Stumped on the Stump….check it out and weigh in

i'm stumpedThe Republicans on the campaign trail are, apparently, “Moody,” according to a Leftwing writer. They’re moody because most of them just can’t, or won’t, answer the following question, which the writer says “stumps” them.  The question is:

“Who do you think is the greatest president alive today?”

So, the leftwinger writer of the article mocks them….as if they MUST answer that, MUST set the trap for (very deserved, according to the author) hate if they say “George W Bush,” etc. etc.     Mocking is bad now….wait till next year.

So, I thought I’d ask all of you:

What question do you think Democrat candidates ought to be asked?

Is there one YOU think might just STUMP them?    Can’t wait to hear this!  I think we all know there are plenty;  but we won’t see that on CNN 🙂



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29 Responses to Stumped on the Stump….check it out and weigh in

  1. Why does the porridge bird lay his eggs in the air?
    That is not as dumb a question as it sounds, to some people.


  2. Phil Austin just died. He was a founder of the Firesign Theater who in 1971 produced “I think We’re All Bozo’s on this Bus”. Brilliant audio and the whole album can be heard on YouTube.
    The central character asks the President (an animatronic character) the “Why does the porridge bird lay his eggs in the air?” question (a non rational supposition) to trip him up and access the power behind the facade.


  3. Of course what I’d really ask is either “Do you believe in killing fetuses in the womb at any time?” or, “Would you faithfully adhere to the Constitution of the United States with allegiance to no other authority?”.


  4. My question would be “Exactly how is America’s security better off today than when Bush left office with the Iraq War won, and the economy stabilized? And be specific.”


  5. geeez2014 says:

    Right, Ed.

    I’m also remembering some questions about Bosnia or Albania that were asked of a Republican candidate (can’t remember which) when Bosnia and Albania hadn’t been in the news for years… this is a typical way to get to Republicans ..questions a Dem will NEVER be asked.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, that’s another very good one….You and Ed are on a roll…….!


  7. I would phrase it exactly as killing fetuses, also. Not say abortion.


  8. Mal’s question IS good.


  9. Your blog was a winner of the 2015 Paul Revere Award.

    I’d like to send you your personalized badge to place on your website if you so choose. Please contact me at standingguardoverlibertyatgmaildotcom and I will forward it to you.



  10. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, I totally agree on the ‘killing fetuses’ phrase….let’s call it what it IS, right?


  11. Baysider says:

    First, the answer to their stupid question. “That’s easy, Chris. George Washington whose spirt and character of rectitude, self-restraint, executive excellence and sacrifice for his country lives on in our hearts to this day.”

    I really need help to word this in a pithy way like Ed or it will never get asked! Ted Kennedy and Chuck Shumer introduced and Bill Clinton signed into law the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act of 1993 to strengthen our first amendment rights. Because it applies to the federal government only, many states have also passed those protections at the state level. Do you support strengthening these first amendment protections across the nation?


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Political Clown…thanks, I’m very honored and hope you come by some time and comment!

    Baysider…ya, as much as we all like your answer, the interviewers (actually ‘drive by insulters with a microphone’) do stipulate “Alive” whether the pres is in our hearts to this day or not!

    This is ALL about trapping any president who’d say George W……”GOTCHA!” It’ll only get much MUCH worse. Imagine if one actually said Clinton for the way he actually was able to pretty well play both sides of the aisle… “Republican picks DEMOCRAT..!” Oh, the fun they’d have.


  13. Which is the greatest president alive today?
    Answer: Greatest in what respect? Obama is the greatest liar. Clinton the greatest fundraiser.
    Bush the greatest post attack healer of the nation.
    Baysider: “George Washington is alive in our hearts” might work.


  14. Baysider says:

    Ed – that’s great! Answer with a question that makes them define their terms. “What do you mean by that?”


  15. geeez2014 says:

    ED… I like it, you like it, Baysider makes an excellent point about Washington, but I’m trying to get over the point that this is all about MEDIA and making R candidates look inarticulate, unable to respond to a specific question.

    I believe you’re 100% right with a response regarding ‘greatest’… love that idea. I wish the candidates had some of us as consultants, don’t you?


  16. I know I’m relentlessly flogging this “vote for my ad” thing, but seriously, it’s been played for all the major candidates I’m told, and they like it. That makes me a consultant, eh?


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Ed….VERY impressive! We’re all proud of you, I’m sure!


