New China… the White House?

Mrs Obama ordered herself up some new custom  china for the White House.  It “consists of white china adorned with bands of a white relief pattern featuring pinwheels and palm fronds, matte gold, and a bright “Kailua blue” inspired by the waters seen in President Obama’s home state of Hawaii.”

white house china

Now I know that this is very expensive (very) but, it’s not something that’s going to rock the American economy.  Still, is there ANY thought EVER given by this White House to appearances?   They keep harping on higher taxes and helping the poor and THIS seemed to belie all their holier than thou Leftwing theology.

Mrs. Reagan had new RED china made for the White House. This is not new to any presidential regime.  But NOW?   REALLY?   Maybe they, too, actually believe their bunk about this economy that’s thriving?  But, gee….the set was ordered in 2011 and things were kind of on the rocks then, weren’t they?

I give up.  There’s no decency, no SLIGHTEST nod to how the American people just might feel.  And, this article says absolutely nothing about the hypocrisy.

IMAGINE IF A REPUBLICAN HAD ORDERED ALL NEW 11-PIECE PLACE SETTINGS FOR THE WHITE HOUSE TODAY?   I mean, it’s not like there isn’t any china at the White House, you know?  It’s not like they have nothing cute to eat on………..

alice in wonderland tea


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8 Responses to New China… the White House?

  1. I don’t have to imagine.
    I remember all the outrage when Nancy did it as you mentioned.
    The outcry in the media as to her “tone deafness” to the hard economic times was loud.


  2. Baysider says:

    Nancy Reagan’s china was very instructive. It was a difficult time as now (the Nixon-Carter economy). But it was paid for with a private donation. Nancy Reagan was criticized by folks who just wanted to criticize Nancy Reagan. I loved the tenor that private donation set. It spoke volumes of good to me!

    It seems like every other president needs to get new china after 8 years of use. Bush’s was brought into service just days before he left office, so this strikes me as a little odd. If we didn’t pay for it, I’m okay with that (kind of ugly, though).


  3. fredd says:

    I can’t imagine a set of china for 11 settings can be all that much, regardless of the quality. Each administration re-decorates the White House to some degree, and accordingly I am not inclined to pile on Michelle on this one. It is customary for the incumbents to add their touches.

    Of course, since Michelle Obama is the most God awful First Lady ever in terms of her tin ear when it comes to spending tax payer money like a drunken sailor on her opulent vacations, etc,, this is just another example that the optics of it all are and always will be beyond her. 18 more months, I know I can hold on that long….


  4. Sparky says:

    Oh brother. I think it’s time to make all these losers eat off of paper plates just like the rest of us.


  5. When I can eat…


  6. Mustang says:

    You don’t think she intends to leave it behind, do you?


  7. Mustang nails it.


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