Leftists and the Objectifying of Women

I’ve been seeing that cheesecake pose of Bruce Caitlyn Jenner a lot lately on the news.  He She’s wearing a cream colored satin bathing suit, long flowing hair.   You’ve seen it, you don’t need my description and, really, who wants to think about it?  (and don’t make me put the image here on my blog, please!  As Frasier once said “I’d have to poke a pin in my mind’s eye~!” love that)

But I have been thinking about CAITLYN.   And what I’ve been thinking is how that open minded, feminist bunch called “the Left”is objectifying women again.  Even a new woman. The first thing Leftists do, including Leftist women, is sex them up.  Feminists (mostly liberals) screech about job equality but you don’t hear them screaming about young girls in very skimpy bathing suits who are screwing on the beach in public (I use that word purposefully because that’s sure not ‘love’).  They don’t seem to really care about the dignity of women, or good health for women, except to make sure these women earn the same amount and can kill their unborn babies….

popeye Let Nancy Pelosi become the first woman Speaker of the House and the first thing she does is take the gavel for the ceremony and lifts her arms up, wrists in the air, Popeye style, showing she’s got “muskles,” as Popeye used to call them.   So, she poses as a MAN the minute she’s a WOMAN having the honor of taking this position for the first time.  That’s Feminism?  She’d say she’s a feminist, wouldn’t she.   I don’t.  I distinctly remember being embarrassed when she did that.

We don’t see Feminists fighting for the rights of women in Muslim countries, against clitorectomies, against the banning of women drivers in Arabia, etc.   And the Feminists will be the first ones championing Caitlyn Jenner, and gay designers are RAVING about how perfect she is “in every way”(wink wink, hint hint) and OH, how fabulous she is!! Man, Caitlyn sounds like she’s now the quintessential WOMAN!   And so they put her in a bathing suit in a ‘sexy’ pose (if that can be considered sexy?) on the cover of a magazine. “She’s a WOMAN, SEX HER UP,” is the message from feminist America.

Is it me, or is there quite a bit of hypocrisy in the leftwing liberal feminist world?  (that’s a rhetorical question but I’d love you to weigh in on it).

And, while I’m on this uncharacteristic FEMINIST SCREED, I’d like to inform all female senators and congresswomen that they don’t have to kiss their colleagues;  one rarely sees two male politicians kissing.

kerry kissing

Well, OK.  If they’re French…. 🙂

End of Screed!

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12 Responses to Leftists and the Objectifying of Women

  1. Leftism = hypocrisy. By default!


  2. fredd says:

    Feminism is not about women, never was. It is just another vehicle, such as manmade global warming, to advance a liberal agenda. Feminists hate Condi Rice, and they hate all conservative women with a purple passion. If feminism were about women’s issues, would they take this position against women in conservative circles? No, no they wouldn’t. They care not a whit about the mistreatment of women in the muslim culture and its women in abject slavery. Not a peep on the subject, as this depravity does not advance their agenda.


  3. Feminism, seems to me, is just another manifestation of Liberalism’s common denominator; that being chronically disgruntled. There is no known cure for this syndrome.


  4. I was listening to Stephen Crowder interview Michelle Malkin this morning.
    the subject of feminism came up. Some woman had complained to Crowder about a micro aggression, a man had earlier complimented her on her smile, and she was offended.
    He mentioned that given her appearance and demeanor, no one had complimented her on anything.
    Feminism: the right to be offended.


  5. JB and I were on the same frequency.


  6. Lisa says:

    oh yes the party of choice. Choice to be a baby killer,a hypocrite,a sex object,a single mom of many kids or a moron.


  7. Kid says:

    Funny pic of j. kerry 🙂

    Well, the left does not care about women, they just use these and other talking points as tools to try to get what they want personally or politically by trying to make others feel like they are not being accepting of what most of us don’t accept. I don’t like transgender people and you can’t make me. How about we get all the lefties to fall in love with Conservatives, Christians, gun owners, and flaming Heterosexuals ! Ha.

    Speaking of objectifying women – Remember when the dixie chicks were over in Europe saying they were embarrassed to be from the same state as GW Bush while he was president with the military in harm’s way? And they’re country music, and most country fans are patriotic it seems to me.. ?

    I remember they got whacked pretty good by their fans, and so they thought and thought about what they might do to recover and what did they and their marketing people come up with? Posing nude on the cover of some magazine. Perfect !

    Give a leftie an inch of rope and they’ll hang themselves every time.

    Speaking to their mental deficiencies, I’ve noticed it’s impossible for them to be embarrassed. They write the dumbest nonsense in a comment, be proven was wrong as mistaking the hildebeast for a woman, and come right back with more nonsense. This is one of the reasons they’re so stupid. They lack the ability to feel any pain at being morons so there is nothing motivating them to change or even learn something in the process.

    Glad you’re back Z.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, thanks…Good to BE back. Funny about the Dixie Chicks getting their chops back after losing a fan base. We don’t hear much about them anymore, DO WE 🙂

    Lisa, so good! You’re right…all their choices are SO SICK, UNHEALTHY, WRONG FOR THEMSELVES AND SOCIETY….what a great point.

    JB and ED…I just don’t get it. I keep thinking women and Black Americans and all other ‘tortured minorities” (Smile) would get so much farther if they’d just act like PEOPLE and get over their ‘whatever it is that they think separates them’….

    fredd; they despise Condi, you’re right…. and they do nothing about Arab womens’ lack of rights or protecting young girls from the horrible stuff like taking nude pix and texting them to young boys. You’d THINK Feminists would be for getting young girls to honor their bodies, cherish their sexuality…but, I guess when YOU have been the won encouraging promiscuity in so many ways, you need to shut up when it all GOES WRONG.

    AOW….yes. I’ll never forget the Popeye Arms of Pelosi. I’m not even a feminist but my first thought was “REALLY? You are a woman taking over the gavel and so you have to pose like a MAN!” And a CARTOON MAN to boot? Some feminist she is. And I’m sure she doesn’t even get it.


  9. Lisa says:

    Thanks Z, now we should leave them alone while they use their freedom of choice to see who they have fired from their jobs today


  10. Baysider says:

    “We don’t see Feminists fighting for the rights of women in Muslim countries, against clitorectomies, against the banning of women drivers in Arabia, etc.”

    No, that would be too hard. Actual work. Maybe even danger.

    Much safer to beat up on the enemy you know you can make cower – your local, Christian culture. That’s the bully’s way.


  11. woodsterman says:

    I’m confused now … I thought one thing, then thought another … (just where “They” want me) … then Kerry kissing some guy? We’re talking about broken legs here … right?


  12. The French aren’t the only ones where males kiss males, Z. Many other cultures also do, including the Muslims and Italians, but its never on the lips, just one side, then the other, on the cheek. Its more of a ritual because I don’t believe their lips even touch the faces. Like Eskimos rubbing noses
    is a ritual, too.


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