I found these Home Page headlines the other day and wanted to share them with you:

Queen Maxima – 10 facts about the Dutch royal on her 44th birthday

-I’m getting a lap band

-Lindsay Lohan wears sexy clothes to do Community Service

-Taylor Swift; sexier than you’ve ever seen her

-7 Royals with Hair so Gorgeous it Rivals Kate Middleton’s

-Missouri woman kept in box murdered

-4 Stories of Women’s First time Mastur….(I just can’t write that here;  but the public headlines sure can!)

These headlines are all above the article on the death of six Marines in Nepal and, oftentimes, above anything of real national or global importance. They’re headlines above any Clinton scandal, and headlines above other really important things Americans really ought to want to know. They’re what Americans want to know instead, apparently.

Other headlines predominant on Home Pages are the anti Christian ones….usually from Huffington Post’s “religion column”:-)

-The Real Reason Christianity is Still in Decline

-Televangelist asks followers to buy him $65 million jet

Do you think Huff Post really cares if Creflo Dollar gets a very expensive jet or is there a message to everybody there about Christians?

We all know that Yahoo Home Page is very liberal;  the problem’s not that we know that, knowing that helps nothing…it’s that it’s popular, very popular.  It’s like poison candy laying around for anybody to imbibe in…..all Anti Republican, anti Christianity…all very biased.  For example “Jeb Bush is ‘unhinged’ now in his attitude against gay marriage.” (‘unhinged’ because Huff Post doesn’t agree with him…then you are unhinged.)

Got any titles you want to share?   Can this be fixed?  Of course not.

Obama’s getting his way……it’s hateful drivel and bias and he slams Fox?…and it never ends.

We should do a FEEL GOOD BLOG with nothing but GOOD NEWS.   Good luck with that.



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29 Responses to Headlines

  1. I know it’s not the main thrust of your post, but this headline rou referenced :
    -The Real Reason Christianity is Still in Decline
    Reminded me of this one I saw yesterday :
    George Woods is the President of the denomination I’m affiliated with.
    He says youth are leaving the churches that don’t have Biblical foundation.
    Another headline is that Baptist missionaries are now allowed to “speak in other tongues” and not be cut from the ranks.
    Another sign the end is near 🙂


  2. -4 Stories of Women’s First time Mastur….(I just can’t write that here; but the public headlines sure can!)

    Good grief!

    I’m going to have to stop covering “current events” with my homeschool classes!


  3. Mustang says:

    The headline serves as an attention gainer. People at Huffington and at other leftist rags must decide which of the competing interests will receive the most attention: the death of heroes, or the sexual deviance of females. Hmmm. Hard choice, if you’re a low information American.


  4. cube says:

    The positioning of ludicrous or unimportant headlines above those that really impact our lives is just clever prestidigitation by the predominantly libprog media. Look over here, not over there. No wonder they desperately want to control Internet content as well.

    I saw this headline today @ HuffPo: “Everything you need to know to embrace and love the c——-.” BTW the word is actually spelled out in the headline, but I’ll just say it rhymes with Delores.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, Woods is right; some churches are so involved with making people feel good in temporary and unfulfilling ways, that it’s not MEAT, or MILK (to use a more Biblical metaphor) to them…and they go. Yes, I forgot to add the REAL REASON….. headline…thanks for including that one. Very beguiling to non believers and those on the fence. Thankfully, I know churches now which are very strict to Scripture and young people are flocking to them; it’s kind of a wonderful new phenomenon with the young here in Southern California. The pastors are very young, grounded to Scripture, etc. My own church might be joining with one. Lots of prayer going on about that. And fasting as desired.

    AOW: isn’t that amazing? People now have to write STORIES about that? WOW. I didn’t even open the link on that article but I’m wondering now if they used their names. Maybe I’ll check. Well, of course, if the Left’s champion is a young unmarried woman begging taxpayers to pay for her birth control, how much worse CAN it get, right?

    Mustang; EXACTLY MY POINT….low information reigns in America. “You get the world you deserve”.

    cube, your description of the rhyme broke me up! Hilarious! As I wrote in the post, remember when we didn’t say pregnant or breast? Well, I guess we can’t get TOO much more descriptive anymore; or too decent again. The horse is out of THAT barn.


  6. geeez2014 says:


    And now a model breastfeeds her baby son on the cover of Australia’s Vogue “because it was such a beautiful moment…” I’m all for breastfeeding and I think the cover is beautiful, if a little ‘edgy’ but what if people don’t really want to see her in this intimate moment with her child? Why can’t we ALL have at least the privacy not to see something this personal?
    WE are all adults, we’ve seen breasts, many of you have breastfed your children….but….I just continue to feel there are personal moments that some might want to share but that others just don’t want to see?
    You might say “Then don’t look!” And there’s NO PROPONENT of THAT attitude more than I AM, but this is something kids see, it’s something you can’t avoid at the grocery store on the racks by the checkout counters, etc.

