Christian bashing…Huffington Post’s new cause

jesus crying

I have (we all have) read a lot of Christian bashing in our lives…but THIS ONE TAKES THE CAKE.  I actually almost enjoyed reading it because it’s so uninformed and presumptive and so clearly agenda-driven that it’s kind of good for a laugh…only really funny if I thought everybody saw through it.

Please, whoever here at Geeez professes to be a Christian;  take a look at the link and let me know what you think.  Did YOU know that Christians killed Jews in Germany “In Jesus’ name”? Did you?  Or did you and I miss that part in history? 🙂

Obviously, we know that people who were ‘Christian’ (i.e. more from the mere fact that they were not muslims, not Jews, not Buddhists, etc.) DID kill Jews, and some liberals on our blogs, over the years on this topic, even say “Hitler was a Christian,” (always have, always will;  they just don’t learn well), but to say someone was born Christian therefore he IS A BELIEVING CHRISTIAN is one of the biggest, obvious mistakes anybody can make.  And the truth is so documented, so beautifully stated.  Why not bother to read it?

They mention the Crusades and all other supposed CHRISTIAN ATROCITIES in links on the article, so I hope you take a look.  Huffington Post, nearly every day, has a big headline on most Home News Pages, that’s anti religion, mostly anti Christian.  It’s like a new ‘cottage industry’ for the otherwise political rag.

Here’s one quote from the article that’ll make you howl and, literally, obliterates the most remote credibility the author had:

Here is what they suggest Jesus would say: “For example: “Why are they picturing me holding a cross? (Z: take a look at HuffPost’s link here..another pretty good laugh) We loathed the cross. It reminded us of the tens of thousands of my fellow Jews who were slaughtered by the Romans. The only cross I ever held was the one the Romans brutally nailed me to.”    Do you think Jesus would say that?

Is he kidding?  CAN the writer be that obtuse, that clueless about the faith?  WHY WITH A CROSS?    MY GOSH! !!!!!!!!!!

Here’s a TASTE OF SOME TYPICAL ARTICLES ON JUDAISM by HuffPost that was on my home page yesterday.  Oh, yes!   Jews need to leave Orthodoxy and become actors and THEN they will find total fulfillment!    You can’t make this stuff up.

Clearly, there are bits of truth in all these links….this is what saves the Secular Left;  They can ask we who scoff at these articles “Are you saying ALL HASIDICS are HAPPY JEWS?” Of course,  I don’t know…how would I KNOW?  But to suggest ALL are UNHAPPY?    Or they can ask “Are you suggesting nothing bad’s been done in the name of Christianity?”  I can’t say that’s not true..but in the name of JESUS?   Notsomuch.  There’s a difference. Yes, there is.

Please chime in….this stuff (by the way, there are articles almost every single day like this at Huff Post, this isn’t unusual…mostly aimed at the horrible Christian experience) is amazing.   And so clearly agenda-driven.  They’re doing all they can to ‘wake people up and leave the faith.’

One can only say “Be very careful what you wish for……..”

Don’t you think?   Get my drift?




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18 Responses to Christian bashing…Huffington Post’s new cause

  1. silverfiddle says:

    Total idiocy, and spewed from a college professor, but this is the kind of intellectual pocket pool higher education encourages nowadays.

    People who hate Christ’s message used to argue against it, ridicule it, and ultimately, ignore its teachings and encourage others to do so.

    Society considered them a nuisance, a bad influence leading people down the wrong path, but today’s God haters are much more lethal

    Today’s anti-Christians are invading Christianity, claiming to be followers of Jesus, but perverting his teachings to their own twisted ends. It’s diabolical.


  2. geeez2014 says:

    SF, there are churches in the Presbytery voting to change the words of the Bible…literally change them. Lots of choosing in Presbyterian churches right now about what side they’re going to be ; sticking to the scripture or changing to adjust to 2015. Scary times.
    Churches are trying to make faith more ‘easy’ more ‘sweet and kind’….sad. The sweetness, kind and ease are SO THERE without changing, but people don’t FULLY understand Scripture and this is what happens. Plus, pastors are being taught liberal social justice pablum never preached in the Scriptures. Never.

    I watched a movie in the middle of the night last night and a mother was about to die in childbirth and the 5 yr old asked his dad (Don Ameche!) “is mommy going to die?” And Ameche said “we need to pray” and the child got on his knees and looked up and prayed for his mother, and Ameche knelt next to his little son and started to pray, then the little dog runs over, sits on his back legs and looks up….everybody’s praying, so sweet. And I thought “That’d be the DAY if we Americans today put someone ELSE above us, relying on His goodness and the strength we get from prayer and, sometimes, even answered prayers.” An in a MOVIE? That’s ALL GONE. It was so sweet and reminded us that it’s not all about US. That’s now all so gone


  3. geeez2014 says:

    Since you guys aren’t commenting on this one, and it makes me sad because I’d LOVE your input….please go to Mustang’s link above; great piece there.