  18. Kid says:

    Questions for Dems:
    – Do you think LBJ’s creation of the welfare state by robbing social security funds was a success or not? Keep in mind that social security is not scheduled to be bankrupt by 2029 and the welfare state has turned into a gangbanger jungle environment accounting for well over 98% of all homicides in America.

    – Do you think jimt carter’s creation of the federal department of education which is now infested with some good teachers, but mostly loser union incompetent sloths, has had a positive effect on education in public schools in America?

    – Do you think jimmy carter’s shutdown of nuclear power alternatives has kept us breating pollutoin from coal plants for decades longer than it should have or not.

    – Do you think jimmy carter’s immature meddling in the middle east has had a positive or negative effect on teh USA?

    – Do you think the democrats constant lefgislation, such as Jim Crow laws, have had a positive or negative effect on race relations in the US ?

    – Do you think clinton’s opening the flood gates to Chinese products in America that has put the vast majority of manufacturing jobs, commonly filled by unskilled workers who are now filling gang banger communities has had a positive or negative effect on America?

    – Do you think that clinton’s refusal to accept bib laden into custory on 3 seperate occasions prior to 9-11 contributed or did not contribute to the massacre of innocent men, womnen and children on 9-11-2001?

    – Do you think that clinton’s refusal to treat the attack on the WTC in 1993 and the attack and murder of 17 sailors of the USS Cole as military attacks by the moslems had a positive or negative effect on America, and do you think they contributed to the 9-11-2001 attack or not?

    – Do you think that obama’s single minded attacks on American Christianity, while propping up moslem escalation on all levels in America will have a positive or negative effect o America?

    – Do you think that obamacare which has already doubled the price of health insurance in America and hasn’t even yet begun to suck will be a good a bad thing for America?

    Can you think of any life sucking problem facing America today that has not been created by the Democrat party members. ?


  19. Kid says:

    I hope you can breez by my typos and realize how good looking I am. Especially now that I identify as lesbian. A smokin hot one.


  20. So you still like girls, eh?
    I take it you dress butch.


  21. Kid says:

    Ed, I do. You probably couldn’t tell me apart from a man.


  22. Kid says:

    Ed, I guess I should add that I’m not high maintenance. fwiw.


  23. Mustang says:

    Aside from the amazing insight provided to us by Bro. Ed and Sis. Kid, which of course someone at the NSA is writing down right this minute and will no doubt, in the proper time and space, result in Sis Kid being invited to the next White House Rainbow Gay-La.

    But as to the point of this post, I would like to ask of Hillary Clinton: have you always been lacking in integrity, or has this only been with you since 1972 when you realized how much money it is possible to make as a vapid communist?


  24. That’s a good one.


  25. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang!! I have only RARELY laughed really hard at any written anything but this did it !”result in Sis Kid being invited to the next White House Rainbow Gay-La.” GAYLA…fabulous.
    Sis Kid…can I be your date? What gender should I dress as? !!’s my fave “breating pollutoin” 🙂 I LOVE your questions, they are FABULOUS and I’m hoping against hope SOME Republican finds the sheer GUTS to actually ask those things of Democrats some day, somewhere…

    EVERYBODY: I was talking to a friend tonight on the phone who told me she’s been hoping to start a business with her son but they had to put all the plans aside because the numbers didn’t work when considering the higher minimum wage; no deal. Also, they’re changing some tax laws which I didn’t understand but which are going to make it prohibitive …she told me but I didn’t quite catch it. Also, her company (SONY) had given her fabulous insurance after she left…but the $150 she had to pay a month suddenly went up to $350…when she called and asked “What the …?” they said “the mandates are getting too much…we have to raise everybody”

    THanks, Obamacare….and he wonders why the Middle Class is suffering? IT’S HIM!!!


  26. Kid says:

    Z, I read my comment again. Talk about typos ! haha.
    Yes, I would be honored to have you as my date. Come as yourself. I’m sure you can’t improve on that !

    Otherwise I talk to several small business prople. Restaurant owners, distributors. They all say they wouldn’t start a business today on a bet. THIS is what is really going to destroy the middle class.


  27. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, that’s absolutely correct. it was heart breaking to hear my friend say this after she and her son have planned for a couple of years….but, gotta get MORE taxes to give to those illegals and those who won’t work, right?
    God help this country!


  28. Mustang.Koji says:

    How many mass murders have their been since Obama took office versus when #43 was in office? 🙂


  29. Kid says:

    Mustang.Koji – That’s what some of us have been thinking and it appears they were all on prescribed psychotic drugs. Seems more than coincidental and yes lot’s of events since the naked emperor who has been focused on disarming America has been around.


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