Bias….this is surprising?

We all know that leftwing professors are the rule in America.  But this shocks Harvard! (why?)  The basics of pure liberality are supposed to be open minds and acceptance of all points of view but, apparently, liberal open minds only adhere to one point of view;  Progressive-ism.  Not to worry, however!  One liberal professor at Harvard assures us that… (you can’t make this up)….  “While this may narrow the range of political debate on campus, it doesn’t mean that students at these schools aren’t getting a first-rate education,” said Neil Gross, visiting professor of sociology at Princeton and author of “Why Are Professors Liberal and Why Do Conservatives Care?” “American higher education needs reforming, but political imbalance is the least of its problems.” (Z: it’s  a problem when professors are not educating but pushing their politics on students)

The article adds “Some say that shows a troubling lack of ideological diversity on campuses and could lead to students getting biased educations.”   Is this NEWS to the big, smart leftwing professors?  Maybe they should read GeeeZ, huh?   🙂

And, of course, one conservative professor stays quiet:  ““Sorry, but the smart thing for me to do about this kind of issue is not to comment!” he said.”   Great, Professor…very brave of you.  That’s really sad.  Not to mention your not feeling free to talk is like fascism.

Georgetown law professor Nicholas Rosenkranz says ““Ideally these universities would expose students to the most powerful arguments on both sides of the great issues, rather than indoctrinating them with the ideology of the far left,” he said.”

gore facts

Facts used to count, didn’t they.  Teaching students FACTS, not OPINIONS.   This isn’t the America I knew anymore.  Or want.

Leftwingers ought to be utterly ashamed.  My point is that, in an educational environment, one would think all are exposed to all kinds of thinking and it’s impossible that half our country is Republican but 90% of one profession is Leftist.    It simply doesn’t add up.

I wrote this blog yesterday and, last night on FOX, saw Kyle Olson of the Education Action Group Foundation.  Most of you probably saw him, too;  the guy who was telling O’Reilly about White Privilege conferences and how they are training teachers to go back to their schools and teach things like how “Barack Obama’s a black face in the White House, but it’s still the WHITE House and it’s under the control of Whites…”    Amazing, awful stuff. Olson was going to publish stats on how many schools are teaching this rubbish HERE and I thought I’d add this information to this post for you.

We can’t have CLASSROOM POLICE to make sure kids are being taught how to THINK, not told OPINIONS, not taught the TOTAL RUBBISH Olson’s warning us about.  How do we solve this?


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19 Responses to Bias….this is surprising?

  1. Kid says:

    I read where about the same percentage, 96% of all media donate only to the democrats.
    So, education and media controlled by the progressive communists.

    I assume fewer and fewer parents will even have an appreciation for conservatism as more and more parents are the liberal product of the above. This is exactly how we got to where we are, a slow steady process.

    Solve it? Short of replacing government with patriotic conservatives who will themselves by dictators on the right as the dems have been dictators on the left, we aren’t.


  2. I repeat: We are a nation based on the belief in God. It’s going to take all the religious leaders in the U.S. to band together, Christians, Jews, and even Agnostics if so inclined, to march on D.C. and address Congress and the President about the favoritism of the teachings of Mohamed in a country founded on the belief in God, and to stop them in their tracks. We need to demand this based on God being etched in stone all over our nations capital. Why aren’t they doing that?


  3. Imp says:

    Z…check this scumbag professor out.

    In what sounds like the beginning of a movie plot, a 16-year-old humanities student has turned to a high-power law firm specializing in religious freedom after a leftist professor failed her for refusing to deny her Christian faith or describe the history of Jesus as a myth.