    WHY is this okay? ? Just because the photographer and editors and model thought ‘everybody needs to see this beauty’;?


  7. Kid says:

    I agree with Mustang mostly. Most of it is click bait. These rags are in business to sell ad space and click counts are what that’s about. I never click on any headline that has the word shocking or weird in it or caps or exclamation points. Many other examples…

    From observing a lot of people it seems to me most people know there is evil in government and elsewhere and many don’t even understand the issue, so they just don’t want to hear about it. Instead its all sexually or sports based. (And you know why sports announcers scream… because it would all be mind numbingly boring if they didn’t). 😉

    Z, Agree on the magazine covers in the racks 2-4 feet off the floor.

    Finally – I would actually pay to be able to filter stuff Off of my news pages. hear that Google?


  8. You might say they showed her breast feeding to out-do their competing magazines. I would call it “Tit-for-Tat” marketing, Z!


  9. silverfiddle says:

    We are becoming the movie Idiocracy

    I am far from being a high-brow, cultured gentleman, but even I can see it and lament it.


  10. What I learned at the HuffPo site today: May is National Mastur… Month.

    BTW, there were at least 4 women interviewed on camera for the HuffPo story mentioned in the body of this blog post.


  11. This appears to be an actual Tweet from Barack Obama: Love Is Winning. I hope that the Tweet is a spoof, but I doubt that it is!


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, but that’s my point….it is all about ATTRACTING READERS. That doesn’t negate my point that this is what Americans like or it wouldn’t be there. They click on a titillating (pardon the pun!) link (like that one, Mal?!) and it’s registered and we get MORE just like it. I almost NEVER click on that stuff because I don’t want to be one of those adding to the massive numbers.
    By the way, LA’s Vince Scully never screams and never did THE best basketball caller of all times; Mr. Chick Hearn!! 🙂 (NEVER) Sorry, I LOVE those 2 guys and had to stand up for them 🙂

    Mal, read my comment just above this one 🙂 But, GOOD one 🙂

    AOW…imagine talking about that in public? I think that says an AWFUL lot. But, when we have 12 yr old girls Selfie-taking naked and sending them to school boys, we know America’s in FAR bigger trouble than it’s ever been before.
    I had ON MOONLIGHT BAY on TV yesterday as I was puttering and, every once in a while, when you’d see a guy finally sneak a kiss, and how sweet that was, and usually meant they’d marry, I thought “Man, those were lovely days…when men cherished ladies and deserved the adoration of the ladies, too” Today, it’s jumping into bed on the first date….twelve yr olds giving …well…..let me just say ‘oral sex’ to punk 13 yr olds…. think THAT’s good for either of their psyches? Think any guy’s going to want to MARRY a girl like that in the future? Think that girl doesn’t feel a LOT used? sick.
    I know I sound like a big prude, and I’d NEVER reveal my ‘past lives’ but as a mature adult woman now, this REALLY BOTHERS me and I see how terrible it is for society.

    These things are putting humans on the par with pets….only pets have more dignity.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    SF: Just GOogled Idiocracy; NOT GOOD, you’re right! Nobody has to be a high-brow ANYTHING to get that we’re falling apart.
    And islam is licking its lips.


  14. Kid says:

    Z, My cats would never watch or read about this stuff. The Beagle might.


  15. Baysider says:

    I agree with Kid – click bait. But that says something about us, does it not? I was shocked the first time I say Yahoo’s news page – yes, shocked. By what was there and by what was omitted. Most of the news people get is from headlines, so the editors that control those have great power – and they always want to make conservative anything (especially religion) look bad. Unfortunately good news doesn’t sell, unless its wrapped up in salacious headlines.

    As an aside, I read the Huffpo piece you cited. They set up a straw man (“all Christians, as a whole, have a tendency to promote a false veneer of flawlessness to the world”) and proceed to knock it down. I don’t know Christians like that – do you? You can’t BE a Christian but first you respond to Jesus with a sense of brokenness and unworthiness. But it makes them feel good to 1) perceive us that way and the 2) go on the attack. Ed’s link has the other side of that coin – the old trope that Christians are judgmental and hypocritical. That’s because the VIEWER has already decided that they should be ‘flawless.’ I don’t think that comes from us. Wohoo – I don’t think it comes from ‘them’ either. We have an adversary that’s busy at work here.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, the adversary uses tools, shills….and they’re falling for it.
    “click bait” was my whole point…. But it’s SO much more than that…the implications are far more; that people WANT to click on that stuff is my more universal point. That’s hard to stop.

