When did this STOP?

adios america

From ¡Adios, America!: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole, ….the words quoted below particularly stuck out at me:

Miss Coulter likes Israel’s immigration policy:

Israel says, quite correctly, that changing Israel’s ethnicity would change the idea of Israel. Well, changing America’s ethnicity changes the idea of America, too. Show me in a straight line why we can’t do what Israel does. Is Israel special? For some of us, America is special, too.

And further: “Jews forthrightly ask: Is it good for the Jews? Why can’t Americans ask: Is it good for Americans?”   (end of quote from book)

(The truly excellent article very well worth reading, touting Coulter’s book, is HERE….thanks, Imp, for the link)





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31 Responses to When did this STOP?

  1. Mustang.Koji says:

    Everyday “Americans” have been overwhelmed by the number of “open the border” residents. It’s a matter of adding cushion to the liberal vote in my opinion, spearheaded by dumb Progressive politicians who just listen to their own wallet – or purses. It makes no sense to me to vote anymore.


  2. The following is my response to a Liberal, who used to work for me, who was expressing concern with increased mechanization and decreased unskilled worker participation in the auto industry. My last sentence expresses what I think is ‘on-topic’ insofar as this post is concerned. To that end I’ll say, one more time, we don’t need any more immigration save for those with essential education and skills which are in short supply domestically. As far as the ‘they do the jobs that Americans won’t do’ argument is concerned our sad labor force participation rate indicates that there are plenty of Americans available for such jobs if they weren’t, otherwise, paid not to do them.

    ” Yes and I’m sure that even more of the un-skilled jobs that we see here will likewise disappear over time. It’s simply a path that has existed, beginning with the Industrial Revolution. As we move ahead, technical skills and education will be more and more essential for gainful employment. I often wonder what will become of those masses with neither in places like Baltimore and what’s left of Detroit. One thing that we don’t need are more unskilled, non-essential immigrants.”


  3. Kid says:

    Coulter is exactly right.

    The vast majority of politicans and none of the democrats care that America is being destroyed. The democrats never did care and in fact they’ve always been trying to destroy America, especially since the early 1900’s.


  4. Did this important consideration stop when a bill that Teddy Kennedy, the Admiral of Chappaquiddick, was passed into law? I seem to remember such a bill.


  5. Because it wouldn’t be “Politically Correct”, Z. I mean, we certainly don’t want to offend anyone!


  6. silverfiddle says:

    AOW: Yes. Kennedy’s bill has changed the face of America. I don’t have a problem with people from the south immigrating here, I just wish our government would regulate it and put assimilation mechanisms in place.

    The troubling development is Obama importing muslims from backwards cultures. Many are radicalized and they are ill-equipped to assimilate or even understand the society around them.

    To get to the point of Z’s excellent post: Yes, I believe a dedicated core of diabolical America-haters are implementing a deliberate plan to ‘fundamentally change’ our nation.
    The GOOPers are either eager participants in this plan, or they are dimwitted patsies. They just handed Obama and the global corporate masters a big victory the other day by passing TPP authority for Obama.


  7. Kid says:

    SF, In my mind, not a single moslem could integrate into American society because to do so means they’d be renouncing islam, a crime punishable by death technically. This is why I’ve said I don’t want a single one of them here.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    SF..thanks. and, as far as Kennedy, you and AOW got it right. SF: Bush has changed his plan on immigration and I rather like it….I need to publish that here if I can find it somewhere in print. Learning English is part of the plan, which I applaud. I’ve often thought it weird that this country has no official language and I’m starting to wonder now if that wasn’t part of the ‘diabolical’ plan….you can’t insist if it’s not law.

    I REALLY do remember when we Americans WERE allowed to ask “is this good for US?” And, if it wasn’t, it didn’t happen. This is a HUGE difference in what our kids are being taught today….that we don’t deserve anything, we’ve not done good, we’re war mongers, we hate Blacks and immigrants.

    BY THE WAY, EVERYBODY: I should have added this to my post so it’d be read by more:

    My brother in law is Canadian and has gone through an expensive year + of attorneys and immigration offices to come here in September as a legal resident! He had to fly to Montreal from London, Ontario last weekend to SHOW UP, let them SEE HIM. He had to have many meetings with lawyers, paperwork has flowed this last year and a half or so…. Here’s an excellent professor at the university with no criminal past, British heritage, nice family…. and he’s gone through the WRINGER!
    I told him that all he’d have to have done is strapped a little camouflage tree to his back and snuck in over the SOuthern border….but nooooooooooo 🙂

    JB…no , we certainly do NOT need them.

    Koji…the sad thing is we constantly have to hold our nose and vote!

