Big Gov’t…..the monster

federal government

We’ve been hearing about the very threatening ineffectiveness of the  Airplane Transportation Safety Administration, the terrible problems at many VA Hospitals, problems with our trains and other infrastructure, problems with the IRS, the Military, immigration,  Intel, etc. etc.

There was some situation I just heard on TV News and the immediate solution was “senate hearings” and I thought “Has nobody noticed our government is too big to do a good job on ANY of this?”   How can one Congress keep track with the dizzying speed of hearings coming and going (none of which seem to matter, anyway, by the way….they just get snowed under and disappear), and how can huge departments of this government ever keep up?   How can we get a hold of this ineffectiveness and become effective America again?   Meanwhile, China and Iran and Russia are gaining and threatening, too.  They have no Congress to approve or disapprove what they do!  They have no Congress to stifle progress with hearing after ineffective hearing.  We’re like a big, clumsy monster these days mucking everything up.  Everything!   Watch the news;  nothing goes well anymore!

govzilla cartoon

WE ARE TOO BIG.  We can’t afford this ‘BIGness.’   It hit me that this is not only the big problem you and I have discussed on the blogs for a few years now, it’s THE biggest problem in America today;   TOO BIG.  To truly grasp the PROBLEMS this is causing is scary.   And, because the Left hates the Right and vice versa, who’s ever going to move to more privatizing?  Who’d agree?   Because the Left employs so many in this huge government, who’s going to vote for a Conservative who pushes for privatization?  Because the Left levies such horrible taxes and restrictions on big companies, what big company wants to take over some of the things they could do so much better than BIG GOVERNMENT?


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25 Responses to Big Gov’t…..the monster

  1. Kid says:

    Exactly Z. Well, we’re not even trying to do anything that makes sense. TSA was probably a jobs program. Did you read yesterday that they failed to find 67 bombs and guns out of 70 that they were being tested with. They’re useless as is most federal agencies and departments,

    Someone tell me what most of these people do.


  2. silverfiddle says:

    Give the left credit. They have shaped the landscape and framed the debate, so they win the argument every time. The federal government needs to turn much of what it is doing over to the states, but the evil left has made ‘states rights’ the equivalent of slavery-Jim Crow.

    Despite their bleatings, devolving responsibilities back to the states is the only way we can get government activities under control.


  3. Mustang says:

    I completely agree with Silverfiddle. Kid is correct, as well. A recent report by Heritage Foundation indicated that in 2012, 62% of the federal budget was ear-marked for entitlements. Only 18% for military defense. From this we should probably assume that the starving illegal aliens pose a greater threat to US security than ISIS or other nitwit jihad groups. In fairness, however, we have to admit that not all of this money went to feed illegal aliens under the SNAP. A huge chunk went to pay for the salaries, pensions, and annual stress-reducing parties at posh resorts on behalf of government employees.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, that’s why I opened my post with the TSA. Very reassuring, huh?

    SF: Spooky, I wrote almost this exact thing the other day in a comment, or on a previous post?, somewhere “They have shaped the landscape and framed the debate, so they win the argument every time.”
    And it’s mostly Saul Alinsky. What they’ve done is demeaned the Right, then ANYTHING the Right says, Americans find ridiculous. Worked like a CHARM. Took some years, but it’s flourished.
    To America’s peril.

    Mustang. Someday, someone’s finally going to agree with my posts 🙂
    Remember that government shut down and how they let SO many go in Washington and nothing suffered for it? Of course, they were hired back the minute the government teet got working again. To do nothing.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    By the way, you guys remember the Abercrombie and Fitch case of the woman in the hijab winning against them?
    It’s everywhere…how’s that so important that every news channel has to cover it? I think we know the response to that, don’t we. Drip, drip, drip, drip…

    You should have seen the Imam on Hannity last night against Robt Spencer. The Imam was SO nasty and wouldn’t answer ONE question without claiming ISLAMAPHOBIA….I don’t watch Hannity and was so glad I did last night. It really says a LOT to see them in action.


  6. Kid says:

    TSA, Useless Z, Always will be. I’ll never forgive GWB for creating them. All they do is hassle the American public and help destroy what used to be one of our pleasant experiences – flying.


  7. Baysider says:

    Unfortunately, the people who made it BIG are the same people who think more money is THE answer to education. So they will only say “it’s not quite big enough.” This is scary: I heard a survey of young adults where the majority believed we need to have government just a little bigger to solve things. Don’t know about that survey, but a caller to the Prager show – who characterized himself as moderate – agreed. “Just a little more government will help.” And then he added he didn’t was ‘too’ much.

    Violating the first rule of holes, the push to ‘do something’ is being energized folks who don’t know to stop digging. And they’re all down in that hole talking among themselves. They’re angry we aren’t ‘helping’, and if/when WE manage to turn things positive they’ll complain that we took away their toys.


  8. Baysider says:

    It DOES say a lot to see them in action, Z. I’ve never forgotten Ibrahim Hooper – the first major face of Islam most of us saw 20 years ago. A steamroller that better defines the term is hard to find. Gosh, he could run right over the fat liberal jerk moviemaker whose name eludes me at the moment – “Sicko.”


