Fewer ELEPHANTS!……..

democrat bumper stickers

A Conservative friend says she might have given money to a Democrat she actually liked a few years back and that’s probably why she gets emails telling her nasty things about Republicans and why she got the one above last week….  I thought you’d get a kick out of knowing what we’re up against.    hmmmm

Which is YOUR favorite?  (honestly? I think that most Democrats who aren’t plugged in won’t even know which party the stickers are from!  A LOT of people don’t know which party is CITIZENS UNITED, a lot of them don’t know Red state from Blue state, a lot don’t even know elephants are the sign of Republicans, you know what I mean?)

Got a favorite?  Or one you’d counter these with?!!


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11 Responses to Fewer ELEPHANTS!……..

  1. Kid says:

    Vote Moslem
    Vote Black Power
    Vote Higher Taxes
    Vote Middle Class Destruction
    Vote Bad Foreign Policy
    Vote for a Bankrupt America
    Vote Democrat !


  2. Mustang says:
    I have concluded that the average American is not very smart. This is not their fault, of course. They have been brainwashed by a system of indoctrination billed as public education. This means that not only are most Americans stupid, they also do not know they are stupid. This may be a form of bliss. The claim, “too many elephants in the room” takes me to CNN this morning, who claim is having a conversation with the American people about racism, and racist symbolism. Yes, the Confederate Flag offends people because it reminds them of rampant white racism. The problem, however, is that CNN is not having a conversation with anyone. You see, media broadcasting is one way. If I want to chime in, I must send them a message on social media limited to 140 characters, which because no one at CNN shares my view, functionaries promptly disregard. How is that a conversation?

    Elephants are emblematic of the Grand Old Party. Confederate flags are symbols of white racism … which conveniently ignores the fact that the people who used the Confederate Flag as a symbol of terror and oppression were Democrats. By extension, then, should we now also regard the donkey as emblematic of tyranny, oppression, racism? Can we not point to dozens of prominent Democrats today, as well as in the not too distant past, who advocated the murder and destruction of the Negro race —such as Hillary Clinton and Margaret Sanger?

    I noted that the Charleston shooter burned the American flag. It is something he shares in common with Democrats, who hate the notion of national unity and patriotism. So I think that what we must strive to have a conversation about the Donkey (or Ass, if you prefer) and how this symbol reflects the disdain Democrats have for their black brothers and sisters or anyone who is not also a communist. Maybe we should create a hash tag to help us garner everyone’s attention: #AssGottaGo.


  3. Along with what Mustang just wrote about the Confederate Flag, Harry Reid has suggested the Regents of UNLV should consider having the name Runnin’ Rebels” changed to something else. Where does it stop, anyway? Most locals are against the idea. Hey Harry! Stick with the job you are suppose to be doing and leave the little, mundane things to the common folks!


  4. silverfiddle says:

    Their is functionally little difference between the DemonCrap party and the GOOP.

    The GOOP has greatly damaged the cause of conservatism, and now they’ve dumped on the American worker by voting for Obama’s TPP. I know, it was just to give him trade authority… But when he brings the package to congress, it’s an up or down, take it or leave it vote, and it only requires a simple majority. Who in their right mind believes Boehner, McConnell and Obama won’t ram this through?

    Meanwhile, the GOOP primary is shaping up to be another tent revival of snake handlers and Elmer Gantrys…


  5. geeez2014 says:

    Kid….print them. I’ll put them on MY car 🙂

    Mustang; I like the hashtag….and AOW’s got a post on Sanger/Clinton….And, yes, the Charleston killer burned the American flag; just like a good liberal hippie from Berkeley back in the day.
    What bugs me SO MUCH is how CNN and MSNBC and others paint White Supremacy as “Far RIGHT”… I don’t know what is “RIGHT” about anything that awful, it doesn’t represent Conservatives “MORE”…if you get my drift….but it’s always been this way. Hitler was ‘right’, Mussolini was ‘right’. And they were NOT. Heck, there are still people who think conservatism is fascist … if they’d only look the definition up!

    Mal! “Runnin’ Rebels”? Reid is NUTS. That’s absolutely amazing…how stupid

    SF…. I’ve just got to hang tight to the Republicans…not so much GOP, but the younger Republicans who are less dependent on the GOP. Can’t let myself get to where I wouldn’t vote…
    I despise Boehner and much of that leadership (not quite as much as Pelosi, etc.) but must admit I have to block him out and keep hoping we win in 2016, like them or not.


  6. cube says:

    Given the caliber of today’s republican party, we might as well vote democrat. The disillusionment is thick in the air, at least for me.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    cube, no doubt about it, but I fear there’s going to be a call not to vote…”we’ll show THEM!” Well, conservatives ‘showed US’ last elections, didn’t they, by not voting for Romney.


  8. Imp says:

    Cube is right..so long as the RINO’s still bend over and give in to the king….they’re more useless then the demrats. We showed them in the last election…by saving boehner and that turkey mcconnell….didn’t we?


  9. cube says:

    Most republicans see something that they think will spur trade and they’ll vote for it. My question here is, why is Obola pushing for this trade bill? I think it means there is a devil in the details that we’re missing here and we’ll find out what it is when it bites us in the rear.


  10. I just saw Trump on Fox News and he has moved into second place, behind Jeb Bush. He is making inroads, folks, and I’m all for it. Hillary is probably shaking in her boots because he would tear her to shreds, and she knows it!


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, I believe Trump’s on a roll only because he’s new and angry and speaks his truth so boldly…he’s appealing to a lot of conservatives who like to hear a candidate say they’re not beholden to any big money guys because HE IS the big money, which he reminds us of nearly every time he opens his mouth. Too many holes in his facts will oust him pretty soon…and his ego is literally sickening. I just got an invitation to attend a Friends of Abe dinner where he’s going to speak…$65 a ticket. I don’t think so.

    And I was a fan when he first started speaking out against Obama a couple of years ago, but what he says is so off now, so egomaniacal, he almost scares me. When folks check into the facts, they’ll know he’s mostly bluster. Sadly.
    And I think he’s the only one Hillary could shred…how do you like THEM apples? 🙂
    See, she can nail him on his facts….his playing tough with China, his supposed huge job creation, etc………and she will.

    I believe Walker, Cruz and Rubio …and a lot of others can annihilate Hillary in a debate.
    Sadly, I heard lately there is some precedent that could help her allude ANY debates; I very sincerely hope that’s WRONG and she’ll HAVE TO. I wish I could remember the stipulations that led her off the hook because they were compelling…and horrifying.

    By the way, I HOPE I’m wrong and he’ll let go of his constant ‘i’m rich’ reminders, and his ridiculously exaggerated claims of what HE can do….and how awful everybody else is….because I do think he could do some good for America. Not as president, however.
    I don’t even think he’d WORK for a president on projects because his ego couldn’t take it.


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