I’m watching The Five and listening to talk about ISIS and how far-reached they are within America.  And how Obama’s really not done much about any of this.

I got to thinking about Michelle Obama’s “For the first time in my lifetime I’m proud of my country…not only because Barack has done well………”  She was an adult when she first felt proud of America?   And it took her husband’s election to cause pride?    Then we know about remarks she’s made since then, including this weekend’s Tuskegee Graduation speech (See Imp’s link in a comment on the post below), about how she has always felt less-than because of her color, how she couldn’t go to museums  without feeling unwelcome, etc.  She’s pathetic!

Then we have Barack Obama, whose family has nothing to do with pride in country, whose education is leftwing drivel, who was raised with a huge chip on his shoulders because his family didn’t handle his color situation as well as some do, whose mentors were socialists, who has nothing in his background to lead him to having any pride in America.  At all.  Now, I could be wrong, but do you get the feeling either of these Obamas have any respect or real love for this country?  Me, neither.

And he is leading America.  I’ve been thinking how it would feel to do marketing for a business I didn’t believe in, or selling a product I didn’t believe in, or how a body guard feels about guarding that person’s life when he finds his charge snotty and demanding or repulsive as a human being.  This makes sense in relation to America and Obama, doesn’t it.

You all know this, but this really hit me HARD 15 minutes ago.   Oh, sure, he says he cares about the poor and he cares very much about Black America, and he cares about Hispanics because his party knows how to play them for votes, and he puts on a big act of really caring but……..


Answer:  you don’t.  THIS is why we’re fearful of what’s coming next from ISIS or hordes of illegals taking advantage of us, or why we’re embarrassed that Arab potentates aren’t even coming to Barack’s meeting, why people around the world have lost respect for our country.  They’re mirroring someone.   Why wouldn’t they?  Compare him to REAGAN or BUSH.  Who had the nerve, or the DESIRE to diss Reagan?

You all know I’ve felt this for years, but something different hit me today and I think it’s got a lot to do with my comments above about body guards and marketing….see what I mean?


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48 Responses to Obama; HOW CAN ONE LEAD?

  1. John M. Berger says:

    Due to the fact that I cannot comment on the First Mooch with the civility expected on this site, I will refrain from doing so.


  2. Imp says:

    Seems Sept. 11, 2001…well..for them.

    Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson warned that “lone wolf” terrorists, such as the jihadis who attacked the Mohammed Art Exhibit in Garland, Texas, could “strike at any moment.” He described this as a new and challenging security environment, but added, “we are not discouraging Americans from doing the things they do on a daily basis.”

    “Military personnel, veterans and their families at military bases like MacDill are being advised to be careful what they post online and talk about in public,” says the report.

    The final insult:

    Retired Col. E.J. Otero is quoted as saying the 440,000 veterans in the Tampa Bay area “have heard through one way or another from the commanders at MacDill to pay attention, keep a low profile, don’t be so pompous about being in the military, because those guy are looking for possible targets.”

    The directive falls slightly short of British soldiers being told not to wear their uniforms in public after the broad-daylight jihad slaying of Drummer Lee Rigby on the streets of Woolwich. But between these military directives and the deafening round of tongue-clucking from media elites over the Mohammed Art Exhibit in Garland, Americans are being told to choose their words carefully, while belligerent jihadis and their fanboys run wild on social media.

    The winning side in a war does not tell its citizens – much less its soldiers – to carefully avoid antagonizing a violent occupying force that stands ready to punish offense, or even pride.

    The animal house & farm is in charge folks. No need to worry or be concerned.


  3. Imp says:


    It is the Soldier, not the minister
    Who has given us freedom of religion.

    It is the Soldier, not the reporter
    Who has given us freedom of the press.

    It is the Soldier, not the poet
    Who has given us freedom of speech.

    It is the Soldier, not the campus organizer
    Who has given us freedom to protest.

    It is the Soldier, not the lawyer
    Who has given us the right to a fair trial.

    It is the Soldier, not the politician
    Who has given us the right to vote.

