Putin’s Puttin’ out…. or not?

kerry putin

Why do you suppose we never heard this from Russia before?  “At the same time Moscow stressed it would not renounce its national interests, with the Russian foreign ministry saying it was ready to cooperate with Washington on an “equal basis, without attempts to dictate and coerce.””   Kind of pushy, isn’t it?

We have had meetings with Russia before over the years but have you noticed that the media’s treating Kerry’s visits like they’re all meeting for the first time…(isn’t that wonderful of Obama? 🙂  And have you noticed how even more cocky Putin’s become since Obama took office?   Had he ever had the nerve to say that to any president before Obama?

“They also discussed Yemen and Libya, and Kerry briefed Putin on the negotiations on curtailing Iran’s nuclear programme, saying it was important to maintain their unity on the issue.”   

I don’t know much about this, but I’m sitting here in my office having learned days ago that Russia’s selling missiles to Iran against our wishes.  Sound like “maintaining unity” to YOU?

HERE’S the article…….take a look.

Do you think Putin is EVER honest?  And do you think the problems in America with Baltimore, Missouri, etc., hurt us on the world’s stage?   My stepson returned yesterday from almost 5 weeks in New Zealand…sailing, driving around, etc.  He said it was so good not to know anything about politics, but he had heard “something about riots in Baltimore.”    oh, that’s just wonderful.

How big a threat to us is Russia?


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13 Responses to Putin’s Puttin’ out…. or not?

  1. Kid says:

    Russia is only a threat as long as we have a racist, anti-American, moslem vermin loving incompetent moron in the white house or any other democrat for that matter. Did you know the democrats were literally shaking in their jammies when Ronald Reagan took Russia on which resulted in our winning the cold war and exposing Russia as an empty shell of a country?


  2. silverfiddle says:

    Most of the world hates us because it resents us. We’re fat, dumb and vapid. We are the spoiled rich brats living off of what’s left of the family estate. We’re in trouble, and we don’t even know it.

    Stupidity and success form a particularly maddening combination to behold.

    Putin is acting in Russia’s national interest. Nothing more, nothing less. Russia and Iran have been allies for decades, so this is nothing new. What’s new is that since the wall fell, America’s foreign policy has been adrift. Bush went full-bore bellicose, and Obama has done a 180. We are an irrational, incoherent nation. We’re an Alzheimer patient and everybody knows it but us.


  3. Silverfiddle, you hit the nail on the head in describing what we’ve become. As for Putin, remember before our 2012 election when one of his deputies met with Obummer and was told to wait till after the election, and the guy nodded and said he understood and would relay that to Putin? Understood WHAT? All that is now happening, I would surmise. Big surprise, huh?


  4. silverfiddle says:


    I remember that. Obama knew he had to wait for reelection to sell us down the river, and Medvedev’s response was “I vill transmit this to Vladimir.”


  5. geeez2014 says:

    SF, they USED to resent us because we were not ‘fat dumb and vapit’ but ‘powerful, good and inspirational’

    Yes, Kid…that’s my WHOLE POINT. This would NOT HAVE HAPPENED with Reagan in charge; and didn’t.

    Mal…oh yes, Obama was “more flexible” after the election…gad, the mind boggles.


  6. Obama is a metrosexual wimp.
    Putin is a testosterone oozing man.
    Wrestles white tigers in a loincloth. Putin, not the tigers.
    Shoots gun. Obama bans ’em.
    Who does the world respect?


  7. Imp says:

    Russia should have been, after the fall….a reliable ally. We have more in common with the Russians than we do with Somalis or Arabs.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, good points!

    Imp: That’s a very astute comment. They should have been a reliable ally; but I believe that, with Putin, they couldn’t be. I believe his ego’s too big for him to humble himself enough to every entertain the thought of really cooperating with any country.
    I still agree that we have far more in common (FAR MORE) than we do with Somalis and Arabs.
    well said.
    What Russia AND America need is a Ronald Reagan.


  9. Mustang says:
    Selling missiles and nuclear weapons components to Iran is in Russia’s perceived best interests. Unhappily, I suspect that the Iranian leadership is a gulf smarter than is Putin and anyone in the Russian foreign ministry —which means that providing weapons of mass destruction to a likely future enemy may not actually be in Russia’s best interests. First, though, Iran intends to destroy the United States and they have Obama and Kerry to help with that. My guess is that Kerry does not spend much time in Moscow because he knows (as we all know) that the Russians regard him as Elmer Fudd —which, of course, is exactly what he is.

    Putin is playing very well among the Russian people, and so in that context, he is very smart. Can we trust on Russia? Of course not. We cannot trust any other nation since all nations will act in their own interests as a matter of priority, and in our interests only when doing so suits their interests. As for riots in Baltimore … well, this too is according to Obama’s plan.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang, I read that he polls in the 80% in Russia…..if we can believe polls.
    I have a young woman from Russia in my bible study who’s fearful her brother’s going to get sent into the military, by the way. I need to ask her some day soon about how she feels about Putin…could be interesting.

    “A gulf smarter”…well said.

    I have to say I doubt that Putin is dumber than Iran….he might be short sighted on the sales to Iran but he needs $$$ BADLY. He’ll probably attack Iran as soon as he’s got enough money from China to compensate for our sanctions.


  11. Baysider says:

    SF “Putin is acting in Russia’s national interest. Nothing more, nothing less.” Could not say it better myself. And Ed’s points are brilliant. Putin did not get to the top of the Soviet heap by being naive or stupid. He’s an old-fashioned oligarch, where he’s most of the oligarch.


  12. Imp says:

    @Z..Egos? Of course there’s ego’s involved. Both of which I’m sure are, as far as Obutthead is concerned… narcissistic and hedonistic as well as selfishness that’s usually exhibited in spoiled children. Putin’s not blameless of course. But the kind he generally exhibits I see as very Reaganesque. He has pride in his country….he’s unafraid to show nationalism or strength. And I admire that in the man. He’s exercising power and influence in his sphere of influence….just as we ONCE…used to do. Putin is no threat to us…..OVOMIT is though. You know…Russia is still a very largely Christian country. Perhaps why the nutbag ass kissing muslim sympathizer is unliked by Putin. He has his Chechen mutts to deal with…and we have Baltimore, racial unrest, Harry Reid, John F’n Kerry and Demrats.


  13. Good point, Imp.
    Baysider too, about oligarch.


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