Tsarnaev will die

Tell us what YOU THINK.     Little chance for an appeal.   He will definitely die by fatal injection.

Think that’s fair?  Are you surprised Boston said “Death?”

boston bombing

If you don’t think he should have had ‘death,’ what else should he have got?

Did you know 17 people lost legs?  Did you hear in the video on my link that the lawyer on FOX actually said “He doesn’t have a leg to stand on?” while discussing  an appeal with Gregg Jarrett?  Oops.  And, really, can anybody get an appeal after this?:

boston-bombing 2

Also; How does one show no emotion when sentenced to DIE?

CNN did a story in the afternoon about SuperMax, a prison in Colorado he MIGHT go to;  a complete sob story about how horrible that place is.  (they came ‘this close’ to ‘poor Tsarnaev,’ I swear).   It was a kind of mini documentary about how tough that prison is on bad guys;  they exercise in cages, they see nobody for 23 hours, food is pushed under a door.  A lawyer who’s been there said “One feels ENTOMBED”, “there’s a feeling of intense isolation.”  The ex warden said “it’s a cleaner version of HELL.”  It’s a “prison worse than death.”   It was all about how that prison shouldn’t exist.  UNTIL they mentioned Tsarnaev might NOT go there, he might go to some prison in Terra Haute, Indiana!   So why do the story yet? It’s not certain he’s going there!   Such typical liberal stupidness.

Let’s talk about all of this……


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39 Responses to Tsarnaev will die

  1. Are you surprised Boston said “Death?” Yes! After all, the trial took place in Massachusetts, which, as a whole, opposes capital punishment.

    This really hit home for me:
    Did you know 17 people lost legs?

    Just think of what these people and their families will have to go through for year after year!

    Mr. AOW and I know firsthand what it’s like to go out to a restaurant — only to discover that the restroom will not accommodate wheelchair ingress and egress.

    Or to go to a friend’s house — only to discover that Mr. AOW cannot climb the few steps into the house’s entry.

    Every outing has to be scouted out in advance!

    And forget Mr. AOW and I going out to dance anymore.


  2. How does one show no emotion when sentenced to DIE?

    Tsarnaev has been defiant all along. I suspect that he’s satisfied now — now that he’ll be getting his 72 virgins.


  3. Mustang says:

    Justice delayed is justice denied. IMO, he should already be dead. Lethal injection be damned. I don’t care about being humane. An eye for an eye … so let us be done with him, and a .45 caliber round should do just fine. Noon today will be okay, and then bury him with a dead pig at an un-disclosed location.


  4. Mustang: What do you have against pigs?


  5. silverfiddle says:

    Lethal injection is too good for that cockroach. Additionally, everyone in the State Department involved in granting asylum to that family should be fired. That horrible family gamed the system and our government is either too stupid to stop it, or it is complicit.


  6. Silverlady says:

    It will take years of bleeding heart appeals to get rid of this piece of vermin. And he will receive marriage proposals by the dozens, maybe even accept one like Ted Bundy did. I agree with Mustang in that they should have frog-marched him straight from the courtroom, tied him to a stake, & lit the faggots. Nice damp green ones that will burn slowly.


  7. woodsterman says:

    I would like it much better if they strapped a bomb to him … with a very long visible fuse.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    My mind will NEVER forget the pic of the man being wheeled from the site, his whole leg bone exposed…no muscle left, no foot…just a raw bloody bone sticking out from his knee. It’s the most shocking thing I’d personally ever seen Imagine what was going on in his mind? Young women, too, had to look down and see no leg. And about the parents of the little boy who died? Unspeakable.

    I, too, think he should be killed tomorrow.


  9. Should be a public hanging. With free tomatoes distributed before hand.


  10. Imp says:

    @Z…”I, too, think he should be killed tomorrow”……

    Guess what? These scumbags are experts at “lawfare”. He’ll be alive in 25 years with appeal after appeal, claiming he didn’t get proper legal counsel…his momma beat him…he was abused by his brother…he was addicted to dope…alcohol…and on and on and on. POS like this should get the Russian treatment.


  11. Baysider says:

    Boston, surprised? Yes!
    Fair? Yes!

    I heard a caller on Prager’s show say that, while she supported death, with him being so young wouldn’t a life sentence be worse? I hear this and I’m thinking and leave him alive for jihadis to kidnap other Americans to ransom for his freedom? Prager asked her “wouldn’t that put other Americans at risk?” “Oh, how – they’d keep him locked up?” So he had to explain the issue. To her credit, she said “oooooooh.” !!