    It is the Soldier who salutes the flag,
    Who serves beneath the flag,
    And whose coffin is draped by the flag,
    Who allows the protester to burn the flag.

    ©Copyright 1970, 2005 by Charles M. Province


  4. geeez2014 says:

    Honestly, Imp, your first comment almost makes me cry. THIS is what I meant when I commented at some other blog the other day that I feel that America’s now bug on the floor and big, mean dog’s pawing it around, bouncing it back from one wall to the other, pushing it around, playing with it…HORRIBLE… US? The United States of AMERICA?
    And who’s done this? Obama.

    Yes, leftwingers will say it’s Bush’s fault and Obama can’t control ISIS, but he has emboldened the WHOLE DARNED WORLD to act like we suddenly do not exist, or have ANY say-so in anything around the world. We’ve been taken down to our knees and OUR MILITARY IS WORRIED.

    And what’s being DONE? God FORBID we tick a muslim off.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    John, I KNOW how you feel, believe me. (and thanks!)


  6. Kid says:

    Z, You ace’d it. It is hard to add to your comment. It perfectly illustrates that there is nothing about the obamas or the obama administration that is right. It is all wrong. All of it.

    I will just add that at least obama has the immigration people ask the moslem vermin if they are ISIS or not if they happen to see them coming into the country. What more can you do ? (Think about how many people, I mean morons actually would agree with the above! )


  7. Kid says:

    IMP, Exactly. ANd it’s not just terrorists, it includes the people like us who are paying for everything to be careful what we say about blacks or moslems or [activist] homos or pick a loser.


  8. Imp says:

    Jeb…is giving an awesome interview. I’m surprised at some of his positions.


  9. Mustang says:

    I can see a correlation between a man raised by Marxists to hate America, learning how to work the system so that he can win the presidency with absolutely no experience whatsoever, with very questionable ties to the Islamic world, who after taking office begins a campaign to literally destroy the progress we’ve made in the US in the area of race relations, to the present where members of the Black Panther Party are seeking to arm themselves, where black Moslems, enraged by comments of elected city attorneys and appointed attorneys general, have begun a campaign to murder whites, cops, innocent by-standers of any color (and any age). It is not incidental that such a man is funded by globalists who also have come to hate America (Soros, for one), and a long list of crony capitalist elitist leftist swine who would fund Satan if it meant enriching themselves by another dime. So into the abyss we go … all of it, in my opinion, intentionally orchestrated by Barack Hussein Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson, and other black thugs. Obama is not leading America … he is leading a movement dangerous to America. Most people still don’t get it.


  10. Well, after all the negativity, how about an upper? Consider how we are all going to feel about our country once this administration is out of office? It will feel like we just got out of the basement and into fresh air and sunlight. After that, we will have nowhere but “up” to go. Even though it may be just around the corner, it will seem like an eternity ’till Jan. 2017. Hard as it may be, stay positive!


  11. jerrydablade says:

    Clearly, obama did not seek the presidency out of a love of country and desire to serve, but out of a mission to fundamentally change that which he despises. And I agree, that Michelle speech was a jaw dropper. Not for anything more than these two are no longer even trying to hide their disdain for America.


  12. Imp says:

    “Complaint says crosses at Catholic school offensive, prevent Muslim prayers,” reads the headline at BeliefNet.
    The sixty-page complaint was filed with the Washington, D.C. Office of Human Rights by a one-man nuisance-lawsuit factory, George Washington University Law School Professor John Banzhaf.
    Banzhaf’s complaint alleges that the large amount of Catholic imagery draping the halls of Catholic University creates an “offensive” environment in which Muslims are intimidated out of proper reverence for their own religion.

    He further alleges the university “does not provide space – as other universities do – for the many daily prayers Muslim students must make, forcing them instead to find temporarily empty classrooms where they are often surrounded by Catholic symbols which are incongruous to their religion.”