    Mal…definitely not PC! But Coulter NEVER EVER IS


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Oh, GAD! I just got an email from Scott Walker’s people asking SHOULD I RUN? Of course, I thought I’d answer a poll with that information (the answer’d be YES) asked of us, but it comes with a bunch of CONTRIBUTION REQUESTS. Honestly, I don’t think I can risk getting ONE MORE FREAKIN’ PHONE CALL FROM THE R’s FOR MONEY…and this will only open THAT door again.
    Darn, I wouldn’t mind contributing but the darned calls NEVER CEASE

    I particularly hate when they call and thank me for past contributions I never made. I don’t answer almost any calls where I don’t recognize the number now….but they’ve taken to using PRIVATE CALLER and my 96 yr old friend comes up that way so I almost always answer 😦


  10. Kid says:

    Z, Yea, that sure sounds like a pain, but I actually enjoy telling the R’s why I will never send them any money. In disclosure, I have never sent a politician a penny and never will.


  11. ” SHOULD I RUN? ”
    Is that supposed to be a real question? I really hate to see election(s) success predicated on the size of the ‘war chest’!


  12. Baysider says:

    When do I think we stopped thinking ‘what’s good for Americans?’

    After WW2 the U.S. was THE world power. A lot of the old guard in Europe who’d had their butts kicked through 2 world wars didn’t like that much. Losing prestige, control and all. They wanted to influence the giant whom they held in grudging regard to be more like them. And to re-acquire the power. They jumped into the UN and similar ilk to manipulate themselves back into importance and curb the influence of the U.S.

    Then a whole lot of people emerged HERE in the 60’s, hating this country, its power and its goodness (I think they REALLY hate power+goodness combined) and were anxious to water that down. Bring it down to a low, common denominator. We have one in the white house now who feels that way as his actions clearly show. And there’s another one waiting to step into her heir-elect position who is as rabid as he is. They and their ilk have been flooding the schools with this nonsense for 4 decades – there’s nothing exceptional (except, maybe, exceptional badness) about America, lets celebrate everyone and every idea equally (unless it was first articulated by Moses or Jesus Christ).

    And they’ve been successful. Gads! By the time Clarence Thomas was before the senate hearings you had ding dongs (elected senators) on BOTH sides of the aisle who had never heard of natural law and asking him what he was talkin’ about in his speeches and writings when he used that term. And Peter Jennings (a wood head if ever there were one) didn’t know either – or want to find out!

    That means these men never read with understanding Cicero, Montesquieu, Jefferson, Madison etc. So it’s for darn sure they don’t know the underlying premise of our constitution is that God set natural laws that good governments are responsible to protect. At the most fundamental level they don’t know what makes us Americans, and why that’s a special thing to treasure and cause to endure.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Kid…I have given a little here and there and I’m glad I did. Except they NEVER LET YOU GO after that so you’re probably right. Sadly, the left gives and gives…

    JB: That’s just the nature of the beast; you can’t run without TONS of dough.

    Everybody here at GeeeZ has always hated my stance on this;
    In Germany, they give every candidate who meets a certain standard I haven’t time to go into here (and it’ll confuse us because their system is SO different than ours), a set amount of money. That’s it. You run with THAT AMOUNT. Money doesn’t win their elections.
    Conservatives here think that’s nonentrepreneurial….I think it’s FAIR.

    AND, they vote on a WEEKEND, so everybody CAN VOTE. That doesn’t work here because it sounds too good to implement travesties like early voting, registering the day one votes, etc., …when all they truly are another way to cheat.
    Germans also have a card or something that allows them to only vote ONCE and that’s recorded and you can’t run from precinct to precinct as I HAVE SEEN DONE WITH MY OWN EYES here.

    Baysider; Yes, I think it was the Sixties when this stopped, too. But we’ve made a celebration of it now….makes the Sixties look like small potatoes in America-hate.


  14. alec says:

    What silverfiddle just said.

    Baysider, are you sure they never heard of those things, or only pretended they hadn’t?


  15. Baysider says:

    Good question Alex. Well, they questioned him about it. I recall a little bit of it directly. I remember some questions to trap – as in “oh ho, here, so what do YOU mean by natural law?” But as related by the more observant Dr. Larry Arnn, there were questions stemming from outright ignorance. If they KNEW and questioned him in that fashion, that means they didn’t agree, which means they disagreed with fundamental principles of American jurisprudence. And the newsman – a total twit.

    I like your blog and posts, Alec. Glad you found us!


  16. Imp says:

    I like this part of an interview she gave recently:

    Miss Coulter railed against “our insane anchor baby policy” and against “this very corrupt country Mexico, the country we are about to become.” In answer to a question about what should be done to people who overstay their visas, she replied, “The death penalty. I’m just throwing out ideas.” As for refugees, “they are all frauds; proven frauds or frauds that are not yet proven.” Illegal immigrants? “Many are hard working. We just don’t see the ones who are not working.”

    To a question about attempts to make us stop using words like “illegal immigrant,” she said, “Screw you, you’re not policing my language. This is an example of cowardice. But I don’t think terms really matter. People catch on and figure out what is going on.”

    Miss Coulter said she had been on a few radio programs but that big media ignore her. “I’m doing this because I want to save the country, but I can’t get the time of day from the media–except from Jorge Ramos [of the big Spanish-language network Univison], doing a job no American will do, which is interview Ann Coulter.” “I’ll put on a bikini and go to Texas and get a cop to yell at me,” she said, “if that’s what it takes to get an interview.”

