Happy Birthday, Mr. Overton!


Check THIS OUT!!   He turned 109 years old on May 11.  He’s in excellent health, takes no pills (what?) and is our oldest living VET!  I SALUTE HIM!  Great old guy!

Here’s the rub (in the link above);  He met President Obama in 2013, at an event at Arlington National Cemetery, where the president singled out Overton during his remarks.

“When the war ended, Richard headed home to Texas to a nation bitterly divided by race,” Obama said at the time. “And his service on the battlefield was not always matched by the respect that he deserved at home. But this veteran held his head high. He carried on and lived his life with honor and dignity.”

Remember I blogged on Susan Rice’s speech at VE Day Ceremonies this year?  She said that “Platoons of white and black GIs fought side by side on the fields of Europe, and then black servicemen, like my late father’s Tuskegee airmen, came back here to demand justice in their own land.”

Will the Obama people EVER give it a REST?  Can we not celebrate anybody without getting the sad story attached?   By the way, how’s Obama know he ‘held his head high’ or anything else about Mr. Overton?  Was he there?

Maybe it’s just ME and I didn’t know that Black Americans coming back from their hard work fighting for our country did want to demand justice and “didn’t get the respect that he deserved at home” but how does Obama know that about Richard Overton?  I hope it’s not true;  I wouldn’t want our soldiers treated badly!  Who would? So, if that’s the case, and if Mr. Overton wants to discuss that, let him.  He should!  But Obama?   It’s like he’s so thin skinned he can’t stand to let a split second of a chance escape him if he can talk about the RACISM OF AMERICANS.  You can tell by reading about Mr. Overton that he’s not a guy who’s whining and complaining;  heck, his great attitude’s probably part of what’s kept him alive at 109!…he’s wonderful!

This constant racist stuff is agenda-driven and is very disheartening.  America deserves much better.


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18 Responses to Happy Birthday, Mr. Overton!

  1. John M. Berger says:

    “Will the Obama people EVER give it a REST?”

    NO ! This Administration and it’s ‘Race Baiters’ will NEVER pass-up an opportunity to shove it into everybody’s face and keep things stirred-up.


  2. Kid says:

    He sure doesn’t look 109.

    Note to obamas – shut up and go away you incompetent racists.


  3. Silverlady says:

    Bampot’s title needs to be changed from ‘Commander in Chief’, which he definitely is not, to ‘Whiner in Chief’. And he needs a lifetime supply of crying towels. He & the First Mooch are running a race to see who can whine the most, while they live in the lap of undeserved luxury on our dime. The most arrogant & self-aggrandizing duo who almost make me believe in reincarnation. Juan & Evita Peron redux.


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  4. “Will the Obama people EVER give it a REST? ”
    I like where Michelle said she had faced those travails in her Tuskegee speech her “entire life”.
    I wonder if that “entire life” included the trips to Spain, Hawaii, Africa on the American Dime.
    The designer clothes, the no show bogus job in Chicago, the parties in the White House (where her mom also resides)?


  5. woodsterman says:

    He is remarkable in so many ways.


  6. Bob says:

    Very interesting story. I certainly see Z’s point that Obama takes any situation he can to talk about race. Personally, I think Obama could make his point better without trying to widen the race gap in the country.

    As far as Mr Overton, he and his fellow veterans have my undying thanks and respect, ESPECIALLY having been from a southern state with a reputation for racial intolerance. I was born and raised in this south, and spend almost a decade in Texas, and I can tell you that Mr Overton did not have an easy time before or after the war. I don’t know what job he held at the state revenue office, but you can bet that it was not an executive job, nor was it a middle-management job. He was probably not in any position that required an education. He was probably a janitor or grounds-keeper.

    He was lucky to have a regular job.

    Did black people in any number take advantage of the veterans educational benefits after WWII? If so, what colleges would admit them? The deck was stacked against Mr Overton.