  9. Kid says:

    Bay, that would be michael moore – A Crisco sweating cupcake – as Chris Kyle’s sniper friend described him.


  10. Kid says:

    Liberal Big Government – unintelligent people always think they have to control things. They’not smart enough to understand that better things happen when everyone is responsible for making them happen. ie Capitalism.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, here’s the bigger problem YET: I’m not sure most Americans are responsible for making anything happen. And, as I’ve written for a couple of years, and we’re now reading from philosopher-columnists, you can’t HAVE Capitalism without good people…i.e. faith…i.e. decency, less greed, compassion. You just can’t. It gets abused too easily.

    Baysider; we should have realized WHAT Hooper was when he first emerged.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Funny, to go along with what I said to Kid about Capitalism, I have an on-line devotional that’s very good, and I just now saw that today’s subject is on how things must be built ON THE ROCK, for a good foundation, for strength. Otherwise, it crumbles.
    America WAS built on a fabulous ROCK of Christian thinkers and DOERS…..
    The Leftwing secularists are chipping away at that rock, mocking it, substituting humanism…..


  13. Kid says:

    Z, Quite true. Freedom/Our Culture requires participation by the vast majority for it to work.

    Some recent breakdowns that are popping the rivets –
    . The media is supposed to vette the political candidates – Oops.
    . People have respect for other people’s opinions, Errrrp
    . People are self-accountable and responsible – Not so Much these days?
    . Strong family units when kids are involved – Look at who is committing all the murders. The offspring of WIC females.
    I don’t think we’re overweight to the dark side yet, but with the immigrant floods and democrat breeders, it may not take much more. Couple – 3 decades?


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, couldn’t agree with you more. It’s ALL GONE and, if you say anything about that, YOU are wrong and everything’s better because PEOPLE ARE FREER to think and live as they feel (gag me with a spoon, as the old saying goes!?)

    By the way….it’s raining here (HURRAH!) and the weather report on line for Santa Monica is “0% precipitation”. I love this stuff!!


  15. Kid says:

    Z, that was that rain dance I did last night. With a spoon right.


  16. Mustang says:

    The government bureaucracy I observed in Washington DC appeared more like a jobs program for blacks. They say nothing on the face of this earth moves slower than a black government employee. I assume that means “not including” the Senate.


  17. FB says:

    Solution is an explosion. Both D and R are for big gov I think. The R say they’re not but it’s a bunch of lies. There may be a coupe of exceptions but they all want more power so they can benefit from it. I’ve given up on them. Voting 3rd party very likely next time.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    FB, you know how I feel about people voting 3rd party. Might as well stay home. That’s why we got Obama. Sorry you’re quite this cynical about every Republican candidate. If only everybody’d voted for Romney who could have…but they were going to “Show those Rs who weren’t R enough”…boy, they showed us, that’s for sure. Now look what we’ve got.
    End of lecture. I just don’t take to the 3rd party voters. I respect you, but not that choice. (I even LIKE you! :-))

    Mustang…well put.

    Kid, start dancing again, will ya? Sunny and gorgeous again. We can use more RAIN RAIN RAIN. Get those feathers out!


  19. Kid says:

    Did someone say Feathers? 😉


  20. Z,
    Off topic, but you and I have been discussing this at my blog.

    On CNNBoston shooting: Suspect plotted to behead Pamela Geller, sources say. Pamela was interviewed by phone by Erin Burnett.


  21. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, with all those cats and a lovely backyard with BIRDS, you ought to have a few feathers lying around? (Do any of your cats to outside, by the way? or all?)

    AOW, yes, I saw that at your place just now; thanks so much for bringing it here, too…I appreciate that. Well, we’re all like that proverbial bug the kitty’s batting around on the kitchen floor now, aren’t we. I’ve been describing us in that awful manner for a few weeks now because that’s how I feel.
    America is a little bug…and some animal, probably a cat?, uses its paw (you’ve seen this) to bat the bug around…back and forth……..playing with it, attacking, jumping at it….one side of the kitchen floor to the other. Terrorists are the ANIMAL. Tho I hate to slam cats in this way because i love kitties.

    We can do ABSOLUTELY nothing..because of political correctness. The Jihadists have it IN HT BAG and, as I’ve said for years, are licking their chops knowing that they’ll beat our lovely laws and democracy any day with their hate and heinous actions. .In fact, our law enforcement can do even LESS now after Baltimore and Ferguson and all the anti-cop rhetoric this rotten president stirred up…. Even conservatives are jumping on law enforcement at a time when we need them more than EVER in our history on our homeland. Who’d have thought that?


  22. Kid says:

    Z, No we have coyote and other predators here, so the cats are inside.


  23. FB says:

    I do whatever I want when I vote. That’s my right. Nobody’s going to tell me what to do that day.


  24. FB says:

    And in CA your vote doesn’t matter very much by the way so I may vote for my favorite candidate.


  25. FB says:

    I’m just so fed up with DC to be honest. The mere fact the R didn’t try to do anything with the ACA irritates me so much. It just shows they don’t give a damn and that they’re all talk.


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