    Miss Coulter saw little hope for GOP presidential candidates: “All of them suck except, possibly, Scott Walker. Romney was the best we ever had on immigration, and I think we should recruit him.” She said that no one who is not a governor or former governor should even think of running for president, but she made an exception for Donald Trump. “I’m a little worried he may make some mistakes and discredit some of our ideas,” she said, “but he is the only way there would be even a single question about immigration at the debates.”

    Miss Coulter said the mess can’t be fixed by reform around the edges: “We need a total moratorium that would shut down the entire immigration bureaucracy.” There is an entire industry of people who “hate America and want to destroy it,” who are trying to cram as many losers as possible into our country. At the same time, immigration judges have huge backlogs and make terrible decisions. “Send me a million people who want to come to America, and I will decide them all before breakfast,” she said. “I can pretty much decide on looks; it would save a lot of money.” She would take us back to the pre-1965 days “when we got immigrants who were better than us.”


  17. Kid says:

    IMP, And ICE released hundreds of illegal immigrant sex offenders into the population without notice to local or require them to register.

    Dude, we are entering the age of incompetence. People like State Dept spokeswoman marie harf (“The ISIS people just needs jobs and hugs and all will be fine”) are exiting these worthless liberal universities and they couldn’t find their backside with both hands yet think they’re geniuses. They’re ignorant facists. Very incompetent ones. At Best !


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Imp; love this: “We need a total moratorium that would shut down the entire immigration bureaucracy.” I couldn’t agree more.

    Kid, it’s SO depressing.


  19. Baysider says:

    “ICE released hundreds of illegal immigrant sex offenders into the population without notice…”

    Worse, I’m not sure it’s incompetence – ref. my post above. I think someone knows what they’re doing here.


  20. Kid says:

    Baysider, yes, you’re probably right.


  21. Imp says:

    @Kid…did you know that freaking Mexico deports more illegals from their southern borders ( and we assist them ) than we do? Did you also know that Denmark finally elected a center right PM and now controls their government? Their platform is stopping immigration too! GB is waking up…Denmark…Holland along with them. I’m waiting for Germany to get some of their nationalism and guts back.


  22. Mustang says:
    This country has been traveling down the road to ruin for quite some time, but it seems to have gotten worse with each election of a Democrat to the White House (aided and abetted by people spouting off about “compassionate conservatism” —a buzz word meaning socialist light).

    People may have a right to migrate to a different country in Europe, but in the past, we have had a different point of view. The view was that you may be able to come here if you have the skills we need in America, if you desire to become one of us, if you are and remain loyal to our Constitution, obey our laws, pay taxes, and do not become a financial burden to the rest of us. Somewhere around Carter, we began moving toward the European mindset. We began to think that people have a right to migrate to the United States, even when they have nothing to offer us. Mohammedans would be a good case in point. In the past, we deported anarchists and other undesirables, now we hire the detestable to advise the goofball in the White House and make lists of blacklisted words that up until recently adequately profiled terrorists.

    I think Coulter is right; we are moving toward the abyss. Where I differ with her is that I think we are closer than anyone imagines, and I think it is too late to do anything about it. The American people are asleep; they have no clue—and don’t want one.


  23. Kid says:

    IMP, No question it is going to come to blows. This is why oBAMa is trying to disarm us.


  24. Imp says:

    @Mustang…..Don’t underestimate the people … we’ll all wake up soon enough. What happens when we do isn’t going to be pretty. And it’ll be the mudslimes that’ll push the wrong button…count on it.


  25. Just give up and give in. Assimilate. That’s what America is about, assimilation.
    Assimilate, like I did. Become a Hispanic.


  26. Kid says:

    Ed, I did give in. My inner self is a lesbian. I feel at one with the universe now. I can’t wait to sue someone.


  27. geeez2014 says:

    Imp; Don’t hold your breath on Germany; their liberals are more vile than ours and they have the guilt of the holocaust the liberals revel in and turn Germans against their otherwise stellar history with.

    Ed, ‘become a hispanic’..that is HILARIOUS! 🙂

    Kid; PERFECT! I have THE funniest/brightest commenters ANYWHERE!

    Mustang…I’m afraid I think we’re worse off than most people think, too.

    You all DO know how difficult it is to emigrate or own any property IN Mexico, don’t you. Almost impossible to own.

    I suppose my comment about my Brother-in-law wasn’t read because nobody’s responded to it, which is fine, but it’s important we understand that REALLY BRIGHT (If you saw his professor rating of 4.9 “the JESUS of statistics, you don’t need a textbook because he explains it so well, best professor I ever knew”) people wanting to come to america have a HELL of a time with immigration. HORRIBLE time. But be a poor nothing who comes with their hand open for freebies, and they’re HERE and PAID FOR. Ann’s right..


  28. Mustang says:

    @ Imp

    I think if I have to die, I want to go like my grandfather. In his sleep … not like my cousins who could be heard screaming from the back seat of Grandpa’s stationwagon.


  29. Imp says:


    Were they screaming from the back seat cause Grandpa was asleep at the wheel? Just curious.


  30. Mustang says:

    You nailed it.


  31. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang..THAT is funny. Sort of 🙂


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