    I realize I am off topic, but I thought that some effort should be made to understand exactly what black men like Overton faced when they returned from the war. Things are different, now, and it seems to me that Obama should recognize that instead of trying to establish a case for reparations.

    God bless our veterans. I will have one of those shots of whiskey in a toast to their honor.


  7. Kid says:

    imo, Any black person who wanted reparations already got them through the welfare system.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Bob, I thank you for that. As i said in my post, I believe it’s up to Mr. Overton to tell us about the concerns he had back then if he had them. And I’d welcome hearing them, though “that was then and what good does it do now?” I believe Obama believes this needs to be hammered at every opportunity because he still does believe America is racist. I do not.
    I think you’re right; the educations weren’t there and, of course there was racism back then… I doubt anybody’d deny that. I just don’t think it’s of value to keep scratching the scab.
    “prost!’ to that whiskey!

    Imp, I will bet Mr. OVerton didn’t take much welfare.

    To all of you above; amen on that.
    I think Obama’s comment was cheap and a sad reminder on a day that demanded or deserved NONE OF THAT.


  9. In 1951 I was called after my 3rd year of college to serve in the Korean War. After basic, I was sent to Fort Benning, Ga. for more training. When we went to town (Columbus, Ga.) about 10 miles
    from camp, many local businesses had signs in their windows: “No Niggers or Soldiers”. How does anyone think that made us feel? We had a sampling of what Blacks are complaining about, except in our case, we were doing this FOR THEM.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Mel, I can’t imagine that…it’s so hideous.

    I guess my post sounds like I don’t think Black soldiers had it tough …before they left or after. Obviously, I think when someone’s served their country, who’d treat them badly!? But, I never lived in a racist environment and as much as we’ve all read about it and we’ve all heard about it, it’s hard for some of us to take in.

    I was once at a dinner party in Paris where a French Gen. and I spoke quite a bit….he only knew I was American. I asked him what he thought of the Armenian genocide and the Turk’;s denying it (always a pretty big story in France because there are so many Armenians)…he got furious and said the Armenians were PUSHY and the Turks were great French people and the Armenians ought to just stop their whining. I calmly said “I’m Armenian.” To which he turned from me (we were sitting next to each other at the table) and never spoke to me again. Which was fine with me. I hadn’t meant to trap him, I only asked …and when he was THAT awful, I decided to mention my ancestry.

    Walking home that night, I said to Mr. Z that it was the best thing that could have happened “Now I know what Jews and Blacks feel like…this was a gift.”

    So, I don’t pretend to know what it feels like to be called a N*gg*r , I know how bad it feels to have nasty comments aimed at you.

    Still……….I wrote the post to make sure we all agree that Obama’s choice of venues STANK…as did Rice’s…and any other racist who feels America just has to keep paying and keep paying.
    And keep feeling badly, and deny all the great advances of people like Tom Sowell, Walt Williams, Larry Elder, BIG Black CEOs (and there are many), amazing docs like Ben Carson….great politicians of bygone days (I can’t think of one leftist Black today whom I admire)… Oprah Winfrey….Black actors$$$….black athletes$$$$….
    They did it. One just needs the desire.
    And one does not need a president and first lady constantly giving solace and keeping people DOWN with “Gee, it’s not YOUR FAULT…Whites are just plain racist and this country is bad” BS.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    OFF TOPIC; It strikes me that Cate Blanchett is now famous even MORE than before because she’s admitted to having several ‘romantic relationships’ with women. She’s on every homepage today; Google, Yahoo, etc….

    You all DO understand what this is about, right? Nobody really cares who anybody’s slept with but this CONSTANT acknowledgement of lesbian and gay information is only agenda-driven.

    Bruce Jenner’s show/interviews…this new story……all the others we hear about……..drip drip drip drip drip. to our kids.



