They Duggars did things right………wait till you see the end of my post

DUGGARSYes, it is very weird for me to blog on a story like this….but bear with me!

I haven’t a CLUE what the Duggar popularity is based on;  I still don’t understand why anybody’d ever raise them to celebrity status just for having too many kids and getting their daughter married, but I had heard about the recent scandal and did see how the media was handling it.  I’ve seen the secularists insult them the minute a hair’s out of place, etc.,  that’s par for the course.  But this recent ‘scandal’ of their eldest son, Josh, interested me not so much about what the media was saying but I was curious on how they’d handled it when it happened.   So I watched Megyn Kelly last night on FOX and saw the full hour on it.

I don’t know that I’ve seen a Christian family do things as correctly and as Godly as they did.   They even took their son to the police though he’d stopped by that time.  The ‘touching’ apparently was always on top of girls’ clothing and only lasted seconds, but no touching is proper unless invited, let’s be clear.

He came to them at the age of about 12 and admitted he’d done this.  They were very concerned and talked to him about it.  And he did it again.  They then removed him from the home and had him stay with a Christian man who counsels young boys in all types of character issues.  Then he came back and I think he did it again?  Not sure.  By that time, the Duggars had implemented ‘safeguards,’ as they put it, meaning they’d made sure no brother and sis were alone for any length of time, no sitting on laps, etc.  Then they took the boy to an accredited therapist and things were going well but they decided he should go to the police and he should confess there.  When they went to the police they very, very wisely took a close family friend with them to witness it all.  They had no idea what the police would do to him, so that was really a courageous thing to do.  He’d also been told by his parents to confess to the sisters (who’d been asleep when he touched them and weren’t even aware of it).   All that was pretty much settled about 12 years ago, having only lasted a very short time, maybe a year.  The police did nothing but did seal the records, as is mandatory for any juvenile situation.   I don’t think I’ve got everything quite right, but the main points are:

– the parents made it clear to Josh after he first came to him how wrong this was.

– they told him he should confess to his sisters though they knew nothing about it.

– as any parents would, they hoped that would be the end of it, and when he confessed again, they removed him from the house and set guidelines for brother/sister contact as I described above.

– they got a loving man who had success with young men and he helped a lot.

– they made Josh go to law enforcement knowing they might send him to juvenile detention but knowing it was the right thing to do.

I  know….none of us care much about this family except to wish them well, of course.   But, I wanted to blog on it because they impressed me more than I’d have ever thought they would.  They’re not well educated from their grammar, etc., but they’re smart and they’re good people and I believe they did the right thing.

I hope they get a break from the secularists who are doing all they can to paint them in a kind of light as if they didn’t care about their daughters, and didn’t remove him from the house early enough, etc etc.   I always believe it’s good to put your own feet in others’ shoes and that NONE in the media would/could have handled it better.

That’s that………just wanted to say I was stunned at the fact that I admire what they did and I thought Kelly handled it well.  The good news is that, while this isn’t entirely an oddity for 12-14 year old boys, the statistics show that 90% of them never do it again.

Let’s hope families who’ve faced this get some comfort from that fact, after having learned by the example of the Duggars what I think was just the right way for a family to handle this.

UPDATE:   After I’d finished this post, I went back to a news headlines page and saw this “SISTER OF REALITY TV STAR JOSH DUGGAR SAYS HE VICTIMIZED HER” and I thought “holy COW, all I just wrote is wrong…she’s not supportive of him, he VICTIMIZED her.”…. Then I read the article…here’s her quote:  “Jessa Duggar, featured like her brother in the family’s TLC series, “19 Kids and Counting,” told Fox in an interview conducted in Arkansas on Wednesday that she wanted to defend him. She said allegations he’s a child molester or pedophile are “so overboard and a lie,” Fox reported.”   Wouldn’t YOUR headline might be “Sister of Josh Duggar stands by her brother” ?? But the media loves the “HE VICTIMIZED HER”, don’t they.


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26 Responses to They Duggars did things right………wait till you see the end of my post

  1. 1) Who leaked this to the media. Sealed records. There is another bigger crime here, unreported.
    2) What is Obama or Hillary or (insert name of liberal joke here) doing that they don’t want you to pay attention to?
    3) Why isn’t the story really (Conservative Christian family victimized by media?


  2. The Duggars are being vilified because they’re Christians. It really is as simple as that.


  3. Z,
    The good news is that, while this isn’t entirely an oddity for 12-14 year old boys, the statistics show that 90% of them never do it again.