  4. John M. Berger says:

    You ask: “How do we solve this?”. I submit that unless and until the problem is recognized by a preponderance of those being adversely impacted the problem will not be addressed, let alone solved. If only “half our country is Republican” and a certain amount of apathy exists within that group it will continue to be ‘business as usual’ in our hallowed institutions of higher learning. If “90% of faculty donations go to Obama” 90% of the faculty may be too wisdom deficient (while ACADEMICALLY acceptable)to hold such positions. Nevertheless, tenure will assure that they do. I’m afraid that if there is to ever be a ‘wake-up call’ it will only come when the impending disaster, being fostered today, comes to realization by a majority. I’m sorry that I can’t be more optimistic and hope that I’m wrong.


  5. John, even if we had a “wake-up call” folks still wouldn’t get it. Look how much in denial so many still are, despite all that is happening today. It was reported today ISIS claims they have 70 terrorists in the U.S. now. Some “JV group”, Obama!


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Great input, thanks, everybody.

    I just sat through a 40 minutes presentation by an Iranian kid at a private Christian high school who talked about Iran and how the Iranians here maintain their culture, and how ebay’s founder was iranian, Yahoo, ebay, etc….lots of Iranians in famous places.
    Of course, MY question would have been “Why not acknowledge America’s culture and practice YOUR culture at HOME (like Armenians do because we cherish this country so much)?”

    I’m going to do a blog post on it but it’s amazingly cogent to this one; almost spooky. Almost like the day I blogged on hamburgers and wrote about L.A.’s APPLE PAN restaurant only to have a friend come with a piece of apple pie that night FROM the Apple Pan. That still blows my mind because she NEVER has time to read my blog, had no idea.

    So, I write this post today and then go to a talk because I promised the kid when I sub’d for him last week, and his talk included Iranian dissidents and EDUCATION. I’ll write it soon and probably post it later today. Eerie.

    Kid, I welcome even a CLOSE ‘dictator’ on the right 🙂 But, of course, I am with you on this. Neither’s a good idea.

    Mal…NEVER HAPPEN. God is being ignored DUE TO PC.

    John….fat chance, huh?
    Imp: will watch it later; I highly recommend GOD”S NOT DEAD…good film on this VERY subject you bring up.


  7. Baysider says:

    There is a difference between being informed (the what) and becoming educated (the why). Greg Koukl’s ‘Rhodes Scholar’ tactic starts by asking the question “why should I believe this person’s opinion.” Scholars can be wrong, and often are. Their reasoning can be weak, their facts can be mistaken, and bias can distort their judgment. Therefore, despite a scholar’s reputation or credentials, “always ask for reasons. Don’t settle for opinions.”

    The ONLY way to change that is to train our kids to receive information that way. That’s too daunting. I’m sorry. Most of them are already lost in our descent back into slavery. When you get links like Imp’s, the scope of the task is overwhelming. For years we ignored the growing cancer, and now all our money and effort is spent on lawyers to reign in each, individual case while new fires break out all over.

    Boiler Room Prayer. Maybe “these are the type who only come out by prayer and fasting” applies. I’m not being flippant. Amazing things happened when C H Spurgeon preached. He credited it to the power of God and the 100’s of parishioners down in the boiler room of his church, praying for the service each week. What would happen if every Christian in America did that? Our task rises to the Herculean efforts required of our forefathers.


  8. Z, PC is one area that our religious leaders need to overcome, also. But you are spot on in your assessment.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider “For years we ignored the growing cancer, and now all our money and effort is spent on lawyers to reign in each, individual case while new fires break out all over.”

    So well said…that’s the exact impression i have…..not just in education. I sometimes think the White House is laughing uproariously at us all as msnbc, the networks and CNN all sputter the White House way…..spending time on stories so truly unimportant and time consuming, while we’re being totally bamboozled ..
    THIS is why I am doubting the GOP so badly these days; THEY know what’s being bamboozled. And, of course, if it weren’t for FOX, we wouldn’t.
    WHat a marvelous thing to be a leftwinger these days………it’s like playing with dice and always rolling exactly what you need


  10. Imp says:

    We are headed for a 4th World country in our lifetimes friends…..these attitudes and opinions are counter to all our beliefs. I’m afraid there are worse times to come. And…well…there will be violence.

