just pure nasty racism and sexism. I don’t remember Nipsy and the others being racist…in what way, Mustang? I think it was better humored than THIS stuff…this was LOW.
    And, again…..roasts are fun, but my point is about if a conservative said these things..? WOW

    I can never remember who GEEZER840 is…:-(

    Jerry, I didn’t really think it was that funny….but I have to agree; I think her having done time in jail has brought her up to the level of those at the roast…. She’s cool now.. that’s our new society. Heck, even Chris Rock is on a great video saying “Black folks told me my cousin wasn’t in prison, isn’t that great? I told them What’s great about it? you’re not supposed to ever go to Prison….”

    Bunkerville…right. But it was almost painful because she’s SO SO SO UNhip that it didn’t really work. Plus, she looked like a deer in the headlights using the terms and jokes….very awkward to watch.

    Silverfiddle..I ABSOLUTELY agree with you. We should TOTALLY stop the PC thing….tell Polish jokes, tell Armenian jokes, tell blonde jokes, etc. I remember my sister who went to Berkeley telling me I was awful for having shared some ethnic joke, this is about 40 years ago now! ANd I swear I thought “That was just plain FUNNY, I’m not actually saying ALL POLES (or whatever the joke was about…remember Polish Jokes?) are that way…it’s just CLEVER”. And I thought she’d gone MAD. Didn’t realize the whole WORLD would be going mad.
    I thought the Polish jokes were particularly funny because I have never known an ugly OR stupid POle in my life. And now I have to say I’m sorry if I’ve offended a POle here…….why should I have to feel sorry?


  17. Imp, what Michelle failed to realize is they WERE accepted when they dressed appropriately and conducted themselves appropriately, but she doesn’t want to hear that. Its all attitude and I’m sick and tired of babying them. No one alive today was a slave or a slave owner, so they need to get over it. And it was never a Genocide, like what happened to the Armenians and the Jews. At least they survived.


  18. Imp says:

    @Mal…Shes a disgusting. low life racist and an idiot. Purely AA in her hospital gig and in her Princeton years. Where she had the audacity to write a “thesis” on …yep…racism.

    Keep it up Mooch….they’ll be coming soon to throw you two out and live in Baltimore…not wave goodbye…but good riddance. She must be exhausted from wearing that chip on her shoulder.


  19. Imp says:

    @Z..”why should I have to feel sorry?”

    Indeed…why? Humor has been lost…the libs are the angriest, most evil foul people on the planet, second to ISIS…I swear..And we talk about mudslimes being humorless?


  20. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, you say “Imp, what Michelle failed to realize is they WERE accepted when they dressed appropriately and conducted themselves appropriately, but she doesn’t want to hear that”
    THAT is exactly RIGHT….bravo. Clean cut Black students? Someone’s going to keep them out or make them feel unwanted in a museum? WHO IS SHE KIDDING?

    Imp: I’ll never forget that second with my sister. Some day, I’ll talk to her about it, but she’ll probably say (which I BELIEVE she said that day those years ago) “It’s NEVER nice to joke about anybody”. Geeeeez. We’re all HUMAN, we all have FOIBLES< and as much as I'd never mean to hurt anybody, a joke here and there toughens us up if it's aimed at us. GET OVER IT, LEFTWINGERS: THIS IS LIFE.


  21. FB says:

    It’s pretty funny albeit vulgar. But when a bunch of rich people get together like this, PCness doesn’t matter. PCness is a value system created by the elite for the common man. I agree almost 100% with Nietzsche as far as how “moral” values are often created or influenced by the elite.


  22. Imp says:

    @Z…when I make jokes about, say Mexicans one day where I hear a good one…some say…that…yup racisssssssssss….! So I say…let me tell you one about the Italian woman, the Russian taxi driver, the French waiters, The Irish beer drinkers, The Irish priest, the Irish cops, The terrible Brits and their white “privilege” and or the monarchy. And so forth and so on…now I ask…..is that racisssssssssss too?


  23. geeez2014 says:

    Imp; I think Nietzsche’s probably right. Particularly in morals….Murphy Brown, rich journalist, had a child out of wedlock, made it A OK….Ingrid Bergman did years before that….the rich/celebs go to drug rehab…etc etc. The poorer look up to them and think that’s okay.

    Imp….NOT RACIST 🙂


  24. Jean Worland says:

    The only comfort I have in all of this is that all that is happening now was predicted 2,000 years ago by the apostle Paul to his son in the faith, Timothy, “In the last days, perilous times will come upon you.” We are in those “last days” spoken of in the bible in 2 Timothy 3!


  25. Imp, I agree she is disgusting. We all understand there are two classes of Blacks, and the “O’s” are the low class ones. I’m just saying the IDEA of roasts is not necessarily a bad thing. We may not have cared for who was doing it in this video, but the IDEA of a roast isn’t bad, that’s all.


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