    That may well be true.

    Recidivism is also a problem in some cases.


  4. I saw most of the interview last night.

    The girls maintain that they were mostly unaware that something had happened. I suppose, however, that there is always the possibility that they have repressed the memory.

    I do think that it was a mistake for the Duggars to agree to reality TV after what Josh did. Yes, the parents had a right to expect that the information would never be revealed. Even so, the Duggars would have been wise not to get involved with reality TV.


  5. I am suspicious of this whole family’s way of life. Below is an article written by a young woman who left the religion. Their story doesn’t ring true to me.


  6. silverfiddle says:

    Angry God-haters are using this to bash Christians, plain and simple.

    Z: Thank you for this summary. I didn’t have time to go investigate it all myself.

    Has anyone else noticed how, in this sex-saturated culture of ours, any and all activity by children and adolescents gets lumped into ‘sexual molestation?’ Boys have been put on sex offenders lists for getting caught peeing outdoors. Inappropriate depending on the setting, but a sex offense?

    Also, as Z so cogently stated, what that boy did was wrong, but look at his actions along a spectrum, from totally right behavior to forcible rape. Given his age and the circumstances, what was his mens rea? Was his motivation criminal perversion or early adolescent curiosity? I am not making excuses, and this doesn’t matter to the victim, but it does matter under the law.

    Finally, I think another aspect to this is the leftwing prog sneering at a family taking care of its own problems instead of getting letting the state take over and submitting themselves and their home to an infestation of swarms of social workers, court dates, guardian ad litems, et al.

    How dare they not report this to the state! How dare they address this problem at the lowest level?


  7. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, really interesting points there…..very good points. thanks.

    AOW, Kelly actually stated those stats at the end; I believe them to be right because I also believe SF is right in suggesting this was early adolescent curiosity on Josh’s part. Why else is the stat directly aimed at the ages 12-14, during which stats show this can happen?
    I absolutely disagree with you on the Duggars turning down the show because of something they handled years before. I thought it was healthy that they felt they’d done the right thing, the problem was over, and they could go on, trusting the law to live up to its side of the situation.

    Fair Witness…Salon has an agenda, of course. And I believe there are whacks in every religious institution. I also believe these folks did it exactly right according to Scripture and good character. Good to see you here 🙂 (You doing drone work, by the way? I meant to email you)

    SF…thanks. I am so glad you wrote this, it’s exactly right, in my opinion. I’m actually quite touched that you feel the same way because I took a chance in writing this post, hoping I’d got it just right …if I felt, or sensed, anything more had happened, I’d sure not be standing up for him. Still, I do believe in forgiveness and, as the family history shows, they put an end to the challenge years ago and should be able to live their lives without fear or scoffing. But the media has too much fun, doesn’t it…destroying all many hold dear.

    I’m no fan of reality shows, let alone whatever goes on in this particular one, but I do feel they showed themselves to be excellent parents in regard to their son and this situation.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    He could be totally okay and some of us were bamboozled, but I believe this is the world’s way of dealing with this situation, that we have something to learn from this odd Duggar bunch. There is no forgiveness by people like Montel, particularly if it gets you a headline on a news page for criticizing.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    I guess today’s going to be full of bashing…….here, Megyn Kelly got “out of her Manhattan bat cave” to help the Duggars emphasize how the law did wrong in releasing the juvenile records and supposedly skipped over the severity of ‘the crime’.

    I guess if Josh isn’t in prison or has had the nerve to live an upstanding life since he erred, there’s no mercy?


  10. Baysider says:

    It’s encouraging to see parents handling wrong behavior the ‘right’ way. What a contrast to after Baltimore, when a local councilman came out of his tree over people calling the looters “thugs.” (Those people even included Obama, btw.) “We can’t be calling our children thugs. That’s like calling them n***ers.” Well, your children ARE thugs and need to have an accurate perspective. THESE parents apparently do. Whew! But I agree with AOW – why would you get onto a show like this when you have a problem in the past?


  11. My guess is if ALL situations similar to this were to come to light, there would be millions! Curiosity in early teenagers both male and female is normal. The fact he came and disclosed it in the beginning is unusual. How many of these or similar type events have gone undisclosed? Curious teenage girls who are baby sitting little boys, for example. The list can go on and on……….


