The Hill/Bill-ies……who owes whom the most?

pay my billEver noticed videos of the Clintons when they’re on stage and he takes her hand and she keeps it there for a while then snatches it back?   It’s frequent.  He sometimes looks like a scolded puppy.  Also, when they hug,  it’s she who pats him on the back in a kind of dismissive way…..ever noticed that?  “okay,” pat pat pat…”…that’s enough now.”

Have you ever had the feeling that there is more animosity than affection exhibited by their outward behavior?  At least in public?  We all know there’s a lot of baggage there.

Does she owe him?   Does he owe her?  Who owes the other more, do you think, and WHY!?


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24 Responses to The Hill/Bill-ies……who owes whom the most?

  1. jerrydablade says:

    Their marriage has always been assumed to be one of convenience and political expedience. After Hillary spent years running interference for Bill’s sexual dalliances, predation and rape, it is she who is entitled.


  2. Funny you should mention that.
    I just noticed that a couple nights ago, knowing that they are estranged romantically, but he, like Biden, can’t keep his hands to himself.


  3. Sorry Jerry, I wasn’t ignoring your comment, which was made concurrently with mine.
    You are right. But they are partners in crime.


  4. Angel says:

    I can not believe what is happening around us daily…..:( Have a terrific weekend my friend! 🙂


  5. John M. Berger says:

    The Clinton’s public display of phoniness adds a new dimension to the definition of the word DISINGENUOUS. I will never forget Bill holding her hand, while he held a 20 LB Bible in the other, during the Lewinsky scandal days. It was enough to make a Komodo Dragon puke! Their very existence as what passes for leadership is a sad commentary on, this, our Nation in decline.


  6. cube says:

    Hill and Bill have been running interference for each other for a long time, but Hill has swallowed more crap for Bill than Bill has for Hill. That said, I don’t feel one bit sorry for her because she made her politically expedient bed and must now lie in it.

    As for showing affection, I think Bill is just a more polished liar. He can pretend to care better than Hill.


  7. Mustang says:

    I hope they spend eternity together … in a very, very bad place.


  8. silverfiddle says:

    Ed said it best: Bill and Hill, Partners in Crime

    Who can blame them? Our entire government is a criminal enterprise, with rent-seekers sucking us dry and politicians of all labels cashing in. The Clintons are just more brazenly shameless that others.


  9. woodsterman says:

    It’s more of the same “Slim” in Washington to me. Those two are up to their collective A$$es in graft that we can only suspicion because of so many protecting them.


  10. Silverlady says:

    You can’t make 2 silk purses out of two sow’s ears. Juan & Eva Peron redux~~~in spades.


  11. Baysider says:

    Yeah, she’s covered for him a LOT. We all know about his STUFF. But from Travelgate, to the Rose law firm records (mysteriously showing up after the statute of limitations expires), to Vince Foster, to erasing her server clean, I think he pitches in more than we know. Rich, famous men can always find other women. But for her – her only meaning is politics, and she owes ALL (whatever she has) of that to HIM. Left to her own merits she’d be on a child protective commission back in Little Rock, trying to be a big shot.


  12. Imp says:

    The Arkansas mafia heads…don’t sleep in separate beds or separate rooms of the same house…they sleep in different zip codes. I truly believe someone was a surrogate for Chelsea. I see neither one of them in her at all. The fact is I’ve always thought of the pantsuited hag as gay. She’s closer to Uma than she is to any males. I think Bill accepted her latching on to his coat tails too…and he got himself Gennifer Flowers for a 12 year romp. Hey…a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do right? He knew long ago…that Killary wouldn’t do it…..without me being rude. Ya know…cigars as toys?


  13. Imp says:

    @Mustang..”I hope they spend eternity together … in a very, very bad place.”

    Me too….just who though, is going to put them there with a one way ticket?


  14. The Clinton’s are only one sign of a much larger problem in America today. We are totally in decline
    morally, religiously, as well as financially. When else in our history have we simply accepted proven
    liars, cheats, and morally bankrupt people to represent us? WE ARE IN DEEP POO-POO!