    I read that the family that lost their 8-year old son switched from wanting the death penalty to wanting life so they didn’t go through all the lengthy appeals. You know, the father’s eardrums were perforated. The mother lost her right eye, and their little girl lost one leg. Their 9-year old son witnessed it all. Death by lethal injection seems too nice, doesn’t it? If you know what being hanged, drawn and quartered is, now we’re talkin’. (That’s hanged until almost dead, drawn in a rough contraption feet up and head down over a stretch of ground, then dismembered. Does anybody even know what ‘cruel and unusual punishment’ is nowadays?)

    Hopefully, these are the 72 virgins he meets very soon! https://www.pinterest.com/pin/1688918580796825/


  12. Baysider says:

    And AOW, yes a wheelchair tremendously limits options. You have to constantly call ahead, as we would for a colleague in having to make travel plans. I had a bitty little friend in a wheelchair. She got around in a big electric chair, but had a small manual one. When I had her over for dinner (a very rare treat for her – for the reasons you outlined – as we have front steps) I would walk over to her place, wheel her over here, then Mr. B and I would lift her up chair and all into our living room. Wouldn’t work with a big fella.


  13. Kid says:

    Well, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news then. They haven’t killed anyone in Mass in 68 years.

    “The last executions to take place in Massachusetts were Phillip Bellino and Edward Gertson on May 9, 1947 for the murder of Robert William.”

    It’s a fake sentence. 23 hours a day in a cell. That’s something as long as it lasts the entire time he’s alive. It may be more cruel to do that rather than dispatch this vermin within say 48 hours. Give him a little bit of time to think about it.

    Most of the people on death row, unless they’re actually innocent, deserve a painful death. They’re not the product of an ‘environment’ They are evil right out of the box. I’ve known some.

    And weep for the vermin? That’s your libtard though and though. They do it every time.


  14. How about chopping both the guy’s legs off for punishment………..then after he adjusts, kill the SOB!
    Hey! “An eye for an eye………………”


  15. geeez2014 says:

    I can only go by what the news says and even the liberal stations are saying an appeal might happen but won’t go anywhere. Let’s hope.

    As for escaping, SuperMax is NO ESCAPE. GAD, if you guys had SEEN the interior.. The lawyer said it took twenty minutes to get to where they need to go because doors have to open, then close behind them, then open the next, then that closes behind them. Honestly, folks; this place is the place I’d lose my mind. I promise.
    The WARDEN called it a “clearner version of hell”.
    Frankly, I’d rather die. So, if he gets Life….it won’t be a bowl of cherries……it’s HORRIBLE, stark, no color, no natural air, no windows. Actually, it’s impossible and even made ME question our prison system!!


  16. SuperMax may be a no-escape facility, but there’s always the danger that a POTUS such as Obama might (1) pardon the bastard or (2) trade him along the lines of the Bergdahl trade.

    Just sayin’.


  17. I love Mustang’s idea. Inexpensive — for one thing.


  18. Baysider,
    Those who have dealt with the many complications of the logistics of wheelchairs probably don’t have a clue how devastating that life sentence is. So many issues! One of the worst: most bathroom doors in standard homes are not wide enough for wheelchair ingress. Other doors in the home may be just wide enough, but not the narrow doors that most residential bathrooms have.

    My neighbors’ fine home right here on this block — the house was built in 2005 — has one helluva narrow “powder room” door even though the couple had enough foresight to be sure that the master-bedroom bathroom door was built double wide. That “powder room” door that I just mentioned will not accommodate a walker, either.

    And just think for a moment about housing styles in Boston. So many townhouses! So many houses with long flights of stairs for ingress!


  19. geeez2014 says:

    AOW, your thoughts couldn’t escape at Supermax….I shuddered through their whole piece about it….horrid. Good luck if a president pardons this guy! Political suicide. But, we never thought Obama could completely ruin a country, so….why not?

    And yes, we hear “oh, she’s in a wheelchair” and don’t give it a thought…but it’s TOUGH TOUGH TOUGH…..I have a friend with MS and she has to scope restaurants out, make sure the toilet’s within easy reach, etc etc…..she’s in a scooter and that’s smaller than a wheelchair, but it is TOUGH. Those who suffered at the hands of this monster are suffering more than we can imagine.