  12. fredd says:

    Megan Kelly is starting to walk in Greta Van Susterin’s footsteps. Greta, a lawyer, first covered legal stories, and then as her popularity grew, started down the road to covering salacious crap that even Geraldo Rivera wouldn’t touch. Well, that may be an exaggeration, there is NO story too low to catch Geraldo’s attention. But I digress…

    Now Megan is covering this garbage. Next thing you know, Megan will spend a month in Aruba covering the 10th anniversary of the disappearance of Natalie Holloway. Oh, wait. Greta’s still got dibs on that gig….


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, why in the world not do a show like this when the past is the past and you’ve been assured by the LAW that it stays in the records?
    By the way, the Chief of POlice, who is retiring next month or some time like that, recently met Josh (before all this hit) and wouldn’t talk to him, snubbed him, turned away. Later, she was asked about her future at the force and she said “Oh, there are some things I need to take care of” and there is conjecture that releasing the Duggar information is part of that. There is no reason to have released it BUT agenda.
    They did things correctly; They should not be ashamed of any media, and unashamed to proceed with their lives. The Duggars were done with it. We should be, too.

    Mal; I think you’re right. And I think that the boy even came TO his parents and confessed when nobody else knew is pretty astonishing.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    fredd; that’s a whole other story and, believe it or not, I agree with you. Not to say this shouldn’t be covered for exposing the agenda against Christianity, but the fact that the juvi info was released totally illegally.

    I can’t watch Geraldo more than 3 seconds. Greta, yes….every salacious story, like natalie Hollingway incessant coverage, etc….and others.

    It’s like anything else; unless it SHOCKS and GRABS YOU, Americans don’t want it anymore.
    ANything for the ratings.

    I agree. But, in this case, I believe if people were watching with open hearts, they learned a lot about how to handle family situations and the law in the best ways possible.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    I REALLY appreciate all the comments and opinions here….this is a very dense kind of subject; the sexual aspect, the legal aspect, the ethics, the celebrity-type circus (By the way, why ANYBODY would want to do a reality show on their family is more to my point)… etc.

    I hope to hear more and appreciate your comments very much.


  16. Sparky says:

    I think this is a tempest in a tea pot. Sounds like the Duggars did everything right that they could.
    BTW, Salon is a liberal rag. They openly hate Christianity in all it’s forms. I wouldn’t give them the time of day on their opinions.


  17. Baysider says:

    I have nowhere else to put this – so CONGRATULATIONS Z on one year at Word Press!! What a pleasure.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider…is that marked somewhere??? I had no idea myself! I can’t believe it’s a year since Blogger…REALLY?!!!


  19. geeez2014 says:

    And THANK YOU, dear Baysider!


  20. Happy blogoversary!


  21. I know Salon is a liberal rag & I never read that. I clicked on a link at Drudge (I think) & read the entire article. I don’t think the author is a Salon reporter, although her piece was published there.

    I think the attacks on the Duggars are coming from the radical leftists & LGBT activists. They hate Michelle Duggar because she publicly stated she doesn’t want transsexual men allowed in women’s restrooms. That she fears they’re pedophiles.

    Anyone with high public profiles who oppose the LGBT agenda are viciously attacked in order to shut them up. The fundamental transformation of America demands silence from those of us opposed to this disgusting, sordid, deviant, sick lifestyle. They can all go pound sand!

    I am also leery of a family with 19 kids and counting. It’s just weird, ok? How on Earth do you properly raise that many children? They had to do that TV show to provide for all of them. I’m not comfortable with putting children on reality TV, holding them up to public ridicule. It just doesn’t seem right. Does anyone else think this is strange?


  22. Z – No drones. Business jets & helicopters.


  23. Baysider says:

    All all those kids their natural kids? I had a friend who was one of 24 siblings. He father had 2 wives (in succession! – as if we have to say that nowadays. His first one died.) And I knew of 2 others who took in a bunch of kids on top of their own, big families.


  24. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider…Yes, they are their kids…imagine? TWENTY-FOUR? WOW!

    FW…couldn’t resist asking; I thought “Why not!?” 🙂


  25. I don’t keep up with the Duggars.

    But I read this here at this thread:

    They hate Michelle Duggar because she publicly stated she doesn’t want transsexual men allowed in women’s restrooms. That she fears they’re pedophiles.

    Just this morning, I read this:

    Which Bathroom Should a Transgender Employee Use? The Federal Government Chimes In.

    Agenda, agenda, agenda!


  26. All this fuss about which bathroom a person should use is so stupid. It should be based on what “plumbing” they have, not by their mannerism, dress, hair style, or choice. Too much PC-ness.


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