    Not only that, but Muslim students forced to make do with Catholic University’s chapels find their souls crushed by the oppressive spectacle of “the cathedral that looms over the entire campus – the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.” Banzhaf insists the Muslim students must be provided with facilities where they can conduct their five-times-daily prayers without having to look at anything Catholic, especially that immaculate-conception Death Star of Catholic piety.

    And they laugh at us for saying they’re trying to outlaw Christianity?


  13. Kid says:

    Mal, I sure hope you’re right, but we could go from satan’s mouth to satan’s butthole with the hildebeast. Sorry Z.


  14. Kid says:

    IMP, Why would a moslem be in a Christian Univ. ?


  15. Imp says:

    @Kid…duhhhh…..Duh-versity? Suicide? Penance?


  16. Kid says:

    @IMP. Invade?


  17. Mustang says:

    We need another Crusade …


  18. Kid says:

    If libtards could acknowledge evil, maybe we’d have one. But sociopath doesn’t recognize evil, nor does it even care.


  19. Imp says:

    The most disgusting first mooch…..sounding like Angela Davis during the 70’s with the Weather Underground. Bet Bill Ayers is pleased that the Ovomits are radical, racist….insurrectionist and revolutionaries. The bitch…yes….that’s all one can call her…a selfish self absorbed POS. There will never, never…ever be another AA in the WH. Ben Carson aside…..cause these pukes have ruined it for him.


  20. Kid says:

    I don’t know IMP. in an election or two, we may end up with the rapper president.


  21. Imp says:

    I think we ought to park the two AF1’s out in the Tucson graveyard, after these low lifes have defiled it. Or give it to the next round of muslim pilots to practice in. It’s probably been “remodeled” with velvet paintings of Elvis, BB King and J Z …and a Crescent and star or two.


  22. Kid says:

    IMP, I was thinking about the next residents of the white house. How do you delicately order all of the soft material in the place replaced. Carpets, mattresses, bed clothes, seat covers, counter tops, silverware, plates, drapes, and then the rest of it, like the desk in the oval office be cleaned to your satisfaction without hurting the wood.


  23. Imp says:

    @Kid…like I said…it’s easier to have a reenactment of the war of 1812, invite the Brits…and burn it down again. Better than having the ghosts of the two racists stalking the hallowed halls, right? Another question…what’s going to happen to the mooches 25 assistants when she’s gone? How will she pee alone, by herself…or…dress…or feed herself?


  24. Imp says:

    Heroes behind the badge….through a cops eyes….



  25. Kid says:

    IMP, Starting from scratch with a new White House may not be a bad idea regardless of anything else…
    I don’t see a good future for the obama’s generally speaking. They will have their zombie support that will never give it up, but from a general societal viewpoint, I don’t see them maintaining any kind of preferential status. We may see them on TV trying to pathetically re-wite history like jimmy carter is always trying to do, but I think dust bin and whining about racism is their future.


  26. Kid says:

    Good One IMP. Al Pacino. Heat?


  27. Imp is right on with the Angel Davis comment.
    She sounds so bitter.
    No grace, only opprobrium, distaste and disdain.
    Such a hard life she’s had her (and I quote) “entire life”.
    France, Hawaii, bogus 6 figure job.


  28. Imp says:

    @Kid..how about a holiday named for them,Say the whole month of January? And….ya know…like MLK Blvd’s all over to warn us of….racism loose…be careful in this area?


  29. geeez2014 says:

    Imp; Here’s me: “Dear Mr. Muslim student; YOU picked a Catholic U, go somewhere ELSE if you don’t like it. BY.” $&**#(y$&#&*#($&# (and MUCH stronger letter to follow, by the way)
    Are they going to have to bring down the cathedral, too?
    I can’t even READ this stuff….it PHYSICALLY bothers me, I swear.
    (cover your ears , everybody; WHO THE HELL DO THEY THINK THEY ARE?)
    Now, let’s get some Christian kids to go to a Muslim school and tell them it’s crushed their spirit that no crosses are around, okay?