  4. The sad irony of it, Z, is the masses will NOT think its funny, but actually BELIEVE it. Look how gullible they’ve been with the current administration. On another subject (which you will probably be starting another blog on) I watched The Donald announce his candidacy this a.m. and he impressed me with his assessment and knowledge about how to turn things around. Better than any of the others running. I particularly enjoyed hearing that a couple of the current candidates had meetings with him, asking for his support and ideas. I would LOVE to see him in a one on one debate with Hillary! He would tear her to shreds! ……then he would FIRE her! 🙂


  5. geeez2014 says:

    Mal! This is classic..:”He would tear her to shreds! ……then he would FIRE her! :-)”
    I love that! And I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to see them debate, too! Actually, I’d like to see ANYBODY and Hillary debate live.
    I’m starting to think that might not even happen, Mal. I believe Hillary’s got herself out of enough really important things unscathed and she’s working now and avoiding any debates.
    I can’t imagine how, but if anybody could…….

    Check out her eyes lately; looking down…all the time, OR doing the typical Hillary BULGING eye thing she does when she’s agreeing with someone (that’s a taught thing that someone told me who’d studied body language; my friend told me the bulging eyes draws people in and even is sexually arousing if you’re speaking to the opposite sex. I think it’s creepy and artificial, but…I see Hillary do it ALL THE TIME)


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Well, HuffPost has no problem being respectful to Muslims………..Surprised? 🙂


  7. Baysider says:

    I could be a blog hog here – sooo much to comment on.

    In the early church – before Constantine – the Romans accused the Christians of being haters. They did not bow down to the pantheon of gods, so they weren’t ‘patriotic’ and disrespected the authority of the state. When persecution was spotty, or more locally driven, their good works and support of the government (a la Paul’s instructions) stood them in good stead as some governors were persuaded by their actions. Actions are really all an ambassador has after his first verbal volley. But we should not be surprised to be called ‘haters.’ It’s the oldest slur. And seems to work, after a fashion. Oh …. but in Rome. Guess who came out on top?

    Lots of evil done in the name of governing authorities people hold dear – Jesus, Mohammed, the constitution of the United States. Pick one.

    “Is it possible that Jesus favored … one candidate over all the others and wanted all but one to lose?” Yes. I left out the athletic part – a bit silly. This is the no-way-but-my-way guy who said “no one comes to the father but by me.” Next stupid question?

    “I am the god of the Hebrews, Christians and muslims” – ruhoh, disinformation alert! Abraham would never bow to Allah. He LEFT that place. A little compare and contrast of their attributes will suffice; Allah: not personal or knowable.
    God: personal to each one who can have a relationship with Him. He made us in His image in some fashion
    Allah: loves us in response to our good behavior
    God: His love is shown to us in response to our need for goodness
    Allah: would not die for us
    God: He did
    Many more – you know.
    “God does not begot and is not begotten.” – phrase that encircles the Temple Mount mosque. Anyone still think this Allah character is actually Jehovah??

    “the universality of the ancient roots and foundations of all religions” Yeah, like they ALL seek what man can accomplish for himself. Oops … except one. Christianity is about what God does for man. Jesus started that one. Guess who started the others?


  8. Mustang says:
    Bernard Starr is certainly entitled to his opinion—as I am entitled to mine. He is free to wonder about how Jesus might react to all forms of human behavior. My guess is that Dr. Starr is speaking about early Catholic leaders who served not only as Pontiff, but also as defender of the faithful. This may come as a complete surprise to Bernie, but following the collapse of Roman authority, the former Roman territories quickly disintegrated into very uncivilized and very dangerous places. There would be no western tradition were it not for the Pope’s willingness to conduct hostile operations against barbarians, and not only subdue them, but convert them also.

    I agree with the views expressed by Silverfiddle and would add this question: why is Bernie not also lamenting the horrific crimes committed in the name of Mohammed and his false god, Allah? Were I to advise Starr, I would suggest he stop writing columns, for in his writing he reveals to every reader why Starr should not be in the education business.