    “Unfortunately, the “hate speech” police have taken over the entire political left. As Matt Vespa points out, a 2014 Washington Post poll showed that while 60 percent of Americans thought publishing cartoons of Mohammed was “okay,” and over 70 percent believed that there is a right to offend under the First Amendment. But the First Amendment Center published a 2013 poll showing that 40 percent of Americans said the First Amendment “goes too far,” and 56 percent of Americans refused to support a right to say things that are racially offensive (47 percent refused to support a right to say things that are offensive to religious groups).

    A YouGov poll from 2014 asked whether Americans would support or oppose a law “that would make it a crime for people to make public comments that advocate genocide or hatred against an identifiable group based on such things as their race, gender, religion, ethnic origin, or sexual orientation?” Fifty-one percent of Democrats supported such a law in violation of the First Amendment; just 21 percent of Democrats opposed such a law. Meanwhile, among Republicans, just 25 percent supported such a law, while 49 percent opposed. Independents sided with Republicans, with 53 percent opposing such laws and 27 percent supporting. Forty-nine percent of blacks supported such a law; so did 49 percent of Hispanics. A plurality of women supported the law as well. Overall, only a bare plurality of Americans, 38 percent to 36 percent, opposed laws criminalizing “hate speech.”

    Between a Democratic Party seeking to criminalize political spending and a leftist media seeking to criminalize unapproved speech, the First Amendment is on very shaky footing. No wonder ISIS is looking to euthanize it once and for all.

    Are you appalled? Or is this just another Ho hum?


  11. Mustang says:

    My confusion comes from the fact that I was not aware of the right of people not to be offended. Whenever someone tells me they are offended, my response is, “So?”


  12. Kid says:

    @IMP. Polls. This is about what I would expect. These kids think that by accepting of everyone, everything will turn out Ok. Little do they know of the depth and breadth of evil in the world.


  13. Baysider says:

    Mustang, I’m with you. Dennis Prager recounts a story after a speech he gave years ago. A woman came up to him afterward and said “I’m offended.” He – like a normal person – was thinking ‘how did I word anything offensively?’ But SHE meant I DISAGREE WITH YOU. Yup. (You can’t mention truly offensive things – like vagrants filling the library with stink because they hang out there all day. Oh noooo. We tried that in our town – Verboten!)

    Since these are people that respond emotionally they may, actually feel offended because the ‘heart’ muscle is the only one they know how to use. This is a one trick pony foisted on us by the education establishment which makes it the only muscle they develop. Our job is to ‘help’ them get over it. I ask them “what do you mean by that?” See if there’s a slightest bit of life left in the mind muscle that can own up to the fact that we disagree and, if possible, why.


  14. Imp says:

    @Bay ,, “the education establishment which makes it the only muscle they develop.” Well sure as hell isn’t their brains since they’ve abandoned all rational thought…as well as any opposition to their “thought”.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    I don’t want to hear the word OFFENDED anymore……….it’s become so ridiculous. Any little thing brings offense these days. Baysider’s right….DISAGREE, tell me you disagree..FINE. but OFFENDED? And yes, that library thing is OFFENSIVE…!
    This kind of goes to the PC jokes we all talked about yesterday here at geeeZ….I LAUGH at even Armenian jokes that aren’t exactly positive (what’s the national bird of Armenia? the fly! …small country, etc.!)…that’s funny! I’m not OFFENDED.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, did you see at AOW’s that Dave Miller is definitely THAT Miller? He’s often so defensive that I suspect things didn’t go completely smoothly there for him so he was covering when he added “I learned a lot there.” Just a gut feeling. It’s on her third or fourth post down….with 168 comments.


  17. Kid says:

    BAY/IMP, If libtards could think they wouldn’t be libtards. Best think to do is just tell them to go back to the kiddie table anytime they get annoying.


  18. Baysider says:

    Yes, I saw it Z. I think there’s a lot to that back story, along the lines we discussed.


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