  12. Kid says:

    Z, the first thing that comes to mind with celebrities like this is to say they’ve had homosexual relationships in order to get a bigger fan base. Cher did it. Maybe Cate did have them and yes, who cares.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Kid…Cher did it? Oh. I just Googled and she did “have a lesbian fling”…well,how very cool she is. (not) And, of course, again…who cares? But, you’re right…the Google entry also said “she’s become the darling of gays”.

    Ed…yes, a kind of idol worship.
    And you are so right in your comment higher up about Michelle and the astonishing privilege she’s had most of her life…including that pricey job at the Chicago hospital…over $200K…for a job they didn’t have to replace her with when she left 🙂


  14. Bob says:

    “amazing docs like Ben Carson….”

    Interesting that you mention Ben Carson. I remember when you wrote an article about Carson, asking whether people thought he would make a good presidential candidate. I was negative, then.

    Since then, I have seen several interviews with Carson, and I have changed my mind. As always, Carson is articulate and direct. However, he still lacks experience in politics and that is what might get him beaten. One of his mistakes is that he tried to answer a hypothetical question,” like what you do if Iran gets a nuclear bomb?” The answer is that nobody can answer a hypothetical question because there are too many variables. That question can only be answered at the time it is required,

    Nobody should EVER answer a hypothetical question. Whatever answer is given is pure speculation, and can be just as dumb as the question.


  15. Imp says:

    @Z…”I believe Obama believes this needs to be hammered at every opportunity because he still does believe America is racist.”

    I do…and it is. However it’s a small miniscule % of YT’s now that have out and out hate for them, as there were many more long ago. It was definitely institutional then.

    Today however…..I believe it’s about 98% of blacks that are overt racists and make no attempts to hide it or even deny it. These riots are all aimed at so called “white privilege and white power”. Their angst is all wrapped up in their failures where they believe and are convinced ( Thanks Mooch ) that we whites are responsible for them…rather than accept them as their own. Obutthead and the Moosh just reaffirm the condition with exaggerations and outright lies….and they should be mocked, shamed and censored or castigated for their very unconstructive attitude… which just enables their pitiful attitudes more.

    And…it’s nothing but another form of accepted bigotry, where lunatic white libs simply acknowledge that only they can take care of them. We always hear of the 75% illegitimate rate compared to 15% in the 50’s…from the black talking heads…that acknowledge it…know full well it exists…yet it still hasn’t changed. Nor any positive messages or solutions… except from those very few grains of sand on the racial beaches.

    It’s getting harder and harder to have anything but disdain and pity for them. And revulsion at their behavior…..criminal behavior. And realize that after 4 generations…nothing is going to change. Even after flushing 22 trillion plus down the sewers of Detroit, Baltimore, Newark, Camden, Philly and many more.

    And Z..,I think your comment to me , up there…^^^^^^ was supposed to be for Kid? Cause I haven’t said a peep until now. 🙂


  16. Kid says:

    IMP, It’s going to change. It’s going to get much worse.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Bob, interesting that you should say that because I believe it was Dana Perino who said just the other day that nobody should EVER answer a hypothetical question.
    I guess Carson didn’t handle that one too well, huh? But I agree; he’s a very fine man.

    I’m laughing at the big broohaha they’re giving Jeb for having answered Megyn Kelly’s question about going into Iraq “knowing what we know today… would you have gone into Iraq?” It was SO CLEAR he didn’t hear her correctly because his answer was FROM THE DAY…FROM the bad intel, etc. But the leftwing media’s having a ball with it, forcing him to take his statement back!
    Gad, they’re powerful and we are SUCH WIMPS.

    Imp; The country on a whole is not racist. And, as a black girlfriend once told me “You haven’t heard racism till you’ve been in a black barbershop”. Sad, isn’t it. We don’t hear about that in the media OR the media thinks it’s okay because we deserve racism toward US.

    It’s going to take conservative Black leadership to turn things around….it’s great that we’re hearing some Blacks addressing the family problem, etc……..and how money’s been thrown down the drain….let’s hope they have the strength to band together against the predominant mentality…the Obama-driven craziness.


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