  9. Mustang says:

    Post Script

    It is true that the leftists are engaged in an all out assault on the Christian faith, and anyone who is a Christian, interesting article here. Who knew that atheists would align themselves with murdering Islamist thugs? It is as if the leftists didn’t know that they’re next in line after the Christians and Jews have all be decapitated. Idiots.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Someone wrote this comment below…but I am not yet ready to release them into the blog under his screen name….so I print it below in quotes because I found it interesting in its naivitee…and a little sad.

    “The Jewish G_d is a Legalistic, Omnipotent G_d. The Christian one is a self-limitting Suffering G_d. Christ was the “Embodiement” of the latter, and NEVER the former.”

    We know from his not spelling out GOD that he is a Jewish writer. Fine. I respect that very much; one of my closest friends is a rabbi.
    To remind us that God is legalistic, when Jews can’t even write His name out because of LAWS, is obvious. Omnipotent, we all know that. Our faith tells us that the laws were done away with in the coming of the Son; He died for our freedom to live within the hugely loose and invigorating confines of Christianity.

    Sadly, this writer doesn’t know enough about Christian faith to understand that Christ is the embodiment but also the I AM, the GOD OF THE “former”, you might say. Jesus is part of the trinity. To think of Christianity as ‘self limiting’ is so sad and shows misunderstandings, that it’s not probably a good place to discuss this in a little ‘box’; But a SUFFERING GOD? God is JOY, LOVE, and everything we could possibly hope He could be.

    Thanks for commenting…I know I haven’t helped but I did want to give a clearer take on Christianity. And, by the way, I hope you read more Kierkegaard, a Christian, by most interpretations.
    (to other readers, the link to Kierkegaard was under “Suffering G_d” in the writer’s quote.

    Mustang…Bravo on both your comments.

    Baysider…Yes we have been called HATERS since the beginning….It gets more and more pointed as morals fall apart, people trend more and more away from Christian goodness, and suddenly, anything we say that might (God forbid) include any discernment or inference of shame, and we are HATERS….as we try to lead to Him through healthier, more beneficial actions.
    This moniker will only get used more and more, until they can think of a word more hateful than HATE…’s Scriptural. We’re in for it. But He is with us.
    Amen and Amen.


  11. alec says:

    This article you’ve referenced is really a mind numbing mish-mash, unfortunately typical of what Huffington Post has degenerated into since it was sold by Arianna Huffington to AOL in 2011.

    It is true that there has been much anti-Semitism and hatred of Jews in the established Christian church since Constantine. In the 1800’s through WWII in Russia, Ukraine, Poland and eastern Europe, there were regular cycles of pogroms. Governments working at times with Orthodox priests would whip up Christians, who would then spend days rampaging, raping, burning and killing Jewish villagers. Were these people real Christians? Who knows? If you’ve ever been in war or in a real mob, you know that all people are capable of all evil deeds.

    The Roman Catholic Church is culpable for enflaming distrust and hatred of Jews over the centuries. A few years ago I spent some time praying with The Anglican Breviary. This is an amazing liturgical work – a translation of the pre-Vatican II Roman Rite into English using the Authorized Version of the Bible for the Scripture readings. The homilies are the ones used for centuries. Week after week through the church year, the subtle but unmistakable hatred of Jews seeps through. Eventually it became too much for me. I stopped using it.

    Did this Huffington Post article accuse the Nazis of being Christians? I didn’t see that, although this argument is made from time to time. Contrary to what the historical revisionists say, the Nazis hated Christians and threw hundreds of thousands of them into concentration camps. The Nazis were occultists along the lines of Madame Helena Blavatsky, the Thule Society, and the British Golden Dawn. They consciously and intentionally required the Christian churches to change their teachings to harmonize with Nazi occultism. All of this is amply documented. See for example Dusty Sklar, The Nazis and the occult.

    Most Protestant and Roman Catholics in Germany went along with the Nazis passively. Were they responsible for the deaths of Jews? Public opinion around the world after WWII said that they were. A minority of German Christians did not go along with mistreatment of the Jews, and suffered for it. These are among the true heroes of WWII, or any age.

    Sorry for the long post. Accuracy in history is possible and important if we are able to understand how we got here and what is going on.


  12. alec says:

    Mustang, I just saw your postscript and linked article. The atmosphere against Christians in the US is changing. A friend told me at lunch last week, “Can you believe Justice Scalia? He is completely disqualified and should be removed. He actually said that he believes the world was created 6000 years ago!” When challenged my friend could not explain how this was relevant.


  13. silverfiddle says:


    Your friend is confused. Young Earth Creationism is a belief of certain fundamentalists. Scalia is a practicing Catholic, so he would not hold such a view.