  20. Z,
    And here’s something else…

    Prostheses are now state of the art — and improving. Still, there are issues with prostheses.

    For example, prostheses are typically not worn during sleeping hours. Good luck getting to the bathroom in a hurry!

    Not to be too graphic, but I haven’t heard discussion from the survivors about the matter of incontinence (urinary, bowel, or both). Lower-body injuries often have complications directly related to matters of incontinence.

    As for blown-out eardrums, damage to the nearby vestibular nerve results in serious issues with balance.


  21. Z,
    You mentioned political suicide. That matter seems to be far from Obama’s mind. Just sayin’.


  22. Mr. AOW uses a scooter. It will go through doors which aren’t double wide. Nevertheless, that scooter chair has to be turned just so for dismount. Not possible in a small powder room — and even in some handicapped bathrooms in restaurants!

    There is also the matter of transporting a scooter or a full-size wheelchair. Lifting either one into the trunk of a vehicle is not easy for the companion or caregiver. Clearly, the person using the mobility device can’t put the device into a vehicle’s trunk, then get into the passenger cabin. That’s why a handicapped van in the best solution, but these vans are very expensive and not a joy to park. They are also gas guzzlers.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    AOW, my friend has a ‘lift’ in the back of her SUV…it’s still not easy, but an ‘arm’ comes out and you hook the chair on and up it goes, then in it goes….it’s SO complicated and sometimes it seems to take too long, then you remember it’s SHE who’s suffering and this is the LEAST a friend can do. She never goes out anymore.

    And yes, running to the bathroom doesn’t work, that’s for sure….so they accomodate near their bed… There are ways of handling that.

    BUT, you’re right……those of us without situations like this don’t know the half of it…there are SO many complications from various diseases whose symptoms are clouded by the more obvious symptoms buy nevertheless still VERY difficult.


  24. Z,
    We know about those lifts. We decided that it was too expensive — especially in consideration of the hassle you mentioned.

    I know all about accommodations near the bed. However, our master bedroom is too small for the potty chair. Older homes are often like that. And our master bedroom has a standard double bed — not a queen or a king. Therefore, Mr. AOW is confined to the living room here because the room is large enough. No other room in the house is — on the first floor, that is.

    The complications and adjustments are legion!

    The bottom line: life as one knew it has ended. We shouldn’t kid ourselves that those grievously injured at the Boston Marathon jihad have the same lives that they had before. They do not. Their lives are worse now — all because of two sons of Allah.


  25. geeez2014 says:

    AOW, I’m so sorry for your situation and admire how you both handle it. Yes, that lift is pricey but she’s a woman alone most of the time and it was her saving grace. As I said, now she doesn’t drive, barely ever goes out. Thankfully, she has a lovely home and, while it’s not very new, it’s not old enough that the rooms are too small as you describe….I know older East Coast homes can be.

    No, the grievously injured do not have their same lives….and all because of monsters like that.


  26. Kid says:

    The other side of this (23 hours in a cage, one off) is if you’ve seen the documentary made about the pilot prisoners Vietnam war at the Hanoi Hilton. Food was horrible, waking hours were often filled with torture, let alone confinement in a rathole of a cell. These men found a way to survive. People have the capacity to find a way to survive. This should be denied to people like this.
    In the end, they are defective people. They simply need to be removed from society with no chance of returning and imo, that is death at the earliest opportunity.

    There’s no guarantee some **** for brains idiot isn’t going to come along 30-40 years from now and let the sucker out. I’ve seen people being let out after 30-40 years because in their case, it was discovered they are innocent. They’re damn happy people. These kinds of vermin should never wake up happy again.


  27. Baysider says:

    While I realize a death sentence in Mass is NOT really a death sentence, it’s better that he’s on that path instead of knowingly around as trading stock. It should be done quickly – before some jihadis snatch up a group of Americans to kill for each day on he remains on death row.

    @AOW “the matter of transporting a scooter or a full-size wheelchair” – on a LIGHTER note, I was
    flabbergasted to visit Mission San Luis Rey and see a guy wheeling himself out to his ‘car.’ Problem was, I was the ONLY car in that direction – parked next to a motorcycle. Yep – HE got on the motorcycle and dismantled his specially made minimalist wheelchair, tucked the pieces into saddlebags and roared off!