    As for Jeb Bush: I was very pleasantly surprised at the interview tonight with Megyn Kelly. VERY pleasantly surprised. He’s smart and seems honest and in earnest.

    EVERYBODY: I felt a bit odd doing this post because we ALL KNOW Obama hates America, but only today did I think “How CAN you work for the best interests or want to keep safe a place you hate?” I believe he doesn’t just not like it. I believe he HATES it and is laughing down his nose at all of us as he appoints more and more muslims to the WH, signs more exec privileges, etc etc


  30. Imp says:

    @Ed…right. And not one bit of concern for the 25% of blacks they left in ghettos, poverty and 11000 dead bodies each year from philly to Chicongo to LA …but…those 10.10 per hours jobs he mandated…..can’t beat that right?


  31. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang’s right: It’s Cowboys and Muslims now. The new American Crusade.

    That Catholic U thing Imp brought up has REALLY got me reeeling….really WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE?
    TEN years ago, if anybody’d said this, they’d be LAUGHED AT IN THEIR FACES! “Are you kidding? We ARE Catholic here…..what is WITH YOU, DRUNK?”

    Today? “Oh, yes, Mohammed….let me die here on the floor for you if that’s what YOU want”


  32. Kid says:

    IMP, the only things I want named after the obamas are loser class material. Food Stamps. arab spring, destroyed foreign allies relations, ME on fire. Race riots, inflation, corruption, disruption, debt balloon, escalation of cop killings (in the news today), loser feeding frenzies.


  33. Kid says:

    Z, “I believe he doesn’t just not like it. I believe he HATES it and is laughing down his nose at all of us as he appoints more and more muslims to the WH, signs more exec privileges, etc etc”
    No Question. No Question. It’s been my opinion since 2009.


  34. Imp says:

    @Z…”As for Jeb Bush: I was very pleasantly surprised…” I told ya…..I’ve known him for…ummmm…at least 30 years now. He was a great Governor. For POTUS…Senators need not apply. Ever. Give me a Governor any day…..they have the experience needed to run a state…or a country. Except for Huckabee.

    “Now, let’s get some Christian kids to go to a Muslim school and tell them it’s crushed their spirit that no crosses are around, okay?”

    In a just world where we had some guts…. or maybe during the next Crusade that I agree with Mustang about….but we’re not fighting back. This “Lawfare” is going to kill us all. Or we just refuse the federal mandates as 26 states have done so far….It’s well past the time for a new America. The one we want…not them.


  35. Baysider says:

    “how it would feel to do marketing for a business I didn’t believe in”
    In WW2 my mother worked in the office of a major aircraft manufacturer that was the ‘go-between’ between the military client and the civilian plane maker. There was a guy in that office who always and forever was getting things balled up, getting planes behind in production, etc. But he was always able to shift the blame. They suspected he was what actually surfaced to be true after the war: someone in that dept. had worked for the enemy to sabotage the war effort.

    That’s what Obama is doing in the white house.


  36. Imp says:

    @Bay…”That’s what Obama is doing in the white house”

    With plenty of muslims embedded there too. But….I might…I might tolerate them as a close second…after the “human” stain, mongrel… known as Fat Al Sharpton. There has never been a more loathsome walking, talking garbage can like him.


  37. Baysider says:

    This story about CU circulated a few years ago. The activist lawyer also filed a complaint against the school for segregating men and women into their own dorms. A real nut case with a burr under his saddle about things Christian. I can only hope the commission tosses it out and FINES HIM for wasting their time. Reparations to the university would be better.


  38. Imp says:

    @Z..”We ARE Catholic here…..what is WITH YOU, DRUNK?”

    Yes…drunk on stupidity and ignorance of the goals of the Saracens. If we were only as dedicated and fervent and committed as they are….we’d have a chance. But the fact is…they admitted the bastards.. Why? Would they allow a muslim to become a priest? Then why allow thee satanists a place in their schools?


  39. Imp says:

    @Bay..”I can only hope the commission tosses it out and FINES HIM for wasting their time.”