  15. Baysider says:

    Mustang’s comment reminds me of an old joke.

    A plane went down with Bill & Hillary Clinton and Al Gore. When St. Peter met them at the gate he told them they would now stand before God’s throne to justify why they should stay in heaven. Al Gore said well, I’ve tried to be a good steward of your planet and alert people to their destructive ways. God nodded and Peter let him in. Then Bill Clinton spoke: I’ve tried to mend my ways. I apologized for my bad behavior and worked hard for peace in Israel. God nodded, and Peter let him in.

    Then Hillary Clinton approached the throne and said I believe you’re sitting on MY chair!

    Please God, don’t let her occupy the one in the oval office.


  16. Imp says:’s not that old…it’s a very timely reminder of the wolf’s mindset.


  17. Imp says:

    And the godess, queen, harpy monarch does another “meeting”.

    So much for transparency and access.

    After visiting her campaign offices in Brooklyn on Thursday, Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton attended a private event with top campaign donors.

    As is the norm with Clinton and her Secret Service escort, the media was kept at arm’s length and she took no questions.

    Given the backdrop, the few photos the media was able to get had a real “creepy” feel to them, leaving to suggest that the press “probably appreciated having the Secret Service there and well armed.”

    Meanwhile…Jeb gets attacked by a college smarmy pinhead…and does answer her rudeness…with some patience and grace.


  18. Good joke , Baysider.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider wins the question award today…..I believe it’s HILL who owes BILL more, I really do. I think she’s paid enough for the dalliances, but Vince Foster, Rose Law Firm, Travelgate (don’t they EVER dust tables in the White House…gee, they found them right on a table top!!! SOrt of like finding Hill’s emails, huh, come to think of it?), getting elected to the Senate of NY (Bill had to move there, too), his compliance with her far further left agenda (In MY opinion, anyway…My sense is Bill is more centrist than she is….consider her Alinsky hero), his secrecy on her other leftwing stuff and how she was fired from a law firm, etc etc.
    She’s paid ENOUGH; He will NEVER be finished paying HER. Until 2016, hopefully, when they BOTH limp off back to Arkansas. Although if (when?) she loses, I suspect she’ll go back to Chicago and HE’ll go back to retire in Arkansas.

    By the way; did you all hear that bum Stephopoulous moaning about how yes, he had given big bucks to “that foundation that brings food to the poor and drugs to those with AIDS” but is sorry he didn’t disclose it. Have you noticed everybody fighting to cover for him and others who’ve poured money into it and have not disclosed (or had themselves disclosed BY the foundation) are suddenly outlining all the GOOD IT DOES in their remarks. Cracks me UP


  20. I’m sorry, but would anyone ever think Stephanopoulos was unbiased concerning anything Clinton?
    Much less democrats in general.


  21. Bob says:

    Like Sir Elton sang, “The Bitch Is Back!”


  22. lisa says:

    Imp I saw that rude little girl attack Jeb. How angry these college turnouts are
    I wanted someone to slap her face
    As far as Hiltery, I think after being subjected to Obama for years,the thought of listening to Hillary’s condescending ,screeching voice and watching her and Bill performing for the camera will push me over the edge


  23. Imp says:

    @Lisa…yea…I want to watch that cigar chomping, lower lip biting phony, fraud, liar and disbarred, impeached, carry around his King James again while Killary kills America. And “her”…..God forbid. I’d have to be obligated to go postal if that happens.


  24. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, you’re so right. No surprise, right?
    Lisa….it would take me over the edge, too. Let’s go together 🙂
    Imp; great song for her.

    I heard that little 19 yr old snit’s who’s drunk too much of liberal prof’s Kool Aid, too. I’d liked to have smacked her and I’m not a hitting type.

    I was listening to Hugh Hewlett’s radio show this evening and a CIA guy was on who said the CIA had given Clinton that same information; Iraq has WMD. EVERYBODY, including Great Britain believe it (and HIllary and everybody else) but it’s BUSH’S FAULT


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