    And yes, that’s exactly the straw man most people set up when wanting to slam Christians…we are all supposed to be perfect! (not) Another ploy is finding (constantly) the one person who murdered and “used to teach Sunday School 35 years ago.” …never mind that that person hasn’t stepped foot in a church for 35 years and now murdered someone; he’s a Christian.

    Kid…..have you discussed the facts of life with your Beagle? !!


  17. bunkerville says:

    Keep the people ignorant. Last I heard, the news at best is at a third grade level. No, I am not high brow either, but what has happened to curiosity about the world in which we live?


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Here’s a perfect example: “HUCKABEE DEFENDS SEX OFFENDER” is basically what this headline says. (I paraphrase but the point IS there)
    I don’t know what the HECK is remotely interesting about these DUGGARS…I don’t even know what they’ve done so cool to be on TV except have a LOT of kids.
    Now they find that some son of theirs touched a sister and some other girl (translated by ABC News as ‘several women’) and went to counseling, and he regrets it and never has done it since, etc etc. That’s disgusting and it is great fodder for leftwingers…ATTACK ATTACK!
    Huckabee is standing up for him as he was so young and he’s been forgiven by all included. The headline is all people read. Except on THIS story because SEX is involved so they might hope to find some tasty little something to titillate?

    But, you see, a Christian kid is PERFECT! They despise these “good little clean living kids who don’t kiss till they’re marriage…” One of THEIRS is a sex abuser…”OH BOY~! WHAT FUN!”
    They also say that the Duggars “devoutly religious” have a daughter not carrying her new child correctly in the sling..it’s dangerous to the baby as it sits too low in the carrier.
    “OH BOY! Now Christians are putting their baby in danger”

    WHO CARES ABOUT THE DUGGARS? WHY do people even watch it?
    But, boy, the Left HATES them and they WILL get them…they WILL. (who dug up the old story on the kid JOSH, by the way?)


  19. Kid says:

    No Z, but the Beagle has told me a few things. Dogs ya know.


  20. Z,
    imagine talking about that in public?

    My parents might have shot me and buried me in the most distant field on our farmette. 😉


  21. Kid says:

    I guess I’ll add this additional social commentary. A while back someone sent me a link to a site called thechive.com. Essentially, the site posts pictures that young girls take of themselves in various states of undress or tattoo acquiring, etc. In the brief time I scanned a few things, I noticed there was no shortage of guys posting comments to go with the pictures that mentioned how the they had just mastur… or were going to asap and a few variations on the theme.

    I can tell you it certainly never occurred to me to say something like that to a girl. For what purpose?

    Yea, the movie Idiocracy comes to mind a lot these days.


  22. I just saw on TV that we had a 5.3 earthquake and it shows an aerial view from a chopper of our freeway overpass nicknamed “the spaghetti bowl” and traffic is backed up due to damage. We live maybe 15-20 minutes from there and felt nothing! How crazy is that?


  23. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, that IS weird! Do you tend to have earthquakes in Nevada or…?
    And damage to the freeway but you felt nothing? WOW.

    Kid, that’s despicable. So the comments are TO the girls and that makes the girls feel real good, I suppose, right? WOW. And the Left says Conservatives are down on women? THIS is REALLY denigrating. I mean, if somebody wants to do this in private with a lover or something…that’s their business (tho nobody suggests that anymore; seems like the minute they break up, that person you were ‘doing’ and thought was a ‘class act’, suddenly wants to expose you to everybody on the internet. But to do this, to strip for comments? That’s pretty low, isn’t it.
    How much time DID you spend on that site? (Smile!) !!!!!!!!!!!

    AOW..”MIGHT” have? Nobody would have ever heard from ME again! Thank GOD for our good parents.


  24. OH! The Spaghetti Bowl is immediately west of The Strip, within 1/2 mile. Just learned the center of the quake was in Caliente, which is a little over 100 miles North of Vegas as the crow flies.


  25. No, Z. Its the first one since living here (2003). I’ve been in more quakes when living in Calif. than you can shake a stick at. (Sorry. Couldn’t resist).


  26. Kid says:

    Not long Z, Like Jersey Shore, if you’ve seen 5 minutes of it you’ve seen the entire season..


  27. geeez2014 says:


    Mal….I’m just glad you’re OK! (very funny with the shake the stick thing!)

    Kid….I get that.


  28. I don’t know the Duggars, or their show, but if they ARE devout Christians, then maybe that’s what some families watch it, like Duck Dynasty.


  29. geeez2014 says:

    Ed,ya, that’s part of it. I think it’s only another way to ridicule Christians. And, of course, they’ve now been canceled due to this situation where the devout Christian molested his sister.


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