    Never happen…..chained to a trunk with 500 pounds of weights in and dumped into the Chesapeake is a better solution and a fitting end to pond scum like him. It’s called the :”Jersey” / Hoffa treatment.


  40. Baysider says:

    Imp: I like your solution better.


  41. geeez2014 says:

    There have been many stories of muslims pushing secular and Christian schools around. For example, they apparently just can’t study without clean feet, which they must have cleaned ON CAMPUS…thereby requiring troughs be built for them. Amazing how muslims existed before clean feet for studying, but they seemed to get along just fine with dirty feet UNTIL 9/11.

    Baysider; Obama has certainly gone from balling things up to completely torpedoing us for his agenda of hate.
    “I’ll get you people… for all you’ve done to me”

    Kid, our whole country will need a kind of fumigation from the liberal, muslim-preferring White House, won’t it. Of course, with any White President, I could say fumigation and it’d be okay. Having written what I did, I’m sure any liberal reading this would jump to ‘racist!’. unreal.

    Imp; tres bien choses ce soir!! Merci, mon ami.


  42. Mustang says:

    @ Z

    The anathema lies in this simple truth: we do not give a damn about Saracens culture. They will either assimilate, or they will be shot dead by Texans.


  43. Imp says:

    Z…Vous êtes plus que bienvenu, mon ami….Je t’aime.


  44. geeez2014 says:

    Imp…..merci xx

    Mustang… “cowboys and muslims”
    And yet, the liberals are so caring, so nice, so welcoming….I’m sure they’d think that Catholic University just has to GO WITH THE FLOW(grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!) The LIBS are what got us into this trouble in the first place, though I don’t see the GOP doing a THING to counteract ANY of the threats.


  45. Kid says:

    I just had to say also that the obama’s are proof positive that any black with an Anti-Whitey Disorder cannot be made happy regardless what you give them. Stick them in the White House with many white having to have voted for them – Twice – and shower them with hundreds of millions of dollars and they’re still white hating ghetto bums. There is nothing that can be done for these blacks, so give their 7 North eastern states and call it Amerikenya.

    And don’t ask us for any money.


  46. Your post makes me want to cry, Z. I know how terribly weary and disheartened we all feel.

    All I can say is this: I refuse to buy into the Left’s lies and alternate reality! I will continue to live my life in a conservative, righteous manner. I am controllling what I have control over while they attempt to transform America. And I implore all of you to do the same!

    I am proud to be an American. I am proud of the decency and sacrifice and success this nation has been and will be again.

    Barack and Michelle Obama and all the other far left radicals currently “leading” our country, they will ultimately fail. They aren’t strong enough or smart enough to defeat us, or to change who we are as a nation. They’ve squandered their time in the sun and wasted their chance to advance themselves and our country. Their time is almost over!!!!!

    Have faith that America will rise again!


  47. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I think your point is an excellent adjunct to my thoughts in my post….the anti-white disorder cannot be cured in some people. I don’t believe that’s true about all Blacks, but (as you say), add the profit and emotional ‘charge’ some get from making a living being resentful and they’re not changing.

    Fair Witness!! GREAT to have you here, girl! I LOVE your optimism and patriotism and always hope you are 100% RIGHT. You know we all love America here at geeeZ; we’re just very disheartened and getting kind of beaten down! Maybe you’re smart not being on the blogs too often because as much as we get strength from the others here because they share our feelings and values, we also probably tend to get a bit down because we talk about such awful directions in which our country’s heading, too. Come back SOON 🙂


  48. My late father once told me there are 3 things a person seeks: Fame, Fortune, and their Legacy. When anyone has the first two, like Reagan had, they are really motivated to make a difference so they will be remembered favorably. Romney was such a candidate. If you think about it, so is Trump. That’s why I believe “The Donald” would make a good president, too. It also explains one reason Obama has failed and so will Hillary, although she now has the fortune due to her and Bill’s greed. But Reagan’s time was a different time. People were more realistic and simply smarter, I believe. The majority voted for the right candidate, regardless of political party. Not anymore!


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