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One of the best videos I’ve seen on Christianity and Satan…it gets better as you listen;  the subtleties are THERE, particularly for those of us who know church life.  He goes to the Elders’ meetings “every Tuesday night,” cracked me up.  And the line about Disney….so right.   Excellent observations by THE DEVIL 🙂

Also, at Bible Study’s last day for the summer this week, women got up to talk about having Stage 4 lung cancer, and having lost a mother 24 hours ago, and getting lost in 20 degrees in the mountains and not getting picked up till the next day, etc etc…and how the Bible verses they’d learned and the prayers of our core groups lifted them up and made all these things more tolerable.  The lady with lung cancer now has not cancer but another lung situation “I get ONE more Year!” so happily, she said, eyes shining with happiness and calm.  The woman who lost her mother praised God for the comfort her mother had during her struggle with cancer, and how peacefully she passed, the hiker said her brother said, for the first time, how much he realized he loved her when they thought she might be gone, and her mother and she have become much closer since that ordeal.

It came to my mind, so strongly, how satan’s attempts to crush us get twisted around by Christians to praise God, rest in His comfort, INSPIRE OTHERS…quite unlike what the prince of darkness intends.    I think that’s an important and powerful observation and I think it’s only due to what the Holy Spirit does in our lives to build faith, strengthen us, and alleviate fears.   I love how we trip up evil plans!

“These will wage war against the Lamb, and the Lamb will overcome them, because He is Lord of lords and King of kings, and those who are with Him are the called and chosen and faithful.”   Revelation 17:14 

The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you.”  Romans 16:20

Inspire someone with a story where you knew you’d overcome EVIL…..The greatest witness is changed lives.

Have a wonderful Sunday!  (I highly recommend your church shows this either in a sermon, which ours did, or at any church meeting….it was well appreciated, I assure you)


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  1. Pretty good.
    The Bible versions thing is important, though.
    Who needs a Bible that, in the footnotes or texts, challenges the validity of certain verses?
    I was reading to my clsss a couple weeks ago, and a few people looked at me funny. I knew what happened. Their “bible” cut those verses out and moved them to the footnotes. That is satan at work.
    Breaking fellowship over it is also satan at work.


  2. geeez2014 says:

    I’ve never heard of cutting out anything but what Jefferson did.

    THIS is really good for churches to see….very important because people REALLY listened.


  3. Baysider says:

    Well, the story of the woman taken in adultery and the last 12 verses of Mark are often disputed. Westcot & Hort dredged up a bunch of these. I do appreciate at least a footnote so I am not taken by surprise when one of these charges comes up. But you know what? I like how Chuck Missler calls the bible ‘an integrated message system.’ The object of supernatural engineering, you can drop a verse, even a book, lose a whole chapter and the message of man’s sin and God’s redemption is embedded throughout the rest of the text. You can’t cut it out by challenging a few passages.

    Like the video – especially the intro with the cookie. Unity, Disney – interesting food for thought. And the board meeting!! The devil knows scripture forwards and backwards, though. We should not be surprised to find him front and center in church on Sunday morning with a big bible under his arm.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    We can’t get too into discussions like the end of Mark here, but there’s definitely dispute, and experts come on both sides…
    I’ve never been reading/studying with any group where someone’s translation left anything out, but I’m open.

    The UNITY situation is, of course, the gist of this satire; it’s important Christians remember that the prince of darkness is all about disunity. As I said above, it’s wonderful that Christians can turn around the very challenges he can propagate and praise God for even the miserable times. “Gotcha!”


  5. Baysider says:

    Yes, getting Christians to not be united as in one body is the baseline effort of our adversary. He loves to get us cut off from each other and from ‘headquarters.’ It’s amazing what gets DONE when we ARE united.

    I saw it here, when I just read God’s Secretaries, The Making of the King James Bible. It was a most remarkable collection of men of differing backgrounds and perspectives, ones who actually tap into the expertise of even Catholic and something close to Leveller theologians (if you know that time NOBODY sought out the ‘damnable Levellers’). Clearly, they had academic credentials, but you can see the unity and spiritual ‘inspiration’ at work as these men carefully sifted through everything in a systematic way, sought out unimpeachable best sources, and cross-checked each others’ work.

    The impression I came away with was what a miraculous display of the body of Christ at work when they’re pulling in the same direction. There were so many places for war to break out – but it did not.

    That’s one of the things I LOVE about our bible study – and indeed pray for regularly – for that unity in Christ and purpose. And I love it when Satan’s efforts for discouragement turn into Christians who discredit him by being encouraged in God. The lady with stage 4 lung cancer is a friend of mine, and I can attest to how she’s shone for God through this and many trials of recent years.


  6. Baysider says:

    PS – I meant to add that I’ve had same experience as Ed. In our bible study no less.


  7. I didn’t mean to throw a wrench in the discussion.
    As I said, it’s no reason to break fellowship.
    Thanks Bay.


  8. Real unity comes when we make God’s priorities our own.
    Unfortunately, some think that God’s priorities are defending a position, not seeking unity of the Faith basèd on basic fundamentals.
    I had lunch with a missionary today who described a situation where somebody pointed him to another Christian. That other Christian was only interested in defining their differences.
    I’m remindedof a young missionary woman Z referred to.
    She was serving in a Jap prison camp. They overcame their differences in doctrine to work together.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Break fellowship HERE? I hope nobody feels that way.

    But I will say that at the old GeeeZ, where all could comment without my approval, I had to shut comments a couple of times after more than 100 of them, sometimes much more, when one blogger insisted, for example, that the King James was the ONLY translation to read, and suggested people were going to hell for some of the things they were saying!! It was pretty bad. I’d have let it go on but there were ‘baby Christians’ I knew there and that’s not what I built the blog for; it’s not for showing discord. I wish I had this video then, but that one particular commenter who was so overboard would have said it was heresy … believe me.

    I’m glad all the translations I’ve been exposed to of my own , and the women in my groups over the years, have never had anything left out; plenty of different wording, that is FOR SURE…..but I believe this happens…..With all of these differences, it’s not God’s purpose to confuse, as the scripture says.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, that’s exactly right. If we’re all putting God’s priorities first, we’re all on the same road, the same hope. I know some differ even on His priorities/goals, etc… then it’s incumbent on us all to love and discuss with unity in mind, not being right.

    Funny, just the other day, I heard someone say (about arguing with one’s spouse) that it should be difficult to want to be right when that makes the one we love so wrong. I think it applies to putting God’s priorities first and in promoting unity.


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