    The real danger to Christianity is not from those attacking from the outside. The true danger is from the rats and cockroaches who claim to be Christians but grossly misstate Christian teachings and turn Jesus into some kind of “It’s all cool” non-judgmental hippie guru, and they do it on purpose. Wittingly or unwittingly, they are doing Satan’s work.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Alec,a field I know much about, and even sort of first hand, is the German Christian situation in NAZI era Germany….A larger bunch of Germans didn’t go along with the horrors on the Jews than most of the world thinks. More attempts at Hitler’s life were thwarted than most people know…and this SHOULD be known. I have heard German farmers castigated for not having blown the whistle on the trains going by, going into town, demanding to know what’s going on and stop it! REALLY? If you had 8 children and were working a farm and HATED what you knew was happening to Jews (and most did not know), what would you (or anybody, I don’t mean YOU specifically)! do? Nothing. NOthing. Yet we hear “Germans knew…they didn’t do anything!”

    A man who worked for my husband wrote a book 3″ thick, page after page, of resistance fighters. , women and children. Sadly, the French were commemorated with the film CASABLANCA and the German resistance (Wiederstand) are largely forgotten. another travesty. (By the way, I know Germans who’d argue with me on this….many take a sort of pleasure at their parents being called out…Germans who live there, mostly liberals…that’s the truth.)

    I hope you read a lot of Boenhoffer; Good stuff, particularly on this subject. And Luther. Many call Martin Luther a Jew hater…and he said some AWFUL things about Jews..not much, but ENOUGH! Still, it’s generally understood that he loved Jesus SO MUCh, and loved all of mankind so much, that his anger for Jews for continuing to deny Christ got the best of him in terrible ways.. he used terrible vernacular of the day to describe his anger, real anger that they would not be saved. He was a man who burped aloud, who was generally uncouth and his language about Jews was no exception. He was just that way.

    “Christians” did kill NAZIS, I often say…There WERE few muslims or buddhists in Germany then! They were CHRISTIANS by default. Am I saying all Germans were against killing Jews? Of course not…not by a long shot (the mind bending happened, as you describe above), but many were stunned even after having read Mein *** Kampf that extermination was planned/done.
    Anyway…….this subject troubles me because of the unfairness of it, but there you are. My longtime readers know I get on a soapbox on this subject. I know too many Germans today who would rather die than kill others. There are lecturers still lecturing on how Jew-hatred is inborn in Germans, there are books on that, too…and THAT ticks me off BIG TIME. Hence, I get my hackles up a lot on this subject.

    Yes, they went along ‘passively’ which is still terrible, but so misunderstood….These were not monsters, these were people whose doctor was Jewish, who played violin in the orchestra sitting next to their Jewish friend whose children played with their children before the nightmare of Hitler’s ugliness began.
    This is a very complex history and we paint it with very broad strokes and give little understanding to Germans at all.
    If anybody’s offended, read this again and more closely.


  15. Alec says:

    Hi Silverfiddle,

    Yes, that friend is confused, no question about it. But even so, it’s the mouthing of opinions from the mainstream media that supports Mustang’s point, it seems to me. Because this friend – like many – can’t defend the beliefs they feel so strongly. “Scalia is unjust because he has Christian religious views” would be the argument, if my friend were able to articulate it. And that’s scary. Because it’s not far from that to a quasi-official ghettoizing of believing Christians who believe their faith is more than one hour on Sunday morning.

    In regard to the rats and cockroaches, here’s what a wise person once said:

    I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. 16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth. -Jesus, Rev 3.15-16


  16. geeez2014 says:

    SF: I heard last night from a friend whose son is a Presbyterian pastor that the Presbytery is voting to change wording in the Bible..CHANGE THE BIBLE…and not for a more scriptural, fundamental view…but liberalizing it. Thankfully, his church of 1200 up near San Francisco, voted 90% to break off from that thinking BUT they now have to give up the building and find a new church to move into…having lost the support of the Diocese!
    You’re right….instead of strengthening The Word, many Christians are weakening it to appear more appealing….funny, islam is SO STRICT and our black kids are flocking to it in prisons, etc…they WANT the structure, they want the rules……..
    We are letting kids down in a ridiculous attempt at seeming more approachable, less judgmental…


  17. silverfiddle says:

    It’s a common story, Z, and you’re right: The churches that have liberalized have lost parishioners.

    The ‘rats and cockroaches’ I speak of are intentionally entering the church in order to attempt to destroy it from with. They are satanic wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    A common tactic is to hold their object of criticism to an impossibly high standard.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    SF: Gad, I hate to think about intentionally entering churches in order to destroy. Catholic, or Protestant, or both? HOW AWFUL. But it’s so scriptural, isn’t it?


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