Climate Change….get this!…

…is GOOD FOR YOU.  Well, at least it’s good for Africans.   YES, it IS!!

africans in rainI hope they didn’t pay too much for this study because I think any one of us would have been happy to give them our opinion about change being the norm over the centuries for much less  money 🙂

Here’s my beef:  If Conservatives dare say anything like “We knew that!”  or “Climate change is not the biggest fear in our world today!”  we’re branded as uncaring and uninformed.  NOBODY doesn’t think change happens, that some places are now hotter and others are now colder.  And nobody doesn’t care that our children have clean air and water.  This is a perfect example of the Alinsky Rules for Radicals, isn’t it?

Comments?  I’d like a DELUGE of them….a STORM of words….GALES of laughter, and we’ll WEATHER this together in the Comments section. (OY.  I just couldn’t resist.)


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22 Responses to Climate Change….get this!…

  1. I read that article earlier today. It still has the climate hoax spin to it. Here we have a real, documented change that is making life better in one part of the world. But the article says, without any real world supporting evidence, ‘don’t get used to it – things are still getting worse even though none of our models has ever been correct.’


  2. Mustang says:
    If the left has any one consistent trait, it is its inconsistency. While arguing for programs to save the trees, it also demands a bigger government that wastes billions of reams of paper each year. The entire climate change mantra has nothing whatever to do with saving the planet —it is all about implementing the UN’s Agenda 21, it is a grab for totalitarian power over the people, and it is an adjunct of Soros’ plan for global socialism.

    Several thousand years ago, the Sahara Desert had an abundance of water and thick foliage. How is what happened there the fault of human activity? At some point, we puny human beings must accept the fact that it isn’t all about us. We are as susceptible to natural occurrences as any other life form on our planet. None of us can control Mother Nature, but we adapt to it or we perish. If we leave it up to the political left, we will all surely die —and more likely the result of a leftist bullet to the back of our heads than to an over-exposure to the sun.


  3. Kid says:

    I read recently where greenhouse gases are at the highest recorded levels. Then I read where the ‘globe’ has been cooling the last 16+ years. Applying the simple scientific method that briefly states that when actual results do not align with your forecast then your theory is no good.
    I guess it’s too simple for libtards to understand.

    Then you have the executive secretary of the UN IPCC admitting that man made climate change is a scam cooked up to destroy Capitalism over the next 150 years.

    31 thousand actual scientists have signed a petition that man made CC is BS but you won’t hear about that in the news.

    Anyone that believes in man made climate change is either making money off the scam or is a knuckle dragging moron.

    Someone wake me up when they start moving people out of Bangladesh where most of the land is 3 feet above sea level.

    Z, I’m confident you’ll let us know when the ocean rises on the California beaches.


  4. silverfiddle says:

    It’s all a big scam anyway. Organizations are now ‘fixing’ the climate data since it didn’t conform to their orthodoxy.

    Before we believe any more pseudo-scientific balderdash, the ‘consensus’ caucus needs to make a hard and fast prediction of say, 5 years from now. Something quantifiable and measurable.

    If the prediction bears out, we will listen to them. Until then, they have no credibility, since they were preaching global cooling back in the 70’s.

    * btw, I think we are entering a period of global cooling, based upon low solar activity.


  5. FB says:

    If Sahara could become green, that would be indeed amazing. But the leftist bourgeois don’t like it because their area may not be the same as it used to. They’re very conservative in that regard.
    Now I just wish CA would get more rain. Can’t wait for El Nino 🙂


  6. geeez2014 says:
    I mentioned how we could have been paid pennies on the dollars they spent on this study and given just as good information.
    The link above runs along those same lines. THIS IS A SURPRISE to ANYBODY? GeeeeZ

    Mustang…I opened information from my healthcare company and it had 2 whole sheets of the same information in 2987234987 languages…and I swear I thought “This idiot liberal health care thing….look how much paper they waste with their political correctness that doesn’t demand folks LEARN ENGLISH” !!! You’re right. Talk about ‘inconsistency’

    Dennis…yes, it surely wasn’t wholly factual, and had to get its spin in, didn’t it.

    Kid…great info. And WILL DO 🙂 glub glub glub…!

    SF: Remember it was called GLOBAL WARMING but isn’t anymore, that’s because it’s actually COOLING. Yes, the left changes as it goes… !!