  28. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I wish you could see that Supermax mini-documentary CNN did in their hideously transparent attempt to make their lib listeners feel BAD for Tsarnaev.
    If THIS CHICK (that’s ME) was feeling bad for ANYBODY in that prison, you KNOW it’s BAD BAD BAD. Honestly? (I’m having one of those deja vus moments while I type where I SWEAR we had this conversation before and I didn’t come out looking good but I’m going to persevere this time!!! HA!)….anyway….honestly, I would RATHER BE IN HANOI HILTON HELL than that Superman place I saw. I STILL shiver thinking of it. And the Hanoi Hilton WAS HELL.


  29. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, idiot lefties like Ducky are thrilled about the appeals that are coming for Tsarnaev; every lawyer I heard that day after the death sentence was read said there could be appeals but they’d “go nowhere.” I think Ducky’s just can’t shake his own Mass-Liberal mindset and can’t allow that his open minded, liberal, uppercrust, ‘better than everybody else in the country’ neighbors would have EVER said “DEATH”. “yes, Ducky, THEY DID”.
    He’s saying “anyone who couldn’t accept a death penalty verdict was excluded from the jury.” I believe that’s typical THE NATION utter rubbish.


  30. Kid says:

    Z, I haven’t seen the vid on the supermax place so It’s going to be difficult to converse on the same level with you.
    I will say that watching the jodi aria trial and knowing that the man she killed did nothing wrong, and that she was and is an evil beast, and watching Mr Alexander’s family suffer through all of that trial and that she’s writing books and selling t-shirts, even with life in prison with no parole, it just doesn’t seem enough to me. Apparently, she will also be 23 on and one off but because of the no death sentence, she will eventually be able to join the prison population. Unacceptable.
    Ideally, she should already be dead but one lying moron juror decided she couldn’t really decide on a death penalty, so now jodi will be 23 on and 1 off for a good while and that doesn’t bother me. And she only killed one person.


  31. Kid says:

    Z, duck has kaka for brains. Enough said.


  32. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, it’s all black and white. No windows…the only pattern is vertical stripes from bars…food’s shoved through the door……you can READ. Period. And sometimes people can visit. The warden actually said “reading is all they can do, and some aren’t interested.” (WhAT??) Probably “some can’t read” is better said.
    I know I’d go stark raving MAD in there…24 hours of your own thoughts and no chance to get out and THAT IS IT?
    But, yes…if you’re in there, you did something hideous and ….you asked for this. Don’t get me wrong.

    Jodi is an EVIL BEAST, that is FOR SURE…that POOR guy!!!


  33. Kid says:

    Z, I will just offer that often, people who commit these crimes and end up in Supermax, especially if they are from other countries – don’t see these confines anywhere near as bad as freedom and beauty loving people like you and I would.
    I guarantee you some of the vermin types that come from Mexico and end up in an American jail feel like they’re in a 3 star hotel. Absolutely.


  34. Mustang says:

    @ Z. Duck’ll y is the enemy of America … and as Kid suggested, he has shit for brains.


  35. geeez2014 says:

    Kid…we disagree, but that’s okay. The video was HIDEOUS…white white white..no sunshine…no people…white white white..alone…………..if anybody stays SANE in there, they deserve to be let go after one year because they’re INCREDIBLE and we need their brains! OR maybe they’re SO DUMB and NUMB that they don’t notice the lack of sensory ANYTHING

    Mustang and Kid; agreed. Sad, but true. Also, who’d care if he didn’t vote, right? This dope’s got a say so in our lives…and we in his; the only revenge.


  36. Bob says:

    Mal said: “How about chopping both the guy’s legs off for punishment”

    Interesting approach, Mal, but why stop at a couple of legs?

    The last several years I have been against capital punishment because I cannot “pull the switch myself”. In this case I wouldn’t want to push the kill button, but I could do it. Mustang has the right idea. Let’s just spend a little money on a firing squad, save some money, and send the message that you don’t mess with the USA.


  37. Kid says:

    I believe we are getting more crime, especially sex crime and sex crimes against children becuase the punishment isn’t severe enough and because our legal system has gotten pretty dysfunctional generally speaking.
    We should do it like they did in Sicily – someone messes with a family member they come to regret it very much and don’t live long afterwards.


  38. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I agree.

    Bob….Yes, Mal has a point!…..I feel like you do on the death penalty; If I CAN’T FLIP THE SWITCH, then am I really for it? I think I probably could do it to this monster, but I think it’d be a gift compared to living a long ‘life’ at SuperMax!!


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