    FB…it has been nice to have even the little bit of rain now and again these last few days; nothing out there?


  7. silverfiddle says:

    The climate is always changing. The millions living in poverty and huddling around dung fires for warmth would welcome some warming.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    SF….and was it DTD we eliminated from Africa, thereby creating more and more millions of starving people? I believe this climate change hoax is going to have the same effect. I hope I’m wrong but they’re even going after airplane emissions now..
    Seems to me like the EPA is now the strongest, most powerful bunch in Washington.
    FAR stronger than Congress, that’s for sure.


  9. Mustang’s comment about consistency in inconsistency reminds me of another adage: “There is nothing so constant as change”. Actually, I have a bit of a problem with saying it is all the normal change of mother earth when we have 6 billion people (and growing) contaminating our air and water to the extent we have. Most of us have seen satellite pics from outer space of the huge styro foam and plastic trash pile in the northern Pacific Ocean that runs for miles and miles, and growing. Both are petrol byproducts and aren’t bio-degradable so will be around probably for centuries. While some of the recommendations being suggested are a bit stupid we can and should be better stewards of our planet, don’t you think?


  10. OH! And how about all the nuclear waste we have and continue to create? Instead of stop creating more, they want to ship it by rail to Nevada for storage in caves. What would happen, for instance, if the train that derailed back East recently had rail cars full of the stuff?


  11. Kid says:

    Mal, fwiw, MIT invented a reactor that eats the waste from conventional reactors. There are also various flavors of Molten Salt Reactors, thorium based for example (of which one was run in the 60’s) that are 100% impossible to have a meltdown. Why aren’t we building these safe and problem solving reactors while we rid ourselves of coal plants? I’m all in favor of getting rid of pollution, for health reasons if nothing else. And yes, we should be better stewards but we don’t have a lot of global control obviously. I feel overpopulation is a problem too. From the 10,000 foot level I guess you could say we are a species that consumes and breeds. Where will the tipping point of no return be?

    Really bugs me we aren’t doing something intelligent with energy.


  12. Baysider says:

    Yeah, Kid, I think that was the one at Oak Ridge. They axed that because it didn’t produce plutonium for weapons. I’ve read that India, which has a lot of thorium (and no uranium) plans to build these reactors. I’m preparing a blog on on thorium reactors and Bill Gates’ project for a client’s blog site. They drift into this climate nonsense and jumped on the bandwagon about last year being the hottest on record, and I hope to broaden perspective. As land temp measurements have shifted into warmer urban environment it’s not surprising this difference isn’t higher! (Both NOAA’s and NASA’s numbers indicate the probability of 2014 being the hottest year is more NO than YES. And satellite temps of the troposphere have been trending down for years. I wish I could post the charts.)

    In the classic trivium academic view, we mature from the grammar to logic to rhetoric stage as we move through the first of the 7 liberal arts. If we miss the logic stage (the mechanics of thought and analysis where you learn to recognize specious thinking) we arrive at rhetoric with just our emotions and strong feelings. And you get wholesale believers in this nonsense who don’t know how to think their way out of a paper bag. But they sure know how to beat their breasts about it.

    Z, I’ve long thought why don’t those companies offer a copy of a translation in a list of languages (you pick) for $50, say. Otherwise we ALL pay for it and there’s less incentive to learn the language of your country.


  13. Mustang says:
    I think Mal is right about pollution but I have a happier view. The earth is much like human beings (or other living creatures). The things we do to our bodies can hurt us. A smart person will endeavor to take care of him or herself because we wish to pursue a long and healthy life … and we want to do this for as long as possible. We may have done some foolish things in the past; we may have smoked, or had too much to drink, or laid on a hot sunny beach one too many times. These bad habits have a cumulative effect over time, but if we stop smoking, stop drinking to excess, curtail our pursuit of immodest women, if we protect our skin from the effects of solar radiation, then it is possible to reverse the effects of our foolishness.

    The earth has a mechanism for renewal, too. Wind, rain, snow, glacial ice and earthquakes all serve to remodel our planet. The movement of tectonic plates renew and volcanism redistributes new surface —and you know, I think these aspects of earth renewal are all quite fascinating— and by design. I do think it comes from intelligent design.

    Remember that the leftists championed plastic because it saved the trees. Now plastic has become a problem, but it is not an insurmountable difficulty. I recently saw a Japanese professor convert plastic refuse back into liquid gasoline. One wonders why we Americans are not doing things like this. Well, maybe we are but just not hearing about it. It was the Japanese tsunami in 2011 that gave us miles and miles of plastic trash … and taken another way, the opportunity to demonstrate American technology. But no, as you say, the trash remains laying along the shore in states controlled by progressives. Yes, it is true that the libtard claims to care about the earth, but it is only blather. Did they clean up after themselves at the end of the Occupy Wall Street fiasco? As Z mentioned above, how many millions of children did Rachel Carson consign to an early demise because of her false claims about DDT?


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang; fabulous input there, thanks SO much. Yes, Rachel Carson is somewhat like Margaret Sanger; a BIG hit with leftists who don’t realize Carson has caused billions of deaths ….come to think of it, it’s exactly like Planned Parenthood’s Sanger because she’s caused billions of deaths, too. And they IDOLIZE these two! Says a lot, doesn’t it.

    Baysider; INCENTIVE TO LEARN ENGLISH? It’s never even been made the official language of America! Now I’m beginning to wonder if that wasn’t planned 🙂

    Kid..the “point of no return?” I could name a few liberals, in politics and on the blogs, who tell me we’ve reached it, right? 🙂
    Oh, and in high school, even this constant Conservative bought into the “ZERO POPULATION GROWTH” rubbish. Sadly, it’s white, bright, intelligent folks who stopped breeding. Others are gaining all over us for that.

    Mal, though I’m not a Green nut, I certainly DO believe we can be good stewards; I just don’t want the total economy ruined needlessly for leftwingers who are getting filthy rich by crying wolf.
    As I often say, if Rightwingers say we don’t believe in the climate change drum thumping, the left/media broadcast that REPUBLICANS DON’T CARE ABOUT THE PLANET. As if WE don’t want clean water and air? They SHUT US DOWN with those ridiculous conclusions….that’s why I keep hoping for SOME REpublican candidate who can address the fallacies and articulately respond LOUDLY and it gets COVERED.

    I want some Republican candidate to say something outrageous like “Where the heck do Americans GET this CRAP? You REALLY think Republicans don’t want clean air? you REALLY think we don’t want clean water? ARE YOU CONSCIOUS? What are you THINKING?”

    And I’d like that candidate to say the same about the economy “We can’t keep giving free phones and other things away! This is the land of opportunity, not a candy store! WAKE UP, work hard, we will help you LEARN, not LIVE…unless you need us badly, then we will help…..until then? GROW UP …WORK HARD…LEARN ENGLISH….BE A MAN!”

    I can dream


  15. geeez2014 says:

    I happened on FRANCE 24 on cable TV…News at its best. They get ALL the news from around the world, including things happening in Turkey and Greece, which we rarely get… well explained and ‘just the facts.’
    Made me hungry for news that’s not constantly opinion and constantly ‘sexed up’..



  16. Kid says:

    Baysider, No weapons grade fuel output. Exactly.
    Here is a fantastic 5 minute primer on LFTR’s –

    And NASA and NOAA lied about the climate data –
    We know many other inputs are lies. The guy that started the discussion of man made global warming has divorced himself from this scam.

    Truly planet of the apes stuff.


  17. Kid says:

    Mustang, that’s it. The libtards really don’t care enough about anything to lift a finger. Everything they do has a sociopathic agenda. Period. They should all be jailed for genocide.


  18. Baysider says:

    Great video, Kid. I’ve seen diagrams of the molten salt reactor from time to time, but this is a great and understandable overview. You might be interested in this article from last year:


  19. Kid says:

    Excellent write-up Bay. We have to be scratching our heads wondering why we aren’t doing this.

    Head scratching answers are either: Money, Enemy, Stupidity. Stupid in this case is low probability imo.

    And there are other ways to get bomb making material.


  20. Z, I also agree we need to be practical in our pursuit to conserve and be environmentally proactive.
    But you have to figure, for example, its not worth 10 gallons of water to wash out a recyclable jar. Mustang, I never smoked and am only a light drinker (one beer or glass of wine) but, going on 87, I DO have a problem with “curtailing my pursuit of immodest women”!! That, I refuse to give up! I mean, what’s the point of living if I stop? 🙂


  21. Kid says:

    Mal, we never stop do we? heh.


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